On Jeter and his improved defense

Happy Birthday to us!
What the Good Book says: Yankee pitchers

One week after profiling Jesus Montero and his work to improve his defense, Anthony McCarron did the same with Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter. After the infamous dinner with Brian Cashman, Jeter began working out with Jason Riley at The Athletes Compound, about 30 miles from Jeter’s Tampa home. They worked specifically on his range and quickness, because evaluators still considered his hands and arm to be elite. The result: Jeter’s UZR improved by almost 15 runs from 2007-2008, then another seven from 2008-2009.

The whole article is a must read, but the most interesting part was when Riley indicated that Jeter “had a commitment to play 8-to-10 more years, maybe not all at shortstop, but he wants to play that long.” That was prior to the 2008 season, which still means Jeter plans to be playing at age 41 or so. Whether or not Riley was speaking hyperbolically remains to be seen, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Happy Birthday to us!
What the Good Book says: Yankee pitchers
  • The Evil Empire

    Where’s he going to play at age 42? He better be productive if he’s going to play until that age, otherwise he wont be helping the team.

    I know he’s the captain and all, but I really hope Cashman doesn’t over do it and give Jeter a 6 year deal. 4 would be nice. I mean you don’t want 3 guys making 20Mil+ until 2016-17 when they’re all well beyond their prime.

    • Christos

      Then we would have a 2008 situation.

    • http://www.theyankeeu.com/ Nostra-Artist

      As we’ve seen with Bernie Williams, Joe Torre, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, the Yanks aren’t a sentimental bunch. As important as he is to their brand, they won’t be playing him everyday if he’s hurting the team. That does neither party any good.

  • http://www.theyankeeu.com/ Nostra-Artist

    One other thing, the A-Rod contract that everyone thought was insane from day 1 was cut by Hank and Hal. Cashman opposed the length of that deal and still does. Brian’s in charge of Baseball Ops, I don’t think you have to worry about another crazy deal in terms of length being signed. If it is, it will have to be negotiated directly with the Steinbrenners and after the A-Rod situation, I don’t think they’ll ever do that again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Melvin-To-America/193013541601?ref=nf Andy in Sunny Daytona

      I wonder if Ca$hmoney Trillionaire has his Gorilla Suit all ready to go if Hank signs another player behind his back?

      • http://www.theyankeeu.com/ Nostra-Artist


    • RichYF

      I think if there’s ever a case for another “special situation,” it’s Derek Sanderson Jeter. I don’t think Jeter will go behind Cashman’s back so to speak, but I don’t think he’s going to sign a contract that favors the Yanks (like Pettitte did for last season).

      Jeter is obviously still hungry for the game, and it’s getting a lot of media attention. I would imagine that very few athletes rest on their laurels in the offseason, but the media doesn’t always notice with a 4 page article (great article btw).

      Jeter is an icon. An outlier. The face of New York. He’ll get his. 6-8 more years though? Yikes.

      • whozat

        yeah. The Derek Jeter Dispensation means he gets to ask for high-historic money or high-historic years (for an SS his age), not both. 4/100 is enormous enough. 8/160 or something…geez.

        • The Three Amigos

          I think regardless of sentimentality or anything else, there is no way he is getting 8/160 the Yankees would be hard pressed not to laugh. I understand the significance of Jeter and his special circumstances, but he needs to Yanks too.

          He wants to break all the records for the Yanks as well. Additionally, in the end, no one will pay Jeter 20 mil a year, hell he may not even make 15 mil a year on the open market, where almost every other team wouldn’t allow him to play SS anyway.

          On the Yanks he’ll get to play SS and get his money… 4 years max/ 80 mil max give him a club option with a 5 mil buyout. I would be much more comfortable with 4 for 60 though.

          He isn’t getting that much from any other team to play a Corner Outfield position.

          • whozat

            “I think regardless of sentimentality or anything else, there is no way he is getting 8/160 the Yankees would be hard pressed not to laugh.”

            Yeah, but the problem is that once the Yanks start saying no, the media shitstorm starts. They still wouldn’t cave, but it’ll be much less pleasant for everyone if Jeter’s camp starts by asking for really outlandish numbers. And they may, because ARod’s making that money for all those years.

            • The Three Amigos

              Unless the negotiations take a steep turn for the worse… Im willing to bet this extension goes pretty quickly, without either side airing their issues in the media. Exactly like Cashman and Jeter prefer.

          • DCBX

            Jeter being who he is (a friend and I discussed the possiblity of West 161st eventually being renamed Jeter Street last year during the WS :) ), I’d think he has a shot of getting 5/100 frontloaded with the understanding that he will probably be a LF/DH for the last 2 years of the contract @ 12.5M per. Much as he is Mr. Yankee and a first ballot HOFer, anything beyond this is bad business.

        • RichYF

          If I’m Cash, I’d probably do between 6/90 and 6/110 frontloaded. Something like 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 ($111 million) being in Jeter’s favor and 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 ($87 million) being in the NY’s favor and the two (hopefully) settling somewhere in between.

          I would imagine that Cashman has a set dollar amount in his head for how much he wants to give Jeter for the rest of his career. The years are what matters. Let’s just assume it’s $100 million. So 4 at $25 AAV or 6 at $16.5 AAV, it doesn’t make a difference.

          I think the real problem would occur if Jeter continues to perform in year 4 of the contract and wants ANOTHER 4 year deal. It’s almost better to have him pulling a Varitek toward the end of the contract so there are no questions about his future.

          If Cash can get the 6/87 deal above, I think everyone would applaud him. I just don’t see it happening. Sigh.

  • philip

    I don’t understand why everyone is okay with 20m a year for Jeter, he should get around 12m. The yanks don’t owe him anything for past service, he should be paid on abilities and value going forward. paying him because he is derek jeter is retarded.

    • countryclub

      This will be a valid opinion if Jeter struggles this yr. But i doubt that will be the case unless he gets injured.

    • http://yanksdraftsandprospects.blogspot.com/ Jake H

      The problem is 1, he is the face of the franchise, 2 the fans love him, the fans buy the tickets that pay for salaries, 3 the media loves Jeter and would make it hard on the Yankees from a PR point of view. Also keep in mind that in 09 Jeter was worth 33.2 million according to fangraphs.

      I would also point out that Jeter has the type of swing that probably will age well since it’s about getting the barrel on the ball not driving it out so he will get his hits.

      • camilo Gerardo

        his swing would age well at SS, but his defense most likely will not.

  • ADam

    Over/Under on Years of DJ’s next contract???

    • pete

      3.5. I’ll take the over and say 4.

      • Spaceman.Spiff

        Over/Under has to be at 4. It’s way too easy to take the over on 3.5.

  • CapitalT

    8-10 years puts him in the 4000 hit range. If he wants to be the hit king, I think it will require a few years on another team milking some hits as Rose did the last few years of his career.

    You would think some of the other older Yankees would have jumped on a similar workout. Specifically A-rod whose range is suspect at 3rd.

    • whozat

      ARod was having hip surgery.

    • raisin

      i imagine all baseball will be rooting for Jeter in a few years, replacing the tarnished Rose at the top of the hit’s list will be huge.

  • Kyle

    3 years 40 million.

  • Risto

    You don’t pull Moneyball crap with a Hall of Famer and franchise icon. Jeter gets what he wants.

  • Warren

    So many people worried about a multi-billion dollar corporation’s contract with a baseball player.

    Talk about so many people being bored out of their skulls they need to scrape together a story to run with.

    Sure is quiet on the Yankee front these days.

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