Summarizing the Damon situation

Jose Ramirez named Short Season Pitcher of the Year
Open Thread: Welcome to 2010

We’re very familiar with the breakdown in negotiations between Johnny Damon and the Yankees. We know what the Yanks were willing to pay and how Damon and Scott Boras have seemingly overvalued the left fielder. Today, at The Hardball Times, Chuck Brownson summarizes the Damon situation and walks away with a conclusion that Damon’s fielding averages out to average over the last three years and he can still hit. “Damon’s value, therefore,” writes Brownson, “should have him worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 to $12 million per year for two years. Even at the discounted market rate this offseason, he’s easily worth $16 million over two years and yet, there’s seemingly very little interest in his services.

The problem though is one of decline. Damon’s defense has seen a decline over the last three years, and he is at an age when one year can be the difference between a 4.5-5 win player and a disaster in left field. He’s 36 now and playing in an era when teams are loath to dole out big money to older outfielders. Eventually, he’ll sign somewhere — perhaps with the Yanks — for few dollars, but it’s not a surprise that no team has come close to meeting his demands.

Jose Ramirez named Short Season Pitcher of the Year
Open Thread: Welcome to 2010
  • Will_IIATMS

    I think the issue of home stadium is central to the discussion, as well. Most of Damon’s value is tied up in his ability at the plate, and if you look at his home/road splits from this past season, they’re rough. Take him out of a tremendously lefty-friendly stadium, and he’s likely to look worse.

    • Salty Buggah

      +1 I was going to point out the same thing

  • pfisher518

    What other teams would offer damon a contract? Who needs an outfield bat and would be willing to pay 7 mil+? I hope he winds up back on the Yanks.

  • Wilcymoore27

    The Yanks will be a weaker offensive team next season without Damon, notwithstanding their acquisition of Curtis Granderson. We’ve taken Matsui out of the equation; now we stand to lose Damon as well. That WILL hurt.

    I’m in favor of the Yankees resigning Damon (2 year contract), even if it means, as it will, an increase in the total payroll.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan

      No way he gets a 2 year deal imo; unless it is with another team.

    • 28 next year

      both matsui and Damon had career years so even if we did resign them, we would be looking at a decline. Instead now, we have Granderson coming off a decent year but has a lot of room to improve which is likely given he is a lefty moving to Yankee Stadium. Nick Johnson fits in the same category. So now, instead of two older players who can’t improve, we have younger players who have the ability to improve beyond anything Damon or Matsui could give.

      • jim p

        I was in the “keep Damon & Mats” camp. You can’t replace them easily, especially Matsui’s timely and lefty-hurting bat.

        But I think overall, especially given their likely further decline, I’m completely at peace with the tradeoff Cash engineered. The only thing I worry about is protection in the 5-spot against lefties for A-Rod. But if Johnson gets some power back in his stroke…

    • mustang

      I don’t think that Yankees’ offense is weaken enough to justify over paying for Damon. I don’t love the Gardner/Hoffmann platoon, but I doubt that will be the final answer for LF.

    • RZG

      That’s quite magnanimous of you telling the Yanks to go over their budget.

    • DJ D

      I think Damon would be great for 1 year plus an option. I think a 2 year contract would be a mistake because the Yanks need flexibility next year. Jeter is up and so is Mo. Jeter will probably get a huge contract and beyond the core, the yanks don’t need a 37-year old outfielder with a contract. I love Damon but unfortunately for him, he came up for a new contract at the wrong time. I think Cashman is very smart. Beyond A-Rod, Tex, Cano, Granderson, CC and AJ, they have flexibility to chase whoever they want. Other than Jeter, I don’t think over 35-year old players can look to the Yanks for more than 1 or 2 year contracts.

  • vinny-b


    I wonder what the estimated value was for Bobby Abreu last off-season……well, until he had to sign for 1 year at 5million.

    the market is the same ast last year, in fact if anything it is worse. Damon will do no better than Abreu last year. Mark my words

  • vinny-b

    “I’m in favor of the Yankees resigning Damon (2 year contract), even if it means, as it will, an increase in the total payroll”

    you’re in the minority. We don’t need him. And we definitely don’t need him at 2 years

    • 28 next year

      say hello to the reply button.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Yes we don’t need him. But he’ll be a tremendous offensive upgrade from Gardner/Hoffmann.

    • Stan Van Jeremy

      We don’t need him.

      Yes, we do.

      • Steven

        No we don’t, yes he had a great year and a very good world series, but he completely fell apart in september, was bad on the road, and struggled through the first two rounds of the playoffs. Also, he is a year older, the Yanks already replaced him with granderson, and replaced his spot in the lineup with nick johnson

        • Mike Pop


          I’m all for Gardner and Hoffmann. Damon’s ship has sailed in my opinion.

          The Yankees have an above average bat at every other position, I think the offense will be fine with Gardner in there. If not, they can pick up a Hinske-like player again. Give Gardy and Hoffmann a shot, Hoffmann has to stay on the roster anyway.

          • Eruderic

            The Yankees have an above average bat at every other position, I think the offense will be fine with Gardner in there. If not, they can pick up a Hinske-like player again. Give Gardy and Hoffmann a shot, Hoffmann has to stay on the roster anyway.

            You’re a fine poster Mike, but that’s bullshit. Just because the Yankees have an “above average bat” everywhere else, why should that mean that Gardner is fine in left? Why not add Damon, and be average to above average EVERYWHERE across the diamond?

            I’m really fucking amazed that the Yankees could let Damon, a World Series HERO, be left out to hang because of a few fucking million dollars. There’s legitimate budget talk. Then there’s friggen stupidity. The apparent bypassing of Damon falls under the second category.

            And you’re “all for Gardner and Hoffmann”? Lets see how that looks in May. I like Gardner, but he’s the definition of a 4th outfielder, who is a great defensive specialist/pinch runner who won’t embarrass himself in limited duty at the plate. And Hoffmann? Have ANY of us ever seen him? What the hell do we know about him, and have reason to trust the guy?

            I don’t think Damon makes or breaks this team going into 2010. All I know is that I’d rather have Damon’s .360 OBP/.800 OPS in the lineup rather than a pair of players who’s numbers are horrible relative to the average left fielder. A LF is supposed to be able to hit 20 homeruns. Would Hoffmann/Gardner combined even hit half that many?

            Again, fine poster, horrible argument, IMO.

            • I’d rather sign Matt Damon

              What the hell do you think Damon’s going to do next year, improve, regress, or stay the same? Yes, he tied a career high in HRs at age 35, but 17 of the 24 were at Yankee stadium and about 15 of those 17 scraped the back of the wall as they barely evaded RF mitts. That wind tunnel just may gone next year with the old stadium out and then you’re left with a bunch warning track put-outs. IMO, it’s decline time big time for Johnny, especially if he’s not hitting between Jeter and Tex in 2010. It seems like there’s always a health issue with his back and legs acting up at least every 2 weeks, too. Not a lot of DL time historically, but you can just see it coming.

              With Nick Johnson there’s no place to play Damon or slot him into the line up. Damon is a DH at this point of his career. He’s a negative in the field and has a friggin rag arm. With Damon you’d be above average in the line-up card, but below average in the field. It’s an extra base anytime the ball gets hit near him. In my mind’s eye I can see him bend to pick up a slow roller and the runner rounds second and heads to third with the throw eventually going to short to halt everyone form advancing further. And I’m not talking the speedy guys, catchers take third on Damon.

              So we gotta resign him because of what he did in the World Series? That makes little sense. Yes, it was a good at-bat and it was definitely heads up base running, but I’m pretty sure the going rate on one inning of work in the World Series is not 2 years 20 mill. Could somebody check fangraphs for me?

              You may not like Gardner, that’s fine but don’t discount what his speed can bring you. In less than 250 plate appearances he had 26 stolen bases. Give 500 and he’ll have 50. Do the math. He may not have pop, but he brings a completely different set of tools to the team.

              As far as Hoffman goes, I haven’t a clue, but it seems like he can play anywhere in the OF and is a decent enough option to give him the opportunity to do something and prove his worth. Give him a shot. What’s wrong with a little competition in Spring Training, it worked well for us in CF last year?

              If a LF is supposed to hit 20 HRs, lets just move Granderson over to LF and put Gardy in CF then. That’s a fairly simple solution that doesn’t involve 2 years of Johnny Damon and 20 mill. I mean if we’re going to play the numbers like that, should A-Rod really be playing 3rd? I mean 3rd basemen aren’t necessary supposed to hit 40 Hrs. Shouldn’t he play first, RF, or DH with those numbers? (sarcasm alarm)

              In the end, I agree 100% with the poster who expects last year’s Abreu contract. Damon gets little more than 1 year 5 mill when it’s all said and done. We got 4 good years in ring out of Johnny, how much more is left in the tank, anyway?

            • DJ D

              Something people are missing in this. I think Damon would be nice to have but at 2 years and $20 million doesn’t work for a variety of reasons. There is the budget issue. There is the luxury tax issue where every contract at this point is actually going to cost 40 percent more. So $10 million is $14 million. Then there is the issue of flexibility in the future. Two years is actually a big problem because next offseason, Jeter and Mariano are up and there is already a huge amount committed to just 7 or 8 players. i don’t have the numbers in front of me but the Yanks are looking at a huge increase in budget next year if they sign Jeter and Mo and whomever they are looking at (Lee, Mauer, etc). Cashman is looking for flexibility because he doesn’t want to be handcuffed next year. Even the Yanks don’t have an unlimited budget and if they want to avoid a $250 million budget next year, they need to be flexible this year. Nick Johnson is only one year, Vasquez has to play for a longer contract, Swisher is up after this year. This is all playing to 2010 flexibility. I would love to have Damon but I would only look at him at 1 year plus an option. That way if he does decline a lot this coming year, the Yanks aren’t tied up next year.

              This is a business and successful businesses look long term. Pre-2005, when Cashman was not fully in charge, the Yanks would routinely do things that limited flexibility. The great thing about the new outlook is that they should be able to supplement the core and retool as these players inevitably decline. I hope the era of signing long term contracts to anyone over 35 is over.

            • DJ D

              I think the length of the contract has more to do with it than the dollars. If Damon came back to the Yanks and said I will sign for 1 year plus an option, the Yanks would probably jump at it. This is a business and while I would love Damon back, it has to make sense for the business. The Yanks are over the luxury tax level so it will cost 40 percent more. 10 million is 14 million. 7 million is almost 10 million. I think they would sign him for 1 year at 6 or 7 million but insisting on 2 years is not happening.

              • Eruderic

                Then isn’t it wonderful that Damon’s market is so bare that asking for 2 years at this point would be insanely nutty of him?

          • V Squared

            Hoffman does not have to stay, he can easily be sent back.

          • jp

            i am 100 percent all for giving gardner a shot. speed and stolen bases are coming back. this team has plenty of power. if gardner is 9th and on base some of the time then the pitcher has to throw fastballs to jeter and the others at the top. his defense is much better than damon’s. speed creates big innings, the pitcher gets rattled and throws more fastballs to more dangerous hitters.

            • dalelama

              I would love a full season of Brett Gardner beautifully taking third strikes down the middle of the plate. He does it with such panache and grace.

              • larryf

                but never a ground ball double play and Jeter is up next. I want Brett!!!

          • ted ford

            if the yankees will give him 16m for two years, he should take it.

  • Bronx Blogger

    If Damon eventually signs a 1 year deal for 6 or 7 million, does anyone fear that he’ll be disappointed in returning at such a lower price that it will affect his attitude?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Nah. These guys are professionals. Look at Abreu’s 2009. Did he play as though he were disappointed in a 67 percent pay cut?

      • Mike Axisa

        Taking that big of a paycut from your previous employer is a lot different than taking one from a new team though.

        • mustang

          Especially when you help lead that previous employer to a championship and they happen to be the ultra rich New York Yankees.

        • Paul M

          I’ve wondered about the same thing, but what do you think about the idea of a 6 or 7 million contract with incentives to bring up to the 10 million range?

        • andrew

          True, but if he is signing a one year deal, he has to play well so that he can get another contract next year. He may not be happy with the Yankees, but he’d be stupid to not give it his all.

        • Mac1

          Didn’t really hurt Pettitte though – every guy is different.

          I think once they start playing – and if they are playing well, the money won’t be an issue. If Damon’s past injuries and age creep up on him and he took a pay cut, I could see the disappointment of both things making him unhappy and therefore his unhappiness might surface.

    • jim p

      He’ll be playing for a bigger contract the next year, á la Abreu, apart from when he’s on the field he gives his all anyway.

  • Legend

    Carl Crawford is our 2011 LF so Damon won’t get 2 years. If I am Cashman I offer him 1 year 4 mil with incentives based upon games played where he could make close to 10 mil. If he takes it we r set, if he doesn’t then lets sign Tatis for 3 mil and go to town!

    • OldYanksFan

      You posted as I was typing.
      $4m, even with incentives, will be perceived as, and is, insulting. $7m with incentives to $10 may get it done.
      It we want him, we shouldn’t insult him.

      • OldYanksFan

        Dude… you are just repeating what Paul said. Can’t you read?

    • OldYanksFan

      I pass on Crawford and his career 103 OPS+, .335 OBP and .343 wOBA. Yes, he’s a great defender and base stealer. But he is WAAAAAY overvalued.

    • KJC

      We could get Tatis for less than 3 mil for 1 year, but I see your point–an inexpensive stop-gap solution to left field. Tatis has been living off of 1 great year for a decade. He is 35 (today), so he isn’t a significantly “younger” option. How are his defensive skills? Does anyone know?

  • OldYanksFan

    I don’t think overpaying for JD for 2010 is that horrible. So the Yanks go $3m or $4m over budget for 1 year. Not really a bid deal… and maybe they dump Mitre. However, the idea of giving a 37.5 yr old JD a roster spot in 2011 is a bummer. If the Yanks are really concerned about LF THIS year, offer JD $7-8m and get it done.

    This adds needed depth this year, and with Andy, JD and NJ on one year contracts, it doesn’t screw around with 2011.

    I think when considering injury and Gardner possible shitting the bed, JD may be closer to a necessity then a luxury.



    • JobaWockeeZ

      50 bases? He’s gotta get on base first.
      Turn of the caps btw.

      • mustang

        “He’s gotta get on base first.”


      • Benjamin Kabak

        Gardner’s got 40 stolen bases in 425 career PAs. If he played a full season with 550 PAs, it’s not a stretch to expect him to nail down 50 swipes. Still, we’d want his OBP to be a bit higher than it has been so far.

        • andrew

          Yea, but Ben, how many of those stolen bases were as a pinch runner? That’s something nobody factors in. I don’t know the answer to the question, but I’m willing to guess atleast 10 of his steals were because somebody else got on base.

          • Mike Axisa

            He stole 11 bases in 45 games as a sub. That includes pinch running, pinch hitting, and defensive sub though. That’s the best I can do.

            • andrew

              Yea, I just ran the numbers as well. He had 9 stolen bases in games where had no plate appearance, so we’ll have to say he’s gained somewhere from 9-11 SB’s as a sub. So, 30 SB’s through 425 PA’s is quite a bit different. Granted, I still think he’d be a threat to steal 40, I just thought we should look at the most accurate/relevant data.

        • mustang

          If he had 550 PA the Yankees would see why they need a LF. Maybe I’m missing something, but did trading Melky make Gardner into a better player or something. Isn’t Gardner the same guy who takes lousy routes to balls in the outfield, who can’t hit a good fastball, and who looked totally lost pinch running in playoffs.
          I hope to God I don’t see him get 550 PA that might be to painful to bear.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            Guess who was better in 2009. Hint: It wasn’t Melky. Gardner will be no worse than Melky was and might be better. Neither were what I would call ideal left fielders, but considering the rest of the Yankees’ lineup, they certainly should not overpay for a relatively marginal upgrade in left.

            • mustang

              “Gardner will be no worse than Melky was and might be better”

              Yes, maybe we could of seen Mr. Gardner do that in 2009 Oh yes I forgot he lost the starting CF job to whom I forget the guy name. Anyone?

              • Ed

                I dunno, but I think it was the same guy who lost the job to Gardner in late ’08 and again at the start of ’09. For a while there, it looked like he would’ve lost the job once more if Gardner wasn’t on the DL.

            • mustang

              ” they certainly should not overpay for a relatively marginal upgrade in left.”

              But they don’t have to overpay and getting a upgrade over Gardner should be that hard.

            • mustang

              Gardner .270/3/23/.345/.379 with 40 SO in 248 AB

              Melky .274/13/68/.336/.416 with 59 SO in 485 AB

              Yes Gardner’s numbers are SO MUCH better I’m wondering how he lost CF.

              • TarHeelYankee

                Looking at these numbers, I’m wondering where the Gardner is SO much better then Melky comes from ? Plus, Melky was right in the MIDDLE of a LOT of Yankee rallies. LMAO……. Comparing Gardner to Figgins OR Brett Butler, are some people HIGH or are they related to Brett Gardner ? Reading how good/great Gardner is/will be, is starting to make me hate the dude. He is face to face with his ceiling, he is what he is…… A 4TH OUTFIELDER.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

                  Since when did we say that Gardner would be great? We just think he’ll be serviceable.

                • mustang

                  Describe “serviceable” because on MLBTR there is a nice list of guys who are serviceable and who have at least shown that they can be much more productive then Mr. Gardner.

                  Serviceable for a 4th/ part-time outfielder is fine. I think they might want a little more from the starting LF for the defending world champion New York Yankees.

              • Ed

                Gardner – .337
                Melky – .331

                Gardner – 15.4
                Melky – -2.0

                Gardner – 2.1
                Melky – 1.6

        • Mac1

          He’s not only got to get on, he’s got to score runs and he’s got to do it when he’s not facing the # 7 starter for the Mets in June.

    • Mike Axisa

      Stop with the caps please.

    • 28 next year

      why are you yelling? I can hear you fine.

    • Mike R. – Retire 21

      Loud noises!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bronxbrain

    Anyone know what kind of contract X Nady is asking for? If he’s ready by May or early June, it seems to me that he could be an ideal solution. And I would guess that he would consider–maybe even prefer–a one-year deal, in order to re-establish his market value (especially regarding his arm). Has he really priced himself out of the Yankees’ “budget,” as some have suggested?

    • DJ D

      I think I heard that he was looking at 6-8 million and more than one year. I think if he was willing to do 3 or 4 million for one year with incentives, they would jump at it. Even 5 million would probably work. But the Yanks are looking at only 1 year deals. They need flexibility for Crawford or anyone else on the trade market next year.

  • pete luciano

    No way we go into the season with Gardner in a power corner outfield spot, plus we’re getting too left handed. Can live with Damon cheap since the park fits him, he’s perfect in the 2 hole and can play not only in NY but in the playoffs. If he gets to 1yr at apx 6 million, sign him and get a right handed bench bat later. Otherwise, stop fooling around and sign Holliday, he’s perfect as a 5 hitter, solves the outfield weaknesses for years and wants to play in NY. Being right handed and hitting behind Arod provides protection, eleviates leftys late in games and puts Granderson in the 9 hole allowing the double leadoff of he and Jeter. The Yanks would score 1000 runs and would only need to address oitching at the trade deadline in July.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      There’s no chance Holliday is coming here.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

        I wouldn’t say NO chance. There is an EXTREMELY small chance, yes, but there is a chance that, if Holliday doesn’t sign with anybody, and Damon does, and it’s getting close to ST and he has no home, then maybe the Yankees will take a flier on him.

        It’s very, very unlikely, but possible.

        • Evil Empire

          Matt Holliday will be a Cardinal by Thursday.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

            Prediction or hearsay?

            • Evil Empire


              • DJ D

                I would impossible they sign Holliday on a long term contract. If Boras decided to take a short term deal to fight another day, then maybe. If he continues to look at more than 5 years, I would say there is NO chance.

    • andrew

      If we have power in typical non power spots (Granderson) we can afford to have no power in a power spot. And how are we getting too left handed? We lost Matsui and Damon (2 lefties) and replaced them with Granderson and Johnson (2 lefties).

      • whozat

        Well, Granderson has a much more pronounced platoon split than either of the guys who left.

        That said, melky sucked against lefties too, so…

        • Mac1

          >That said, melky sucked against lefties too, so…<

          .763 obp last year vs. lefties, a bit better than Granderson by about .200 points.

          Good post.


    lol im not yelling i just see caps better spell check me next while i got you guys mad isnt barry bonds in left out …………………………..of baseball sign him for 500k

    • Mike Axisa

      If Barry was wiling to play left for $500,000, how could you say no? Zero risk. If he sucks, you just cut him.

      • Evil Empire

        God dammit we should do this. That’d be an extra special “Eff You” to the world, A-Rod/Bonds batting one after the other.

        Crazy Barry would totally sign for league minimum too. He could get into hittin’ shape for sure. Let him try to out DH Johnson.

  • mike

    Putting Damon in LF again makes too much sense for it not to happen.

    I fear there will be too much regression from other key players ( swisher, posada perhaps jeter as well) where a below-average LF will really threaten the Yanks offensive supremacy over other teams.

    Resign Damon for 2 yrs – next year he rotates DH with Posada when they are not in the field, and the Yanks line-up is set for 2010 and likely even 2011.

    Planning of the availability of FA next year is a tricky thing, especially where in the case of Crawford he could be re-signed or even dealt to a team which locks him up.

    The devil we know (Damon) is better than the lesser devil we know (Gardy)

    • 28 next year

      the regression is probably going to come from Damon. He had a career year last year and his defense is going down the toilet.


    yanks wouldnt sign him for anything the clubhouse would become a media circus unless of course george takes over again bonds in yankee staduim lol 55 hrs

  • Reggie C.

    Cash has got to be betting that JD will sustain a drop in production next season. JD simply isn’t a solid bet to repeat those numbers + that run of good health at his age. I sense the Yankees don’t feel compelled by the lineup-will-suffer-in-2010 argument, and so won’t meet JD’s 10mm per year demand unless it were a 1 yr deal.

    If Posada and Granderson can both OPS .850, the lineup retains its potency after Alex.

    • Evil Empire

      You know what’s awesome? Its conceivable that Posada, Granderson, Swisher, and Cano can OPS .850. Posada is the least likely to do it IMHO.

  • ADam

    Give Demon what Abreu got last year on a take it or leave it basis. 1 yr deal with incentives…

    • V Squared

      I’m all rwinning at all costs but I would draw the line buy signing a “Demon” to play left field.

      • V Squared

        Reply fail.
        I’m all for winning at all costs.

  • Joseph M

    The Yanks have got to get this thing done. The Yankees need Damon, Cashman needs to go and make the deal. He blundered letting Matsui go (Matsui signed for 1 year at 6.5, would you rather have made that deal or Nick Johnson for 5.5). He blundered getting Vasquez(if the Yanks are watching the bottom line why bring back a soft in the center pitcher like Vasquez). I think he blundered with Granderson, it will be clear by mid season that Melky has more value than Granderson at this stage of his career.

    • Evil Empire

      Signing Damon I’m all for, but I disagree with the rest.

    • Drew

      Cashman is teh sux0r

    • 28 next year

      dude, Granderson is a 30+ hr threat in the prime of his career and plays better defense. Melky is no where near that point.

    • DJ D

      Re: Matsui. People have to remember that these things play out in real time. I am sure Matsui’s agent came to the Yanks and said something along the lines of we are looking for ~$10 million to sign with the Yanks. The Yanks said forget that. They probably countered with $4 Million with incentives AND the Yanks wouldn’t sign him until they settled the other issues. Matsui and his agents got offered $6.5 to sign now with the Angels and made the decision to sign now rather than risk waiting for the Yanks to come back to the table. Once he signed, the Yanks realized that they needed another option and started working with Nick J. The Yanks try not to set the market unless it is a top priority. Matsui knew he was not a priority and chose to sign right away. PLUS the Angels offered the possibility of playing in the outfield. Matsui nevered loved DHing but did it because that is what the Yanks asked him to do.

      • OldYanksFan

        CV says Matsui wants to play some outfield and LA was willing to give him that chance. That may have been enough to seal the deal.

  • gfd

    ~Damon has a huge ego, which has caused him and the demon seed agent(boras) to engineer his demise.
    I think if he came back, he’d be a drag on the team, because he’s disgruntled with the pay cut.
    The Yankees braintrust has hinted that they were concerned about his attitude too if he did come back.

    ~He needs to go to see what he gave up. All we heard was how the Yankees org. was the best he ever worked for,how much he wanted to stay, and how his wife oves NY. Then he and the Mrs, separately went to the papers gave quotes saying many teams are interested and he would listen.

    ~He played chicken with Cashman, and Cashman hasn’t blinked. The first thing he did was sign an All Star Center fielder, a DH with a high OPS, signed Andy and Javier, all this while the demon seed (boras) watch his best customer go elsewhere for players.

    I say GO JOHNNY GO!!

  • Steve S

    Sometimes we have to let go of the sentimentality. We saw the analysis the other day that Matt Holliday would give the Yankees approximately 1-3 more wins next year. And he is a far superior player to Damon at this point. Johnny was great but this is more than a budgetary constraint, its a philosophical one as well. Part of the strategy that goes into the offseason is betting on future performance. It is nice to look at his October and the 24 hr and say we need that but Cashman has to make a calculated “guess” that he may not be able to repeat that performance. And at 36 years old and apparently no PED’s, Johnny Damon is probably a bad bet at the years and salary he is asking. Of course they can afford to pay his demands. I can afford to go grab a slice of pizza right now, but I could also eat the leftover chinese food from yesterday. That money that I saved can then be used to treat myself to a steak dinner next week. They have a roster that they have carefully constructed and it offers them with a younger and potentially better team. It’s not like midseason trades where you have an idea of where you are and make moves accordingly. Maybe Cashman is just betting that Gardner can be an average offensive player (~95-100 OPS+) and play great defense in left (or center). Its a gamble but you cant say it isnt an educated gamble when you are betting on the 25 year old as opposed to the 36 year old.