Report: Damon turned down $6M offer last week


Via Jon Heyman, Brian Cashman ran the idea of a one-year, $6M contract by Johnny Damon last week, however he never received a response. The deal would have included a $3M salary in 2010 with another $3M deferred without interest, and came with the promise that Hal Steinbrenner was going to sign off on it. Cashman simply never heard back from Damon and his camp, so they moved on to Randy Winn, who was ready to sign elsewhere.

Will Damon get more than $6M guaranteed? We’ll wait and see, but my guess is no. He might get $6M, but not a penny more.


  1. Tom Zig says:

    Early bird gets the worm!

  2. Rose says:

    Will Damon get more than $6M guaranteed? We’ll wait and see, but my guess is no. He might get $6M, but not a penny more.

    What sucks is that…all of these mediocre guys like Hermida, Melky, etc. are getting well over $3M in arbitration and guys with question marks like Xavier Nady is getting around the same…while Johnny Damon is turning down $6M contracts…but sadly might never see anything so high.

    It seems like no teams remain that strongly need an outfielder…and if there is…they’re the only ones. Why would they bid against themselves for an older Johnny Damon?

    “Don’t price yourself out of the game.” somebody once said (can’t remember). If you really love the game so much and also love the money…take the incentive laden contract and prove it to people.

    • Rose says:

      CHONE projects that Melky will double his career high numbers from last year and be worth $15.1M with a 3.4 WAR in 2010.

      Gimme a break.

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        CHONE isn’t aware of Bad Melky.

      • Rose says:

        “Who projected dat? CHONE Figgins?!?” – Clueless Joe Jackson

      • Bo says:

        thats why those projections should be read with a huge grain of salt

      • Drew says:

        It’s not totally crazy to project him with a higher slugging%.

        416 to a projected 441. He made a 25 point jump from his previous career high last year.

        The dude’s only 25.

        • Rose says:

          No, it’s not impossible to happen…but Johnny Damon had a career year last year and his WAR was 3.0. You’re telling me that projecting Melky to flat out eclipse that isn’t far fetched?

          Possibility of doing so? Of course. A serious projection of doing that? Cmon.

          • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

            Damon’s WAR was greatly hampered by his shoddy defense. Melky’s defense in CF is league average; if he were to put up another 25-30 points in slugging, it’s not crazy to think he’d hit 3.4.

            I wouldn’t expect it, but he and Damon are not alike.

          • Drew says:

            I can see why though. A 25 point jump in slugging probably increases his on base ability. CHONE has got to project young guys with certain skills to improve, just like it projects older guys to regress.

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

            100% lock.

            Melky will be playing 140 games this year.

            JD will be playing 225…but Wii doesnt count…

  3. Granderslam says:

    I think it’s time fans stop blaming the Yankees organization and point a finger at Damon. I am the biggest Damon fan. Huge. But he is not back in a Yankee uniform because of his own decision. I think us fans need to accept that. Cash did what he could.

    • anthony says:

      exactly what i’ve been thinking. he said he wanted to come back to new york but wouldnt take what the yankees were offering. he priced himself out of new york and has no one to blame but himself for not taking any of the yankees offers

    • Evan NYC says:

      Agreed. I think he had the notion that, being the Yankees and just being a key part of their WS title, they were going to throw a decent amount of money at him. Looks like Cashman and Co. are taking a hard lined approach now with these aging vets and are letting them walk. Should be interesting to see how they handle Jeter and Mo after this year. I would imagine they will be able to name their contracts within reason.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        Really. Since things are slow, how about a thread on the Yankee future of both Mo and Jetes? I’ve heard a number of folks say Jetes should get 3/$60.

        Frankly, I haven’t slept a good night since I heard this.

    • Mike HC says:

      I disagree. Offering Damon a one year deal, with three million guaranteed, and three million deferred is really not a legitimate offer in my opinion. If I was Damon, I would definitely be a little insulted that they think I am worth that little. They could not even give him all of the six million this year? Come on.

      I’m not saying the Yanks should be “blamed,” because it is a business and there is no such thing as loyalty between players and organizations. I can see the Yanks wanting to move on from Damon, unless he came back for an extremely team friendly deal. I don’t blame Damon for turning that down.

      • Granderslam says:

        They offered him that now. They had higher offers originally, but Damon did not accept them. So the Yankees moved on.

      • Evan NYC says:

        I don’t blame Damon for turning it down either, but the reason he turned it down was because he thought he was worth more. But in reality, I don’t see him getting a better deal anywhere else. He should have swallowed his pride and took the deal, but he didn’t. I hope he enjoys playing for the Reds or something.

      • Chris says:

        What about the 2/$14M offer that they made?

      • pete luciano says:

        Listen, I’m as big a Yankee fan as anyone and it’s hard to complain when we spend $200m and nobody else does. However, there’s no comparing Damon and Winn, it’s absurd, and giving Johnny $1m more next yr than Winn is embarassing. This got personal and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite Cashman in the ass but I fear it will. We lost 2 veteran experienced hitters in Matsui and Damon and replaced them with a no power brittle DH who can’t run but has a high obp and a 35 yr old journeyman outfielder coming off his worst year ever and can’t hit left handed pitching. We clearly upgraded in centerfield with Granderson over Melky but Curtis is very very suspect to left handed pitching. They should have signed Johnny, he got cheap enough and Cashman let his ego get in the way. He’ll be looking for outfield help, someone hopefully that can handle left handed pitching, by the trade deadline if not sooner and Cashman will give up both money and prospects. Shame on you Brian and Hal, this is a business, you let it get personal, big mistake.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        I (obviously) don’t know the terms, but with today’s interest rate, I doubt that deferring $3m would even cost JD $0.25m. So the Yanks offered him $5.75m+.

        It’s a big comedown, but not as big as Bobby had last year.
        Today’s market is just a reality.

        So JD gets to play on a 3rd rate team for a whole $1-2m more?
        Seems like the Yankees, all things considered, is still a better deal.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Bobby Abreu part II.

  5. Mike HC says:

    I predict he gets more than 6 million guaranteed. There has to be some team out there willing to pay Damon more than that. When did everyone decide that Damon was complete crap on a level barely above Melky Cabrera and Randy Winn?

    • Rose says:

      You’re missing the point. Nobody is deciding that Damon is complete crap on a level barely above Melky Cabrera and Randy Winn. In fact, I’m sure that’s exactly NOT what anybody is deciding.

      The reason Damon is still out there is because of exactly what Brian Cashman said:

      “Scott’s a great agent. Johnny’s a great player. And the Yankees are a great organization,” the Yankees’ GM said. “Sometimes, these things just don’t get done. The value we set for him didn’t meet the value he set for himself.”

      It’s as simple as that.

      Can Damon get more than $6M? Sure. Will he? It’s unlikely. It’s tough times…even for baseball teams during the economic crisis. Paying top dollar for older declining players isn’t as easy or likely these days as it was before.

      Young prime time players are still netting 8-9 figure contracts…but teams aren’t willing to spend as much on the older declining guys. You can get a much better bang for your buck elsewhere. And that’s just what teams are doing. It’s just the way it is.

      • pete luciano says:

        OK, Let’s see how much hardball Cashman plays with Jeter next yr, he’ll be 36 and looking for a new position in a year or 2. Tell me what his value and how many years he’ll get at 36. He won’t have the guts to pay the market price, I’ll bet he still gets $15m a yr for 3 to 4 yrs.

    • Zack says:

      more than 6m? Why? Thats not his market value

    • Steve H says:

      You probably predicted that Abreu would get more than $5 mil last year too.

    • Ed says:

      Value means very little on the free agent market. Supply and demand dictates pricing.

      He’s still available not because teams think he’s not valuable, but because no one has a strong need for him. When he lowers his price, teams will reevaluate that.

  6. Bo says:

    Sad to see the Yankees going with subpar LF’s when they had an all star caliber one. Over what? A few million? Now they go with a collection of subpar OF’s while Damon walks. Because thats what Winn, Gardner, Hoffmann etc are. Just nice backup 4th OF’s.

    They are just going to have to go out and get a bat during the yr that will cost as much in money and more in prospects.

    I’ll believe they have a hard budget when they cant go out and get something they need during the season because of it. I find it hard to believe they would have been financially damaged if they found a mid point and gave Damon 8 mil.

    • Rose says:

      2009 WAR’s

      Granderson: 3.4 (down year)
      Winn: 1.7 (down year)
      Johnson: 2.4

      Old Guys
      Damon: 3.0 (career year)
      Matsui: 2.4
      Melky: 1.6 (career year)

      And also keep in mind that Damon took advantage of YSIII…while we have yet to see how Granderson and Johnson look in there.

    • johnny damon – 2 allstar game appearances both voted on by the fans.

      translation – none of his epers ever thought he was good enouhg to make an allstar team

      randy winn – 1 all star game i believe NON fan voted.

      translation, his peers thought he was good enough to make an allstar team

      • Thomas says:

        randy winn – 1 all star game i believe NON fan voted.

        translation, his peers thought he was good enough to make an allstar team

        Just going to say that is bull. Randy Winn made the All-Star game, because he was a Devil Ray and they were required to send someone to the game.

        • indeed i was unaware of this.

          even so that yr he did hit .298/.360/.461 and have an ops+ of 120 with 14 hr and 27 steals

          johnny damon has never ops+ 120 until this yr. his in his 2 allstar yrs were 109 and 110.

          just sayin.

          • ps in his AS 02 Winn’s WAR was 4.5

            in his 2 allstar yrs damon’s was also 4.5 in 02 and 2.2 in 2005.

          • Thomas says:

            Yes, he was great that season, playing excellent CF, but I doubt otherwise he would have made the All-Star game (though with Torre as the team coach he may have had an outside chance).

            I just don’t think Randy Winn did make an All-Star game is a good rebuttal for a ridiculously stupid argument.

            • then at the least this argument still accomploshes what it set out to do. theyre both “allstars” neither one having had any reason to be there.

              so if you consider damon an allstar caliber player than so is randy winn.

              and, if he starts in LF they DO in fact have an AS at every position (unless swisher hasnt made one, too lazy to check)

              • Tom Zig says:

                he hasn’t……yet!

                Unfortunately I doubt he ever will, some people just don’t realize how valuable he’s been.

                • Thomas says:

                  Swisher’s best chance is probably this year with Girardi being the AL manager (or another year where Girardi is the manager), assuming he puts up a good season.

        • Drew says:

          Well, he did OPS 842 in the first half of that season. All from the CF position.

      • cliff says:

        * at least one all star per team rule *

      • pete luciano says:

        So I guess that makes Winn better than Damon, don’t be an idiot, ask Javy Vazquez if Damon is any good. Check out Winn’s splits right handed hitting last yr. 158/184/200, worst since 1954. Better than Damon, preposterous, foolish, idiotic, absurd statement. If you can’t post anything intelligent don’t post it.

    • Drew says:

      I’d argue that the book on Gardner isn’t closed. This is a year of reckoning for the young speedster.

      As for Winn, I’d argue that his ++ Defense along with league average offense + SB ability makes him better than your typical 4th OFer. Especially on the Yankees.

    • gc says:

      You’re assuming they haven’t already budgeted for mid-season acquisitions. Bad assumption on your part.

    • r.w.g. says:

      I don’t think they are going to have to get a bat at all.

      I think all 3 guys we picked up to play LF and possibly a little bit of CF if Granderson can’t right that ship, are going to play well.

      I think Randy Winn and Gardner are both both going to throw up .360 OBPs and Hoffmann (Hoffman? Hofman?) is going to stick. It’ll be nice having somebody in the OF who can throw a runner out.

    • Zack says:

      “Over what? A few million?”

      It’s not a few million. Damon wanted 2yrs/22m, all of his best offers came from the Yankees. There is no reason for Yankees to give him 2yrs/22m, Damon has NO MARKET for that price.

    • CountryClub says:

      They offered him 14 mil and he turned it down. That’s more than fair, IMO.

      • pete luciano says:

        Cashman pulled that offer after the Melky trade. Damon would have signed for 1 yr 6m. It got personal, shame on you Cash and Hal. You have a bunch of nobody’s in lf but plenty of the. It’s always quality over quantity, always.

    • pete luciano says:

      Agree, you hit the nail on the head.

  7. Short Porch says:

    Johnny Damon is greedy and stupid.

    6 million not enough? You are in NYC, a Yankee. Man, one Gillette add with his five o’clock shadow, and he gets who knows, another million. Doesn’t this guy have a marketing agent? He’s good looking, well spoken.

    But apparently an idiot, too.

    • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

      This comment is bursting with FAIL. Impressive efficiency though.

    • Granderslam says:

      I love Damon, but one thing he is not is well-spoken. You ever see him do Post Game interviews on YES. Brutal.

    • Rose says:

      He’s good looking, well spoken.

      I don’t want to know about the first part…but you really think Johnny Damon is well spoken? He could be one of the worst “speakers” in a long time. Going all the way back to Tino Martinez…

      • Granderslam says:

        And now Tino Martinez has job as a broadcaster at YES! Maybe Johnny Damon does have a future with the Yankees after all!

    • W.W.J.M.D. says:

      Apparently JD didn’t want to make Kevin Millar look like an idiot for calling him an idiot. What an idiot.

    • JohnC says:

      Wow!! Hostile!! Sure you’re not the guy who decked ‘Snookie’ on Jersey Shore a few weeks ago? LOL!!!!!!!

    • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

      Ok guys, beyond the obvious point that he’s not a good speaker (he stuttered as a child, still is uncomfortable in various settings), let’s address the point that Damon is “greedy and stupid.”

      Greedy? Ridiculous. I’ve written about this ad nauseum, but he has a limited window in which he can make very good money. He’s at the tail end of that window. Making money and putting himself in the best position for his family is the most important consideration, not some supposed allegiance toward billionaire owners. You need to see this through the prism of business, and not of personal feelings toward players that happen to be in a lucrative field.

      He’s an idiot? Well, Damon himself as embraced the ‘idiot’ moniker, and it appears he misread the market (and has no one to blame but himself, not even Boras), these two events do not render him a moron. He felt the contracts undervalued his talents and believed he could/should do better. Is it foolish? In this market, it appears so. Does it mean he’s an idiot? It’s not conclusive. Until you can find me some better correlating events — perhaps he scored a -5 on a Wonderlik test, runs in front of traffic at night wearing deer costumes, has trouble swallowing already-cut food — there’s no way to really say he’s an idiot.

      You’re just taking your personal feelings out on someone for unjustified reasons.

      • gc says:

        Spare me the “taking care of his family” nonsense. This is a guy who has made roughly $100M in his career. I think his family will be fine.

        • Delajoops says:

          That wasn’t the point JMK he was making.
          Why do you care how much Johnny Damon makes? He was negotiating with one of the, if not the richest franchises in sports. He felt he was/is worth more.
          Shortsighted? Absolutely, but to say he is moronic because he is trying to make the most he can is hypocritical at best.

  8. r.w.g. says:

    Johnny would have gotten the contract he wanted if he could play the outfield.

    However, JD is an awful, awful outfielder. He will never throw out a runner for the remainder of his career. Never.

    He is a DH with eyebrow-raising home/away splits. I was saying all through 2009 that if he was coming back, I wanted it to be DH only. Well now we have a new DH who stomped JD’s OBP by 61 points last season and some guys who can actually defend.

    • whozat says:

      However, JD is an awful, awful outfielder. He will never throw out a runner for the remainder of his career. Never.

      These two statements aren’t really that related. You want to point to Damon’s diminishing range as the reason he’ll be a sucky OFer going forward? Ok. It’s likely he’d be adequate in LF at best next year, but that has little to do with his arm.

      • r.w.g. says:

        They are extremely related. He’s never going to throw anyone out ever again. Outfielders need to throw runners out. When they don’t or can’t, runners take extra bases and score extra runs.

        If he still had his range, I’d put up with it but you and I both know it’s not an ideal situation.

        Would you want someone at 3B if they had Adrian Beltre range but a Jeff Bagwell arm? No, you’d move that player to 1B so they wouldn’t have to throw.

        Fringy arms, less than ideal arms.. whatever, you make do if the guy can cover his zone and is hitting. But JD cannot throw. He has obviously gotten beaten up over the years and he needs to rear back and jerk his whole body into a throw that triple hops to the infield dirt.

        He’s not an outfielder and his arm is a big reason.

  9. Well that just seems silly.

  10. radnom says:

    Oh but I thought Cashman gave up on Damon 6 weeks ago?

    The Yankees have been the most aggressive team in all of baseball in trying to sign Damon this entire offseason.
    If he thinks he can get more, than that is good for him I hope he does.

  11. Chris says:

    So it’s really $3mil + the present day value of the deferred money, which would depend on the terms of the deferment. Damon is/should be worth more than that.

    I’d have to say Boras either misread his market or was too focused on getting Holliday signed to invest time in Damon’s contract. He is, in my opinion, worth $6 mil (non-deferred) or more (perhaps $8-9 mil).

    Maybe it’s a case of baseball front offices finally catching up with Boras, who has had a very strong system in place of player stats/comps/etc. to use when marketing a player. I think he does, or did, have a larger research group than most MLB teams for a long time.

    He has to consider that many teams are getting more intelligent and realizing the cost for signing some players is not commensurate with their performance, and they may be better off pulling someone out of AAA or signing a low risk veteran instead.

  12. whozat says:

    Why do people feel the need to blame and point fingers for this? The Yankees and Boras/Damon had different notions of the player’s value, and the Yankees were operating inside a budget.

    I can be a pretty cantankerous guy, and I’m not angry at anyone over this. I do feel like Boras’ notion of what Johnny can command in this market is overinflated, or he was using Johnny to get a bigger contract for Holliday. But I’m not certain, and even if true…I’m not angry about it.

  13. RL says:

    Agree that this is NOT the Yankees fault. Damon and Boras brought this on themselves. (Not sure which one had more to do with it.) Accepting that you’re not worth what you were previously making is difficult, but sometimes you need to swallow your pride and show everyone what you can do. In the “real” world the dollars aren’t so big, but I had to take more than a 50% pay cut and am now making more than I was before. Johnny, of course, as an athlete past his prime, won’t be so lucky. He & Boras just completely misjudeged the market. Should have signed for 2/14 when he had the opportunity. I can’t believe he’ll get that opportunity again. If he gets 1/6 somewhere else, his numbers won’t look nearly as good as they did in ’09 and he’ll be disappointed nex off-season as well. Good luck Johnny. Hate to see you go and hope you play in the NL. I’d hate to see another late-inning playoff homer by you against the Yankees!

  14. Steve H says:

    While the statistical models do a great job of assigning value based on past performance and past contracts, those values are truly in a vacuum. The true value of Johnny Damon is what some team is willing to pay Johnny Damon. By almost all accounts, the Yankees have made him the best several offers this offseason. He declined. Time to move on, no hard feelings. I’m amazed by how many people are either pissed at the Yankees, or pissed at Damon in all of this. It is what it is, a business decision on both sides. Don’t hate Damon, don’t hate the Yankees.

    • Im not pissed at Damon, or the Yankees, but that won’t stop me from assigning blame to Boras and Damon. They misread the market, and played themselves out of millions of dollars.

      • Steve H says:

        I agree with you there. They certainly screwed up, but like we agree, there’s no reason to be pissed at anyone about it. Good quesiotn for you and everyone else, was Abreu’s agent getting destroyed last year for doing the same thing? I don’t remember, and I don’t remember who his agent is, but I’m guessing that this situation involves Boras (who is great for NYY) is what makes it more of a hot button topic.

        • I think that Abreu was looked at as more of an unpredictable situation in which we finally saw how the recession would impact FA signings. It might have been excusable last winter, but it sure as hell wasn’t this winter.

          Plus everybody hates Boras.

        • i hope it’s bean stringfellow just so we can all say bean stringfellow.

          makes me think of brian fellows


        • Zack says:

          Well did Abreu ever turn down 2yrs/14m? Yankees let him walk and he was available to Feb 2.

          • Steve H says:

            Good point, though because Abreu’s agent isn’t Boras, we probably don’t know what ever was offered, either by the Yankees or another team.

        • Thomas says:

          Abreu’s agent really got killed for getting Abreu less than everyone else on the market. There were six FA all hit, no field corner OFs on the market(Abreu, Dunn, Bradley, Burrell, Ibanez, and Ramirez). Of those six, Abreu was arguably the second best (Manny was first and Abreu/Dunn were probably second depending our your preference). Abreu got less years, money per, and total money than all of the other players, most of which were inferior. Instead, Abreu got Penny/Smoltz money except without the incentives, despite the fact he was healthy and expected to be more productive than those two.

          This is why his agent was killed.

          • JAG says:

            To be fair, Abreu wasn’t in a position to get a great payday last year. Ramirez was clearly better, no question. The man has no-doubt Hall of Fame numbers. PEDs are the only thing that will keep Manny out of the Hall. So obviously, he should and did get a better contract than Abreu. Dunn, meanwhile, while an even worse fielder than Abreu, hits for more power and is considerably younger. Those two factors mean Dunn should also expect a bigger payday than Abreu (particularly the younger part).

            Unfortunately for Abreu, he’s a better player than Ibanez, Burrel, and Bradley. That means that teams with limited available funds looking to fill a corner outfield hole with a man who can hit well but doesn’t field particularly well were looking at the other guys first. The reasoning was obvious: Abreu is the better player of those 4, so clearly he should be getting the best contract, and if we can’t pay said contract we should pursue one of the other, cheaper options. Because of the market, however, it didn’t work out that way. It turns out there were only 3 teams with really big needs in those spots and they all thought the same way about Abreu, leaving him the odd man out. Part of that is probably Abreu’s agent’s fault, but a lot of it is the circumstances of the market. I’d argue that if the Phillies wanted a lefty hitter, they probably should have gone with Abreu over Ibanez, but other than that, the teams signed who they thought would be a fit.


          • Kiko Jones says:

            From Fox Sports:

            Damon, 36, had a higher adjusted OPS last season than Bobby Abreu–a career-high adjusted OPS, in fact. Abreu, who is five months younger than Damon, re-signed with the Angels for $19 million over two years without even becoming a free agent. Damon is scrounging for a job.

            Raul Ibanez, 37, signed a three-year, $31.5 million free-agent contract with the Phillies in an even worse economy last off-season.

            Mike Cameron, 37, signed a two-year, $15.5 million free-agent contract with the Red Sox this off-season.

            Where’s Johnny?

            True, Damon is a below-average defender, but Ibanez hardly was considered Gold Glove material. Neither was Adam Dunn, who signed a two-year, $20 million free-agent contract with the Nationals last off-season, nor Pat Burrell, who signed a two-year, $16 million deal with the Rays.

    • vin says:


      When Damon didn’t accept the 2/14 or 1/6 offers, what were the Yankees supposed to do? Raise their offer? Even though he doesn’t have any other offers on the table, and his list of potential suitors was dwindling?

      The Yanks made a sound business decision, and Damon believes he’s worth more. It’s all business, indeed.

  15. theyankeewarrior says:

    Damon turns down offer, Yankees now field this team for ~ $204M
    (Batting order, Hughes/Joba, LF/CF up for debate)

    CC Sabathia Ace 23M
    AJ Burnett 2 16.5M
    Andy Pettitte 3 11.75
    Javier Vazquez 4 11.5M
    Joba Chamberlain 5 .5M

    Mariano Rivera CL 15M
    Phil Hughes SU .5M
    Damaso Marte LHP 4M
    David Robertson RHP .5M
    Alfredo Aceves RHP .5M
    Chad Gaudin SP 3M
    Sergio Mitre LM .85M

    Derek Jeter SS 21M
    Nick Johnson DH 5.5M
    Mark Teixeria 1B 20M
    Alex Rodriguez 3B 32M
    Jorge Posada C 13M
    Curtis Granderson CF 5.5M
    Robinson Cano 2B 9M
    Nick Swisher RF 6.75M
    Brett Gardner LF .5M

    Randy Winn LF 2M
    Jamie Hoffman PH/UOF .5M
    Francisco Cervelli BC .5M
    Ramiro Pena UIF .5M

  16. This is a situation where having Scott Boras as your agent is a good thing if youre a big dog (Holliday) and a bad thing if you’re a mid-sized-to-lap dog. Boras can match wits with the best of ‘em when it comes to big-time negotiations, and he puts everything on the backburner in the meantime, especially when the other smaller clients are competing for the same dollar pool that the big ones are.

    I’d want a new agent for my next contract negotiation if I was Damon.

    • Steve H says:

      Boras has done a lot more good for Damon’s wallet in his career than bad.

      • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

        Yup. And…Damon is the one responsible, not Boras. Damon is privy to all deals on the table and the direction they choose to go in which deals they pursue, negotiate and how they market Damon. If he didn’t like something or felt Boras’s direction was counter-intuitive, it was up to him to say so and change course. Boras is hired by Damon—he’s the one with final say in all matters.

        • Steve H says:

          You said you’d want a new agent for your next negotiation if you’re Damon. I disagree. I’d consider Boras’ ridiculously successful track record and realize that Boras is still the right man for the job, if the job is to maximize salary. And like JMK said above, it all comes down to Damon, not Boras.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      You touch on an important point, which is can an agent represent the entire spectrum of players, from super star to role player, equally well?

      While no one can doubt Boras’ value to top FAs (Alex, Tex, Holliday etc), 2010 Johnny Damon is in his decline phase and no longer a top FA as he was after the 2005 season.

      So the question is, would Damon have been better represented by someone other than Boras? I don’t pretend to know the answer to that question, but at least on the surface, there appears to be some evidence, though hardly conclusive, that he would have been.

  17. Beamish says:

    From the NY Post article just tweeted by RAB:

    “I hope Derek is not offered a 45 percent pay cut,” Damon said.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports.....z0e29O6k3h

    Is he really considering his situation similar to that of Derek Jeter? I am stupefied…

  18. cheddar says:

    I’m pissed at Damon because I liked him as a player and was hoping he’d come back as DH, but he clearly overestimated his value in this market. After Abreu last year and Matsui this year, the writing was on the wall.

    If our strategy is to shell out for superstars like CC, Tex and Alex while being frugal with complementary players, I have no problem with that. And at this point in his career, Damon falls into the latter group.

  19. Mike P says:


    The Yankees already paid Damon for past performance with his last contract. He wanted them to do it again. The Yanks didn’t rate his past performance as gihly anymore, didn’t need him as much and weren’t confident in his ability to maintain said lower past performance. Also, current market conditions aren’t favourable to his skill set and profile.

    Possible outcomes:

    1. Damon realises the different dynamics, works from a more reasonable position and convinces the Yanks that it’s worth reassessing their valuation of him.

    2. Damon realises the different dynamics, works from a more reasonable position but can’t convince the Yanks to up their offer enough and gets a better one elsewhere.

    3. Damon doesn’t realise the market dynamics, continues to insist on being over paid and never considers lowering his demands into the negotiable range. He does not get any other offer approaching what he wants, loses his main suiter and settles for a huge paycut, possibly lower than he could have negotiated from said suitor.

    Result: Well you know what happened.

    Question: Where in all this is any blame placed on the Yankees? They are committed to paying players for past performance, once. Players they pay for past performance more than once: Jeter, Mariano, Posada. Not even Andy Pettite. How does Damon convince you to change this situation?

    3. Damon does not realise the dynamics

  20. Januz says:

    Damon’s comment “I hope Derek is not offered a 45 percent pay cut,” sounds like something out of Boras’s mouth. I think back to Boras’s comparing Damon to Hank Aaron and a few others as far as durability is concerned. You cannot equate Damon with Jeter in any way shape or form. Position, the level of productivity (Particularly as it relates to defense (And I agree Jeter is no Ozzie Smith at Short))and the historical aspect to Jeter to name a few.
    I remember Damon right after the World Series was over, had MONEY on his mind (Even before the Parade). Does this sound familiar? Remember,Boras’s opting A-rod out before the Series was over?. This is same old, same old with Boras. I am not saying that I can read minds, but I will be willing to bet, this annoyed Cashman, Hal, and the Yankee Brass to a very large extent, so that when Boras made his demands,the door was essentially closed (With very little wiggle room).
    Damon failed to realize that although he is a very good player, his presence (Or non-presence) will not determine if they get Title # 28 or not (If you have say Pena at Short instead of Jeter, that would). It is that simple.

  21. MikeD says:

    Damon doesn’t have to get the six million on the open market to exceed the Yankees’ offer. It was “only” three million for 2010, with the other three million deferred and with no interest. I’ve seen the pay outs of those deals go from five years, ten years and twently years, and sometimes restriced to after the player retires. That can be a significant difference. He could get five million for one year that worth as much or more. If he gets six million up front, it blows the Yankee offer away.

    The Yankees might be sending a message here to the entire market, and Damon has turned out to be the unfortunate victim because he’s a LFer with declining defense. In other words, he’s replaceable. The message is the way the Yankees operate under Hal/Brian is different than under George. They certainly still have the money, but they will operate within a budget and they are looking at more than one year at a time in their decisions and assumptions should not be made. Gone are the days of calling up George directly and cementing a deal.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      Somehow I DON’T see the Yankees deferring (all of) $3m over 10 years. Probably something like 1, 1 and 1 over the next 3 years.

  22. I can’t believe how dumb Damon and Boras were to pass up an offer like that this late in the off-season. Makes no sense to me. My guess is there has to be something wrong with Damon.

  23. Damon will get his $ 6 million… in the WWE.

  24. Joseph M says:

    The Yankees need Damon this is a real shame. What makes it worse was not signing Matsui, I always counted on having one or the other. If Cashman was determined to squeeze the Buffalo off the nickel then why sign Winn. They should have left it that Gardner was starting. Either way by May they will be looking for a major upgrade in the outfield and Cashman can only hope a representative player will be available.

  25. Warren says:

    Seeing that steroids are out, there is no reason any past 33 year old MLB player would think they are worth more as they age/mileage.

    MLB is getting back to the pre-steroids days of old (over 33) players going back to the minors to continue playing baseball, if they love playing the game.

  26. OldYanksFan says:

    Over the last 3 years, JD’s AWAY OPS has been around .790. Considering his diminished fielding, terrible arm, and being one year older, he don’t look to be more then an average LFer outside of YS, maybe a bit below average.

    His best bet to play in 2011, was to sign with the Yankees this year, and hope in 2010 YS inflated numbers would get him one more year.

    I would have liked for him to come back as he is well suited for our team. But the reality is, his value is just not that high. He will not out-WC+ either Bobby or Matsui. Why should he get paid more then them?

  27. Nick says:

    Where else does Damon think he will sign? Tigers and Rays are on budget cuts, Giants got their guys, and who really wants to play in Atlanta? His asking price is WAAY to high. He’ll be lucky to get 4-5 mil

  28. pete luciano says:

    I don’t know why Cashman had to sigh Winn when he did. You can pick up a guy like him anytime. If he waited a couple more weeks and Johhnys price continued to drop they may have ot him even cheaper. I just can’t fathom the need for Winn. No power, coming off his worst yr, 36 yrs old next year, can’t hit leftys and we already have Gardner and Hoffman who appear to be able to do everything Winn can. Signing makes absolutely no sense.

  29. [...] adds that the $6M offer the Yanks made last week “might be about the same or even better than what other teams [...]

  30. [...] the money yet, but reports yesterday indicated that it could be worth as much as $7.5M. The Yankees offered Johnny $6M ($3M of which was deferred) a few weeks ago, but he turned it down and they turned to Randy Winn. [...]

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