Spring Training Game Thread: CC on TV


In his first outing of the spring, Yankee ace CC Sabathia allowed a pair of walks and a pair of hits in a pair of innings against the Phillies, which is about as uneventful as a Spring Training start can be. Remember when CC allowed five runs against the Tigers or something like that last year? Now that’s a story. Anyway, Sabathia takes the mound for the second time in the exhibition season this afternoon, facing the same Pirates’ squad the Yanks’ B-team one hit yesterday in Bradenton.

He’ll be opposed by Charlie Morton, one of the players Pittsburgh got back in the Nate McLouth trade. Nothing really to get excited about, maybe we’ll luck out and get to see some Jose Tabata or Dan McCutchen action. Ah the glory days of 2006 … no wait, I like 2010 better. Anyways, here’s the starting nine…

Jeter, SS
Johnson, DH
Posada, C
A-Rod, 3B
Granderson, CF
Swisher, RF
Winn, LF
Miranda, 1B
Russo, 2B

Scheduled Pitchers: CC Sabathia, Boone Logan, Dustin Moseley, Hector Noesi, Royce Ring, Romulo Sanchez (thanks to Mark Feinsand)

First pitch is scheduled for 1:05pm, and can be see on YES.

Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP


  1. Drew says:

    Ajax and Stras on Mlb Network.

  2. Vinny the Bull says:

    I already like Bob Lorenz more than Michael Kay.

  3. bexarama says:

    A guy with an OBP of .256 batting 2nd? (I don’t know if he normally bats second or if this is just a ST thing) Once again, I am very, very glad my mom grew up rooting for the right team.

  4. Andy_C_23 says:

    CC is a bum, trade him.

  5. bexarama says:

    So Aceves pitched four perfect innings against the Pirates the other day, and CC hasn’t gotten an out without giving up a run and having guys on second and third. Does this mean Aceves is now our ace?

  6. Mike Axisa says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  7. Drew says:

    In case you missed it, here’s Heyward’s bomb from yesterday;;c_id=mlb

    Not exactly sure where it lands, but it went far.

    • JGS says:

      wow, what a sound

    • bexarama says:

      “Great parents. There’s a lot to be said for scouting families, be it Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer or Dustin Pedroia or whoever.”

      Oh, Gammons. You just threw in that Dustin Pedroia thing before it went to press. (Isn’t Pedroia’s brother in jail for pedophilia?)

      • Drew says:

        It’s all semantics, other then that he’s a really great guy.

      • JGS says:

        is that bit on Iglesias at the end just thrown in there randomly or was it supposed to be part of a different article?

        • bexarama says:

          Dude, what are you talking about, it’s in there for totally a good reason. Iglesias = prospect. Heyward = prospect. They’re exactly the same.

          Peter Gammons

        • Hey ZZ says:

          People never stop talking about 20-year-old Cuban Jose Iglesias in Boston because of his hands, his energy, his intelligence, his mastering of the English language in months. They believe Iglesias is going to hit. They have a device to measure bat speed; Iglesias is second on the team, after Pedroia. They tested his sight; his eyes are the best on the team.

          He has 20/15 eyesight! OMGZ!

          Mike, why didn’t you include eyesight in your top 30 prospects write up?

          • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

            i’ve always wondered about that…i’ve got 20/10 (using both eyes, only 20/15 individually) but i can’t see stitches on a ball when its pitched…

            …mainly cause my eyes are closed cause i got Cervelli’d with an out of control fastball one day, but even before that…

    • Hey ZZ says:

      So I see Melky was separated from his buddy Cano and he is still a lazy.

      Could he trot around the bases any slower? The guy just does not play the game the right way.

  8. Vinny the Bull says:

    They’re certainly teeing off.

  9. mryankee says:

    Why is Heyward considere a better hitter than Montero. Monetro seemed to have better numbers and I did not see that Heywared even made it to double AA. His milb profile lists the carolina league and southern league

  10. Drew says:

    Heh, based on Flaherty’s logic with how Joba looked in his first 1.1 innings, Hughes is ahead of CC on the depth chart too!

  11. Andy_C_23 says:

    Too much complacency

  12. Vinny the Bull says:

    Granderson looks a little funky out there.

  13. Gor says:

    Joba’s performance suddenly looks a lot better.

  14. Drew says:

    So if Nathan is actually able to pitch this year, he should have no problem keeping that elbow warm and loose up in Minny..

  15. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    i got pedro alvarez;s autograph the same game he hit a 3 run hr and played all 9 innings. he did make 2 errors on easy plays but hey whatever, its the pirates

  16. Andy_C_23 says:


  17. Mike Axisa says:

    Nick Johnson put a hurtin’ on that ball.


    • pete says:


      (I see what you did there but i have no idea what DUCWIDT means)

      (actually i did, i just like long acronyms)

  18. Drew says:

    It’s gonna be a good year.

    Nick the Stick!

  19. Vinny the Bull says:

    Nick’s not doing a home run trot. That’s how fast he normally runs.

  20. Vinny the Bull says:

    Nice spot for Granderson, here.

  21. Steve H says:

    Nick the Stick, finally not clogging the bases.

  22. Drew says:

    Frickin’ laser

  23. Riddering says:

    Alright, Winn, time to become a Yankee hero.

  24. JGS says:

    hey, Texas picked up Edwar. Good luck not giving up home runs there

  25. bexarama says:

    Randy Winn has a weird swing/stance

  26. Drew says:

    Poor Cisco. Ha “hopefully no more hitting my head..”

  27. Drew says:

    Mike, you think Russo gets some time over in left in Scranton this year? If Grittastic doesn’t work out, Russo may be a heck of a 9 hitter.

  28. Rose says:

    Sabathia – 2.0 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 1 SO, 1 HR, 9.00 ERA = (SAFE)

  29. Rose says:

    Our starting pitching aside from Vasquez has been looking pretty awful…

  30. YankeesJunkie says:

    CC is done. I mean if he can’t pitch well in his second spring training start then he might as well pack it up. I mean its almost like CC is not putting 100% concentration in this game or cares about the result of this game. arrrgh. lol.

    • Andy_C_23 says:

      CC = constantly complacent. Winning the World Series last year was the worst thing that could have happened to this team.

    • Steve H says:

      Win or get out©

      • (golf clap)

        Michael/Jake is a meme goldmine. And, unlike alex gonzalez, he’s real.

        (The proof, IMO, is the fact that he changed names to avoid suspicion and denied it when explicitly pressed on the matter. A true sockpuppet, Jose-style, would have maintained his pseudonym to drive the satire home.)

        • bexarama says:

          I don’t think Michael is Jake, at all. They are, however, both sadly misguided.

          • ROBTEN says:

            It was quasi-confirmed:


            Although they could actually be two people using the same computer, which, I guess, Bo could technically be as well, which means…

            Oh. My. God.

            There’s a boarding house somewhere which rents only to the batshit insane.

            • Steve H says:

              There’s a boarding house somewhere which rents only to the batshit insane.

              Repeated for extended laughter.

            • bexarama says:

              wait, BO has the same IP address as those guys too?!?!?

              • I don’t think so.

                It wouldn’t make sense, anyway: Jake/Michael use proper punctuation. SBGL doesn’t. They don’t fit each other’s profiles.

                They both name-hop, but they’re two separate (yet equally irrational) entities.

                • Tom Zig says:

                  I really want to meet these characters in real life. Like are they this irrational in person? Like if it rains for more than 2 days at a time do they run to the local home depot and stock up on ply-wood and duct tape?

                • SBGL’s pediatrician:
                  Well, your son’s sensorimotor skills are solid, but his speech functioning isn’t developing quite as rapidly as I’d like and there’s a bit of a lisp developing; maybe you should read with him a little more and enunciate clearly so he hears properly.

                  On the whole, though, it’s nothing to be concerned about. He’s only 24 months old; lisps are very common and he’ll likely grow out of it in no time.

                  clearly hes a bust, only crazy left wing wackos like Eric would ever think he could amount to shit.

                  total waste of a Grant family roster space.

                  what was my wife thinking when she gave birth to this child ?????

                  … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, SCENE!

              • ROBTEN says:

                Nope. I was just pitching an idea for a horror movie:

                House of 1000 Single Named Posters on RAB who Spout Endless Streams of Ridiculous Nonsense

                I’m still working on the title.

          • They both:

            A.) used “http://none/” as their handle URI’s
            B.) use the same IP address, according to Pawlikowski
            C.) use simple, short, common, non-descript first names only (reminiscent of our old friend Sal/Bo/Grant/Lanny) with no personality or uniqueness
            D.) repeat the same tired media tropes about “chemistry over talent” and “True Yankee-ness” and “not being able to handle the pressure of NYC” and the like
            E.) venerate the Core Four and the other ancillary members of the title teams as being above criticism, but heap all the “blame” for the non-title years on the newcomers like ARod and Vazquez
            F.) exhibit the same bullet-point style of commenting
            G.) seem incapable of exhibiting deep thought or dispassionate realism, relying instead on small sample size anecdotal evidence and visceral, gut reactions

            Also, “Jake” came in out of nowhere, said a bunch of dumb shit, got housed, mysteriously disappeared (without being banned) last week, when nobody named “Michael” said anything on record. This week, “Jake” is conspicuously absent, but somebody else with the same URL pattern and same IP address named “Michael” is parroting his style and substance, commenting up a storm.

            They’re the same person. Book it.

            • Steve H says:

              I thought someone confirmed the other day that he wasn’t Jake.

              Now that we know, I am personally recommencing Operation:Shutdown

              • Yes. The person who confirmed the other day that Michael was not, in fact, Jake was…

                … Michael.

                • Steve H says:

                  I thought one of the RABbi’s confirmed it.

                • I think Mike implied that Michael was not Jake and told us to stop accusing commenters of secretly being other commenters. It was so blatantly obvious that Michael is Jake, though – Jake suddenly disappeared when Michael suddenly appeared, they both use “none” as their URL, and they made the same kind of comments in the same voice. It didn’t take a detective to figure it out and it’s not at all surprising that it’s been confirmed.

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  I’m pretty sure I said that Jake was not Bo. Michael = Jake, or at least it’s someone using the same computer.

                • Yeah, that. Someone (JMK?) accused Michael/Jake of being SBGL, and Axisa shot that down. Nobody (other than “Michael”) ever specifically said that Jake and Michael were not the same person.

                • Oh, my bad, that sounds right. When Jake appeared we questioned if he was Bo, which was apparently incorrect, but when MIchael appeared we questioned whether he was Jake, which was correct.

                  My bad, I confused the two, you’re right.

                • I think the someone who accused Jake of being Bo, or at least asked him if he was Bo, was me… Although it was probably more than just one of us, I think a few people wondered the same thing.

                • Although in my defense, because I understand why Mike doesn’t want people throwing around accusations like that all the time and I know that was a mark against me, I also initiated RAB Operation Shutdown, so I gotta at least be coming out about even in this whole thing. You win some, you lose some.

                • Steve H says:

                  Ok, I got it now, I misremembered* how that all went down. Had I fully known Jake=Michael, I wouldn’t have wasted time in the Vasquez thread and stuck with RAB Operation Shutdown

                  *H/T Roger Clemens

                • Rose says:

                  The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

                  March 9th, 2010 at 3:06 pm
                  Oh, my bad, that sounds right. When Jake appeared we questioned if he was Bo, which was apparently incorrect, but when MIchael appeared we questioned whether he was Jake, which was correct.

                  My bad, I confused the two, you’re right.

                  Simon: Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet your captain, Captain Oveur.
                  Clarence Oveur: Gentlemen, welcome aboard.
                  Simon: Captain, your navigator, Mr. Unger, and your first officer, Mr. Dunn.
                  Clarence Oveur: Unger.
                  Unger: Oveur.
                  Dunn: Oveur.
                  Clarence Oveur: Dunn. Gentlemen, let’s get to work.
                  Simon: Unger, didn’t you serve under Oveur in the Air Force?
                  Unger: Not directly. Technically, Dunn was under Oveur and I was under Dunn.
                  Dunn: Yep.
                  Simon: So, Dunn, you were under Oveur and over Unger.
                  Unger: Yep.
                  Clarence Oveur: That’s right. Dunn was over Unger and I was over Dunn.
                  Unger: So, you see, both Dunn and I were under Oveur, even though I was under Dunn.
                  Clarence Oveur: Dunn was over Unger, and I was over Dunn.

                • No, I merely noted the distinct possibility of Michael being Jake. I didn’t make any SBGL connection.

                • JMK – Actually, you did ask, and then I followed up your question and asked again when he responded but it didn’t seem that he had answered that particular question, I just looked it up to refresh my memory. Nobody went nuts with accusations, but the Jake/SBGL question was definitely tossed out there.


                • No kidding. Don’t remember that at all; I just remember making the Michael/Jake connection and Axisa putting his foot down.

                  Thanks for the clarification.

                • Yeah… There’s been so much BS related to that character, it’s tough to remember it all. Thus, Operation Shutdown, it’s the only reasonable response.

                • Arguing with them only feeds the beast. Although fun, it’s a poor allocation of (commenting) resources.

                  There are a few people that should be on the RAB O:S list.

            • bexarama says:

              oh, wow, I missed that thing with the IP address. Jake venerated O’Neill and Michael just said he stunk, plus they seemed to have different styles of typing, so yeah.

  31. bexarama says:

    which place panics more: LoHud or NYYFans?

    • Chip says:

      LoHud, they have moderators who run stories that sometimes seem to intentionally get people up in arms. It’s better now without PeteAbe but then again they had something on there today about how A-Rod’s involvement in this investigation is going to mess up his season

    • randy l. says:

      come on over if you think you can keep up.

      • rbizzler says:

        Oh noes. Randy L. is here! What is the RAB world coming to?!

        Will you be gracing us with your tales of bullpen catching, a treatise or two on how the Yanks wronged CMW or how real scouts drink beer and eat chicken wings?

        /rolls eyes

      • bexarama says:

        yeah, I can keep up fine, I just don’t enjoy like 75 posts of people talking about their cats and/or panicking about everything. Thanks, though.

        • randy l. says:

          yeah, that conversation about Jake/Michael/Bo was real interesting. i can see why you wouldn’t want to give that up.

          • bexarama says:

            I actually did find it kind of entertaining.

            But, whatever. I’m honestly not trying to start a fight. LoHud is a really good blog and there are quality people who comment there. I don’t remember your username, but I’m sure you’re fine. I just prefer these comment sections because I feel like they’re way less likely to go into mass panic over everything.

          • rbizzler says:

            At least it was tangentially about baseball and not about Sesame Street…

  32. Andy_C_23 says:

    The need to bring in more hungry players, like Nick The Stick

  33. Tom Zig says:

    So much for Nick’s back hurting.

  34. Salty Buggah says:

    JIMP x 2

  35. Rose says:

    Check that…

    Sabathia: 2.1 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 1 BB, 2 SO, 1 HR, 10.38 ERA = (SAFE)


  36. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Right now the only pitcher than can get out Nick Johnson is Casey…..ah screw it, everyone already knows.

  37. Drew says:

    Guys shouldn’t be trying to break up the double play like that in ST, imo. I know these guys are trying to make the team but it’s really unnecessary.

  38. Mike HC says:

    Now that I’m thinking about it, we should have held on to Melky for his first month explosion, then traded him. That one month of production could have been huge. I’m half kidding about this.

  39. theyankeewarrior says:

    But how will teh Yankees make up for ALL DOSE HOME RUNZ DAT DAMON AND GAAHDZILLAH HIT???!?!???!??!??11/1/?1/?? Nick Johnson only hit EIGHT!!!!!? LAST SEASON??

  40. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Did nayone else see highlights of Aroldis Chapman on MLB Network? Dude can throw a helluva fastball. He’s like a toro in a tienda de porcelana.

  41. Joe just told Flash to suck it.

  42. Drew says:


  43. That was a shot at Jeter.

  44. bexarama says:

    Curtis Granderson is never getting a hit. He is such a bust.

  45. Drew says:

    Hey that’s C-Grand’s first hit of the Spring.

  46. Drew says:

    haha Swish was pissed. It’s Spring brotha! chillax

  47. Rose says:

    Who needs pitching?? Resurrect the 2004-2008 Yankees and power our way to winning!!


  48. southeryankeefan says:

    The nationals play by play guy said Zimmerman got the gold glove because,”he stuck his nose in a lot of balls at third base”.

  49. Drew says:

    Bob Lorenz is the man.

  50. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Tell me what JoVa does when he hits. I’m at work, on the worst computer in the world.

  51. Longo says:

    Did CC just say “my backside is big”? good times

  52. Chip says:

    Should be about Jesus time shouldn’t it?

  53. Drew says:

    wtf was the first baseman doing? Ha he got the death stare from the catcher.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      Was it Pittsburgh’s duo or was it Jesus vs. JoVa a/k/a Godzilla vs. Rodan?

      • Drew says:


        It was a high pop up that ended up being caught about 15 feet from home plate. The catcher was clearly under the ball and the first baseman came barreling in and almost made the catcher drop it.

  54. bexarama says:

    because it’s ST and these games mean nothing, that spectacular defense made me actually laugh out loud.

  55. Drew says:

    Shockingly, Flaherty is actually not too bad without that jackass Kay.

  56. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Is it too early to cast Boone Logan down with the Sodomites?

  57. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Why does the MLB boxscore have Akinori Iwamura pitching in the 8th?

  58. Drew says:

    Damn Alvarez has a gun.

  59. bexarama says:

    OMG! All our pitchers suck. Why are they getting beat up?!

    /Rose’d (sorry)

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