Yanks appear out on Chapman


ESPN’s Buster Olney just provided an Aroldis Chapman update. Apparently, the Yankees are out. He gives no reason, but he says “concern in some quarters is that he is better suited for relief than as a starter.” That seems pretty vague, much like the talent evaluator who said A-Rod looked like an old man. I thought the Yankees might get in on Chapman to replace the departed Arodyz Vizcaino, but apparently the Yankees think he’s not worth the gamble, which according to Olney could get up around $20 million.

Thanks to commenter Mike Bk for alerting us.

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    No Miguel Angel Sano, No Cyclops Mateo, No Aroldis Chapman.

    Where’s my sword so I can commit hari-kiri.

  2. A.D. says:

    20 mil goes a long way with Latin American bonuses if they didn’t like Chapman.

  3. Jon in Residential Port Orange says:

    As Aaron Burr was quoted when he learned that Alexander Hamilton may have, for personal ethical reasons, intentionally wasted the first shot during their fateful duel:

    “Contemptible, if true.”

  4. Mike Axisa says:

    Buster Olney says the Yanks are out of the Chapman sweepstakes? That means the press conference is scheduled for next week.

  5. Word is Chapman looks like a first baseman out there.

  6. AndrewYF says:

    Why are the Yankees suddenly deciding to become frugal? I hope this means a lot of high-end Latin American signings this July.

  7. Salty Buggah says:

    While it’s disappointing, I’m OK with this. The Yanks probably didn’t like what they saw from him and thought he’s not worth $20 mil.

    • Stryker says:

      if the yanks are indeed out on chapman, i’d say this is the most likely case.

      20 million is a lot of money to give to a guy who’s far from a finished project and believe if they were to put forth that much money it could easily be better spent elsewhere.

      • Lanny says:

        Let’s hope those scouts are right. Because high end left handed pitching prospects dont hit the open market like this.

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  9. Steve H says:

    Has anyone seen mryankee?

    Check your local bridges.

  10. Carl says:

    If he pans out to be great, we’ll get him as a FA anyway.

    • Bxbomber says:

      Exactly… No need to break the bank hoping these guys are worth it.

      • Lanny says:

        Whats breaking the bank? 20 mil for 4 yrs isnt breaking the bank. 90 for 5 is what he would get as a proven FA. I think id rather have him now in the system if you think hes a good starter long term.

        • pete says:

          but right now he’s a guy with a 100 mph fastball and pretty much nothing else. Why is that worth $20 million?

          • 28 next year says:

            yea, maybe the Yanks could hold a competition much like what they did in India where whoever throws the hardest gets signed by teh Yankees. The Yankees could find another 100mph thrower who might be even younger that they could develop.

            This comment isn’t entirely serious although a competition like that could unearth some talent.

          • TarHeelYankee says:

            Because he is Lefthanded, 21, and THROWS 100MPH…. Nexted question…lol

          • But again, he’s not getting 20M per year. He’s getting like 4M per year.

            4M annually doesn’t sound like much to gamble on his upside. It’s a gamble we took on Kei Igawa, and Chapman has a much, much, much better upside.

  11. Jersey says:

    Chapman probably just didn’t show the proper deference to Melvin. Can’t have that kind of nonsense in the farm system.

  12. Lanny says:

    They obviously don’t think he’s a starter long term in the league.

    But then again these are the same scouts who pushed to sign Igawa and thought he was a starter. So be warned.

    • Thomas says:

      Maybe the Yankees scouts did like Chapman and then learning from the Igawa mistake, assumed Chapman would suck as well.

    • Chris says:

      Didn’t they fire the scout that recommended Igawa? Also, I doubt the same scouts cover both Cuba and Japan.

  13. Reggie C. says:

    Yankees scouts must not be overly impressed. I think the last thing the scouts want to do is make a bigger-sized Igawan mistake.

    • Not the Rays says:

      Ir would be smaller. We paid 46 for Igawa (granted the posting fee isn’t luxury taxable but it’s still real money)

    • Accent Shallow says:

      If Chapman gets an MiL deal, it’s not a mistake. Even if he gets a major league deal, he’s gonna start in the minors.

  14. Is Kevin Towers on the payroll yet? Maybe Cash Money Trillionaire didn’t like his scouting report?

  15. pete says:

    Big FB guys are awesome to have as prospects, but they are awesome as prospects because prospects don’t have $20 mil contracts already. There’s no reason to pay Chapman the kind of money he might get.

  16. pc says:

    1.50 and an update from olney will get you a cup of coffee but not much more.

  17. Charlie says:

    fuck. if this is true, and it probably is cause olney’s pretty reliable, i am disappointed

  18. *Yawns*

    Anybody got any more of those cheese doodles back there?

  19. Jake H says:

    Frankie P at Fanhouse said that the top 5 hitters that will come out of the draft has Slade in it. Pretty impressive.

  20. Ray Fuego says:

    He’s another Daniel Cabrera

    He shall fall before Igawa’s CC’s greatness

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