After talk, MLB ‘very happy’ with A-Rod

Open Thread: The 2010 New York Yankees
On the brink of the start, thinking of repeating

A-Rod tees off during Friday\’s Grapefruit League action. (AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Although Alex Rodriguez never had an opportunity during Spring Training to meet with the feds investigation Anthony Galea, the Yanks’ third baseman did speak with Major League Baseball’s own investigators late last week. According to subsequent reports, MLB officials were, in the words of A-Rod, “very happy” with his answers.

Michael S. Schmidt of The Times reports that A-Rod denied receiving any performance-enhancing drugs from Dr. Galea. Rodriguez says he received anti-inflammatories for his hip from Galea but did nothing illegal. “It went well,” A-Rod said to reporters. “I cooperated. They were very happy. And that’s it. I can’t really get into it that much.”

Meanwhile, A-Rod’s meeting with the feds may finally happen this week, the Daily News reports. Originally scheduled for Thursday, the meeting was postponed when A-Rod’s lawyers requested an extension. They wanted to avoid a media scrum in Buffalo. Yankee and MLB officials, however, would prefer to see this interview over and done with, and there’s an outside chance that the feds will accept notes from A-Rod’s meeting with MLB in lieu of a statement from A-Rod himself.

As various news outlets have reported, the Yankees have been less than thrilled with A-Rod for his connection to Galea. Both the team and Marc Philippon, the doctor who preformed A-Rod’s hip surgery last spring, say they never gave Galea the OK to treat Rodriguez, and A-Rod apparently went to the Canadian doctor himself.

The Yankees have two days off this week, and hopefully, the government can find the time for A-Rod then. I want to be optimistic and say that once A-Rod meets with the feds as a witness, this will be the last we hear of Galea this year. With A-Rod, though, you just never know.

Open Thread: The 2010 New York Yankees
On the brink of the start, thinking of repeating
  • Dela G

    man i wonder why no one cared about jose reyes and beltran’s involvement with this doctor. the national media made this too much of a story.

    thank the lord for tomorrow

    *it’s a good thing you guys are following up though, but NESPN needs to leave it be already

    • Salty Buggah

      I understand A-Rod/Yankees are more important and scandalous, meaning they’ll have more attention, but I agree. You can’t really single out one guy, even if he’s previously admitted to using PEDs.

      (Speaking of NESPN, anyone excited to watch Schilling and Nomar tomorrow night?)

      • ROBTEN

        (Speaking of NESPN, anyone excited to watch Schilling and Nomar tomorrow night?)

        They’re going to have to declare a national emergency from all of the intelligence and wit…excuse me, I mean stupidity and sh*t…that will fill airwaves tomorrow.

        I expect endless discussions about Joba going to the pen “where he belongs,” about how smart Theo is for going with pitching and defense, about how the Red Sox are poised to take the East because they’re hungry and the Yankees are complacent and tired, about the fake ARod PED story…and maybe they’ll talk about the game too, but only if the Sox are winning so that they can talk about why “heart” and “grit” always win over “stats” and “money”.

        • bexarama

          and we’ll get to hear about how clutch and awesome “Papi” is. Still.

          Not looking to start the debate again but the national JTTP obsession confuses me. I know, 2007 Joba was pretty crazy awesome, but like, come on, starters are more valuable than relievers. I wouldn’t expect the NY Post or Joe Morgan to know this. But when Joe Posnanski writes an article talking about how Joba should be in the pen, and he uses Goose Gossage as his reasoning, I just

          Also ROBTEN you forgot to mention that the Yankees are old and that they will miss Damon and Matsui, in the same breath

          • RCK

            J-Pos is a B-Jobber?!

            Damn. I feel so disillusioned.

            Then again, he hates A-Rod too. But I’ve long ago had to learn to overlook your basic MSM A-Rod hate. The “Yankees will be better off without Rodriguez” contingent from this time last year, though, they’re just morons for whom I’ve Permanently lost all respect.

      • OldYanksFan

        “You can’t really single out one guy”
        But of course you can.
        It’s not like the media reports News.
        They are all gossip columnists… yellow journalists.

        Soon, Blogs and Internet sites will replace the MSM for 90% of MLB info. The less ‘hits’ we give MSM sites, the sooner they will disappear.

        Until then, keep your air sick bags handy.

  • cr1

    I think the ill-judged cover-up out of AR’s camp (in December?), when it was denied that he had ever seen Galea, gave the media the handle for the legit question: did he or didn’t he?

    The other players involved didn’t put out denials and then have to retract them.

    It’s always the cover-up that attracts more attention than the initial act.

  • Pete C.

    I used to work with an Englishman, who, when asked about the derision the U.S. received around the world responded, “if you want to stay champ you have to fight to keep the title”. Something about empire, I guess he’d know; when I hear about boston’s Gritty bunch going against the evil empire all I can say is “eat your heart out”.
    I read an article in a magazine this week by Matt Taibi on how he’d save baseball, in it he mentions the unfair advantage teams like N.Y. and Boston have because of their deep pockets; we all knew the Yanks had unlimited funds but not “the little engine that could” . Heaven forfend.
    As far as Nomah and the douche are concerned and anyone else for that matter Joba Chaimberlain belongs where he is at that time. Does anyone think he’s in the pen for the entire season, I gotta think as soon as someone goes on the dl the Joba’s going into the rotation because he’s a better pitcher, than Mitre.
    Think most folks are happy that today’s game at least will be played in reasonable weather, unlike some games that we’ve seen at this time of year.
    It’s the start of another season and 47-1/2 years since I saw Bobby Richardson spear Willy Mcovey’s line drive, and my undivided attention since. I’m no stat maven as I’ve been reminded of repeatedly on this site, but that don’t matter, I’m still a fan with an opinion and even that doesn’t cut much ice around here, It’s still the best site around, so here’s to another great season

    • pete

      you have a truly dizzying intellect

    • :/

      « Open Thread: The 2010 New York Yankees

      Missed it by that much.

    • OldYanksFan

      “I’m no stat maven as I’ve been reminded of repeatedly on this site”

      It’s never too late to learn.

      • Pete C.

        All too true to all of you, only with too much dizzy, not much intellect. As I’ve said; not much of a stat guy. And OYF thanks for the lesson on how to get your point across the agreeable way, well put.
        Apologies for going off topic.

  • Zack

    “Although Alex Rodriguez never had an opportunity during Spring Training to meet with the feds investigation Anthony Galea”

    Really? There were no Federal Agents in Florida for the month of March? ARod didnt have an off day to fly to the nearest office, then fly back before the sun went down?
    Reyes and Beltran took care of their interviews right away and it went away. Not ARod, keep extending it so we have to keep hearing about it.

  • Nick

    I’m pretty sure Reyes and Beltran were nursing injuries all spring, and weren’t playing at all. Bad comparison.

    • Zack

      Why? ARod didnt have 1 off day to take care of this over the past month?

      • OldYanksFan

        It doesn’t matter even if you’re innocent… if you’re ARod. Everything is a potential issue. The are legal and PR issues. ARod spends a lot of time with foot-in-mouth. It’s not a bad idea for him to get a little advice before he does anything, including taking a piss.

        This is a guy that generates 1,000,000 lines of press for having a girlfriend or taking off his shirt. When you are under a microscope, it’s better safe then sorry ALL THE TIME.

        • Zack

          Oh I understand that, you dont need a month’s worth of advice though; dragging it out only generates more headlines, and makes you look bad. But when you’re talking to the Feds, the only advice you need is to not lie- because they’re not afraid to go after you if they catch you.