Open Thread: A day off


I despise off days during the baseball season, and the same goes for the exhibition season as well. The Yankees enjoyed their first scheduled off day of the spring today, which was a bit of a bummer for us fans. Even more of a bummer is that picture above, showing the demolition of the leftfield stands at the Old Stadium. And that picture is four days old. Imagine what the place looks like now.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for this Monday night. I want to remind you that we’re trying to clean up the comments, and keep them free of inside jokes and memes and harassing of non-regulars. Take the Curtis Granderson thread from earlier today, there’s over a hundred comments on it, but maybe 30 are about Granderson. Please clean it up (I’m looking at you, regular commentors) and stay on topic. Thanks.

Photo Credit: Bebeto Matthews, AP

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  1. bexarama says:


    I actually like days off during the regular season, because I can NOT go insane for one day and I can watch the games that don’t matter.

    Also, is anyone else having issues posting on Firefox?

  2. There is a contestant on jeopardy who looks like he’s about my age….and wearing a vest under his suit.

  3. Steve H says:

    How’s my team looking?
    10 team H2H league (18 categories, 10 hitting/8 pitching)

    MI-F. Lopez (until Beckham is eligible)
    UTIL-Nick the Stick
    BN-B. Wood

    P-B. Anderson

    • Weak on pitching, but I like the hitting and it’s a good gamble on sheets.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Yea, as long as he doesn’t pitch like he did today. 10 batters, none retired, 10 runs, 9 earned, 8 hits, 1 walk.

        I think he’ll end being a good gamble for the A’s, though.

      • Steve H says:

        I go weak on pitching somewhat intentionally because the league is (stupidly) set up with more hitting categories. That and there’s still a ton of solid pitchers on waivers, Danks, Liriano, Porcello, Harang, Joba, Price, etc. A few of those guys will break out, I’ll just have to pick them up early. I’m tempted to dump Strasburg for Price, but not until I know what Strasburg is doing. It’s NL East vs. AL East, so all things being equal, I prefer Strasburg.

  4. RIP, Capt. Clarence Oveur. I hope you enjoy your big gladiator movie in the sky.

  5. Jose says:

    I just have a comment on the off-topic comments. I would go as far as saying only 15 or so comments in that thread had any value for the topic at hand. Please RAB regulars can we have threads again where 90% is on topic rather then 90% meme content?

  6. Salty Buggah says:

    Ronan Tynan = Idiot

    So it seems like what he said was taken out of context but I don’t think a respected organization like Yankees could have afforded to keep him. But it is funny how he moved to Boston and says it’s an honor to wear a Sox jersey.

    Also, the author of that article is trying his best to make the Yankees look really bad (with statements like “Showing far more class than the Yankees,” etc.)

    • Steve H says:

      I’m wondering why it took him 6 months to change his story though? When it first came out, what he said was different, and he confirmed that he said whatever the email said. There is a huge difference between what was reported then, and what he is saying now. Why did he take so long to clear the air?

      • Salty Buggah says:

        You know, I wondered that too when I read that article. I may be wrong but I thought he admitted to saying something anti-Semitic.

    • bexarama says:

      this morning I read that and was like “OH MY GOD HE’S DEFINITELY GOING TO SING AT FENWAY!” Which is why I cannot be expected to do anything before like 10 AM.

      My favorite part, though, was this:
      The Red Sox are playing the Yankees on Opening Day at Fenway, which is really Opening Night, April 4. How sweet would it be for the Yankees front office to sit there and watch Ronan Tynan walk to the microphone on his artificial legs and unleash that voice in Fenway Park?
      Oh sh-t. First we lost the PECOTA projections. Now we’re gonna have Ronan Tynan singing at Fenway Park. How can the Yankee organization even compete???

    • Somehow I think the Yankees will get over the Sox taking their seventh inning singer sloppy seconds… A guy who was let go because he made what were, at the very least, insensitive and stupid remarks, no less. So ridiculous. That’s embarrassing for the Sox, not the Yanks.

  7. Slu says:

    “I want to remind you that we’re trying to clean up the comments, and keep them free of inside jokes and memes and harassing of non-regulars.”

    This is the greatest news in the history of this site. Seriously. I hope it actually works. It would be nice to be able to read opinions about Yankee topics from a wider variety of people.

    It is supposed to fun to talk about baseball and many times these things come down to opinion. Some of you think your opinions are fact and need to lighten up a bit on the criticism of other posters whom you disagree with. It takes some of the fun out of it.

    And enough of the movie quotes…

    • My Ides of March FOUR ROUND mock draft:

      Round 1
      1. Rams - QB Sam Bradford , Oklahoma
      2. Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
      3. Buccaneers - DT Gerald McCoy , Oklahoma
      4. Redskins - T Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
      5. Chiefs - S Eric Berry, Tennessee
      6. Seahawks - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
      7. Browns - CB Joe Haden, Florida
      8. Raiders - T Anthony Davis, Rutgers
      9. Bills - T Bruce Campbell, Maryland
      10. Jaguars - S Taylor Mays, USC
      11. Broncos (from CHI) - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
      12. Dolphins - EgRsh Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
      13. 49′ers - T Trent Williams, Oklahoma
      14. Seahawks (from DEN) - EgRsh Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
      15. Giants - ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama
      16. Titans - DT Brian Price, UCLA
      17. 49′ers (from CAR) - RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
      18. Steelers - G Mike Iupati, Idaho
      19. Falcons - OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas
      20. Texans - CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State
      21. Bengals - S Earl Thomas, Texas
      22. Patriots - EgRsh Brandon Graham, Michigan
      23. Packers - T Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
      24. Eagles - DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida
      25. Ravens - TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
      26. Cardinals - EgRsh Jerry Hughes, TCU
      27. Cowboys - DT Dan Williams, Tennessee
      28. Chargers - RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
      29. Jets - WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois
      30. Vikings - CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers
      31. Colts - DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
      32. Saints - DE Everson Griffen, USC

      Round 2
      33. Rams - OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
      34. Lions - RB Jahvid Best, California
      35. Buccaneers - WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
      36. Chiefs - T Charles Brown, USC
      37. Redskins - C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
      38. Browns - EgRsh Ricky Sapp, Clemson
      39. Raiders - CB/S Chris Cook, Virginia
      40. Seahawks - DT Cam Thomas, North Carolina
      41. Bills - WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech
      42. Buccaneers (from CHI) - CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama
      43. Dolphins - DT Terrence Cody, Alabama
      44. Patriots (from JAX) - G Vladimir Ducasse, Umass
      45. Broncos - CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State
      46. Giants - DT Tyson Alualu, California
      47. Patriots (from TEN) - WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas
      48. Panthers - DT Lamarr Houston, Texas
      49. 49′ers - CB Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State
      50. Chiefs (from ATL) - ILB Brandon Spikes, Florida
      51. Texans - RB Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech
      52. Steelers - OLB Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio State
      53. Patriots - TE Rob Gronkowski, Arizona
      54. Bengals - TE Anthony McCoy, USC
      55. Eagles - OLB Navorro Bowman, Penn State
      56. Packers - RB Dexter McCluster, Mississippi
      57. Ravens - CB Donovan Warren, Michigan
      58. Cardinals - T Rodger Saffold, Indiana
      59. Cowboys - S Nate Allen, South Florida
      60. Chargers - S Chad Jones, LSU
      61. Jets - EgRsh Brandon Lang, Troy
      62. Vikings - G Jon Asamoah, Illinois
      63. Colts - T Selvish Capers, West Virginia
      64. Saints - OLB Daryl Washington, TCU

      Round 3
      65. Rams - WR Damian Williams, USC
      66. Lions - T Edwin Veldheer, Hillsdale
      67. Buccaneers - DE Alex Carrington, Arkansas State
      Redskins (pick forfeited)
      68. Chiefs - EgRsh Nawa’akoa Misi, Utah
      69. Raiders - DE Corey Wooton, Northwestern
      70. Eagles (from SEA) - ILB Patrick Angerer, Iowa
      71. Browns - OLB Eric Norwood, South Carolina
      72. Bills - QB Colt McCoy, Texas
      73. Dolphins - WR Mike Williams, Syracuse
      74. Jaguars - QB Tony Pike, Cincinnati
      75. Bears - G Zane Beadles, Utah
      76. Giants - EgRsh Greg Hardy, Mississippi
      77. Titans - WR Brandon LaFell, LSU
      78. Panthers - WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati
      79. 49′ers - EgRsh Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech
      80. Broncos - TE Aaron Hernandez, Florida
      81. Texans - QB Tim Tebow, Florida
      82. Steelers - CB Amari Spievey, Iowa
      83. Falcons - DT Arthur Jones, Syracuse
      84. Bengals - EgRsh Jermaine Cunningham, Florida
      85. Browns (from NE via OAK??) - QB Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
      86. Packers - CB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma
      87. Eagles - RB Montario Hardesty, Tennessee
      88. Cardinals (from BAL) - ILB Sean Lee, Penn State
      89. Cardinals - CB Javier Arenas, Alabama
      90. Cowboys - WR Eric Decker, Minnesota
      91. Chargers - DT Al Woods, LSU
      92. Browns (from NYJ) - WR Taylor Price, Ohio
      93. Vikings - DT Vince Oghobaase, Duke
      94. Colts - G Mike Johnson, Alabama
      95. Saints - S Larry Asante, Nebraska

      Round 4
      96. Rams - DT Michael Neal, Purdue
      97. Lions - S Reshad Jones, Georgia
      98. Buccaneers - T Adam Ulatoski, Texas
      99. Chiefs - CB Jerome Murphy, South Florida
      100. Redskins - RB Joe McKnight, USC
      101. Seahawks - T Tony Washington, Abilene Christian
      102. Browns - S Myron Rolle, Florida State
      103. Raiders - DT Earl Mitchell, Arizona
      104. Bills - EgRsh Lindsey Witten, Connecticut
      105. Jaguars - G John Jerry, Mississippi
      106. Bears - WR David Reed, Utah
      107. Dolphins - CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Indiana (PA)
      108. Titans - EgRsh O’Brien Schofield, Wisconsin
      109. Panthers - T Kyle Calloway, Iowa
      110. 49′ers - G Chris Scott, Tennessee
      111. Broncos - ILB Roddrick Muckelroy, Texas
      112. Giants - T Sam Young, Notre Dame
      113. Steelers - RB Ben Tate, Auburn
      114. Falcons - EgRsh Austen Lane, Murray State
      115. Texans - DT Brandon Deaderick, Alabama
      116. Patriots - DT Geno Atkins, Georgia
      117. Bengals - RB Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State
      118. Eagles - C Justin Walton, Baylor
      119. Packers - EgRsh George Selvie, South Florida
      120. Cardinals (from BAL) - WR Jordan Shipley, Texas
      121. Jets (from AZ) - CB Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest
      122. Cowboys - T Kevin Haslam, Rutgers
      123. Chargers - CB Trevard Lindley, Kentucky
      124. Eagles (from NYJ) - CB Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt
      125. Vikings - QB Jarrett Brown, West Virginia
      126. Colts - OLB Dexter Davis, Arizona State
      127. Saints - DT D’Anthony Smith, Louisiana Tech

      • Steve H says:

        I just love seeing all those Pats picks in the 1st 2 rounds. What do you think of Odrick, I’ve seen him possibly linked to the Pats? Sounds like solid piece, nothing special, but a good fit as a 3-4 end.

        • Odrick reminds me of Ty Warren.

          He’s never going to go to a Pro Bowl, he’s never going to be an elite, game changing DT, but you can plug him in as one of your two 4-3 DTs or one of your 3-4 DEs for 6-8 years and you’ll never notice him, in a good way. He won’t get beat at the point of attack, he’ll just quietly (and anonymously) hold up his man and let other players around him make plays.

          He’d be a solid pick, but I can’t see him falling all the way to #44. If the Colts don’t take him, the Seahawks will.

          • Steve H says:

            I’ve seen speculation that they’d take him with their 1st pick. I keeping talking myself in and out of Graham. Everyone’s picking the Pats to take him, which means they likely won’t, they’ll pull a Mankins or Vollmer or some other guy that everyone else has rated much lower.

      • donttradecano says:

        finally a mock i can agree with. Although Hardy concerns me a little bit. Loads of talent, but who knows if he has the motivation. Id go Hardy or Arenas there. They need a another corner and someone who could be a factor in the return game.

        • In order for McClain to fall to you, though, it all hinges on what the Jaguars do at #10. With the Kampman signing, they don’t really have any glaring holes, they just need help anywhere and can gamble a little on a high-upside BPA.

          I have them gambling on Mays, which sets up all the dominoes (Broncos/Dolphins/49′ers/Seahawks) to line up perfectly for McClain to fall to you, but if the Jags, say, take Dez Bryant or Jason Pierre-Paul there instead of Mays, than one of the Broncos or Dolphins will take McClain before the G-Men get a chance to.

          • Reggie C. says:

            You realize that the Broncos released their starter ILB Andra Davis 4 days ago. I think a McClain selection makes total sense at this point. Brandon Marshall hasn’t been traded yet so why not just grab the best LB in the draft.

  8. Steve H says:

    If I’m not missing anything, LDT is a downgrade from Thomas Jones, right?

  9. So I’m stuck in an airport in Palm Beach with my flight delayed three hours, and Mike has to go and post this picture. STAB ME IN THE HEART, WHY DON’T YOU, AXISA?

  10. Riddering says:

    I want this shirt. Go ahead–scorn me. I can take it.

  11. bonestock94 says:

    What do you guys think of my team? I think I’m lacking in the OF/Util department. And don’t mind Ajax being utility or my SP rotation, I haven’t quite set the lineups yet. This is a 16 team league btw.

    C Víctor Martínez

    1B Lance Berkman

    2B Asdrubal Cabrera

    3B Ryan Zimmerman

    SS Hanley Ramírez

    CI Aramis Ramírez

    MI José López

    OF Adam Lind

    OF Nate McLouth

    OF Cody Ross

    OF Milton Bradley

    OF Brett Gardner

    Util Austin Jackson

    BN Desmond Jennings

    BN Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    BN Jake Fox

    SP Randy Wells

    SP Ben Sheets

    SP Ryan Rowland-Smith

    SP Joba Chamberlain

    RP José Valverde

    RP Neftali Feliz

    RP Leo Núñez

    RP Ian Kennedy

    BN Clay Buchholz

    BN Wade Davis

    BN Brian Matusz

    BN Andy Pettitte

  12. The Evil Empire says:

    Hey guys,

    So RAB, I’m starting my own business and I need some help reaching angel investors.
    Does any one here know someone who is willing to here me pitch for 5 minutes? I promise i wont disappoint! If so please shoot me an email:

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  13. bexarama says:

    Mitch Williams going on and on about how Joba should be in the pen. =/

  14. Early winner of the Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry for Eddie House, Bill Walker, and J.R. Giddens trade: Knicks in a landslide.

    Walker does everything that Nate does, only better and more efficiently with less ballhandling. And Walker actually plays a little defense on occasion, plus he doesn’t have a gigantic “Post me up!” neon sign blinking over his head.

    Oh, and we got a legit 3-pt marksman in the deal, and saved money (and occupied roster spots with uber-cheap players for important 2010 bench spots).

    Beautiful trade for the Knicks. Beautiful.

  15. Mike HC says:

    Anybody else watch Celebrity Apprentice last night and notice David Cone sitting in one of the restaurants?

    I’m not sure if it was him or just someone who looked like him. I was not watching that intently, just kinda caught a glimpse.

  16. dan says:

    yanks should put hughes and chamberlin in the pen and use aceves as the fifth starter

  17. dan says:

    think about it. hughes and joba in the pen and aceves as fifth starter = yanks dominating pen and medicre fifth starter. joba or hughes in pen and the other one as fifth starter =above average pen and mediocre fifth starter

    • Mike HC says:

      They are all excellent pitchers, and all are expected to play a major role next year. So it would really not make that much of difference who is pitching in what role. So why not do what is best for the long term of the club and develop one of our young prospects while we can

      • dan says:

        I think for this year you can make an argument that boston has a better team then the yankees. I think moving them to the pen would give the yanks some edge. Boston is gunna be a lot better than people think. they got so much better defensively with cameron, scutaro and beltre. their starting pitching is better 1-3 too. although 1-4 i like the yanks better

        • Mike HC says:

          I agree that Boston is going to be better this year, but I don’t think they will be better than the Yankees. Of course, who knows? That is the beauty of actually playing the season out.

          I just don’t see why you would assume Aceves would out pitch one of Hughes and Joba as a starter. I don’t see it playing out that way. But you may be correct.

          I personally want Joba because I still think he is the best starter of the three, for this year. Not even thinking about long term.

          • Accent Shallow says:

            I personally want Joba because I still think he is the best starter of the three, for this year. Not even thinking about long term.

            This is something that bugs me — Joba wasn’t bad, but he still looked solid before throwing 46 awful innings at the end of the year. Neither Aceves nor Hughes have Joba’s track record, and as versatile as Aceves is, I’m not sure he outperforms what either one of them would put up in the rotation.

            • Accent Shallow says:

              Rephrase previous comment:

              “This is something that bugs me — Joba looked solid for most of the year, even if he did have his issues. He then fell apart at the end of the year, and people seemed to think that’s the guy he was all year, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a guy who had a mostly successful full season starting debut, and we’re talking about sticking him in the pen for a guy with the upside of a number four? What?”

              I like Aceves as much as the next guy, but how much better would he be than a 90 ERA+? 100? I’d bet Hughes or Joba could do that, and it’d be better for the long term outlook, as well.

  18. dan says:

    aceves has at least been a long reliever though…

    sorry drew, next time ill fix my spelling mistakes to make sure your happy.

  19. dan says:

    drew, are you 50? its the internet…you dont use proper punctuation or the reply button when people are being tools

    • Drew says:

      I don’t think anyone was being a tool. You stated your opinion of the Huba debate and were asked why you felt that way.

      It never hurts to spell someone’s name correctly.

      btw, no I’m not fifty.

    • Mike HC says:

      I never heard of that rule. If you are dealing with tools, you should misspell words and not use the reply button? Interesting.

    • pete says:

      you use proper punctuation and spelling and the reply button always, because it is good manners and good manners are worth maintaining at all times. People disagreeing with you does not make them tools. Grammatical laziness, however, when people are taking the time to address an argument despite the fact that they’ve addressed the EXACT SAME UNCHANGING POINTS countless times, does make someone a tool.

      And as for the actual debate, please, please, please respond directly to this point: what has Alfredo Aceves done to show you that he’s a better starter than Joba or Hughes? Aceves’s track record consists of pitching in independent Mexican leagues until he was 26, then coming stateside and putting up good but not drool-worthy MiL stats as a starter, and then succeeding out of the bullpen the next year. He also had three solid starts at the Major League level back in ’08, which demonstrates that he is not incapable of getting MLB hitters out, but shows nothing of his ability to succeed consistently as a starter.

      Joba Chamberlain’s track record, on the other hand, consists of obliterating the minors well beyond the degree to which Aceves succeeded as a starter at 3 levels and then dominating well beyond the level that Aceves did out of the ‘pen at the Major League level, all during his age 21 season. In his next season, he pitched exceptionally well again as a starter, and then had a stretch of 9 or so starts where, apart from average-y innings totals (generally around 5.2-6.0, which is normal for a young starter), he was truly dominant, pitching to the tune of a 2.63 ERA in the offensively unchallenged AL-East, and striking out more than a batter per inning while maintaining a FB velocity around 95 (touching 99 on occasion) and the same devastating movement and command on the slider, plus an effective curveball.

      Then, in early august, disaster struck when Chamberlain had to dive out of the way of a low throw to 2nd base from Pudge Rodriguez. Two pitches later it was clear that Joba’s shoulder was bugging him, and to the DL he went. The Yankees wisely decided not to push him back as a starter, and when he came back in september, he was in the ‘pen, visibly going easy on his shoulder, barely touching 92-93 on the gun.

      The next season, the yankees felt that the combination of prior shoulder injury and a need to bump up his innings totals, along with a revamped rotation that now included CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett to go along with Andy Pettitte and Chien-Ming Wang (pre-suckitude) and their usual dominant offense, that it was much more important for Joba to stay healthy all season than it was that he pitch to great results. Thus they discouraged him from trying to overpower hitters, hoping he’d learn how to pitch to contact somewhat and conserve himself in the process. First and foremost, however, they wanted him to stay healthy. He did that. Now, I think it’s a stretch to say that the training wheels are completely off – i don’t expect any 122 pitch outings from Joba this year, and i’d imagine they’ll look for ways to slow him down as he begins to surpass 170 innings, especially if he’s pushed himself past Pettitte for the Postseason rotation, but it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect this season to be a much better gauge of him as a starter than last.

      So let’s compare the two then, shall we? We have one pitcher who was successful as a starter in the minors, and successful as a reliever in the majors, but who lacks a quality out pitch and who did not pitch in the major leagues until age 26, which was probably not a fluke. Then we have another pitcher who was dominant as a starter in the minors, dominant in the bullpen in the majors, and had a stretch of dominance as a starter in the majors that was interrupted by an injury (and another, shorter stretch of dominance that was interrupted by innings limits). We’ve seen this pitcher throw two legitimate out pitches with command as a major league starter before, and we’ve seen him show flashes of two other quality pitches. Naturally, being a young starter, we can’t expect a great deal of consistency out of him. But we’ve seen flashes of what he’s capable of, and there is enough evidence to suggest that becoming a front line starter is within his reach.

      So is it possible that Aceves is a better starter than Chamberlain? Sure. But right now, based on all of the available evidence, it’s not likely. Chamberlain has performed at a higher level than Aceves every step of the way, in every role, and has better stuff, and is 3 years younger than Ace. I really think you’re buying a lot more into 10 innings of ST than you should be. IMO, if Joba doesn’t demonstrate enough ability as a starter in ST to be in the rotation, he belongs in Scranton, not the bullpen.


  20. PaulF says:

    Is there any place on the internet that collects all MLB injury news in one place?

  21. Hangoverologist says:

    I did a fantasy draft on Saturday night. It’s on I’m doing it because I wanted to try my hand at it and the winner of the league gets 10,000 dollars.

    My lineup:

    C: Joe Mauer
    1B: Kendry Morales
    2B: Dan Uggla
    SS: Jason Bartlett
    3B: Adrian Beltre
    OF: Jason Bay
    OF: Chris Coghlan
    OF: Andrew McCutchen
    U: Ryan Ludwick

    Pitching staff:

    Stephen Drew
    Orlando Hudson
    Mark Teahen
    Mike Cameron
    Casey Kotchman
    Paul Konerko

    What do you guys think?

  22. nycornerstone says:

    trade joba he looks washed up

    • Hangoverologist says:

      Not sure if serious.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Joba for Mo Jr. (Jenry Mejia) . Just kidding. I hope you were too.

    • whozat says:

      So…these are the people we’re reining in our behavior to accommodate? dan omg you old people are tools for asking me to punctuate ahahaha and this guy?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      If he looks washed up, wouldn’t the other teams scouts see that, too?

      Look, young pitchers will break your heart, and maybe the guy wearing number 62 in 2007 and 2008 is never coming back, but even Joba v.2009 could be (and was, for spurts) a very effective MLB starter. Maybe not an ace, but certainly a 2/3. Unless he’s suffered another shoulder injury, or someone’s gonna make a silly offer, I’d hang on to him.

  23. bexarama says:

    El Duque spazzing out and running into Tony Womack was truly the greatest moment of the 2001 World Series.

  24. 2010-2011 Knicks (2010 salaries and future money):

    Wilson Chandler: $2,130,481, 1 more year at 3.1M
    Danilo Gallinari: $3,304,560, 2 more years at 9.7M
    Sergio Rodriguez: $2,805,888 (expiring)
    JR Giddens: $1,100,640, 2 more years at 4.9M
    Toney Douglas: $1,071,000, 3 more years at 6.3M
    Bill Walker: $854,389, one more year at 900k
    Eddy Curry: $11,276,863 (expiring)

    My new idea: We’d been trying all along to move Curry’s deal for an expiring contract to get further under the cap, but nobody would touch the deal (since they know he’s a basketball zero). Since we already have enough room under the cap for two max players, but the new problem is we only have a bench but no starters for LeBron+One to play with, why not instead try and use Eddy’s 2011 expiring contract to add a quality player or two THIS summer to fill out the team a little and give the FA max player imports some extra help?

    Who would want Curry? Ideally, a team that isn’t targeting this summer’s free agent market, but next summer’s market (In other words, teams that already are capped out (or close) for the 2010-2011 season and plan on sucking, but have other expiring money for next summer whom they’d love to add Curry’s dead weight to to make a larger splash).

    What would we want? Players who have no more than one or two years on their deals beyond Curry’s, so we’re not really detrimentally affecting our long-term cap considerations, but who can actually play basketball and provide value as part of a bench. Alternatively, someone who would be a legit third scoring option to play with the guys we have wouldn’t be that bad of a trade.

    Also, all these deals must be cap-neutral for the 2010-2011 season so we can make them and still sign two studs.

    So, ideas:

    1.) NYK trades Curry to SAC for G Beno Udrih, G/F Francisco Garcia, and F Joey Dorsey: Udrih is a decent combo guard, and Garcia is a turnover machine but a capable scorer. Dorsey provides rebounding and is dirt cheap. The problem is that both Udrih has 3 more years after this one and Garcia has 4 more; while they’re both making smaller AAVs than Curry and actually contribute basketball wise (making them slightly more re-tradable), the length of those future dollars is prohibitive.

    2.) NYK trades Curry to DET for F Charlie Villanueva and F/C Jason Maxiell: An upgraded version of the above deal. The Pistons are horribly capped out and would love to unload future money; Villanueva has 3 post-Curry years (in the 7-8M range per) and Maxiell has two post-Curry years at 5M each. Neither salary is horrible (they’re both overpaid, but not much) and they’d add nice size/length/post presence to the NYK bench. It’s a little too much money, but it’s not a horrible move.

    3.) NYK trades Curry to GSW for F Corey Maggette and F Kelenna Azubuike: I like this one. Maggette has two post-Curry years at 10M each, Azubuike expires after the year. Adding a slashing wing finisher of Maggette’s caliber to LeBron’s fast break would be a lovely weapon; his salary would be decently sized, but he’d be worth it as the 3rd/4th option, IMO. This makes more sense, though, if we don’t target Joe Johnson as LeBron’s wingman and instead go for Bosh or even Stoudamire.

    4.) NYK trades Curry to TOR for F Hedo Turkoglu and G Sonny Weems: See above. Same concept (turn Curry’s 11M into the third-scoring option for the two incoming max contract players), but less palatable since Hedo is a.) older, b.) more expensive, c.) under contract longer, and d.) not as good as Maggette.

    5.) NYK trades Curry to LAC for G Baron Davis: BOOM. Straight salary dump, holmes. Baron would be an excellent PG here in NYC (he hates losing in LA and he’s MADE for this city) for the LeBron show, and this deal gets the ClipSet out of two more post-Curry years of Baron’s money (at 13M and 14M) so they can start clean with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon. It works for us, but I doubt the Clips do it (not enough reward without us including some picks, which we won’t and can’t, and they don’t really need to shed salary, they can keep Baron and still add pieces). Still, though… it’s the Clips. Anything is possible.


    • donttradecano says:

      choice 3 please. Azubuike plays great D if im not mistaken and can score.

      So roster looks like this:


    • Mike HC says:

      No doubt the Knicks should use Curry’s contract as an asset when the time comes, but that is more likely to happen during next seasons trading deadline than this off season. Why would a team want to pay Curry’s contract for the entire season when they could probably get the same deal at next trading deadline and pay him half the amount, considering Curry is going to give you nothing on the court and the guys you named will at least be contributors for their team.

      From the Knicks perspective though, yea, of course they should do that.

      • Mike HC says:

        I would take choice 5 though, not that the clips would do that deal, as you wrote.

        • Mike HC says:

          I hate the first two trades. Especially the second one.

          • I think Villanueva and Maxiell would provide solid value to the 2010-2011 Knicks. Especially if they’re playing as essentially the 4-6 options behind LeBron, Bosh/Johnson, Chandler, Gallinari, Walker, etc.

            They’re not as bad as you think. The contracts that really are screwing the Pistons are the Hamilton/Prince/Gordon deals. Villanueva’s only making 7 per, and Maxiell’s making 5 per. For what they can do (if they’re playing with good players like Bron and Bosh), that’s okay.

            • Mike HC says:

              I hate Villianueva’s game, or lack thereof. Then tack on his pretty bad contract and I just don’t see how that would really be much of a help. I have not done an extensive analysis of the Knicks cap situation for 2011 and beyond if they sign two max players, but I would have to think that just letting Curry’s deal expire would be better than adding Villianueva and Maxiell.

              • The problem with evaluating NBA players is how radically different they are when playing with a good player or without one.

                Charlie Villanueva looks pretty pedestrian when the best guy he’s playing with is Tayshaun Prince or Andrew Bogut. If he was LeBron’s wingman, however, he’s getting nothing but open looks and drivable lanes. He’s a MUCH better player if all he has to do is work in space created by a defense keying on an truly elite player.

                • Mike HC says:

                  I definitely agree that LeBron would make him a much better player offensively. The same would be true for any spot up shooter who can’t create their own shots. Defensively though, he is hopeless.

                  He would be a decent offensive stretch 4 for Lebron coming off the bench, but an absolute sieve on D. Bosh, Gallo and Villanueva as our top three bigs would be atrocious.

                  Maxiell is a tough player but is nothing you can’t find in the second round. Not someone you trade for.

                • Mike HC says:

                  Atrocious on D I mean.

                • I’ll agree. They’re both better than Eddy Curry, though… that’s all I’m going for here.

                • Mike HC says:

                  So are me and you I bet :)

                  I see what you are getting that though and I agree too. Lets use Curry’s expiring contract for actual contributors, not just cap space for this off season.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Could we pull off your trade for Baron Davis is we included Tony Douglas as the needed supplemental piece? I am a fan of Davis’s play and his presence here will definitely excite the Garden faithful. Davis would also give the Knicks some veteran leadership.

  25. Fabio says:

    If I may say something,from someone that rarely posts, the memes and inside jokes are not that bad, and probably contribute to a loyal fanbase. But there is some sort of frequent bashing of non-regulars and bullying of other opinions that gets tiresome.

    I´ve seen plenty of regulars mock other posters as stupid and uneducated, and sometimes just make offhand remarks of how they don´t understand the numbers and projections, which is bad in itself, but even worse when you consider that these same regulars really have just an average understanding of these numbers and stats, and frequently misuse the concepts.

    • You make a solid point, sometimes we can be too mean initially (myself included).

      Still, though, in defense of the board regulars, the overwhelming majority of these harsher comments aren’t directed at those newbies (who may or may not have an extensive knowledge of baseball or sabermetrics) but at habitual line-steppers like SBGL or mryankee, guys who don’t simply “have just an average understanding of these numbers and stats, and frequently misuse the concepts” but guys who repeatedly and chronically say horrendously dumb shit and refuse to think or speak clearly but maintain that they’re the geniuses and all that the rest of us are the idiots, despite the fact that we actually took the time to research things and look at them calmly and dispassionately without bias or preconception.

      Newbies can get caught in that crossfire, and that’s wrong and we need to check ourselves if/when we do that. But I’ll only apologize so far for blasting SBGL for being an idiot. Some shit is self-evident.

      • Drew says:

        “habitual line-steppers”

        Chappelle ftmfw.

      • pete says:

        that. people do eventually get tired of making cogent, cohesive arguments in response to the opinions of certain fellows only to have their entire arguments (which are almost exclusively, at least for the regulars, evidenced by factual data) dismissed in entirety the next time said person wants to make the same exact argument.

        people take time to listen to opinions, and they take time to respond. It gets really frustrating when those responses are ignored entirely. Nobody wants to be a jerk about it, but it’s understandable when it happens when people won’t make adjustments in their arguments to further the discussion, but rather opt for passively belligerent assertion of their own higher correctness via repetition of the same previously debunked notions. also, just as some masquerade opinion as fact, others mistake fact for opinion. this is incredibly annoying.

        I realize that there are times when some of the regs here (myself included) reach levels of borderline condescension towards others, but it’s not a superiority complex thing, and I do know that all of us try our absolute best to avoid being harsh to new commenters. But there are people who seemingly can’t be convinced of ANYTHING that wasn’t their original opinion. This is maddening. Why bother reading a blog if you already know all the right answers anyway? I can guarantee you that any of the regulars (including the RABbis) have been convinced of something with which they originally disagreed, because when you are constantly discussing things and actually listening to what others have to say, your opinions are bound to change, because nobody is right 100% of the time. It’s only the people who believe they are who get trashed, and even when they do, it’s not nearly as bad as on most other blogs, as personal attacks will get you an immediate ban here.

    • Mike HC says:

      The first time I ever posted was last spring training, after I saw Joba’s decreased velocity.

      I posted something saying that Joba has lost his velocity from last year and I was “concerned.”

      Little did I know, since I just started reading/commenting, the regulars here already had conversation after conversation about Joba’s velocity and ripped me for using a spring training start to judge his velocity. (He was at around 90, even high 80′s when I made the comment, so Joba did get some of the velocity back, just not all of it).

      Part of the problem is that the regulars can get sick of talking/commenting about the same topics, so when a fresh poster, posts the same arguments that have been thrown around for weeks, the regulars can get restless.

    • Cecala says:

      Honestly, I started reading RAB in January, and it only took me a week to get caught up with all meme’s in this forum. Once I finally started getting them, it made this forum a lot funnier. I would wait for Bo to post so I can enjoy the comments afterwards. The meme’s are not bad, they take a little time to get used to but are worth it in the end.

  26. Moshe Mandel says:

    On the whole Joba-Hughes-Aceves debate above, I crowdsourced the numbers on Twitter last night, and then ran the projections. Statistically, any of the three options is within a few runs of the other over a full season, so it makes sense to make the decision based on developmental concerns.

    • Steve H says:

      it makes sense to make the decision based on developmental concerns.

      Very well put, and nice work. If you could guarantee Ace would be 5% better than Joba or Phil in the rotation, you likely wouldn’t do it due to the developmental concerns. And the thing is, you can’t guarantee that, so all things being equal (and for now they are), you lean towards what helps the 2011-2016 Yankees without hurting the 2010 Yankees.

    • Agreed. As awesome as Hughes or Joba may look in the bullpen, the difference between one of them in the 8th and Aceves/Robertson/Marte/Park in the next tier of bullpen leverage above them isn’t that much different than Aceves/Robertson/Marte/Park in the 8th alone.

      Meanwhile, the difference between Aceves as the 5th starter and Joba/Hughes as the fifth starter is probably a wash if we get mediocre/bad Joba or Hughes, but it can be a large difference if we get good Joba/Hughes.

      If, say, Hughes was eliminated and it was only an even flip-flop of Joba 5th starter/Aceves 7th inning/Robertson 8th inning v. Aceves 5th starter/Joba 8th inning/Robertson 7th inning, the slight downgrade of the Robertson/Aceves bullpen is well worth the gamble on the upside of the Joba starter.

      Add the loser of the Joba/Hughes race into the bullpen, though, and it’s a slam dunk. All three pitchers can be dominant relievers. All three can be effective 5th starters. Only two of them can be elite relievers, but only two of them can be elite starters, either. Ace isn’t either an elite starter or an elite reliever; that means he should be eliminated from either the 5th starter role or the 8th inning role and should go to mid-leverage innings in the pen.

      It’s either Joba or Hughes for the 5th starter, the loser to the 8th inning, and then both of them to the rotation in 2011. Aceves is a bullpen guy. A great one, sure, but a bullpen guy.

  27. Jim S says:

    I would venture to guess most of the lurkers, such as myself, are somewhere in between. I definitely think the memes and movie quotes, even while applicable, have hijacked most of the discussions.

    And I think Mike’s mostly asking for patience. If someone doesn’t know how to use the reply button or doesn’t use proper grammar/sentence structure, ask them nicely once. If they get rude and abrasive, ignore them. But don’t get into a flame war.

    Would it be a terrible idea to bookmark a link to a fantastic description of why Joba/Phil are better suited to become starters, with the intent of posting said link when someone asks why that’s we believe? Then, instead of hijacked threads, someone replies with a simple, “This has been a huge topic of conversation, why don’t you read the exchange we had previously, and then ask questions if you don’t understand something?” and post the link.

    Dunno, seems like it could be a time and space saver. In an ideal world. And if they’re unwilling to read the description, I think ignoring them is a fair response. But the constant whining and name-calling and bashing of the less-enlightened is an absolute turn-off to a lot of new readers, and I have to guess it annoys some of the regulars too.

    • Would it be a terrible idea to bookmark a link to a fantastic description of why Joba/Phil are better suited to become starters, with the intent of posting said link when someone asks why that’s we believe? Then, instead of hijacked threads, someone replies with a simple, “This has been a huge topic of conversation, why don’t you read the exchange we had previously, and then ask questions if you don’t understand something?” and post the link.

      That’s a fair idea.

      In fact, perhaps we should do some preseason posts along the lines of “Why Great Debate X that has been discussed ad nauseam should be settled fact” posts one last time to let people get their ideas out, and then serve as the new, fresh, re-settled posts of record outlining why we as board regulars think what we think.

  28. Thoughts on this fantasy team? H2H category (12 batting, 12 pitching), 11 teams:

    C McCann
    1B Swish
    2B Phillips
    3B A-Rod
    SS Tulo
    OF Bruce
    OF Borbon
    OF Hawpe
    UTIL Stewart
    UTIL Nicky J
    UTIL Napoli

    SP Greinke
    SP JJ
    SP Jimenez
    SP Kershaw
    SP Anderson
    SP Wade Davis
    SP Dempster
    SP Cahill
    SP Feliz

    BN Stubbs
    BN Chris Young the hitter
    BN Peralta
    BN Blanks

  29. Accent Shallow says:

    Reasons I can’t wait for Opening Day, #57:

    So people stop posting their fantasy teams.

    Don’t care!

  30. nycornerstone says:

    lol people just love writing down the names

  31. pete says:

    boo on the meme/inside joke cutbacks. I think that they help make RAB as awesome as it is.

  32. nycornerstone says:

    if posada goes down will yanks trade jesus to the twins for joe mauer

  33. nycornerstone says:

    since mauers a free agent in 11 jesus and joba should do it

  34. nycornerstone says:

    fine me pops, maybe im just a kid

  35. Jay says:

    Good evening, all.

    Can someone please post the link to the Yankee Stadium seat selector? I bookmarked it previously, but MLB (or the Yankees) changed the destination.

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW, I hope everyone was able to purchase (extra) Opening Day tickets today.

  36. 28 next year says:

    To fix the repeated posts, just ignore what people say. I am not a regular but I show up occasionly but I read like everything. Just don’t respond and those people will understand what they are asking has probably been answered and will get the message. Eventually they will stop asking the same question and the comments will be less cluttered. There is nothing saying you have to respond to everything.

  37. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So today at school I get ridiculed by every Yankee AND Mets fan for saying Joba will have breakthrough year and why his innings limits were necessary. I was called the biggest retard in the school who only agrees with the Yankees because I’m a bandwagoner.

    Should I start writing my “HAHA I’M RIGHT BOW DOWN TO ME SPEECH?”

  38. thurdonpaul says:

    i just have my 2 cents to put in as far as the regulars at times kinda bashing the newbies and/or those that do not comment often.

    i have alot more important things that im thinking of then worrying about perfect grammer and puncuation on a baseball blog site, in my mind this is an escape from normal everyday pressures, if it can not be enjoyable to post here without fear of ridicule i dont see the point. i know my grammer is not perfect, but i believe it is good enough to get my point across and i dont see the need to harass people for mispelling or other minor issues.

    i believe pretty much everyone of us here are yankee fans, we should be able to figure out a way for all of us to enjoy the terrific work the RABbis do here.

    thank you.

    • You put forth an effort, even if it’s small. Effort goes a long way. You’re good with me.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      All Drew said is spell correctly. He did not say it in a condescending tone he simply asked for correct spelling on at least the NAME.

      Then dan proceeded to be insulting in response. Grammar doesn’t need to be 100 percent but at least give some thought onto it so it’s legible.

      • thurdonpaul says:

        i wasnt responding to anyone in particular, just in general.

        i do enjoy this site very much, for the most part you regulars here are a very good group with great knowledge of the yankees, i would love to see that knowledge be used in a more pleasant way. thats my humble opinion.

    • Yeah I agree. I think that this site is pretty much a place to come, read hopefully smart well thought out arguments regarding our beloved yankees. The funny inside jokes and meme’s are should just be in compliment to the yankee info. If some one wants has an argument that others disagree with, as long as its well thought out and not complete bullshit, let them put their two cents in.

      I would agree that its slightly off putting when you don’t comment much. I certainly am not a regular, but once you post once or twice, I mean, the regulars that people say “bash” non-regulars human beings, not comment nazi’s.

      it is what is (words to live by)

    • eh if someone gets on me a bout punctuation i tell em to eff off…but no one does, cause even though i dont give a shit about spelling or grammer i make cohesive well thought out rational points.

      it really does go a long way. even if your points are batshit insane but you have tangible evidence to back ti up it at least has to be discussed

  39. Also the guys name who took that photo is Bebeto. Short for something or just plain odd?

  40. Accent Shallow says:

    I am not a scout (which plays a poor second fiddle to my favorite Internet acronym: I Am Not A Lawyer), but from watching Montero’s swing in the ST games/highlight videos, I’m a little less excited than I was previously.

    He’s really going to hit for power on the MLB level with that?

  41. bexarama says:

    oh Hawk Harrelson. I missed you so much. HE GONE!!!

  42. Stephen in Brazil says:

    Every American male needs to go to Brazil. You don’t need any game, you only need to be American. It is fantastic.

  43. Tom Zig says:

    I have the 8th pick out of 12 in my fantasy league. Ugh. Is there a worse pick than that?

    Any advice on who to take first if available?

  44. Cecala says:

    Is it just me, or are the Lakers never able to cover their spread? I made an initiative to always bet against the Lakers and I have been winning more. After watching spreads and basketball, its amazing to see why Kobe has all those buzzer beaters.

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