Open Thread: Festivus, or something like that


I hated Seinfeld, but I understand there are people that live and die by it, so Happy Festivus.

Anyway, More Hardball ran a series of posts on the hitting and pitching stat leaders of the decade, and there a plenty of current/former Yankees involved, so let’s recap:

1. Alex Rodriguez- 1190
2. Johnny Damon- 1115
3. Derek Jeter- 1088

1. Ichiro Suzuki- 2030
2. Derek Jeter- 1940
3. Miguel Tejada- 1860

1. Todd Helton- 431
2. Bobby Abreu- 408
3. Albert Pujols- 387

1. Alex Rodriguez- 465
2. Jim Thome- 368
3. Albert Pujols- 366

1. Alex Rodriguez- 1243
2. Albert Pujols- 1112
3. Manny Ramirez- 1106

1. Andy Pettitte- 149
2. Randy Johnson- 143
3. Jamie Moyer- 140

1. Dave Weathers- 713
2. LaTroy Hawkins- 654
3. Mariano Rivera- 651

1. Livan Hernandez- 2201.1
2. Javier Vazquez- 2163
3. Mark Buehrle- 2061

1. Randy Johnson- 2182
2. Javier Vazquez- 2001
3. Johan Santana- 1733

Complete Games:
1. Roy Halladay- 47
2. Livan Hernandez- 36
3. Randy Johnson- 32

1. Roy Halladay- 14
2. Randy Johnson- 12
3T. Tim Hudson- 11
3T. CC Sabathia- 11

1. Mariano Rivera- 397
2. Trevor Hoffman- 363
3T. Jason Isringhausen- 284
3T. Billy Wagner- 284

(min. 1000 innings)
1. Pedro Martinez- 1.036
2. Johan Santana- 1.113
3. Randy Johnson- 1.114

It’s pretty sick that the Yanks’ had the decade’s three greatest run scorers on the team last year, and damn is that A-Rod guy good. Dude hit 97 more homers than any other player over the last ten years. Ninety. Seven. That’s crazy. Even if Pujols played in 2000, A-Rod would still lead by like, 60. Also, it’s pretty impressive how far out ahead of the pack Unit and Javy are in strikeouts. Make sure you click through, there are some other cool stats that didn’t make the cut because there are no Yanks involved.

After you do that, use this bad boy as your open thread. The Rangers, Islanders, and Nets are all in action, but talk about whatever you want. Oh, and Happy Tex Day. Mark Teixeira agreed to a deal with the Yanks a year ago today. Now that’s a holiday worth celebrating.

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  1. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, this A-Rod and Jeter video from 1998 is hilarious.

    Look how they were such great friends back then. Too bad they hate each other now (/sarcasm)

    Jeter FedEx’d his ring to A-Rod? Now that’s funny

    This video is funny too:

    It’s kinda corny at times but good overall. Lmao at the brick phone being a gift back then.

    • Zack says:

      Ha, Arod sent Jeter a leather jacket and ‘computer phone’ for his birthday and christmas- Jeter sent an autographed on his own rookie card.

  2. vin says:

    Not sure how anyone could NOT like Seinfeld.

  3. Salty Buggah says:

    Happy Tex day? It’s supposed to be Merry Tex-mas…

  4. vin says:

    Ichiro is amazing. He had 90 more hits than Jeter, and he was still in Japan in 2000.

  5. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

    Your teenage sister rats you out to your very strict parents for having a 12-pack in your room. Do you

    A) Take responsibility, be mature and accept your punishment?
    B) Deny that the 12-pack is yours and claim it was planted?
    C) Take extreme revenge on your sister by rummaging through her room, finding her “hook-up list”, photocopy it, posting it on Facebook and tagging all of the lucky fellows on the list?

    Trust me, it’s worth the read.

  6. vin says:

    Did you know:

    The Yankees have had 3 pitchers throw perfect games… all of the opposing pitchers in each game went on to pitch for the Yankees. Sal Maglie, LaTroy Hawkins, and Javy Vazquez.

    That just dawned on me.

  7. aj says:

    You HATED Seinfeld? Why?

  8. aj says:

    So they wanted Kei Igawa? Maybe in the National League he could be…bad, not unusable?

  9. Brett says:

    How could you possibly hate seinfeld? Its un-american. Do you hate America Mike? Is that what your saying?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      If by hate America you mean hate Seinfeld, then yes, I hate America.

      /Marge Simpson’d

      (a character from a show that’s actually funny)

      • Brett says:

        Oh come now. When was the last time the Simpsons were funny? The movie was good. But what the last five or more seasons have been terrible?

        • vin says:

          I stopped watching The Simpsons quite a few years ago… probably because I didn’t want to watch it go down the tubes (as most shows do).

          I have no idea if its worth watching or not… I’m afraid at what I might see.

          Same thing goes for South Park.

          Family Guy can be funny at times, but the joke telling isn’t nearly as sophisticated as Simpsons or SP.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Well, they’re three different kind of shows. Family Guy got by on the “wow, did they really say/do that” value, but that’s long gone. Now they just recycle jokes. “Oh damn, it’s been 30 seconds since something funny happened, quick, cut to a clip of Cleveland’s bathtub falling out of the second story.”

            Of the present versions of the three shows you listed, South Park is far and away the best.

            • vin says:

              Family Guy might be the most overrated show on television. I’m convinced people love it because of exactly what you said – they can count on something happening that they’re supposed to laugh at every 30 seconds.

              If they can’t come up with some funny dialogue, then they’ll just have a ridiculous scene go on WAYYY longer than expected.

              Its got its moments, but the concept of entertaining people with “shock value” jokes has a shelf life.

            • Steve B. says:

              Do you like any sitcoms that relevant ??

          • Evan says:

            I’ve recently gotten back to watching new Simpsons episodes.

            I definitely regret it. What’s worse was that I’d also watch old episodes during the week from early seasons and there’s no comparison. It’s not like I hate the new ones but it’s “meh”.

            • Evan says:

              *they’re “meh”

            • vin says:

              Watching new episodes of an old favorite is tough:

              Things are never as good as they were when you were younger. The new episodes may be as good or better than the originals, but it’s hard to view them objectively.

              But if the shows are actually worse, you may find that you’re convincing yourself that the shows are better than they really are. Almost like you can’t let go.

              I think its better to let go a year too soon, than a year too late. One of the many reasons I love LOST. They’ve established their series finale date. Which is critical for a show with such a complex story line.

              • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

                Nothing compares to The Wire, though Lost is pretty good.

              • Evan says:

                Good points, vin. I know that’s happened to me a couple of times (the first point) where I’d say that an episode doesn’t match up with those of previous years but then I’d watch the same episode years later and laugh plenty. Other times, I’d really force myself to like an episode just because it’s “The Simpsons” in a Mays with the Mets sort of way.

            • Steve B. says:

              Meh ??…is that English ??

      • Steve B. says: have NO sense of humor

  10. You’re lucky TSJC is on vacation, Mike? He would be writing a 25,000 word rant against you and your hatred of Seinfeld.

  11. Salty Buggah says:

    Fun Fact I learned today: The Eagles have only beaten ONE winning team.

    This gets my hopes up for the Broncos for this weekend.

  12. Yankeefan91 Arod Fan says:

    Idn but i found dis McDonalds commercial very funny.

  13. Riddle says:

    Anyone think the Yanks will take a shot at Randy Winn in LF? He could be a decent pickup for a year.

    • vin says:

      He had been a pretty consisten player for a lot of years, but he fell off a cliff pretty badly last year. His little power disappeared, and he still struck out 93 times. Also, his OBP was only .318.

      If last year is any indication, there’s not much difference between him and Gardner.

    • Steve B. says:

      Maybe, he might take a discount to play on a contender.

  14. Hank "The Yank" Steinbrenner says:

    Since Kennedy was traded and Towers signed with the Dodgers… anyone know what the AAA rotation will look like next year? I live near Scranton and love going to the games, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone exciting to watch start games besides McAllister this year.

  15. aj says:

    The new episodes of the Simpsons are brutally bad. And South Park is heading in that direction. But in baseball, the Nationals are making a lot of pickups. They might have a mediocre team next year.

  16. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    You hated Seinfeld Axisa?

    ::Head Explodes::


    (Mike, Joe and Ben) I don’t know if you guys take requests, but this is a very good piece from THT that really strikes at the core of those of us who believe in stats, but also understand they have limitations. He illustrates how AJ Burnett’s good starts and bad starts are almost indistinguishable when looked at statistically with Pitch FX. Must read for anyone who thinks they have this game figured out.

    • whozat says:

      I thought that article struck at the core of people who DON’T understand that stats have limitations. Stats tell you what happened, and some have predictive value over a significant sample. We strive to find more of the latter, and find ones that have ever-better predictive value.

      All that article really told me was that the data provided didn’t illuminate why each of those starts went bad or good. It wasn’t an indictment of stats in general, but merely a demonstration that THAT data didn’t explain the phenomenon in question. So? We clearly need to find other data, or gather more data to provide us with the correct way to use the data we have (perhaps which pitches were thrown in which counts?)

  18. The Boston Chapter, BBWAA also announced Tuesday that Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has been selected as Major League Baseball Executive of the Year.


  19. sabes says:

    It’s sad that 14 shutouts led the DECADE.

  20. In 2009…

    1. Javy Vazquez threw 66.9% of his first pitches to batters for strikes. That was the 3rd best mark among all ML starters (2nd was Roy Halladay, 1st was Carl Pavano — yes, Glass Carl).

    2. Batters put less wood on the ball against Javy Vazquez than against any other starter in MLB who pitched at least 150 innings. Hitters made contact when swinging only 73.3% of the time.

    Are we really sure that Vasquez is out #4 starter? If last year is for real, he’s our #2.

    • VO says:

      That’s what I was thinking before I heard about the trade I honestly knew very little about him, I thought he was a number 4. After looking up some stats and doing a little research, I would go as far to say he’s definitely a number 3, possibly even a number 2 when he’s on.

      • The stuff about first pitch strikes with him is really interesting. When he was with the Yanks, everyone always said that his stuff was much better than his results were. So the Strikeouts don’t surprise me. But learning how to make that quality first pitch strike, in a way and a spot where the hitter can’t do much with it, that could make all the difference in the world.

        David Wells was a strike-throwing machine. He didn’t have the greatest stuff in the world, but he always seemed to be ahead in the count, and that makes all the difference in the world. Takes the aggressiveness away from hitters and they do less damage as a result.

    • Zack says:

      I think going into the season he’s #4, once offdays, rain delays, etc happens there is no real order. Come October see who’s healthy and who’s been the best recently, then you make up the order.

      • Chris says:

        Why do you think he’s the #4 going into the season? Last year he had the best ERA of any of the projected 2010 starters for the Yankees. Some of that is because he was in the NL, but he was still over a run better than AJ or Andy.

        • Zack says:

          Because I dont expect him to replicate his numbers from this previous season, I’m not putting huge expectations on him this season. Just want him to come and just pitch, take up 200IP and just be Javy; not looking for him to come in and try to be the best pitcher on the team, if he does great then he’ll get game 2 in the playoffs, starting off theres no reason to do that though IMO.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I’m of the belief that he’ll be the Yanks’ second best starter next year, in terms of overall production. He’ll have some awful games, a ton of “pitch deep into the game and keep the Yanks in it” games, and some holy crap games.

      Remember, it’s his contract year, and he’s never been on the open market. Extra motivation, plus the desire to show everyone that was not the real Javy in 2004.

  21. Is it just me, or does every day this week feel like it’s Friday?

  22. Justin Bieber says:

    Was Dave Weathers playing for Joe Torre during all these years? Damn, those are a lot of appearances.

  23. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

    So excited for the 29th. Glee DVD comes out!

  24. Steve B. says:

    “…I hated Seinfeld…”

    What the hell is wrong with you ???….you are part of 0.0000001 % that hated the greatest show in TV history.

    How lonely you must be….

  25. Am I the only Modern Family fan?

  26. Today’s Sign that I’m Way too into Baseball:

    Tonight I used the whole Joba/bullpen debate to teach a kid what confirmation bias is.

  27. larryf says:

    I saw some highlights of Javy’s curve (very slow) making hitters look silly last year. He also seemed to throw well to spots with his fastball. The 2 keys to success… I also like his mechanics. Looks like there won’t be too much for Eiland to work on. I didn’t see the straight change on any film. Hope Javy won’t need it…

  28. crapula says:

    So is JD really done with the Yanks? I keep hoping Cash is just playing hardball with him.

  29. Esteban says:

    Throughout the week I’ve had the most infuriating back and forth with one of my friends. He’s a huge Yankees fan but he refuses to look at anything beyond BA, RBIs, HRs, Wins and ERA. I even tried sending him links to various primers on Sabermetrics, but he refused to consider them. He HATED the Nick Johnson move and now hates Nick Johnson because I tried convincing him that Nick Johnson will probably be as valuable as Matsui was. To top it off, he’s a committed B-Jobber.

    This is one of his replies to something I sent him on Facebook:
    I’m not impressed with any of the last posts, if u say that hrs are the best thing a player can do why wouldn’t you take matsui over johnson then? Johnson had 8 hr as opposed to Matsui’s 28. If “OBP is the one statistic that most correlates with run scoring” how come matsui has scored more runs than Johnson 4 out of the past 6 seasons. So if OBP is… See More so important and OBP makes him a more valuable hitter than matsui by that ridiculous fucking argument are you suggesting that he’s a more valuable hitter than Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, or Mark Teixeira, all of whom he had higher OBPs then? You’ve lost your mind, you’ve lost your mind, you’ve lost your mind!!!!!! How is BA luck???? So Jeters BA his whole career has just been lucK????? Are you fucking kidding me?? Clutch hitting, BA, Runs, and RBI are all very important, I dont care what you say. Go reread sabermetrics because clutch hitting, BA, runs, and RBI are all HUGE reasons the Yankees won a world series this year.

    Johnson is garbage and I can root against him and still be a good yankee fan. I want what’s best for this organization and what’s best for us is for DeRosa to be signed, Johnson to be benched, and Granderson in the 2 spot, God bless.

    • How is BA luck???? So Jeters BA his whole career has just been lucK????? Are you fucking kidding me??

      This is where you stop talking to him. He’s never going to get the concept that there is some deal of luck involved in batting average.

      Perhaps try to explain to him that batting average is not completely useless, it isn’t, but it is incredibly incomplete. Remember, the point of batting isn’t to get a hit, it’s to avoid making an out.

      • Esteban says:

        Oh, believe me, I’ve tried. It’s incredibly frustrating. He continuously misconstrues most of my arguments. I don’t understand the antipathy so many people have to more advanced statistics. This kid is a smart kid, gets good grades at a good college, but is completely incapable of grasping something as simple as why OBP is more important statistic than BA

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Seems too dumb to be true but sadly, some Yanks fans are that stupid.

      I hate ignorant people

  30. Justin Bieber says:

    Guys, what do you think is the best and most underrated show on TV today?

  31. Jake H says:

    I do wonder if the Yanks will up their draft budget to make up for all the kids they shipped off this year. I was looking at their top 30 prospects coming into this year and I see 13 names either traded, sucked it up or graduated.

  32. Meat Loaf says:

    Last night had the option to watch Seinfeld or watch a show about two transgendered people (one man to woman, one woman to man) having a baby.

    I had to watch a guy give birth, and it was still better than Seinfeld.

  33. Wilcymoore27 says:

    Are you kidding me … David Weathers and LaTroy Hawkins were numbers 1 and 2 in games pitched in the decade ?!? Huh??

  34. Tank the Frank says:

    Seinfeld isn’t your thing? That’s fine. Prefer other shows to Seinfeld? Hey, that’s your business.

    You HATE Seinfeld? You CAN’T STAND Seinfeld? There’s a special place in Hell for you. You know who else hated Seinfeld? Fascists.

  35. Tom Zig says:

    As you all probably know already, Fernando Rodney was signed by the Angels. Is it possible that by adding someone to the bullpen, they actually made their bullpen…worse?

  36. YFan says:

    Anyone know what Blog/Site Lane Meyer from NoMaas is on now?

    • pat says:

      Hasn’t written anything yet he’s going to start contributing around draft time.

      • YFan says:

        Thanks, much appreciated.

      • YFan says:

        Darn it’s a PaySite, do you know if it’s any good?

        • pat says:

          It’s pretty good. You have to take alot of what he says with a grain of salt though. He is at his best when he’s doing interviews with coaches and Nardi/Nark Newman etc. Now would be a good time to join as he’s doing his Top 50 prospect profiles. Each player gets an in depth scouting report/ projection with all sorts of info. They’re like of of Mike’s prospect profiles but on steroids. He does get a little bullish when talking about guys’ secondary stuff though. It seems like all our guys have good but inconsistent curves and changes. If you can look past that stuff you can find some good info. Once you’re there long enough you can read between the lines. It’s not a bad investment if you’re a prospect junkie.

  37. Why don’t MLB/MLBPA/Majestic let you customize t-shirts with retired players’ names and numbers?

  38. Greg C says:

    The Yankees would have the top 3 in Wins if the decade ended last year.

  39. YankeeScribe says:

    While Pujols makes a very strong case for himself, A-Rod is arguably the player of the 00′s based on these stats.

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