Yanks, Mitre avoid arbitration


Via Jerry Crasnick, the Yankees and righthander Sergio Mitre agreed to a one year contract worth $850,000, avoiding arbitration. The deal also includes some performance incentives. The Yanks declined Mitre’s $1.25M option back in November with the idea of signing him to a cheaper deal, and obviously it worked. He’s out of options, so he would have to clear waivers to be assigned to the minors.

Mitre was pretty terrible with the Yankees (6.79 ERA, 5.30 FIP), but it’s a good low risk deal. Very easy to back out of, and if nothing else he’ll be a decent innings eating mop up guy. Chad Gaudin is the team’s only remaining arbitration eligible player.

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    • A.D. says:

      Maybe Sterling should come up with home run calls against Yankee pitchers:

      “Another Meat-ball by Mitre”
      “Not so dandy by Andy, that was crushed”
      “No rob-bing that one, Rob-ertson gives up another HR”
      “Gopher ball from Gaudin”

  1. A.D. says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s DFA’d by mid-May, that said hope he continues to rebound.

  2. He’s out of options, so he would have to clear waivers to be assigned to the minors.

    Ironically, if his 2010 salary had been 1.25M, he probably would have cleared waivers, but now that he’s only making 850k, he probably wouldn’t.

    So, by saving ourselves money, we may have cost ourselves roster flexibility. Whatevs.

  3. Ray Fuego says:

    Meeeeeeeee-tray. I hope he doesn’t become a “me” first player. Swish would have to beat that ass.

  4. Bo says:

    Hes assembling quite a staff at Scranton. Igawa. Mitre.

  5. crawdaddie says:

    Guys, the Yankees can still cut Mitre in late March before the start of the season and pay him off either with a 45 or 60 day prorated amount of the 850K. A spring training trade is still possible too if he has good results.

  6. pat says:

    I know the results weren’t there but I actually like Mitre’s stuff. 93 mph sinker with good movement and an uncharacteristically good changeup for a sinkerball pitcher. I think he’s better than last year’s statistics would lead you to believe. He did come back from TJ awfully early, maybe a little too early.

    • louie louie says:

      Under Joe’s watch in FLA he was the opening day starter over Josh Johnson and Willis…when Willis was good….verdict is definitely still out. So far, he has been a tease.

  7. viridiana says:

    Not since Jim Mason have Yanks had such a worthless player. Oops, forgot Igawa.

  8. scooter10 says:

    Not very excited about the signing but at a low cost, it does provide depth and flexibility for any injuries the Yankees may encounter in spring training. $850K is only 4% of a $2m payroll. And the Yankees can release Sergio if he doesn’t pitch well in ST. I count two remaining potential arbiration cases to resolve.

    Gaudin – made $2m last year
    Logan – made $428k last year

  9. scooter10 says:

    My math and statemetn was off – $850k is less than 1% of a $200m payroll.

  10. Hughesus Cristo says:


    If Sergio Mitre had been on any other team in the major leagues, had the exact same season, and been signed to the exact same contract, people would be going out of their minds right now. Mitre is garbage.

  11. crawdaddie says:

    Chad Jennings confirmed with Cashman today that Mitre’s contract is non-quaranteed.


  12. Omar says:

    I hate this asshole so much, that the reasonable side of my brain can’t analyze this.

  13. Mike says:

    we pay mitre who is nothing more than a bp pitcher close to a mil but we dont tender wang?

    • Tendering Wang would have cost the Yanks at least $4 million, and Wang truly was worse than a BP pitcher in 2009 before suffering a shoulder injury. You’re not guaranteed a good return on investment by tendering him, and the Yanks could still bring him back.

  14. [...] Yankees avoided arbitration with righty Sergio Mitre, signing him to a one year, $850,000 [...]

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