Heyman: Yanks have low offer out to Damon


More than just a text message from Johnny Damon, we have news. It’s an honest-to-goodness rumor of a low offer from the Yanks to Johnny Damon. Jon Heyman tweets: “Damon has days to take low deal with Yankees. Assuming he says no, they’ll sign another OF soon from Johnson, Nady, Winn, Edmonds, Dye.” Of the non-Damon candidates, I’d take Reed Johnson and maybe Xavier Nady but no one else.

Heyman had more in a piece on SI.com. The Yankees, he says, have asked for a decision at the end of the weekend and are believed to be offering a base of “probably no more than $5 million guaranteed” for Damon. Otherwise, the team will look to spend $2 million for a left fielder. For what it’s worth, Brian Cashman has denied the existence of a deadline, but no one ever told him denial is just a river in Egypt. Meanwhile, Marc Carig has a — drumroll, please — text message from Damon who says he’ll “have a team in a week.” We’ll see if this goes anywhere.

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  1. Salty Buggah says:

    And Marc Carig tweeted this” “Just got a text from Damon. Says he “should have a team in a week” but gave no other hints.”

  2. Hughesus Christo says:

    What do we think Heyman’s cut of each Boras deal comes out to?

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Cashmoney, biggest Gangsta GM alive.

    • pete says:

      ok i’m seriously getting sick of Heyman. Stop making shit up. Honestly.

      • I’m doubting Cashman’s denial more than I’m doubting Heyman’s rumor right now.

        • Peter says:

          i agree.

        • pete says:

          I don’t know. I think that the “damon has a deadline” thing is probably phony. Deadlines are for fools. And I can’t imagine why anyone would have thought up to this point that the yankees were not having conversations with Damon, which obviously would have included the fact that they were considering outside options. I dunno it just seems like facts that everyone was aware of being turned into “news” because heyman is bored.

        • anon says:

          You can believe both.

          Heyman says the Yankees have an offer out to Damon.

          Cashman says they arent waiting for Damon.

          Cahsman also says certain players have not yet come to terms with their value this season.

          So it means that the Yankees have offers out there, and interest has been expressed. But they dont have a preference. Whoever bites first gets a contract.

      • J says:

        Why do you just believe that Heyman is “making shit up?” I applaud you for being honest, as you made it perfectly clear you are being honest. Why would you assume Cashman would say “yep, that is 100% correct.” Seems if he did, it would allow other teams to say, “better get in there now before he signs for cheap.”


  3. pete says:

    wonder what “low” means. hopefully less than $5 million, but more than $3.5. Less than $5 simply because the market suggests that going beyond that would be really dumb, but if they went under $3.5, Johnny may simply spit in their faces and refuse to sign at all.

    I agree on Reed Johnson and maybe Nady, though. IMO, screw damon, sign Johnson, and if nobody gives nady an offer, invite him to camp on a non-roster invite (not that that would ever happen, but it’s a nice pipe dream). If he shows he is actually healthy in camp, take him as your LF, w/ Reed Johnson as your liberally used 4th OF, and Brett your 5th. Or have Nady and Gardner platoon in left and Johnson and Granderson platoon in center. Or something like that. I dunno. Won’t happen anyway.

  4. Johnny says:

    I’m surprised teams have so little interest in Damon. I can understand him getting no where near his last contract, but under $5 million? This would be a steal for the Yankees.

  5. Bucksky619 says:

    Sounds to me like Cashman wants to spend his money and knows who he wants to spend it on but the Agents are not cooperating.

  6. Salty Buggah says:

    “…certain agents can’t honestly believe what they’re trying to convey. Do they think I’m stupid?”

    He’s talking about Boras?

    • Peter says:

      Most likely.

      but we don’t know what Randy Winn is after…or Reed Johnson..so its possible those guys are reaching for the stars aswell.

    • pete says:

      I’ve honestly been wondering that ever since Boras’s little write-up on damon was published. Is there really a GM out there who would simply here Boras’s words, and think “oh yeah that makes sense. Here’s 3 years and $40 million, let’s play ball!”. My guess is Boras is trying to tell him that there are other teams making offers out there and Cash is saying “no there aren’t. Stop acting like I’m an idiot. If you get real, we can talk, otherwise just leave me alone. Damon isn’t going to make more than $5 or 6 million anywhere, period, and right now it doesn’t even look like there’s anybody out there looking to give him that much. So stop. Seriously.”

      • Tom Zig says:

        Scott Boras must think everyone is Kenny Williams or Dayton Moore

        • pete says:

          honestly. I don’t think he understands the concept of leverage.

          • Zack says:

            to be fair, Boras has been doing his thing for years now, and frankly he’s the best agent out there for what the job requires (soak up the bad public perception, and get your client the biggest paycheck)

            • pete says:

              i dunno. he’s had some pretty big uh-oh’s the last two offseasons. I’ll give it to him that he was a force for a long time, but he hasn’t been nearly as effective recently.

              • tafka (sic) says:

                i called matt holliday to ask him if he agreed with you, but all he said was, “WHAT? CAN’T HEAR YOU! I’M LIGHTING MY CIGAR WITH A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL WHILE I RIDE MY GOLD JETSKI!”

              • Zack says:

                Besides Varitek and Damon, where has he screwed up?

                • andrew says:

                  The ARod opt out also.

                  Wait? What’s that? The Yankees ended up paying him $50 million more than anyone else would’ve offered after the opt out?
                  Oh, okay, never mind then.

          • Tom Zig says:

            I think it’s more like that he and everyone else still thinks the Yankees are being run the same way they used to be.

  7. JR says:

    come home Johnny

  8. J says:

    In the tweet from Heyman, could Heyman haveforgotten to add a numeral? Seems having “days” is sort of incomplete.

  9. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    Johnny Damon even at 7 or 8 mil for 1 yr is a deal you do, maybe the Yanks currently wouldn’t because of budgetary constraints, but we all know what Damon brings to the table. He’s a professional hitter, it’s a question of getting a bargain now given the economy, which is something nobody here need care about since it’s not actually our money. Either way I get the sense that if they add Damon at any price, its quite possible, they may not be able to get a reliever or a pinch hitter or something like that mid season (until Cash goes off the grid, Hinske style), so the real question is whether or not Johnny Damon is worth the loss of flexibility?

    • DP says:

      It’s my money and I need it now!

    • whozat says:

      “it’s a question of getting a bargain now given the economy, which is something nobody here need care about since it’s not actually our money.”

      No, it’s a question of getting a bargain so that Hal will still allow midseason acquisitions that require taking on cash.

      • Crazy Eyes Killa says:

        Thats one thing I kind of tried to get at….if they only want to spend 2 more million on the team….whether or they take Damon at 6 or 8, they still won’t do anything that costs money during the year…opposed to if they don’t sign Damon you have a lot of flexibility

  10. mustang says:

    “How long it’s taking certain people to wake up and smell the coffee, that’s what surprises me,” Cashman said. “When you get on the phone with agents, they tell you one thing, and certain agents can’t honestly believe what they’re trying to convey. Do they think I’m stupid?”

    Now that’s what I call putting a smack down.

  11. mustang says:

    Boras: But I’m telling you Brian he is really, really, really worth this cross my fingers and toes.
    Cashman: Ok, Scott call me later I’m playing with the kids.

  12. pete luciano says:

    I hope they work it out, maybe something like Pettitte’s contract. $5 million plus incentives. How’d that work out. A team like the Yankees needs veterans, proven post season pressure players, players that can put tough at bats late in games against any type of pitcher. Johnny can do that, Gardner nor the rest of the imposters listed can’t. Damon would bat 2nd, Johnson 6th, and Granderson 9th. Like Nike says just do it.

    • Zack says:

      They dont NEED 36 year old players who are horrible in the field. They need the best guys available, who come at what the market says their price is.

    • DP says:

      A team like the Yankees needs veterans,

      A-Rod, Jeter, Swisher, Posada, Teixeira, Johnson, Granderson, Cano

      proven post season pressure players,

      A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Granderson, Teixeira

      players that can put tough at bats late in games against any type of pitcher.

      A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Swisher, Granderson, Teixeira, Johnson

      • Zack says:

        Damon hit .083/.154/.083 in the ALDS, boo he sucks

      • andrew says:

        While I agree that they don’t need Damon, Granderson and Tex both have pretty bad postseason stats, and Granderson definitely does not put up tough at bats against lefties.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          Tex did bad this postseason. Last postseason for the Angels he batted 400.

          Small sample sizes are fun!

          • ecksodia says:

            But they were all singles!

            • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

              400 is 400. That’s great value regardless, especially with the defense he put up that season.

              • ecksodia says:

                I was being sarcastic, actually. I once read something to that effect – that while he did hit .400, all of them were singles, and the writer goes on to say that the Red Sox “shut him down”.

                And of course, I agree. Not making an out 46% of the time is a good thing.

    • Pasqua says:

      A team like the Yankees needs the players that Brian Cashman thinks they need. Do you really think Cashman is sweating this because Damon is a “veteran,” or “pressure-proven” player? Yeesh.

  13. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Ca$hmoney Trillionaire needs to order name plates for the lockers at ST. The engraver wants all names faxed to him Monday. He has no choice.

  14. Funder says:

    As long as I don’t have to watch Gritty get 500 at bats.

  15. John NY says:

    Oh the strategy…..

    Boras’ best bet is to get negotiations out into the public to find a third party or more to get involved. This is his way of getting the best deal possible. So Cash has to obviously deny the Heyman report. How many times do agents do this to the Yanks? Heyman =Puppet and has a national media outlet….it starts there. Cashman knows this and is not letting the agents dictate the terms of negotiation. Cashman goes to his NY media army and denies it keeping the base tame. If it gets public, Yanks possibly lose their negotiation advantage. NO ONE is in on Damon so why rattle the tree to drive up the price? Seriously, I don’t think the Yanks care at this point. They will survive without Damon. But adding him won’t hurt either, especially at a low deal.

    I would not be surprised if the Yanks put a deal out there. It’s not a lot of money.

    • John NY says:

      Red Sox and Angels are eating salaries like crazy. Can the Yanks afford to eat $5 million if it doesn’t work out?

  16. Section 39 says:

    $5 million for 1 year is a steal for Damon and I would be completely behind that! Sure he is in his decline in the OF, but honestly, how many games did he cost us last year with his fielding — I honestly can’t remember any game that stands out in my mind. I remember more times that Swisher botched balls than Damon. Sure he can’t throw, but he still gets to most balls. With Gardner off the bench for defense, I think that would just be too nasty of a lineup to pass up with Damon in it.


    That’s just filthy and gives the Yanks depth in case of injuries.

    All fantasies until Damon actually signs the deal, but given the lull in the market, I give it 50-50 at this point.

  17. aj says:

    Why is everyone ignoring Jermaine Dye? I know he doesn’t want to come to New York, but neither did Carlos Delgado and that worked out for the Mets. He’s still got pop in the bat, and a strong right handed bat. If his price gets down to around 6-7 million, I think the Yanks need to pounce.

    • 28 next year says:

      yea but he was worth than replacement last year because his defense is atrocious and it has been for 4 years. His UZR is -20 and below which cannot be a fluke and even not believing in UZR, something is up. He might provide some pop but the upgrade is so incredibly small that it makes no sense.

      • Section 39 says:

        Damon is more than an “incredibly small” offensive upgrade over Gardner. More over, sure his UZR numbers look terrible, but honestly, name SPECIFICALLY one instance last year where he costs us defensively. I can name more than one where Swisher did and nobody is here bashing him. You watch the stats, I watch the game.

        • Zack says:

          Stats >>> your selective memory

          • Section 39 says:

            Stats are for the people who don’t watch the games and want to know what happened. Since you feel so strongly that I have “selective memory”, maybe you can enlighten me on the SPECIFIC GAME where Damon cost us in the field. Like I have said, I can name specific incidents where Swisher screwed up, yet there is no talk about him.

            If you’re going to make “intelligent” comments like that, back them up. NAME A SPECIFIC GAME WHERE DAMON’S DEFENSE COST US THE GAME.

            I don’t anticipate a response, since clearly, you are stat watcher and not a game watcher.

            • Zack says:

              You already made my point for me, your selective memory clouds over a 162 game season.

              You think Swisher is a bad LF because 2 or 3 stupid plays stick in your mind. But you dont remember the routine fly balls that Damon just cannot get to because they dont stick out, but because Swisher took a bad routine or a bad dive once or twice its in your head; and thats not even talking about guys taking the extra base.

              • Zack says:

                extra base on Damon’s arm.

              • Section 39 says:

                Still waiting on that SPECIFIC GAME EXAMPLE because I didn’t see one there in that post. The fact is, you don’t have one. It’s OK, you can admit it, you are a stat watcher and not a game watcher. The first step in your recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Then you can step forward and actually start watching the games. I believe in you!

                • Zack says:

                  Why are you focused on a specific game? If I gave you a game where ARod went 0-5 with 10 LOB does that make him a bad hitter? No, thats why you judge guys over a full season and not the moments that stick out in your head

                • Section 39 says:

                  I’m looking for you to tell me a specific incident where Damon cost us in the field. My argument is that you simply look at the stats, and the stats say he just a terrible outfielder, and that you don’t watch the games. With every post that avoids listing a specific game where you “observed” such poor fielding, you prove my point.

                  The fact is, Damon can still get to most balls in LF. He is certainly and with Granderson next to him, it will not be a problem. His arm sucks, but that is nothing new. Even with his arm being as bad as it is, it is still the rare occasion where he gives up an extra base. And quite frankly, his offensive improvement over Gardner or any of those other options on the so-called list, should carry much more weight than 1 base once every blue moon.

                • Zack says:

                  Ever think that someone can watch the game and pay attention to stats?

                  Your argument still doesnt work. You feel that because you can remember a game where Swisher “cost” the game that means he’s bad, but since you dont remember any where Damon did you think hes not bad.

                  Fact is, Damon CANNOT get to most balls in LF. See I can add “fact is” to my statement too. Only difference is that no fan/writier/scout/etc except you believes Damon is not bad in LF.

                • Section 39 says:

                  You have still yet to post a specific example of when Damon’s “terrible” defense costs us any game last year. All you keep posting is your opinion that he can’t get to balls, yet there was no game last year his defense costs us the game. You clearly just follow the general public impression on Damon and don’t actually watch the games. My point on Swisher is that I can name 2-3 specific instances where he actually cost us runs in a game. As for Damon, YOU CAN’T yet you still ascertain that he is such a “terrible” fielder. Based on what? His stats? My point exactly.

                  Clearly you don’t have the knowledge to warrant attempting to convince you any further so I will do the thread a favor and stop pointing out your obvious flaws.


                • Two things, Section 39

                  1. Stop being nasty. There’s no need to start name-calling and attacking. Review the commenting guidelines, and if you can’t have a conversation with others around here without resorting to name-calling, you will lose your commenting privileges.

                  2. That’s just not how defensive analysis works. It’s not about picking one specific game in which someone’s defense cost them the game. It’s about overall impact on the game. It’s about who can get to which balls, who has a better arm, who can prevent base runners from reaching and thus runs from scoring. Every single talent evaluator in the majors from scouts to guys buried in their spreadsheets will tell you that Damon, at this stage in his career, was a below-average defender in 2009. Just because no one can name a game in which one play cost them the game doesn’t mean that his defense is good. The Yankees as a whole just have to score more runs when he’s in the field to make up the runs he allows as a bad fielder with less range than others.

                  Feel free to disagree, but again, if you can’t do it respectfully, you’ll have to find another outlet.

                • Section 39 says:

                  I just find it comical when people have such a problem with how someone plays defensively, yet they can’t name one specific incident to support it. If he was really that “terrible”, you should remember at least one incident. Then again, that would require people to watch games and not just read stats and box scores, which is clearly the problem reflected above. Oh well, here’s to hoping people actually watch sports instead of reflecting on the box score afterward.

    • andrew says:

      I’m guessing his price is already down to 7million. if the yankees offered him 7 million he’d accept it immediately.

      • John NY says:

        If he says no, he’d be dumb. Who else is in on Damon? Yanks bidding against themselves.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          Ummm, Braves, Mets, Angels, Tigers.

          • Zack says:

            What position for Mets?
            How does JD fit in Angels’ prioritizing defense? Plus they have Abreu, Matsui, Hunter and Rivera
            Tigers- dont know, they trade guys for salary relief, then sign Valverde so i cant read their plan

      • Dan says:

        Anything near $5 mil and Cashman is a fool. A declining one time star, offer 2-2.5 plus incentives. We are the only player in town and its us or the couch. We are really looking at a eighth place hitter here because Johnson is an upgrade over jd in the two hole.
        If jd had played for another team last year would he even be discussed. Let it go. Its time to move on. He offers us nothing that we need. He is a defensive liability and if his offense falls off a little he will be a pain in the ass if he does not get his AB’s.
        I can only imagine the angst when it is time for Jeter to move on.

        • Section 39 says:

          Damon at 1yr/$5 million is a better option than anyone else on that list of alternatives at $2 million. That is the bottom line.

        • Pasqua says:

          So, a guy who had a stellar year at the plate in 2009 isn’t worth (essentially) 1/3 of his salary in 2010? I think you’re underestimating Damon’s value, even with his “decline.”

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            There was no decline. We’re just assuming there will be one.

            • Dan says:

              Lowest stolen base number of his career, second lowest hit total of career, and second lowest ab total. Many seem enthralled by the 17 hrs at Yankee Stadium compared to seven on the road and only remember the World Series instead of September and the first two playoff rounds. If is wasn’t for Philly leaving third unguarded, the memories would not be so grand.
              And its not even worth going into his total lack of defense and the extra bases he allows when he is in the field

              • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                Regardless of where he hit the HR’s, he still hit 24 HR’s.

                I’m discounting the playoffs completely. Last year was in many ways the best season of Damon’s career.

                Listen, it’s all right to think there’ll be a decline next year, but it did NOT start last year.

    • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

      I can answer this one—we’ve already signed a DH.

      • John NY says:

        True, but that DH they signed is RonDL in costume. He’s a hang nail away from the 60 Day at any given moment.

        • Tom Zig says:

          Nick Johnson is not Carl Pavano.

          Yes Nick Johnson has missed a lot of time with injuries, but being a DH most of the time should do wonders to keep him healthy.

        • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

          Fair enough, but it’s cost prohibitive and a poor allocation of roster space to sign two DHs because of a fear of injury. Dye has also played RF, a far easier position to defend and he did so horridly, so even spot starting in LF at YS3 would be Dunn-ian.

          Damon appears to be the only option that makes sense in having a guy who can provide a DH insurance while dabbling a bit in LF. He’s no great shakes out in LF, but he’ll at least provide some gain in net value.

          Also, bear in mind, we do have Juan Miranda as a possible option in replacing NJ should he go down. I wouldn’t be so bold as to predict a Kendry Morales-like level of production, but if last year is an indication, he should be able to do a decent job.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Carlos Delgado didn’t choose the Mets.

  18. Peter says:

    From Buster Olney’s twitter: Brian Cashman on recent conversations with Damon: “We have no deadline to anyone. All agents know what money I am playing with. (more) Cashman (cont): “We will spend it when ready, if at all.” Damon will have to lower his initial asking price dramatically to return to NYY


    “if at all.”

    Who is Cash trying to play shadow games with here? By his own managers account they need another bat for LF/bench. Everyone knows that.

    • Zack says:

      Who cares what the manager says? The GM is in charge of personel decisisons

    • Warren says:

      Jamie Hoffman is on the 40 man roster. Good outfielder, already a Yankee.

      Let us leave Johnny Damon to ride off into the sunset and Scott Boras to find another client to drain blood from.

  19. ecksodia says:

    How to negotiate with Scott Boras 101?

    Meanwhile, the Matt Holliday contract still befuddles me.

    • Warren says:

      Scott Boras always looks for the owner with a lack of confidence and bleeds them dry for the actual suckers they are. [See Texas Rangers]

  20. Finally a deadline for Damon from the Yankees. This is the last chance for Damon to be a Yankee and he must not lose it.

    Damon should take it… there’s no better option than playing with the Yankees.

  21. bill oreilly says:

    what will the lineup look like with damon?

  22. Tony says:

    Its a pleasure reading all the comments – you guys are so smart.

  23. matt says:

    if i were Damon, the second the Yanks got Vazquez i would have been like screw Boras and personally call Cashman or Hal and tell them ‘just offer me whatever you think is fair and i will take it. i want to be back on this team.’

    i mean this team – on paper and we all know that doesnt necessarily translate to the field – has a pretty good shot to be even better than last years team. so if i were Damon, i would swallow some pride and take a mildly lower offer for the chance to be on this year’s team and have a shot to compete for another championship.

    now i know how this isn’t how negotiations normally work but don’t you agree that this would have been the easiest and most sensible way to handle this situation?

    • Zack says:

      easiest? yes. realistic? no.

      this team was already the favorites before, if Damon wanted to come back so badly he would have signed earlier. But instead he wanted Boras to get him more money, which is fine that’s his decision; it obviously backfired.

      You can say you’d swallow pride, but “normal” people have trouble swallowing their pride, to say that you would easily do that if you were a famous person is not realistic; just like Jeter isnt going to give the Yankees a hometown discount, everyone has pride and an ego.

  24. Poopy Pants says:

    Is Damon considered ‘scrappy’?

  25. Bruce says:

    Any chance the Angles sign Damon? They recently traded away Gary Matthews and are now light on outfielders. They do have Juan RIvera in left field, but they have been known to sign Yankee outfielders in the past. I sure hope it does not happen.

    • Section 39 says:

      Keep in mind it sounds like they gave Matsui the impression he may get some time in LF too. As dumb as that sounds, they essentially have a platoon in LF with Matsui/Rivera and the rest of the OF locked up. I think the would actually benefit from Damon offensively, but without a defensive replacement for him (like Gardner), it’s a bad idea.

    • Zack says:

      Hunter, Abreu, Matsui and Rivera for 3 OF positions and DH.
      Where is Damon going to play?

  26. Hughesus Christo says:

    I’m a Damon fan, loved his time here, loved that he came to play every day… but we need to recognize that Johnny loves money. Everyone loves money to varying degrees, but Johnny LOVES money. Johnny has done many stupid and/or embarrassing things for money. Johnny has done strange endorsements for money, “written” embarrassing books for money, appeared on embarrassing TV shows for money, and alienated millions of fans for money (BOS to NYY is one thing, denying interest for years and then leaving for the $ alienates. Boggs and Pedro didn’t alienate anyone, for example). I have major questions about bringing Damon back after that kind of pay cut.

  27. Grover says:

    The best way for Damon to improve his value for 2011 is to resign with the Yanks. The best left field option for the Yanks because of the two hole is Damon. It will get done but you are all as impatient as the idiot owners mentioned above who overpayed Boras in the past. There was no market for Varitek and there is none for Damon. Patience continues to be the best strategy. Reed Johnson and Nady are still available leaving no onus for the Yanks to change their stance.

  28. NCpinstripes says:

    Oh good, another Johnny Damon update. I was hoping we were going to find out what he had for breakfast this morning.

    Sign somewhere Johnny…PLEASE!!! I have never been as sick of a non-story as I have been of the Damon watch.

  29. pete luciano says:

    Someone mentioned J Dye earlier, has anyone ever watched him field, he’s horrible. Rick Ankeil just got $3.5, want to compare him to Johnny Damon. Coco Crisp got $4.5m, ditto. Anyone they sign that’s decent ie R Johnson will get $3-$4.5m so what’s the big deal if Johnny gets $5m plus incentives. Someone earlier said there’s little difference between Damon and Gardner, can you really be that uninformed. Others questioned whether we needed veteran tough outs in the playoffs, can you really ever have enough tough outs. Johnny fits NY, hits leftys, is a solid playoff player(ask Vasquez), and protects Granderson affording him to bat 9th between two rightys. He’s a perfect fit for a year, plus now he’s affordable. Why in the world they wouldn’t give him a year is beyond me.

  30. Dave says:

    Heyman and Boras should get married. If Heyman is going to be Boras’s whore, he should at least get something for it.

  31. [...] considered retirement, Cashman denied having a “Damon Deadline”, the Yankees have the low offer out on Damon and Damon would have a team in a [...]

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