Report: Yanks likely to trade Gaudin or Mitre


Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees are “almost certain” to trade either Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre before Opening Day given the team’s depth at the back of the rotation. He mentions that the Diamondbacks – who have Ian Kennedy penciled in as their number three starter at the moment – are looking for rotation help, but I’ll add the Mets and Dodgers to the mix as well. Both Gaudin and Mitre and out of options, so they would have to clear waivers to be sent to the minors, which won’t happen. Trading them is clearly the way to go.

At a $2.95M salary for 2010, Gaudin makes more than three times as much as Mitre. He’ll also be a free agent after the season, while Mitre still has another season of arbitration eligibility coming to him. Mitre has been better this spring and is opening some eyes, but I’d look to deal him over Gaudin without thinking twice. There’s nothing in his track record to suggest he’s a better pitcher, while Gaudin has proven to be a league average AL pitcher (101 ERA+ in 463.2 IP in the AL) with a strikeout rate that has improved three straight years to the point of nearly one per inning. Neither player is going to fetch much in a trade, a Grade-C prospect at best, so I’d certainly keep the guy that would be more useful to the Yankees this season.

  • SamVa

    If he were to go the D-Backs way.. any one specific you think he could fetch?

    • bexarama


      Sorry for the non-helpful answer

    • Zack

      I would guess it would be a PTBNL, they’d give Cashman a list of 3 names or something and tell him to pick one.

      It’s not going to be anything significant- the usual starter who doesnt have the ‘stuff’ to make it as a starter in the bigs, the reliver who has no control, the fast OF who cant hit, the nifty fielding IF who cant hit, etc.

    • matt gilbert

      i think the yanks will get a player to be named later if they deal gaudin or mitre

  • Steve H

    I agree they should trade Mitre. I’m guessing, due to Gaudin’s salary being 3x higher, that despite being a better pitcher, they’d bring similar returns.

  • YankeeScribe

    I prefer to keep Gaudin

    • The Three Amigos

      He has proven he can spot start and pitch out of the pen. So I would agree, despite his $3M salary.

      • Steve H

        Agreed. The $3 million is well worth the better pitcher to the Yankees.

  • FMV

    with Gaudin’s ability to start and relieve at a fairly high level in the AL, one would have to believe the yankees would prefer to keep him over Mitre.

    but on the flip side…Gaudin would almost certainly net the yankees more on the trade market.

    • bexarama

      maybe not when you consider what he’s getting paid vs. what Mitre’s getting paid

      • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

        plus mitre’s extra yr of team control. so youre getting him for 850 grand this yr and prob sdomething similar for next yr

        • FMV

          But your also getting a inferior player.

    • Bo

      Not to mention the fact that hes actually better than Mitre.

  • dkidd

    possibly stupid question:

    if all we can get is a grade c prospect, wouldn’t it be better to keep them both until the trading deadline in case something happens to aj or andy?

    • Matt Imbrogno

      There isn’t room unless they go with a three man bench.

    • Zack

      If you keep them both then you have to send Hughes, Joba, Ace or DRob down to AAA.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Or if they do that, which they’re very unlikely to do.

        • Zack

          Yeah, and having a 3 man bench (C, OF, IF) leaves you too thin. Plus if you have an 8 man bullpen, only Mo + primary set up guy would get work on a routine basis.

        • Chris

          Why are they unlikely to do that? You’re saying that they’d rather dump a player off for pennies on the dollar rather than sending one of those three to the minors? That doesn’t seem right to me.

          • Zack

            You’re making the assumption that you would get for more Mitre later than you would for now. If he’s just as bad as last year then you’re going to get less, and instead of having 1 of those 4 on the ML roster you’re giving innings to Mitre.

            (For the record I’d like the loser of the 5th spot to go to AAA but it seems thats not likely)

    • Steve H

      Not a stupid question, but then the issue is who do you send to the minors?

      If you’re in the send Hughes to the minors (Scranton till the stretch) to build his innings as a starter, there’s the answer. If not, then you need to find another player to send down.

      • dkidd

        stupid 25 man roster!

        it’s frustrating to have 2 guys who could jump immediately into a bunch of mlb rotations, and yet it seems like we’re not going to get back anything of value. where’s bill bavasi when you need him???

  • Omar

    I hope it’s Mitre.

    • Benjamin Kabak


      • Bo

        Because hes terrible.

      • FMV

        because Gaudin is a more proven pitcher. and the $2million difference is well worth it for a pitcher that can be more useful in the american league.

        • Jammy Jammers

          It just blew my mind that we’re talking about $2 million being such a small amount. I’m not criticizing anyone here, just wishing I was a mediocre MLB player.

          • Zack

            I wish I was a left handed reliever, you get contracts until you’re 40

            • indignant john maine

              40? why stop at 40?


  • Beamish

    I think the fact that Ace/Joba/Hughes all have Options means the Yankees do not have to leap on the first trade offered before the 25 man roster is set.

    They could send one down – likely Ace or Joba because the Hughes option clock ticks out in mid-April – with the purpose of keeping them “stretched out as a starter”. Hughes would still be in the pen if Joba is the 5th Starter since they do not need a 5th starter until more than two weeks into the season. This allows some of those trade suitors to see how awful their back-end is or the Yanks can leverage an early injury on a team with no depth.

    • dkidd

      i agree that the trade market for a viable back-of-the-rotation arm could change very quickly as we move into late april. i’m looking at you, omar minaya

      • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

        i agree that the trade market for a viable back-of-the-rotation arm to plug in as your number 2 behind your ace could change very quickly as we move into late april. i’m looking at you, omar minaya

        • indignant john maine

          what am i, chopped liver?

  • scoopemup

    Hoffman back to LA,then back to NY for Mitre.May be expanded if NY throws Miranda into the mix.Blake Dewitt perhaps?

  • Chris

    I’m still trying to figure out if this comment is based on anything out of the organization or just Sherman’s opinion. To me, it’s not clear that this is anything more than his personal speculation.

  • Drew

    I really want Mitre to stay so I’d rather deal Gaudin. I do understand why so many people want to get rid of the Serge but I really love that sinker and slider.

  • mustang

    I’m wondering if they would trade one of these guys for a bench bat. After today’s early game Thames is batting .120 and looked lost last night. Hoffmann is batting .136.

    • bobtaco

      They could still get Dukes for nothing.

      • mustang

        “Dukes didn’t perform during Spring Training, going 3-for-20 (.150) with five strikeouts. The team was alarmed that he couldn’t hit breaking balls, his defense had eroded and he was timed at 4.6 seconds from home to first base. It didn’t help that Dukes had knee problems.”

        On top of the other stuff no thanks.

  • jramey

    Mitre + Romine for Upton?

  • Jeff

    Why not get rid of both?

    I have a hard time dedicating a precious roster spot and paying Gaudin $3m for what he brings to the table. Aside from the 5th starter competition loser (Joba/Hughes) there is some depth. McAllister should be about ready and Hirsch looks like an interesting flyer as a starter. I am just not so sure Gaudin will be better than either one of them and I would rather see Melancon on the roster than Gaudin.

  • Bill

    Can never have too much pitching. NEVER.