Draft Order Tracker updated


Just a heads up, our 2010 Draft Order Tracker has been updated to include all of the Type-A and B free agents that were offered arbitration yesterday. As you know, I’ll update that sucker as free agents change teams and draft picks move around as compensation.


  1. It’s nice to see us back at the bottom where we belong. Bottom of the draft board of course.

  2. Refresh my memory, Mike:

    How is the Sandwich pick round ordered? Is it by the Elias rating of the player signed, or by team W/L record like the other rounds?

    • A.D. says:

      It looks like from last year’s draft that its team W-L record with A’s going 1st then B’s

    • Rose says:

      The order of the supplemental round between the first and second rounds is determined by inverse order of the previous year’s standings. All the Type A picks are done first, and then the order resets for all the Type B compensation picks.

      Teams can also earn compensation for unsigned picks from the previous year’s draft. If a team doesn’t sign a first or second round pick, they will get to pick at the same slot plus one the following year. For example, if the team with the #5 pick does not sign that player, they would have the #6 pick the following year. The regular draft order would continue around those picks. For compensation for not signing a third round pick, teams would get a pick in a supplemental round between the third and fourth rounds. If a team fails to sign a player with one of these compensated picks, there is no compensation the following year.


    • Mike Axisa says:

      Type-A’s before Type-B’s, and it goes by the reverse order of the standings, not Elias rankings. Also, it has to cycle through each team before a team can pick twice.

  3. A.D. says:

    And there’s a max of 23 picks between the 1st and 2nd round

    • So, spinning it forward, assuming that all the 23 Type A and B free agents sign somewhere, we’re looking at the following for the 32nd pick forward (not counting which 10 picks are directly changing hands from one team to the other, of course):

      32 Yankees

      Supplemental First Round
      33 Sandwich pick for someone
      34 Sandwich pick for someone
      35 Sandwich pick for someone
      36 Sandwich pick for someone
      37 Sandwich pick for someone
      38 Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 sandwich rounder James Paxton)
      39 Sandwich pick for someone
      40 Sandwich pick for someone
      41 Sandwich pick for someone
      42 Sandwich pick for someone
      43 Sandwich pick for someone
      44 Sandwich pick for someone
      45 Sandwich pick for someone
      46 Sandwich pick for someone
      47 Sandwich pick for someone
      48 Sandwich pick for someone
      49 Sandwich pick for someone
      50 Sandwich pick for someone
      51 Sandwich pick for someone
      52 Sandwich pick for someone
      53 Sandwich pick for someone
      54 Sandwich pick for someone
      55 Sandwich pick for someone
      56 Sandwich pick for someone

      Second Round
      57 Nationals
      58 Pirates
      59 Orioles
      60 Royals
      61 Indians
      62 Diamondbacks
      63 Mets
      64 Astros
      65 Padres
      66 Athletics
      67 Blue Jays
      68 Reds
      69 Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 second rounder Jake Eliopoulos)
      70 White Sox
      71 Brewers
      72 Cubs
      73 Rays
      74 Mariners
      75 Tigers
      76 Braves
      77 Twins
      78 Rangers
      79 Rays (for failure to sign ‘09 second rounder Kenny Diekroeger)
      80 Marlins
      81 Giants
      82 Cardinals
      83 Rockies
      84 Phillies
      85 Dodgers
      86 Red Sox
      87 Angels
      88 Yankees

      Third Round
      89 Nationals
      90 Pirates
      91 Orioles
      92 Royals
      93 Indians
      94 Diamondbacks
      95 Mets
      96 Astros
      97 Padres
      98 Athletics
      99 Blue Jays
      100 Reds
      101 White Sox
      102 Brewers
      103 Cubs
      104 Rays
      105 Mariners
      106 Tigers
      107 Braves
      108 Twins
      109 Rangers
      110 Marlins
      111 Giants
      112 Cardinals
      113 Rockies
      114 Phillies
      115 Dodgers
      116 Red Sox
      117 Angels
      118 Yankees

      Supplemental Third Round
      119 Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 third rounder Jake Barrett)
      120 White Sox (for failure to sign ‘09 third rounder Bryan Morgado)
      121 Angels (for failure to sign ‘09 third rounder Josh Spence)

      Fourth Round (and each round thereafter)
      122 Nationals
      123 Pirates
      124 Orioles
      125 Royals
      126 Indians
      127 Diamondbacks
      128 Mets
      129 Astros
      130 Padres
      131 Athletics
      132 Blue Jays
      133 Reds
      134 White Sox
      135 Brewers
      136 Cubs
      137 Rays
      138 Mariners
      139 Tigers
      140 Braves
      141 Twins
      142 Rangers
      143 Marlins
      144 Giants
      145 Cardinals
      146 Rockies
      147 Phillies
      148 Dodgers
      149 Red Sox
      150 Angels
      151 Yankees


      We’re gonna be picking at 32, 88, 118, 151, 181, 211, etc.

      (Unless we sign Matt Holliday, of course.)

      • Mike Axisa says:

        This is what the sandwich round will look like if everyone signs with a different team.

        33 Astros (Valverde)
        34 Blue Jays (Scutaro)
        35 Braves (Gonzalez)
        36 Cardinals (Holliday)
        37 Rockies (Betancourt)
        38 Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 sandwich rounder James Paxton)
        39 Red Sox (Bay)
        40 Angels (Lackey)
        41 Braves (Soriano)
        42 Red Sox (Wagner
        43 Angels (Figgins)
        44 Astros (Pudge)
        45 A’s (Duchscherer)
        46 Blue Jays (Barajas)
        47 Rays (Shouse)
        48 Mariners (Beltre)
        49 Tigers (Lyon)
        50 Twins (Pavano)
        51 Rangers (Byrd)
        52 Cardinals (DeRosa)
        53 Rockies (Marquis)
        54 Rays (Zaun)
        55 Tigers (Rodney)
        56 Cardinals (Pineiro)

        • Mike Axisa says:

          I forgot about the Pudge trade. This the correct order.

          33 Astros (Valverde)
          34 Blue Jays (Scutaro)
          35 Braves (Gonzalez)
          36 Cardinals (Holliday)
          37 Rockies (Betancourt)
          38 Blue Jays (for failure to sign ‘09 sandwich rounder James Paxton)
          39 Red Sox (Bay)
          40 Angels (Lackey)
          41 Braves (Soriano)
          42 Red Sox (Wagner
          43 Angels (Figgins)
          44 A’s (Duchscherer)
          45 Blue Jays (Barajas)
          46 Rays (Shouse)
          47 Mariners (Beltre)
          48 Tigers (Lyon)
          49 Twins (Pavano)
          50 Rangers (Byrd)
          51 Cardinals (DeRosa)
          52 Rockies (Marquis)
          53 Rays (Zaun)
          54 Rangers (Pudge)
          55 Tigers (Rodney)
          56 Cardinals (Pineiro)

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

        sorry…i’m sure there’s something really interesting there, but unfortunately all i can see is the giant neon sign that says ‘wtf is wrong with the jays?’

        i need new glasses :(

  4. Evil Empire says:

    Is it too early to start talking about what the first pick for the Yankees might be?

    Is there someone specific who could realistically fall to the Yankees that is worth coveting?

  5. theyankeewarrior says:

    I am so mad at the Mets for trading Wagner for nothing and letting the Sox get 2 picks. Does anyone else share this anger?

    • Yeah, totally, but I got over it when the deal happened. I never really got it from the Mets’ side – they were never going to get anything great in return for Wagner and they were throwing away the compensation picks, and it’s not like they saved that much money that it should have mattered to them. So, yeah, the Mets are retarded, but we already knew that. The fact that the Sox were the ones who benefited… Sucks, but someone was going to benefit, they just happened to be the team to get it done. Good for them.

  6. 04BOSOX07 says:

    As a Red Sox fan I love it that we end up getting a 1st round pick basically for C. Carter. I am a bit surprised that the Braves would sign Wagner so quickly and give a 1st round pick. I guess they look at it that they will get a 1st round pick for Soriano and Gonzalez. The Mets must be shaking their heads today. Another great move by Omar.

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