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Recycling headlines is usually a no-no, but that one Ben came up with was too good. Anyway, midnight tomorrow is the deadline for clubs to offer contracts to their players with fewer than six years of service time, better known as non-tender day. Matt at Fack Youk looked at the four players the Yankees might consider cutting loose, headlined by Chien-Ming Wang. I’m really on the fence about Chad Gaudin; he’s a very nice guy to have around for that swingman role, but a potential $3M salary ($4.2M in Yankee dollars because of the luxury tax) isn’t exactly cost effective.

Here’s MLBTR’s list of non-tender candidates, and there’s actually a few decent players out there. Here’s last year’s list of actual non-tenders for comparison. See anyone worth bringing in? I’m prepared to start a “Dioner Navarro for Backup Catcher” campaign if he gets cut loose.

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  1. AndrewYF says:

    What does Navarro do better than Cervelli except eat?

  2. theyankeewarrior says:

    Let’s say the Yankees get Sheets at 8M + incentives. That, along with Damon AND Matsui coming back would put the Yankees around 213M for the 2010 payroll. I’m not saying this is what should or will happen, but if you look at these salaries, it give you a better feel for what they have the room to accomplish.
    I’m figuring they want payroll to be as close to 200M as possible, so maybe one of Damon/Matsui is toast. Or maybe a guy like Gaudin gets non-tendered. Feel free to insert Nick Johnson or Mike Cameron also (possibly for less $$)

    CC Sabathia 23M
    AJ Burnett 16.5M
    Andy Pettitte 11.75
    Ben Sheets 8M
    Joba Chamberlain .5M

    Mariano Rivera CL 15M
    Phil Hughes SU .5M
    Damaso Marte LHP 4M
    David Robertson RHP .5M
    Mark Melancon LHP .5M
    Alfredo Aceves RP .5M
    Chad Gaudin LM 3M

    Derek Jeter SS 21M
    Johnny Damon LF 11M
    Mark Teixeria 1B 20M
    Alex Rodriguez 3B 32M
    Hideki Matsui DH 7M
    Curtis Granderson CF 5.5M
    Jorge Posada C 13M
    Robinson Cano 2B 9M
    Nick Swisher RF 6.75M

    Melky Cabrera UOF/PR 2M
    Francisco Cervelli BC .5M
    Ramiro Pena UIF .5M
    Brett Gardner PH/UT .5M

  3. Evil Empire says:

    He very well may get better offers, but Jonny Gomes for a power bat off the bench seems appealing.

  4. Steve H says:

    John Maine a non-tender candidate? Really?

  5. Did you know Dionner Navarro was an all star in 2008?!?!?!

  6. jsbrendog says:

    would gaudin be willing to get non tendered and sign a contract for like 2 mil for a chance to win another ws?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Probably not. Would you?

      • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

        Yes. Twice on Sunday.

        of course, i wouldn’t make it out of spring training, so I’m probably not the right guy to ask…

        I hope to make $2,000,000 late next year (for my LIFETIME…)…so if I just got a phone call verifying my ring size for my WS ring, yes, I’d take $2M from the Y’s instead of testing the open market.

    • I hope so. He and Aceves both being able to go multiple innings out of the ‘pen is rather valuable.

      • Steve H says:

        Yeah. And if Eiland really helped him with his struggles against LHP, he’d be a great guy to keep around. He has strikeout stuff, and if he can just get lefty’s out at a decent rate, he carries a ton of value. Even more importantly, if Hughes and Joba do go into the season as 4 and 5, having both Ace and Gaudin in the pen is key.

    • radnom says:

      He might prefer to join up with a team where he has a better crack at the rotation. I would at least, were I in that position.

    • Bo says:


      Hes already got a ring and lets be serious. players have to be selfish and earn as much as they can. Hes not some grizzled vet looking for a ring here.

      The dif between 3 mil and 2 mil is pretty big.

  7. A.D. says:

    Wouldn’t mind some Kelly Johnson or Garrit Atkins on the bench, but presumably they could go for starting roles elsewhere

  8. Steve H says:

    The Astros give Lyon 3/$15, and yet there are several potential non-tender guys who could easily outperform Lyon next year. Unreal. Accardo is an intriguing name to me, more BP depth is always good, and when healthy, he’s pretty good.

  9. Brandon Medders? Walks too many guys, but had a 7.6 K/9 rate last year… Meh.

  10. Thomas says:

    Recycling headlines is usually a no-no, but that one Ben came up with was too good.

    You could have always went with “I need your non-tenderness” or “Try a little non-tenderness”

  11. PaaakmaaaN says:

    After reading RAB comments and going to MLBTR comments, the MLBTR commenters seem stupid to me.

  12. E-ROC says:

    Dioner Navarro, Jonny Gomes, and Ryan Garko are decent players that could help the Yanks off the bench. Scott Olsen could be signed for minor league depth since the Yankees traded Ian Kennedy.

    • Scott Olsen could be signed for minor league depth since the Yankees traded Ian Kennedy.


      Would he take a minor league deal, though? I doubt it.

    • Thomas says:

      I’d suspect Garko and probably Navarro can both go to teams where they can get more playing time.

    • Steve H says:

      I agree, though I think most of them will get better offers elsewhere. They are the type of guys who end up being midseason pickups, they’ll go somewhere crappy and start, then get traded to a contender to be backup at the deadline, similar to Hinske and Hairston.

      • Evil Empire says:

        This makes sense.

        That seems to be the case a lot. Guys will start on shitty teams, and obviously have a contract without a NTC. Cashman deals for them at a time where they are unable to refuse.

        Being on the Yankee bench can kind of suck for a veteran, since playing time is sparse. But that ring on your finger at the end of the year sure does look good.

  13. Matt says:

    What about Jack Cust? Hes a decent OBP Guy and He’s got some nice Pop as an occasional DH type?

  14. Steve says:

    Both Garko and Conor Jackson could make nice fits, as both have some potential and both have been very productive against LHP over their careers. They both also can play 1B and some OF, which would give Girardi a little lineup flexibility, for instance if he wants to sit Granderson against a LHP, either one could fill in nicely in a corner OF slot, with Melky or Gardner covering center, or if Joe wanted to give Teixeira a day off at 1B, particularly if the Yankees are really thinking about dealing Swisher (which doesn’t really make sense to me as the roster is currently constructed – who would be the backup 1B?). Anyway, I doubt that the Diamondbacks will non-tender Jackson, as he’s a talented younger guy whose lack of production last year is due to a freak illness (Valley Fever I believe). Regardless, below are Garko and Jackson’s career numbers against LHP:

    Garko: .313 AVG/.392 OBP/.495 SLG/.887 OPS with 17 HRs, 24 2Bs, and 70 RBIs in 422 ABs.

    Jackson: .297 AVG/.396 OBP/.470 SLG/.866 OPS with 16 HRs, 30 2Bs, and 64 RBIs in 474 ABs.

    Also, I hope that the Yankees hang onto Gaudin – we could really use him as a 5th starter, if need be, or a nice long man out of the bullpen. I also hope that if the Yankees non-tender Wang, which seems almost certain, that they at least consider trying to bring him back on the cheap. His problems trying to pitch through injuries last season shouldn’t overshadow the 3+ years of very solid work he did for the team. I understand his health is a concern, but he’s worth a cheap gamble in my opinion.

    • Connor Jackson would be perfect, but I’ve heard (I think from Mike A?) that the D-Backs are going to keep him on.

    • John - YF says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you on Conor Jackson. Great call. He doesn’t hit for power the way you’d want your corners to, but he makes great contact and gets on base at a very good rate, especially against lefties. Playing him in LF on days they face lefties and shift Melky to CF OR even platoon Conor and Melky since Melky seems to hit righties better anyway. I think this would be a nice fit.

  15. Drew says:

    Accardo, Maine, Kelly Johnson, Jenks Our own Mitre, Cust.

    Lot of talent there if they are actually non-tendered.

  16. Mearl says:

    Atkins would provide a good DH, which big upside, while not costing the Yankees too much. If it doesn’t work out then maybe they can go to Miranda

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