Stadium demolition permit approved

Duff throws a scoreless frame in Surprise loss
Market looks bare for free agent setup men

That photo — that heartbreaking shot inside of the House that Ruth Built — is the latest from Tom Kaminski in Chopper 88. The WCBS AM man in the sky flew over Yankee Stadium this week and snapped some shots of the crews hard at work. The stadium is slowly emptying out, and in a few months, it will start to come down.

Meanwhile, New York 1 featured a story yesterday about the wait in the South Bronx for the parks. I’ve covered this angle of the new stadium extensively, and the New York 1 story focuses on community resentment. The destruction of the stadium will be complete by the summer, and the replacement parks will open in 2011. Although neighborhood activists are still upset, this timeline has been in place for the last 18 months. Still, the South Bronx will have suffered through five years without adequate parkland, and the Yanks will be starting their third season in the new stadium when the parks finally open.

Finally, the destruction of the building is an official fait accompli. Two weeks ago, the Department of Buildings approved the full demolition certificate for the old stadium. If bureaucratic paperwork is your thing, take a peak at the filings. We’ll have more on the old and new stadium as we continue to wrap up the 2009 season over the next few weeks.

Duff throws a scoreless frame in Surprise loss
Market looks bare for free agent setup men
  • Bob Stone

    It makes me very sad to witness the demise of Yankee Stadium.

  • JM

    I want it back…

  • DSFC

    It will always break my heart that I didn’t get back before they closed the old place. Last visit was 2002….and yet my strongest memory is still from the first trip – 1980 versus the White Sox. Five years old, Yankees lost and Reggie got tossed for arguing a strikeout call. I was bad luck for the Yankees. Only saw them win a handful of times in probably about two dozen games attended.

  • Salty Buggah

    That picture sure is hard to look at.

  • Grammar Police

    “That photo — that heartbreaking shot inside of the House that Ruth Built — is that least from Bob Kaminski from Chopper 88. ”

    What does that mean? I can’t even figure out what you were trying to say.

    • The Artist

      I think he meant “The last” but I’m not totally sure.

      Great name-BTW.

      • Grammar Police

        I thought it might be “the latest,” but I was just trying to bust his balls.

        And thanks.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          The latest.

          And from now on email, especially if you’re just trying to bust our balls. That’ll get you banned.

  • crapula

    The people of downtown Manhattan are treated to the continued giant hole in the ground where the World Trade Center once stood, numerous side streets in a state of permanent disrepair, the craziness that is West Street Between the Battery and Chambers Street and tourists crawling all over both the demolished and the still-standing (why they need to climb on the charging bull is beyond me).

    The thing that bothers me about both the WTC and Yankee Stadium is that the city just doesn’t seem to give a damn about restoring order after things are dismantled (see Moses, Robert and the Cross Bronx Expressway among other fiascos of his).

    The history of the city is NOT one where anything is really revered or taken care of or fixed in any kind of reasonable time-frame.

    The current misery of the South Bronx can be directly traced to the building of the CBX and the demolishing of neighborhoods that once stood proud and strong. I seriously doubt that they give a damn about a park after some of the terribleness that has been historically visited upon the Bronx by the city.

    • The Artist


    • JGS

      I agree, but I don’t think the situations are equal. The WTC project fell into a political sinkhole from day 1. Case in point–they rebuilt 7 World Trade in (comparatively) no time

  • crawdaddie

    The sooner the structure is brought down, the better for everybody.

  • Neil deMause

    “New York has no truck with the past. It expels its dead.” —Luc Sante

    Also, one correction: The new parks are scheduled to open in fall 2011, meaning the Yankees will have finished their third season in the new stadium, not be starting it, by the time Bronx residents get their replacement parks.

  • John Tomasicchio

    I was more upset when the “original” stadium was “altered”. If that was the structure being demolished then I would be very. very sad. The new place was nice, loved it in fact, but it wasn’t the original. Even death valley was altered from 430 to 399 to accomodate that slug Jack (don’t call me Kingman) Clark.
    When I think of the old Yankee Stadium I think of my first game and the OV seats.

  • Antonino Fidelis

    I’m really missing the old stadium. I mean, I have no problem with the new one, but looking at this photo and all the other photos of the old Yankee Stadium demolition, it just reminds me that a rich history once existed there. I’m a die-hard Yankee fan so seeing this place being torn down is very heart-breaking. I’ve been trying to find at least one memento from the old stadium as a keepsake.

    Fortunately, Steiner Sports has an auction page has a wide array of Yankee memorabilia. I’ve been keeping my eye on one particular item. It’s a replica of the sign of Joe DiMaggio’s quote “I want to thank the Good Lord…” signed by Mariano Rivera. I know it’s not the real thing, but it’s still a nice item that I’d like to add to my Yankees memorabilia collection.