Game 29: Just stay healthy


"No way bro, I think you could pass for 6-foot." (Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP)

Update (6:07pm): The game is set to resume at 6:20pm ET, and the broadcast is going to shift over to FX.

* * *

The Yankees’ roster has taken a pretty big hit in the form of seven small hits over the last week, as player after player after player succumbs to some kind of injury. Reinforcements have been called up from Triple-A and sent back down in favor of even more reinforcements. Throughout this chaos, there’s been one constant: winning.

The Yankees have won seven of their last eight games, and that’s because of the pitching. The four non-Javy Vazquez starters are a combined 16-1 with a 2.16 ERA over 23 starts, and they’re taking the ball deep into games. Believe it or not, the highest ERA (NJVD) belongs to today’s starter, CC Sabathia with a 2.74. I know if I signed a guy to a $161MM contract, I’d expect more than just the fourth highest ERA on my pitching staff.

Now that my lame attempt at humor is out of the way, here’s today lineup…

Jeter, SS
Gardner, CF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Cano, DH
Swisher, RF
Winn, LF
Cervelli, C – fourth game in a row & his 8th start in the last 14 games … oh to be young again
Pena, 2B

And on the mound, Carsten Charles Sabathia.

The weather is Boston isn’t pretty, but it looks like there’s enough of a window to get this one in. First pitch is scheduled for 3:10pm ET and will be broadcast nationally on FOX. Enjoy.

Injury Updates: In case you’ve missed our earlier coverage, Kevin Russo has replaced Nick Johnson on the active roster, and Johnson may be out for a while. We anticipate a few more changes over the next few days as the Yanks will look to shore up the DH spot once Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada are both up to speed. Posada expects to DH tomorrow when the weather in Boston has cleared, and earlier today, Joe ran down some potential moves the Yanks could make this week.

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  1. ultimate913 says:

    Will Russo be with the team during today’s game? I know he is on the roster now but I guess, what I mean to say is, has he arrived in Boston yet?

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Buchholz is probably their best performing starter right now. Get into that bullpen early and the Yankees will win.

  3. bexarama says:

    This Week in Baseball is a REALLY SILLY show. Apparently Derek Jeter is the most feared hitter in the AL.

  4. pat says:

    Hah, I liked that Pepsi commercial.

  5. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Yanks should call up Da Jesus to replace the OBP Jesus.

    /Half-kidding, Half-not’d

    • pat says:

      Awesome, but kinda not awesome as well

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        Seriously though, I’m looking forward to some Miranda Time. We Yankee fans have our own Cuban Assassin to pull for now.

        • mbonzo says:

          The way the team is playing, I feel like the Yanks have a good opportunity to move Posada to the DH and alternate him with Montero. I know they don’t want him to miss any development, but what better development could there be than catching CC Sabathia or Andy Pettitte? Meanwhile, the way people talk about Posada as a leader, and from his excitement with Montero from ST, I feel like he would be a great teacher and role model for the kid. What do the Yankees have to lose from calling him up?

          • JobaWockeeZ says:

            What do they have to lose if they call him up right now? Basically they lose Jesus Montero the catcher.

            • mbonzo says:

              I am talking about calling him up as the catcher. Is he really that much worse than Posada? Couldn’t he learn more about catching from doing it with some real veteran pitchers?

              • JobaWockeeZ says:

                Well if the “scouts” are saying he can’t stick at catcher then maybe he’s worse than Jorge. However if you take him out of AAA especially when in a mini-slump you take away the benefit of developing his catching skills everyday in a non stressful environment. The kid is 20. He’s got time.

                • mbonzo says:

                  I certainly agree with you that he needs to develop as a catcher. I’m just not so sure that he would be better off learning it in AAA. I don’t know the guy but from what I’ve heard from scouts, he embraces the spotlight and works really hard. He seems like the kinda guy that would learn from the majors and not pull a Greinke.

    • ultimate913 says:

      How’s he going to get to Boston when he cant run out a ground ball?


  6. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Bean town is right.

  7. Rob says:

    Hey. I miss one day of Yankees action, and the roster is in disarray. Can someone update me on who is up and who is down after the Johnson/Cano injuries?

  8. Rob says:

    And also hitting 4th and playing SS at the same time?

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      No need for fielders at all. Just a catcher, and a 1b for when his stuff is so nasty that the catcher can’t hang on to strike 3.

      • Rob says:

        The batter wouldn’t dare run on a dropped third strike off Casey.Plus, he wouldn’t need the catcher. He could get it himself and run down the batter with his 80 tool speed.

  9. Cecala says:

    I would actually like to see Cervelli DH a little when Posada is finally healthy. Play out his hot bat until it starts to cool off.

  10. ShuutoHeat says:

    Ugh, here comes the clowns…. and I’m not talking about the Sux.

    On a side note, Yankees need to destroy Clay Buttholez. Without getting injured in the process.

  11. pat says:

    I’m going to preemptively set the over under at 8 factually inaccurate statements made my this broadcasting duo tonight. I will take the over. I will try and keep a tally throughout the game.

  12. ShuutoHeat says:

    Reversal of fortune McCarver? How is that a fucking reversal of fortune? Did you just fucking think of that you old bag? Sorry folks, I forgot to hit the mute button.

  13. Dela G says:

    let’s get it yanks!

  14. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yeah…no. Out of those 3 Lester is the only legitimate ace.

  15. Dela G says:

    jeter has 22 rbi??

    wow i mustve not been paying attn

  16. Dela G says:

    good job jetes

    pitching and defense ftw

  17. Handtius says:

    Can’t do the jeter play!

  18. Steve H says:

    Listening on the radio, spared the Fox morons but can’t watch. Not sure if this is good or bad yet.

  19. bexarama says:

    WTF with that scouting report.

  20. ShuutoHeat says:

    TEH DEFEN5E!!!!

  21. Hangoverologist says:

    Lol at Scutaro trying to do Derek’s signature move.

  22. Dela G says:

    what an amazing bunt by teh gritster

  23. Mike Axisa says:

    Yay Brett. Run both you guys run!

  24. Cecala says:

    Amazing bunt, I love GGBG!

  25. mbonzo says:

    Victor Martinez has a great arm.

  26. Ty says:

    Woah tip of the hat Pedroia…would of been fun to watch Gardner circle the bases on that one.

  27. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Oh Jesus, Pedroia love.

    Anyways run Gardy run!

  28. Handtius says:

    Oh my god…Paderass is just doing his job.

  29. ShuutoHeat says:

    Gardy strikes fear in the hearts of teh defense!

  30. Hangoverologist says:

    Double steal?

  31. Pat D says:

    Yay. I live in PA and the Phillies are on Fox, so I can’t see the game! I’m so happy. I only get to see two games a week, and now this week it’s only going to be tomorrow when I get to listen to Joe Morgan!

    Just hang me.

  32. bexarama says:

    Shoot, not ideal Mark.

  33. Dela G says:

    man that sucked

  34. Handtius says:


  35. pat says:

    Thanks mark.

  36. V says:

    Ah… Teixeira. WTG swinging at slop.

  37. JobaWockeeZ says:

    For Buck standards he was excited during that DP. It’s the first inning and I’m dying already.

  38. Handtius says:

    We get it…you love Pederass.

  39. Cecala says:

    Pedroia is 1/2 of Jeter, literally.

  40. Dela G says:

    lol pedroia and jeter have zilch in common other than titles. i guess pedroia has the mvp edge though, and that’s the end of it

  41. Handtius says:

    Isn’t it padroria’s job to back up that play?

  42. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    im already about to turn the game off because of FOX’s Pedroia dick sucking fest

  43. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I miss the YES pitch tracker. I already got used to it.

    • mbonzo says:

      What about the YesMo? :D I think Michael Kay is upset he can’t mention it this weekend.

    • JobaTheHeat62 says:

      I miss the YES announcers…and thats the truth…I don’t even hate Joe Buck..but OMG McCarver makes me wanna off myself

  44. Hangoverologist says:

    McCarver cannot be serious. Defense costs teams games?

  45. AndrewYF says:

    Reading the SOSH thread like I usually do.

    This picture was actually pretty good:

  46. Dela G says:

    good eye alex

    wow cano is playing

  47. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Get vengeance Cano on the team of dirtbags.

  48. Hangoverologist says:

    Robinson is going to go deep for revenge.

  49. ShuutoHeat says:

    Clay Buttholez is scurrred, reallly scurrrred.
    He throws to first like a Nancy…

  50. pat says:

    What the fuck, that was a strike? He couldnt have touched that with an oar.

  51. JobaWockeeZ says:

    No warning? Yeah Beckett wans’t enjoying that at all.

  52. Ty says:

    Just missed…

  53. mbonzo says:

    Oh shit Darnell is playing. Well we might as well just hand them the World Series Trophy.

  54. Tank the Frank says:

    Aaaaaaand after one half-inning…my TV is on mute.

  55. ShuutoHeat says:

    I hate that stupid DQ singing lips commercial, even with the audio off!

  56. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Let’s see what CC does.

  57. bexarama says:

    Sooo am I the only Yankee fan that doesn’t think Pedroia’s MVP was an embarrassment? The greatest, most obvious choice of all time, no. But hardly terrible.

    • pat says:

      I agree. Sad fact is that it was a bit of a down year for MVP’s. Any other year it’s undeserved, but that year he was one of the best in the league, especially when you consider he played exceptional defense.

      • Jersey says:

        Ditto this. The fact that he’s a 2B makes a big difference, and there weren’t many other candidates. Longoria stays healthy, it’s different. Cliff Lee had an argument.

      • bexarama says:

        This, a lot. Had he won it in 2007 or 2009, it obviously would have been a joke. Heck, I’m not even sure he was 100% the right choice in 2008, but with such an overall meh group to choose from for MVP, I don’t really have a problem with it.

    • mbonzo says:

      What I don’t like about it is that Jeter had the same season 10 times and never once won an MVP. The first year a Red Sox does it, they win. I would have been happier if Youkilis won it.

    • Ty says:

      Would of just given Pujols both of em.

    • Steve H says:

      The guy 50 feet to his left was a more deserving choice.

    • Hangoverologist says:

      Pedroia was obviously the best player in the AL in 2008. His 6.7 WAR was so much better than Grady Sizemore’s 8.7.

      Wait, what?

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Dude…you didn’t account the wins for Pedroia for being so damn small. For his grit factor. And his number of dirty uniforms.

      • bexarama says:

        2008 Sizemore = 7.1 WAR, 2008 Pedroia = 6.7 WAR. Now, Sizemore was my choice, but I think they must have changed something on FG recently because Pedroia used to lead the AL in WAR for 2008.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Sizemore should have won. But apparently being a midget and a Red Sox gives you brownie points.

    • Zack says:

      But KRod had 62 saves!!!1!

      But Youkilis did have a 100 point advantage on his OPS, so did Carlos Quentin. So I guess the argument is are you just looking at the numbers, or what position the numbers come from?

  58. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Working at a golf course sucks today. All the TV’s are on The Players Championship. I have to Gameday this bad boy.

  59. Jamie says:

    oh my god that was hilarious i cant believe buck just called mccarver out

    • ShuutoHeat says:

      LOL, what did he call him out on? I have it on mute.

      • Jamie says:

        Did you notice that the same pitching profile was for both pitchers…. and it was some quote by Robin Roberts?

        Basically it had no relevance at all when he did it for Bucholtz… McCarver was completely lost.

        Then for CC… the SAME quote comes up again…. and McCarver again is basically lost and you can tell that he just mailed the entire thing in (I guess Tim actually prepares this which BLOWS my mind).

        So right after Tim finishes whatever he’s saying when it comes to CC’s pitching profile…… Buck goes “So Tim… you really mailed that in didn’t you?”

        I was stunned when i heard it.

  60. nathan says:

    Seems like quite a lot of empty seats at the chowdah-town. But, I was told that only Yanks seats were expensive and unsold.

  61. pat says:

    First pitch strikes make me happy. :)

  62. Handtius says:

    great start for CC.

  63. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Buck can’t hold his excitement.

  64. ShuutoHeat says:

    YEA!!!! 1-2-3!!
    No breaks for Buttholez!

  65. Dela G says:

    great first inning

  66. First Time Poster says:

    Just curious: Do you guys actually watch the games with no sound? At first, I thought it was merely a hyperbole of the suck-ness of the Buck/McCarver combo.

    • Kristen says:

      I’ve done it before. I used to mute the TV and listen to the radio but then I moved out of the NY metro area.

    • Jersey says:

      I do. Usually go with music instead, when it’s on Fox anyway.

    • Dela G says:

      i can’t watch sports without sound. it sucks that i have to hear this crap, though

    • ShuutoHeat says:

      I do, I seriously seriously can not stand McCarver Buck AND Rosenthal. I really WISH there was an audio option that lets you just shut off the broadcast audio and not the game audio.

    • Brian says:

      i doubt i’d do that because then I’d have to listen to the radio broadcast of john sterling….

      but i’ll need to listen to it on the radio soon since i’m heading down to boston tonight

  67. Jersey says:

    Solid inning for that big man.

    After Buchholz’s first inning, this might be a second-time-through-the-order shellacking.

  68. Dela G says:

    buck, you need to see the rays’ schedule, they seriously play the school of the blind every day

  69. mike c says:

    can’t wait to hear dumb and dumber when joba serves up a bean burrito to youkilis later

  70. pat says:

    VMart showing his pitch blocking prowess.

  71. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Buck everything about Fox Sports is messed up.

  72. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    i like how just because a pitch is low it must be a changeup

  73. Dear FOX: If it’s 94 mph, it’s not his changeup.

  74. nathan says:

    I blame Joe Girardi for Nicky J’s injury. He was not swinging and just taking his walks. Joe made him swing, he hits one HR, hits the DL :-)

  75. Drew says:

    Just got in. Have I missed anything worth noting?

  76. Tank the Frank says:

    Are those strikes on the inside corner??? Cuuuuuuz…they look like strikes.

  77. Dela G says:

    man the strike zone is tight

    • nathan says:

      The bottom of the inning one is. Wait till you meet the top of the inning strike-zone. They are 2 different animals.

  78. ShuutoHeat says:


  79. MikeD says:

    Bad time for my HD TV to decide give up working. I’m now stuck with the sounds of Sterling and company.

    • ShuutoHeat says:

      Wow, thats gotta suck. I would have just turn it off by then.

      • MikeD says:

        I’m trying to focus on the positive. No Joe Buck or FOX Baseball broadcasters. Kind like choosing between death by fire or water.

  80. Dela G says:

    if they release david ortiz, it would be a big mistake. they are paying him the money, might as well keep him there. it solves no problems and i bet he heats up on another team

  81. Brian in NH says:

    Buck…small sample size is killing me on Lowell as a DH

  82. bexarama says:

    That second pitch wasn’t a strike? Uhhh.

    • bexarama says:

      also, shocking, FOX doesn’t understand OBP.

      • pat says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Umm why don’t you show the hitters propensity to not make outs? That would show why NJ had been more valuable than the other two.

      • MikeD says:

        I bet they do understand OBP, but they incorrectly believe the audience watching doesn’t understand. They’re wrong. Baseball fans do, and you can be damn sure that Yankee and Red Sox fans understand OBP. Time for FOX to join the 1990s.

    • pat says:

      Eh, Cervelli pulled it back a little bit. He doth not lie.

  83. Dela G says:

    this tight zone might end up hurting ZZ

  84. Dela G says:

    give him teh change ZZ

  85. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Hey all, I missed the game last night because I was driving back to the city from school. Apparently everyone on our team was injured? So our AAA team is starting tonight?

  86. ShuutoHeat says:

    Sit down DREW!

  87. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Inconsistent strike zone FTW!

  88. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Nasty slider to Drew. Now get a DP with two slow runners on base.

  89. pat says:

    Never seen a batter appeal to the 1b umpire before.

  90. bexarama says:

    Adrian Beltre looks really angry

  91. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Ask, and ye shall receive!

  92. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    ahhhhh the ACE

  93. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Love the DP. Pena is fun to watch play defense – so smooth

  94. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Screw you ump, CC can manage with your BS calls.

  95. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Pat, you know who does that often is Andruw Jones. Why, I’m not sure, especially given the unfavorable results on many of his own appeals.

  96. Dela G says:

    good inning

  97. Zoudini says:

    So can someone explain to me what qualifies as a strike today?

    Nvm, my comment has been obsoleted. /DP’d

  98. Handtius says:

    of topic, but have to ask(pkus it’s a commercial)…So, The next time the yanks play the As wouldn’t it be great if Jeter trotted over the back of the mound?

  99. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Amen to that, Total Domination. Pena is a slick glove man.

    Good job working around that brief conundrum, C.C.

  100. Drew says:

    I wish Jorge Vazquez was around to DH in the coming weeks.

  101. Tank the Frank says:

    Greatest moment of the game right here!

  102. JobaWockeeZ says:

    5 of CC’s ca;;ed balls are strikes already. This ump sucks. 3 of Buchholz’s called strikes are balls. Effing a.

  103. Hangoverologist says:

    Buck said he would shut up! Amazing!

  104. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    This moment of silence isn’t going to be long enough.

  105. Zoudini says:

    Holy MO! is this really happening

  106. bexarama says:

    This is both a nice, touching tribute, and YAAAAY BUCK AND MCCARVER AREN’T TALKING!!!!

  107. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    ok. things are even now.

  108. Handtius says:

    moment of silence…best idea these 2 ever had.

  109. Kristen says:

    Please let the Ernie Harwell/Robin Roberts moment of silence last the whole game.

  110. pat says:


  111. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Oh god a moment of silence in honor of Ernie Harwell… not to mock Harwell or his death, but can they do this all game? Love hearing the background sounds of the game

  112. Jersey says:

    Me likey.

    Next: Yankees drop a couple crooked numbers on Buchholz, then in the 7th CC drills Pedroia right in the ribs.

  113. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    they should totally make this a few innings of silence for ernie harwell.

  114. Drew says:

    Moment of silence FTMFW!

  115. Dela G says:

    wow pena!!

  116. pat says:

    Ramiro gon getcha.

  117. JobaWockeeZ says:

    A moment of silence?! BEST PART OF THIS GAME!

  118. Ty says:

    Was that Bill Hall or Bobby Abreu in LF?

  119. danny says:


  120. Dela G says:

    bill hall looks god awful in left

  121. mike c says:

    ah this game is so much better without those two

  122. Handtius says:

    wow..this is amazing…so peaceful.

  123. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    nice piece of hitting by Ramiro

  124. Kristen says:

    This is amazing and makes me long even more for selective muting.

  125. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Pena with the Fenway double… so great.

    FYI – this inning of silence is awesome. I love hearing the crowd, the umps, its awesome

  126. Mike HC says:

    I would like to personally thank Ernie Harwell and Robin Roberts for being the first people to shut Buck and McCarver up for such an extended period of time.

    I guess the question is now, who has to die in order to shut these two up forever?

  127. Hopefully FOX forgets how to turn the mikes back on.

  128. For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:

    May we extend this moment of silence until the end of the game?

  129. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Nice moment of silence for Harwell and Roberts. That said, I’d like many more moments of silence to mute Captain Nepotism and his faithful sidekick Minutiae McCarver that aren’t related to mourning baseball greats.

    Atta boy, Pena, slapping one off the monster.

  130. damn yanks says:

    Can fox do the whole game in silence?

  131. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    they need to invent a button like the SAP button that turns off sports announcers…Shotgun inventing that!

  132. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    This is awesome it almost feels like your closer to the game because you can hear so much more

    • Brian in NH says:

      i was just takling about that with my girlfriend…but we don’t get to choose what we look at

  133. nathan says:

    Silent for one inning, really ? Oh nice.

  134. Vin says:

    This is the greatest inning Ive ever heard on a FOX baseball game.

  135. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I see I am just the latest to appreciate the imposed silence on the FAUX crew.

  136. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I hope it turns out to be the greatest inning in baseball history.

  137. JobaWockeeZ says:

    This is so epic.

  138. ShuutoHeat says:

    I think I have tears rolling down my eyes watching the game sans the talking clowns.

  139. Drew says:

    Can this inning last forever plz?

  140. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    OMG baseball is incredible watching with no announcers!

  141. Handtius says:


  142. damn yanks says:

    Booooo they are back

  143. JobaWockeeZ says:

    NOOOOOO! It’s over!

  144. pat says:

    If anyone has surround sound you can turn the commentary off permanently by muting the center channel speaker. All of your games could be like this.

  145. Hangoverologist says:


  146. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOo theyre back.

  147. 2nd-time Commenter says:


    that was acutally therapeutic!

  148. For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:

    NOOOO! They’re back!

  149. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I was hoping it would at least be the whole half inning.

  150. bexarama says:

    Noooo they’re talking again

  151. Vin says:

    and Buck just ruined it. Of course. Too good to be true.

    How about much less to say? A more fitting tribute…

  152. Drew says:

    Wow. They said they were going to be silent this inning. Then they decide to talk? Good one.

  153. ShuutoHeat says:

    Buck just couldn’t hold it in.

  154. Awwww, I was hoping it would be for the whole inning.

  155. Kristen says:

    Dammit. The ballpark sounds were lovely while they lasted.

  156. Jersey says:

    It would be awesome if this silent thing got such positive response that they made it a regular thing.

  157. danny says:

    c’mon teix!

  158. ShuutoHeat says:

    LOL Youkilis hit the turf like someone pointed an assault rifle to his head.

    1st pitch was a strike?

  159. Dela G says:

    how was that a strike

  160. pat says:

    Are you fucking kidding me with that strike one?

  161. Handtius says:

    That’s a strike to Tex?

  162. Jason from The Heartland says:

    NBC did this about 30 years ago for a while game between the Browns and Dolphins. I’d love this every Saturday game on FAUX. It beats the tar out of Captain Nepotism’s tawdry banalities and his hawking Budweiser like it’s the nectar of the gods.

  163. Frigidevil says:

    See, this is why I can’t understand how the MLB hasn’t installed a announcer-less channel for us to buy. Don’t they have any idea how many people would pay for it? I would!

  164. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Anyone else notice Youkilis hit the deck on the bunt? Hehe theyre so afraid of Gardner’s speed that he dropped down to dodge the throw before Martinez had it

  165. bexarama says:

    Strike 1 was ummmmm.

  166. pat says:

    You cannot waste a lead off double by Ramiro Pena.

  167. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Agreed on that strike one. Awful.

  168. Dela G says:

    may tex!!

  169. Ty says:


  170. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    hell yea baby

  171. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Atta boy, Teixeira!

  172. ShuutoHeat says:

    Curse of Teixeira?

  173. Handtius says:

    Very nice.

  174. Jersey says:

    I would call that an improvement over the last AB for Tex.

  175. Vin says:

    Damn this pony league field.

  176. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Frigidevil, it could be an alternate premium package for fans.

  177. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Bang one off the monster, A-Rod.

  178. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    god clay bucholz looks like a homosexual troll

  179. bexarama says:

    this is actually a really nice (verbal) tribute.

  180. pat says:

    HAHAHAH defense FTW!!

  181. ShuutoHeat says:

    TEH DEFENSE!!!!!

  182. Drew says:

    Defense ftw!

  183. Jason from The Heartland says:

    That’ll work; 2-0.

  184. Handtius says:

    Nice, yet again.

  185. MikeD says:

    So this is the great Boston defense?

  186. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Beltre ftl

  187. JobaWockeeZ says:

    A-Rod! Good job! 3-4 is heating up!

  188. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    teh defense!!!1!!1

  189. nathan says:

    Pitching and defense baby !! Beltre is having a Renteria level meltdown in Boston

  190. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Beltre has had a bad first three innings. Olay!

  191. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Shoot. But a good inning.

  192. pat says:

    Bah, Robbie is in cool down mode.

  193. MikeD says:

    Stop hitting into DPs.

  194. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Good analogy, nathan.

  195. bexarama says:

    I actually thought Beltre was gonna be maybe the best move Boston made this off-season. I know it’s early and all but oops?

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      i liked Scutaro – hes a solid, underrated guy who won’t carry your team but can play a complementary role very well. Plus he kills Rivera

  196. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Hmm CC just took a giant dump on Bill Hall with that slider

  197. Vin says:

    What are Posada, Granderson, and Johnson – replacement level players?

  198. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Atta boy, C.C. One down with the slider working.

  199. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    I love how every 3.5 seconds there is a reminder of the great void in the Sux lineup. Yea go cry a damn river!!! We have far more injuries and are beating ass. MO, Posada, Pettitte, NJ, Granderson, CHOP >>>>>>> Elsbury and Cameron

  200. bexarama says:

    For some reason I saw that happening. Boo.

  201. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    omg we just seen a future HOF hit a HR off CC

  202. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Ugh Fenway HR for McDonald… all of his quote-unquote big hits this year have only been possible in Fenway

  203. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Hey, Darnell, move your ass a little faster around the bases or eat some dirt next time.

  204. Hangoverologist says:

    Buck JIHP for that homer.

  205. Drew says:

    Ugh. Piece of shit ballpark.

  206. pat says:

    Oh well. Solo shots are bearable. Just uppercut the ball towards LF and you too can hit homeruns after 5000+ AB’s in the minors.

  207. Jason from The Heartland says:

    A total dump, Drew.

  208. whozat says:

    thaaaaaat’s a BS fenway homer…

  209. Jersey says:

    Is it bad to be sorta happy for this Darnell guy? 31 years old, fewer than 200 career ABs in the Major Leagues (mostly last year). I like when guys like that succeed.

  210. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    and right on cue another “Red Sox are so banged up” comment

  211. Ty says:


  212. Jersey says:

    THANK you, CC.

  213. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Ha ha elf.

  214. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Ahhh CC wasted the HPB on Pedroia’s hip??? Knock his head off!

  215. Hangoverologist says:

    CC hit Dusty with gas.

  216. Dela G says:


    good god

  217. mbonzo says:

    YEA CC!

  218. JobaTheHeat62 says:


  219. MikeD says:

    You knew was coming at some point.

  220. bexarama says:

    so every pitch Beckett threw wasn’t intentional but CC’s was a no-doubt intentional pitch. Got it!

    • Pat D says:

      Of course. You don’t question the Beckett!

    • Kristen says:

      I wish someone would shut McCarver up – he goes off on these rants about intent, and I never agree with him. See also, A-Rod getting hit in the World Series.

      • Michael Kay but not THE says:

        see also about 5 years of Pedro drilling Jeter/Soriano in the wrists to “I’d think Pedro would not want to intentionally jump start a Yankee rally”

  221. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Atta boy, C.C.! Send a message.

    (raising the tulip glass of New Belgium Abbey high out of respect)

  222. Kristen says:

    Does Tim McCarver ever think that a Yankee has been hit intentionally?

  223. nathan says:

    Tht was too early

  224. Drew says:

    Ugh. I wish he hit him in the fucking hand.

  225. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    The pic of CC on the dugout steps saying “what the fuck” yesterday says it all. Do NOT mess with this team.

  226. mbonzo says:

    Someone needs to hit McCarver with an unintentional fast ball to the knees. See if he thinks retaliation is “misdirected”.

  227. Jason from The Heartland says:

    98-mph gas on the ass. Good.

  228. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    “If that was intentional, then in my view its misdirected.” – Tim McCarver. I don’t care if Beckett was doing it intentionally yesterday, if you hit 2 of our best hitters, we will retaliate. If it was an accident, get better accuracy. Or suffer the consequences

  229. damn yanks says:

    Its not about Intent, beckett has to havebetter control….. Mccarver has no clue what he is talking about

    • MikeD says:

      McCarver knows. He was a MLB catcher. He’s just being as ass and blathering to create some mini-controversy.

  230. Longo says:

    mccarver needs to shut up more than ever. even if cc did mean to, its not necessarily misguided- could be sending a message to get some control not just to stop throwing intentionally good God

  231. Zack says:

    It doesnt matter if Beckett was throwing at guys intentionally. He hit Cano and Jeter, and buzzed Cervelli a few times.

    That shit gets your players hit.

  232. Hangoverologist says:

    So wait, Beckett hits two, pitches way inside, and it’s not intentional? But when CC hits one, it’s completely intentional. I really really fucking hate this insane Boston bias.

  233. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Total Domination.

    (You too get a New Belgium Abbey raised in salute.)

  234. Handtius says:

    how can they say that? with a one run lead.

  235. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    if CC lets Pedrioia score McCarver and Buck will talk about it for the next 14 hours nonstop

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      can we have another moment of silence… umm have they honored Michael Jackson yet?

  236. pat says:

    3-1 changeup on the putside corner. Suck it, Victor.

  237. poster says:

    Are Mccarver nad Buck for real? This blatant and disgusting Red Sox bias is embarassing and really disgraceful. WTF, guys?

  238. bexarama says:

    Braves and Highlanders? Or Beaneaters and Highlanders?

  239. pat says:

    Highlanders and braves.

  240. jeffon says:

    Fox needs to go to hell

  241. Hangoverologist says:

    Trivia question: New York Highlanders and Boston Americans

  242. Jason from The Heartland says:

    JobaTheHeat, then we’ll need to flood the lines with calls for more moments of silence.

    • pat says:

      Instead of having to address your comments individually it’s easier to click the little “reply” button on them.

  243. #shutuptimmccarver

  244. bexarama says:

    Oy, CC. Not optimal.

  245. pat says:

    Wow, that was a bomb.

  246. Jason from The Heartland says:


  247. For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:


  248. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    oh god here we go

  249. SouthernYankeeFan says:


  250. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:


  251. mike c says:

    mute button

  252. Handtius says:

    i hate these 2 douches.

  253. Dela G says:

    that was murdered

  254. V says:


    Now drill Youkilis in the knee.

  255. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Oh god here we go. Tim McCarver just came all over himself. “Payback just bit the Yankees.” Fuck you, go suck Theo Epstein’s cock you fat piece of shit

  256. danny says:


  257. mustang says:

    That’s what i love about the totally unbiased baseball coverage and i actually like Mccarver

  258. andrew says:

    Good time to hit Pedroia!!!

    Now it looks dumber than it did before.

    • pat says:

      Because you know for a fact it was on purpose?

      • Pasqua says:

        A fastball directly into the ass of the 2B with 2 outs and nobody on, the day after our stud 2B nearly has his leg taken off at the knee by the Sox pitcher? Nah, totally debatable.

  259. danny says:

    or maybe a meatball down the middle woke them up?

  260. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Prediction: Yankees will win this game.

  261. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    McCarver just said that payback will ignite the Red Sox…this is absurd

  262. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Alright CC regain it. Get your control back, end this inning and send up our bats again.

  263. ADam says:

    god i hate this broadcast team

  264. V says:

    CC WTF!!!!

  265. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Bullshit walk is bullshit.

  266. V says:

    Where was that on 3-0? Really? Really? Ump?

    And someone, please, take McCarver’s tongue. Please, I want him to be a mute.

  267. Drew says:

    Oh my god Mccarver shut the fuck up. Please. I can’t stand these fucking Fox games.

  268. damn yanks says:

    I am going to KIll McCarver

  269. mustang says:

    They may have waken the sleeping giant.
    Oh! please give me a brake.

  270. Pat D says:

    God, if he doesn’t get it together, we’ll be hearing about own the Sux own him or some other bullshit.

  271. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Beckett was enjoying every god damn second of it. Screw common sense, Beckett is devoid of it.

  272. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    OMG I knew McCarver would talk nonstop about this…He will never stop talking about this…I give it an inning and they will be telling a story that this will be the game the REd Sox loxk up a playoff spot and the Yankees wont finish above .500

  273. Poopy Pants says:

    They’re STILL defending Beckett.
    Why don’t they mention Cervelli 2X and Swisher?

  274. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I counsel patience.

    Settle down and make your pitches, Big Guy. The offense will be there.

  275. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Did they not see him throw at Cervelli and almost hit Teixiera?

    • Kristen says:

      Ditto. Clearly the brushback pitch at Cervelli for stepping out of the box was “unintentional.” That’s what my common sense tells me.


  276. poster says:

    Holy shit. Buck and Mccarver should be ashamed. I’ve never heard a bias this ridiculous before. It’s a joke.

    • mustang says:

      You know what its that much better when the Yankees win this shit and they are forced to kiss their ass.

  277. mike c says:

    throwing at cervelli’s head obviously on two seperate occasions doesn’t count right?

  278. bexarama says:

    FOX needs another moment of silence.

  279. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    i still have 0 problem with CC hitting Pedrioa…Not the slightest

  280. JobaWockeeZ says:

    And he called Swisher. But of course he gets a pass. ARod walks on a pitchers mound and he gets put on a fucking cross.

  281. nathan says:

    Wud have preferred that “hit batsmen” in the 6th or 7th inning. That was a bit too early in the game.

    • Drew says:

      What on earth is the difference. CC has two outs with a man he wanted to hit. There’s no saying he would’ve had that opportunity later in the game.

  282. pat says:

    Hah, Cervelli loves it.

  283. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Let’s go offense.

  284. JobaWockeeZ says:

    This shit is going on mute.

    • Pat D says:

      I’m listening to the MLB Gameday Audio. Yes, I paid for it. I was that pissed with not being able to watch because the Phillies are on. As much as I know I lot of you dislike Sterling and Waldman, I’m sure you’d prefer them to BuckCarver. Right? Right?!?!?

  285. nathan says:

    What is VMart’s #s against CC.

  286. Hangoverologist says:

    Buck is acting like this is Game Seven of the World Series. It’s a one run deficit. In the third inning. At Fenway Park.

  287. Mike Axisa says:

    That only cost him an extra 16 pitches and the lead. Good they made that statement. Nothing like stooping down to the level of a .500 level team.

  288. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    I am still rooting on Joba making Youkilis sweat just a little more than the usual 700 buckets per inning

  289. Dela G says:

    get em

  290. Brazilian Fan says:

    man i don’t write here but macarver is a douche wow.

  291. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Atta boy, C.C. Plunking the midget on his midget backside aside, it reminds me of a game I went to in Chicago last August 2, when C.C. came into the dugout after allowing 4, and the lead, and yelled to everyone within shouting distance, “That’s all they get.”

    In sum, regardless of the score, I’m not worried. This will be back-and-forth, and I love what C.C. did to Pedroia. It had nothing to do with getting behind Martinez and missing his spot on the HR pitch.

  292. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Le’ts go road Swish! Homer!

  293. MikeD says:

    I guess I’m thankful I’m only listening on radio.

    The way CC pitched that inning, I’m now wondering if hitting Pedroia actually wasn’t intentional.

  294. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Oh, the Yanks won that August 2 game, 8-5.

  295. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    oh wow an in between talk with the manager is a “classic” according to ol’ tim…

    wow as im typing…Tim McCarver is ridiculous

  296. nathan says:

    All time great interviews ? Get a freakin room and leave us alone McCarver.

  297. bexarama says:

    Francona is ~classy~ guys. (I do like Francona, but this is amusing me.)

  298. mbonzo says:

    STFU MCCARVER. I swear to god I am about to turn on John Sterling and dumbass mcgee.

  299. Pasqua says:

    Even overlooking the obvious bias, the fact that everything out of McCarver’s mouth has to be peppered with that smug, “I’m-so-wise” tone, is enough to make me want to strangle him on a pitch-by-pitch basis.

  300. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Ahhh the leadoff walk… the most comforting thing to happen to an offense

  301. Brazilian Fan says:

    now he said francona interview between innings was a classic. ha

  302. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Atta boy, Swish. Rally.

  303. pat says:

    Oh Tito, IETM

  304. bexarama says:

    why is McCarver laughing so hard? o_O

  305. Beef Hammerdong says:

    McCarver with a fat Tito load dripping from his chin.

  306. Dela G says:

    lol that was very funny

  307. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Francona: “Pedroia did a great job setting the table.” Cause he did SO much as he got plunked. Just a gutty, gritty, guttygritty grittygutty performance

  308. nathan says:

    This is an all-time great interview? This ?? Wow the standards Fox and McCarver have are amazing

    • Beef Hammerdong says:

      This is an all-time great interview? This ?? Wow the standards Fox and McCarver have are amazing

      FOX has low standards? Ever see HBO’s “Joe Buck Live”?


  309. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    I like how McCarver is just laughing hysterically during that interview..I think he took some happy pills before the game.

  310. Across the pond says:

    WTF Why not ask him if beckett’s were intentional??

  311. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Why are these K zones one foot bigger for the Yanks?

  312. Brazilian Fan says:

    why macarver hates the yankees?

  313. Bobby says:

    That was “all-time great in-game interview”? McCarver should be put out to pasture.

  314. pat says:

    Buchholz body language is that of someone who is down 10-0.

  315. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    CC serving up a Fenway Special doesn’t take any of the beauty off plunking Chester The Molester’s brother.

  316. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Pedrioa is from the semen of Terry “Brilliant and Funny” Francona

  317. bexarama says:

    I like Francona and all but this is just getting silly.

  318. Ken Rosenthal needs a facial expression coach.

  319. pat says:

    Wow, another shitty ass strike call. I hate complaining about umps but this is ridiculous.

  320. JobaWockeeZ says:

    These are not strikes! WTF.

  321. danny says:

    what would a fox game be without a mention of 2004?

  322. Poopy Pants says:

    I would do a really great job with the Sox in 2004, too, if I had roided up Manny and roided up Papi.

  323. Brazilian Fan says:

    they love the sox. man i think im watching in nesn

  324. nathan says:

    Nothing like a Fox matinee to ruin the weekend. Unbelievable.

  325. JD says:


  326. Kristen says:

    THE DEFENSE!!!!!!

  327. bexarama says:

    Oh my goodness. What was Girardi in 2009?

  328. pat says:


  329. JSquared says:


  330. JobaWockeeZ says:


  331. Poopy Pants says:

    More pitching and defense from the Sox!

  332. V says:


  333. Across the pond says:

    Defence FTW

  334. SouthernYankeeFan says:


  335. nathan says:

    haha, that pitching and defense is working out very well. Good job.

  336. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Look, I like Francona a lot. If he wasn’t the Red Sox manager, he’d be an even more favorable guy. But they need to get off his cock.

    HAHAHA Beltre… oh Red Sox, you slay me

  337. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Beltre easily the best 3B of all time..I mean there is no doubting this FACT

  338. Tank the Frank says:

    Hey, Pedroia wasn’t backing up on that play McCarver!

  339. danny says:


  340. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    The combination of FOX, the Red Sox, and this (expletive redacted) park makes me irritable. The being down a run part is not as annnoying. Especially since Buchholz is struggling with his location.

  341. Jason from The Heartland says:

    [Putting Beltre on the Christmas list]

  342. Ty says:

    nows not the time to regress to the norm here Cervelli

  343. Brazilian Fan says:

    beautiful ha

  344. Drew says:

    This is a dramatic inning.


  345. Kristen says:


  346. V says:

    Why are we trying to score from third with 0 outs?

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:


      FYI: good throw from McDonald? He definitely got it on target but it helps that he was about 20 feet from the infield when he threw it and still 3-hopped it to the catcher.

  347. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    FRANKIE C!!!!
    goddamn it – why send him there? only 1 out, just hold him at 3rd!

  348. Ty says:

    WHY WHY WHY do teams find it necessary to send guys in that situation?

  349. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    and just like that tie game.

  350. poster says:

    Fucking Mcdonnel. We tie the game and I’m STILL in a bad fucking mood.

  351. JobaTheHeat62 says:


  352. V says:

    And he looks safe.

  353. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    Any reason at all to send Winn on such a quickly hit ball to the outfield?

  354. mbonzo says:

    I woulda loved to see Winn knock the shit out of Martinez there.

  355. JobaWockeeZ says:

    The Teix tackle would have been better.

  356. Dela G says:

    bullshit winn was safe

  357. pat says:

    Randy, you gotta drop the hammer there. Lower the boom baby.

  358. BklynJT says:

    he was so safe

  359. MikeD says:

    What the hell happened there. Sterling was, ummm, less than clear.

  360. Drew says:

    This is like a 24 hour slob on the Sox knob. Everything they do is amazing according to TM.

  361. ADam says:

    And Randy Winn did not score on that why??????

  362. RCK says:

    He did not miss the plate!

  363. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Thompson with his best Meacham impression.

  364. nathan says:

    Looked safe.

  365. JobaWockeeZ says:


    Red Sox umpires FTL.

    • whozat says:

      Come on, that was a totally bang-bang play. Ball was there, the tag got applied, and you’re talking about split seconds and you’re trying to watch two spots at once.

  366. bexarama says:

    sooo does McCarver ever not side with the catcher

  367. poster says:

    Now is Buck seriously implying that because of this play V-Mart is a good defender?

  368. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    Winn was so safe…McCarver would say hes out if Martinez was in the parking lot eating a hotdog.

  369. Tank the Frank says:

    The more I listen the less I’m sure Joe and Tim know the Yankees are even playing today.

  370. Brazilian Fan says:

    macarver said he was out. this is bs

  371. JD says:

    The Defense!

  372. Dela G says:

    good job cervelli goin to third

  373. pat says:

    Frankie does it all.

  374. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Put Buchholz on the Christmas card list, too.

  375. Tank the Frank says:

    Another great play by VMart.

  376. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    Can we just change the home plate play rule to unless you knock the ball loose if the throw beats you you’re out? They never f-ing give the runner the call on a close play and its just a wasted out most of the time sending the runner.

  377. Section 39 says:


    He sucked last year and still sucks! He gets runners thrown out ALL THE TIME! Should never be making the 1st out at home — TERRIBLE!

  378. Ivan says:

    Lets Go Pena.

  379. Poopy Pants says:

    McCarver can’t even admit the instant replay shows he’s wrong.

  380. JSquared says:

    Oh…. right to Pedroia…

  381. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Tough break Pena – just hit it right at Dustin.
    Lets go Jeet, bring em home

  382. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Let’s go Capitan Clutch.

  383. JD says:

    How dare the compare pedroia to jeter btw?

  384. mbonzo says:

    For some reason I think Jeter is gonna go yard here.

  385. jeffon says:

    that look safe.

  386. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Alright McCarver, rationalize Jeter almost taking one TO THE HEAD?

  387. Chops says:

    If the Yankees brought up Kevin Russo, why is Pena starting over him? I thought the only reason Pena was brought up first was because of his utility to play many positions? Kevin Russo is superior offensively, yes?

    • nathan says:

      Maybe its a bit too early for the fishbowl

    • whozat says:

      He’s also never had an AB in the big leagues, ever. And it’s not like he’s some superlative talent.

      • Chops says:

        He’s got to start somewhere. And it’s not like Pena has been hitting well (yeah, he hit a double, but hindsight is 20/20)

    • pat says:

      True, but you’re not gonna just throw him in there a few hours after arriving from Scranton. Pena at least has some ML experience.

    • Dela G says:

      pena has a better glove and hit a booming double already, not a bad day

    • Drew says:

      Put it this way, if Kevin Russo/Ramiro Pena is the reason we win or lose, shit went seriously wrong. Nothing wrong with going with the man with the glove.

      • Chops says:

        Exactly, so why not let the man get some big league experience while leaving Pena on the bench to defensive sub/pinch run? He has more versatility just in case this string of injuries continues…

  388. Section 39 says:

    Time to hit another… Hit Youk this time…

  389. nathan says:

    McCarver is out of control

  390. Poopy Pants says:

    It took McCarver a LOOOOONG time to come up with that angle.

  391. ADam says:

    shut up Mccarver..

  392. pat says:

    McCarver is incredulous that anybody thinks that was intentional.

  393. bexarama says:

    I hate complaining because everyone else does it but seriously, does FOX think only the Yankees throw at people?

    • poster says:

      I know. Normally I don’t really FOX bash and I try to be fair about the whole “perceived bias” thing, but this is ridiculous. I’ve never heard a bias so blatant and embarassing. Buck and Mccarver should be ashamed.

  394. Drew says:

    Someone get me Dr Kevorkian.

  395. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    WOW FUCK YOU TIM MCCARVER..why hit a HOFer to get to Brett “600 HR’s” Gardner..No one would ever ever ever do that.

  396. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    You can calm down right now guys, McCarver says “NO WAY” was that intentional.

  397. Brazilian Fan says:

    man i dont believe what im hearing

  398. Beef Hammerdong says:

    McCarver is as unbiased as you can get.


  399. nathan says:

    Somebody tell me McCarver’s address, i want to send him some Ernie Harwell’s tapes to make him realize how announcing is supposed to be.

  400. Bob Stone says:

    McCarver sucks!

  401. mbonzo says:

    That ball wasn’t in, it was at his head. Pitchers don’t throw at people’s heads to get strikes.

  402. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Should have been more, but I like that the Yanks responded with at least a run.

  403. Pat D says:

    Wait, McCarver has said that CC hitting the elf was intentional and Buchholz’s knock down pitch was not intentional?

    Is he on the same stream of consciousness as the rest of us?

  404. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    Odds that an errant 100mph foul ball enters the broadcast booth and implants itself into McCarver’s cranium: 8973264763963949039812876378 to 1.

    /A kid can dream’d

  405. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    I can’t wait till McCarver wonders why Sabathia isn’t issued a warning for throwing a little inside on the next lefty hitter.

  406. nathan says:

    I am just delighted that the ALDS and ALCS are not on FOX, cannot take another Post-season with these douches.

  407. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    I will say one thing…I will never ever complain about a YES broadcast for as long as I watch the Yankees. I don’t care if Kay and Leiter talk about Good and Plenty for 8 straight innings, its better than Tim McCarver calling a baseball game.

  408. Drew says:

    Mccarver, how was the interview with Girardi?

    …no comment?

  409. mbonzo says:

    Girardi’s interview wasn’t classic apparently.

  410. Poopy Pants says:

    Girardi didn’t leave Pedroia out. He mentioned it, Joe. Holy shit.

  411. bexarama says:

    Ahmahgahd, FOX. Girardi JUST SAID he hit Pedroia!

  412. nathan says:

    Joe said hit “pedroia”– he asks why he leave him out !!haha

  413. Girardi: “… he hit Pedroia …”
    McCarver: “The one batter you left out of that list is Dustin Pedroia.”

  414. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Of course when a Yankee does it, its intentional. Never mind Josh “HAHAHAHA Yankee Got Hit JIMP” Beckett.

  415. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    “The one hitter you’re leaving out is Pedroia.”

    He definitely mentioned it when he said losing command. Joe Buck, you are not out of the way of my bloody chainsaw.

  416. Poopy Pants says:

    McCarver wanted nothing with Girardi.

  417. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Why does Boston have to bat all the brothas at the bottom of the order?

    /Lightening the mood’d

  418. JD says:

    who’s emailing them to tell em to shut up?

  419. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    Well come on Drew! Girardi had the nerve to not openly declare hitting the dwarf was intentional where as Tito was 100% honest about Beckett having no intent….hell Tito isn’t even aware of what a “HBP” is.

  420. mbonzo says:

    Anyone catch that email? I wanna tell McCarver how classic his announcing has been. Classic HAHAHAHAH CLASSIC!

    • Michael Kay but not THE says:

      I can picture the type of person that would send Joe & Tim serious e-mail questions and they’re all probably along the lines of

      “Boy is that Pedroia scrappy! Don’t you wish all baseball players were like him?” “Jeter deserves an MVP award, but just for running hard to 1st every time. Don’t you wish all baseball players did that?” “I will miss Ernie Harwell. You know what else I miss? Whites Only restrooms.”

  421. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    someone send an email to that address and ask whos Boston cock McCarver wants most

  422. danny says:

    ugh nascar. i dont understand.

  423. nathan says:

    Look i get the biases, i really do. But, is it too much a little bit of integrity.

  424. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Where was that strike 3 before? Sigh.

  425. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    eat some pine billy

  426. Jason from The Heartland says:

    97 mph, frozen on the outside corner. Nasty, as in NAY-HASTY, Big Guy.

  427. pat says:

    A 3d TV? Umm no thanks. Please stop thinking 3D is this awesome shit. I

  428. mbonzo says:

    I feel like Im watching a game with some of my buddies who are Red Sox fans… except I can’t talk. Really frustrating.

  429. Across the pond says:

    This is without doubt the worst I’ve ever heard from FOX anyway.

    I really hope I can learn to watch sports without the commentary.

  430. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Getting Gardner on to start the 5th would be huge. Let him run as Teixeira is heating up. Get Laptops apoplectic.

  431. Hey ZZ says:

    I will never understand how national TV stations employ such poor broadcasters.

    They could basically hand pick any talent they want, but these stations consistently throw out slop.

    It is not even just the annoying bias. Buck knows very little about the game of baseball and McCarver is borderline delirious.

    They just talk about the same thing over and over and over again. And 99% of the time it is just pure nonsense.

    This is not a soap opera. This is a fucking baseball game. I want to hear about baseball. How about someone talks about Bucholz having trouble repeating his delivery. Nope, never anything baseball related.

    Bob Costas. Please, please, please announce more nationally televised baseball games. This is intolerable.

  432. Handtius says:


  433. CNight_UP says:

    MAY TEIX!!!

  434. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    that was hammered

  435. bexarama says:

    FOX = Andy Pettitte is a clubhouse malcontent!!!!


  436. Jason from The Heartland says:

    GOOOOOONE, Teixeira!

  437. Poopy Pants says:

    McCarver must have Alzheimer’s. Seriously. I’m not even joking about that disease. McCarver is not in touch with reality.

  438. pat says:

    I smell back to back.

  439. Kristen says:

    some texsual healing, baby!

  440. Across the pond says:

    May Tex is awesome.

  441. poster says:


    Buck and Mccarver sound depressed. Suck it, assholes.

  442. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    My email to them:
    Tim and Joe,

    Why is it that you seem to side with the Red Sox at every instance? For example, you repeatedly complimented Dustin Pedroia for backing up the throw to 1st in the 1st inning. Every second basemen is there on bunts. Just because the throw was bad enough where he was actually needed doesn’t make his play anymore special.
    Secondly, about possible retaliation against Beckett. Yes he hit Cano and Jeter. He also buzzed Swisher up and in, and almost hit Francisco Cervelli in the head TWICE – and Francisco is wearing that helmet because he has a track record of concussions. If he hit Cervelli in the head and ended his career, would you continue to defend him blindly then?

    I know the Yankees are more popular nationally so you play the devil’s advocate but please, some integrity in your broadcasting would be much appreciated.

    A Fan

  443. mustang says:

    Now they got the lead back all is well.

  444. Drew says:

    Mccarver adds so much to this broadcast.

  445. Handtius says:

    Love how everything a yankee does has something to do with the sox

  446. bexarama says:

    FOX is trying to make me less pissed off with them with the Andy shots. Not quite working but okay.

  447. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Are we going to hear the walk off magic has moved and the injury bug has moved in the Bronx? Probably.

  448. mike c says:

    so glad i’ll be at the game on shiti field so i don’t have to listen two these numbskulls

  449. pat says:

    OOf, that change was nasty. Best pitch he’s thrown all day.

  450. Brazilian Fan says:

    instead of saying how well teixeira hit macarver said “bosox fans are thinking he could be doing this for us:

  451. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Good job Cano. Swish you have to get it done here.

  452. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    “And remember the only way to watch EVERY MLB game in HD is with DirecTV”

    *Unless said game takes place during FOX’s national broadcast window, then you’re fucked*

  453. JSquared says:

    Hold on… is McCarver complimenting Cano??

  454. Handtius says:

    I can name a few….on the yankees.

  455. Jason from The Heartland says:

    A huge difference in Cano’s approach is his improved ability to draw in his hands and handle inside heat. He’s eliminating weaknesses, and it’s great to watch it happen.

  456. Bob Stone says:

    17″? – I thought we all learned in the “PineTar Incident” that the plate is 18″!

    • Bob Stone says:

      Actually – Fox is right – Home plate: Five-sided, 17 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches, cut to a point at rear. Buck and McCarver are such terrific educators.

  457. Brazilian Fan says:

    hughes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> notebook stealer

  458. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Buchholz up to 84 pitches.

  459. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Look I respect Pedroia. Plays hard, solid defense… but he is not CLOSE to Utley, and Cano is clearly better than him

  460. mbonzo says:

    McCarver sounds disgusted he has to talk about Cano being a good player

  461. bexarama says:

    A strike? Yeah um no.

  462. Handtius says:

    what a strike…what a fucking strike.

  463. pat says:

    How about an overhead view of that strike three to Swisher? Is it that hard?

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      To be fair, that looked liek a strike. I think Swisher was guessing something else and got caught flat-footed.

  464. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Thank Mo the Yankees don’t play here until the end of the season.

  465. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I think it was a good pitch, actually. Swish got fooled.

  466. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I miss Michael Kay.

  467. poster says:

    My e-mail:

    Dear Joe,

    Come on man. Don’t you have any integrity? This bias against the Yankees is obvious and embarassing. I mean, Beckett goes inside on Cervelli, twice, goes inside on Texeira, andhits Jeter, and NONE of those were intentional? And CC hits Dustin on his first pitch and that IS intentional? I mean, how can you possibly believe that? Please, try not to show an obvious bias for either team, huh?

    • poster says:

      Just want to say, I tried to send this but it didn’t work for some reason. Oh well. It was too critical to be read on air anyway.

  468. nathan says:

    If only we had a decent radio team, i would never listen to these 2 idiots.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Sterling and Waldman >>> McCarver and Buck

      • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

        Michael Kay is biased towards the Yankees, but at least he has the excuse of being THEIR broadcaster. Buck/McCarver are supposedly national broadcasters with no allegiances whatsoever.

      • poster says:


        Damn, that kid is having Austin Jackson-esque BABIP luck.

      • Pat D says:


        I know a lot of you hate them (I don’t, but I don’t listen enough anymore), but they’re obviously more tolerable.

        I’m glad that I’m not watching this game, I think I would have had a stroke, since I now know that I have high blood pressure.

  469. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Jeff Van Gundy aka Larry Fine without the talent.

  470. pat says:

    Good eye, Randy.

  471. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    CLEARLY inside

  472. Handtius says:

    we get a call!!!

  473. JobaWockeeZ says:

    The BABIP god is up.

  474. nathan says:

    Cerv one to the monster !!

  475. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Fire Marshall Bill loads the bases.

    The Green Eyed Bandit up to no good.

  476. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Heck of a walk, Winn. Frankie C. with the bases loaded again. Deliver please, Frankie C.

  477. Kristen says:

    The BABIP gods are kind.

  478. mbonzo says:


  479. JobaWockeeZ says:

    BABIP GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. First Time Poster says:


  481. Handtius says:

    Oh Cervelli. how i love thee.

  482. Ty says:

    Cervelli…the new Posada

  483. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Frankie! Love it. Don’t care that Winn got caught – the run scored. Good job boys

  484. bexarama says:

    Randy that was dumb but YAAAAY CERVELLI!!!

  485. pat says:

    Another good play by Winn to make sure the run scores.

  486. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Frankie is making me love him more and more each day.

  487. Drew says:

    Come on Randy you’re suppose to be a good baserunner.

  488. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:


    What is it with Winn’s gaffes whenever Cervelli gets an RBI hit?

  489. Brazilian Fan says:

    cervelli is a solid player imo. what do you think mike?

  490. BklynJT says:

    Ceribelli!!! (he’s italian right?)

  491. nathan says:

    That was a special Cerv. Winn grrrrr !

  492. danny says:


  493. zzzzzz says:

    wow. cervelli! i don’t even know what to say anymore.

  494. Beef Hammerdong says:

    Winn needs to learn how to teleport.


  495. CashmanSeenMeNaked says:

    Cervelli flashes more of that style nd grit, but Winn getting caught between 2nd and 3rd killing the momentum is unacceptable.

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      I have a feeling that Winn intentionally got caught to give whoever was running ahead of him time to score. If it was Gardner then it was a dumb move but I can understand the logic behind it

  496. What was that? Win was out by about half a light year.

  497. First Time Poster says:



  498. Jason from The Heartland says:

    LOVE the RBI single, Frankie C. But was the Winn run-down necessary?

    6-3 is beautiful. Frankie C. is batting .415 with 10 RBI in 41 AB. WOW.

  499. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Amen, Cashman…

  500. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Anyone think that even with Nicky J comes back, we keep Posada at DH, have Frankie catch and bring up Moeller to be the backup catcher?

    • First Time Poster says:

      I don’t think so. Posada is still a more than serviceable catcher while Cerv, though he is hitting great, is not an improvement over Johnson when healthy. I’m not saying I don’t think Angel Eyes can be a regular… but this is his first year in the majors and he is surprising everyone with his production… maybe next year.

  501. Poopy Pants says:

    Or Buck and McCarver could have asked Francona…

    If Beckett wasn’t trying to hit all of those batters, then why wasn’t he taken out of the game? He doesn’t belong in an MLB game if his control is that bad. People could and did get injured.

  502. nathan says:

    Aah Winn, we could have made Laptop thief throw a bit more. Btw, according to McCarver laptop-thief has done his part in the game (he was 4+ innings 4 ER when he said that)

  503. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Just give Cervelli his plaque in Monument Park now. It’s a foregone conclusion.

  504. Kristen says:

    Even Joe Buck likes Cervelli

  505. First Time Poster says:

    Not too bad of a play by Winn. He was just running aggressive. The first time was Thompson fault and at least he didn’t pull a Gomez and let the run score.

  506. Brad Toughy says:

    Randy Winn has made an out at first, third and home today. I wonder how many times one player makes an out at each bag during one game?

  507. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    I need a shirt with Cervelli’s smiling face on the front and the words “You just got Cerv’d” on the back. Now.

  508. nathan says:

    Tex !! Hat tip.

  509. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    I glove you, Mark.

  510. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Tex with the leatha

  511. Handtius says:

    Damn Tex

  512. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    What a play by Tex. Love it.

  513. Poopy Pants says:

    “Teix could’ve been catching that ball for us”


  514. mustang says:

    Pedroia hit. check
    winning the game. check
    Making Joe and tim look like dumb asses. check
    let the ass kissing start

  515. Kristen says:


  516. poster says:

    WHOA, what a play Tex!

  517. Brazilian Fan says:

    gold gloved

  518. mbonzo says:

    Well McCarver got some of our emails. I guess.

  519. nathan says:

    CC we need you through the 7th, lets get some quick outs.

  520. pat says:

    Wow, are you shitting me?

  521. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    Did anyone else hear someone calling CC a freak?

  522. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Ummm where was that last pitch? Umm high? cmon blue

  523. Sully says:

    Montero is out of the lineup again today. Has anyone heard whether he was removed last night for disciplinary reasons, or because he may have suffered an injury?

  524. Brazilian Fan says:

    dustin biography

  525. nathan says:

    Anything that has anything do with any good player has to be tied to Pedroia. Thats how bad McCarver wants a date with Dustin?

  526. bexarama says:

    I would like if CC got the guys out to keep it 6-3 and then it poured and the game got called off. That’d rule.

  527. RobinsonKanoWinsFatality says:

    No point in mentioning whether the game is official or not. There will more than likely be no rain. Precipitation is at 10% for the rest of the day.

  528. Seems to me there are probably thousands of people in LA who are happier about Andre Ethier than Dustin Pedroia is Tim.

  529. nathan says:

    Come on, just one more out

  530. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Oh come on. They call it NOW?

  531. Kristen says:

    Ugh. 1 strike from an official game…

  532. nathan says:

    FUCK !!

  533. JSquared says:


  534. Ty says:

    what awful umpiring let him throw the damn pitch are you kidding me

    • whozat says:

      Well, if he hadn’t taken 25 seconds between each of the last three pitches, maybe he could have gotten through the AB. The way CC was going there, it was pretty clear that he was in no hurry to avoid the rain.

  535. Across the pond says:

    Damn it.. get that pitch thrown

  536. Handtius says:

    one more pitch!!!! fucking crist.

  537. bexarama says:

    One strike from an official game? Seriously?

  538. Camilo Gerardo says:

    short rain delay! come on Mo

  539. Bobby says:

    Joe Buck: “Since 2004, the Red Sox and the Yankees average 3 hours and 22 minutes per game.”

    Trust us, Joe. As long as these games are, it’s an eternity for us when we have to listen to you.

    • bexarama says:

      I had to laugh at the “since 2004″ thing. You’d think they’d go from since 2001, with the unbalanced schedule, but I forgot that baseball started in 2004…

  540. poster says:


    The heavens themselves conspire against the evil empire.

  541. Pat D says:

    In the middle of his windup and they call it? Total bullshit.

  542. danny says:

    fuckkkk just one more freaking out!

  543. Jack says:

    Really, Tim? You couldn’t give him just one more pitch?

  544. mbonzo says:

    Wait its not an official game? Why did Buck say we were one out away from an official game?

    • nathan says:

      Home team has to finish the 5th , if they are not in the lead

    • Neil B. says:

      You need to have 5 complete innings to have an official game. There’s still one out left in the bottom of the fifth. If only CC had thrown a strike on (what proved to be) his last pitch. . .

      • mbonzo says:

        Not necessarily, which was why I was confused. I am used to home games. If the home team leads through 4 and a half it is official too.

  545. NYC says:


  546. nathan says:

    If they call this game off or fuckin suspend it because of 1 pitch, that wud suck

  547. T-Dubs says:


  548. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    1 strike from it being an official game at Fenway which the red sox are trailing….who didn’t see that tarp coming out the 2nd a drop fell?

    Maybe NESN can loan FOX Gammons so he can go stand under a sprinkler somewhere and do “I don’t think we’re finishing this game today Joe. This may be the most deadly rain storm of all-time and The Red Sox will NOT risk their fans & players’ lives for a game they can make-up.”

  549. Jersey says:

    That rain was coming down HARD, but still….?!?!

    • Michael Kay but not THE says:

      yeah, and no harder than games I’ve seen continue, and at much later stages in games too.

      • Jersey says:

        On the upside, spring rain coming down that hard doesn’t usually last all that long…guess we’ll see what happens.

  550. Riddle says:

    I’ve never been more pissed at a game where the Yankees were winning…whole game has been bullshit.

  551. pat says:

    HAHAH Rick Dickert.

  552. pat says:

    Eh, at least we get to watch Braves Phillies. That’s kinda nice.

  553. whozat says:

    Whatever. If CC had wanted to finish that AB, he would have. He was taking FOREVER between pitches. He was clearly in no rush to finish it off. I don’t know why, but I have a hard time getting mad at the ump for stopping the game in a sudden downpour.

  554. First Time Poster says:

    If it is canceled… do they replay the entire game, or do they begin next time from where the left off?

  555. nathan says:

    Partial blame goes to CC. He was taking forevah…

  556. Rosco says:

    How come if a game is tied after the 5th MLB will continue the game where it stands at a later date but for a game like today if it gets called they have to make up the whole game from scratch.

  557. Jose says:

    so does the game continue after waiting or do they call the game?

  558. Hey ZZ says:

    This is not on the ump. It is on CC. He knew the situation and he knew he had a 3 run lead to work with.

    Work fast and throw strikes that inning. I love CC, but not a good job that inning.

    • nathan says:

      Particularly that pitch. Just throw some damn thing over.

    • poster says:

      No way. He was one out and potentially one pitch away from an official game. Let’s not exaggerate and claim he was taking a half hour between pitches. 20 seconds or so is a long time, but he still only needed one out.

      • bexarama says:

        This, a lot. Plus, the rain was very sudden.

      • Hey ZZ says:

        He was working slow the entire inning and he was not attacking hitters.

        I am not saying he was taking forever in between pitches, but he was working slower than he tends to and he should in that situation.

        He knew the weather was getting worse. Even if it does not rain, you get through that inning quick and then you have nothing to worry about.

        It really is not a big deal, but CC made a mistake.

    • First Time Poster says:

      To be fair the rain hit almost instantaneously. Plus, CC’s meteorology rating in the show is only 56.

  559. bexarama says:

    who are the Phillies/Braves announcers? Why can’t we get them? ;_;

  560. pat says:

    There’s very little chance they restart this game.

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      the guy on Fox said its gonna be a 35-40 minute delay

      • pat says:

        Word. I meant there’s very little chance they call it and make us start over again at a later date.

  561. Jose says:

    so what happens?????

  562. First Time Poster says:

    I like these guys way more… lets steal them.

    • Jack says:

      Heh. I got home from work during the moment of silence during the third. My first thought was “Why can’t we have a season of silence?”

    • donttradecano says:

      really? karros said that it would be BAD for cano to hit 40 hrs

      • Jack says:

        Wasn’t he also the one who said that CC couldn’t be dominant during the postseason?

      • First Time Poster says:

        True… that was pretty stupid and really had no logic to it whatsoever– especially because he cited Robbie as an RBI guy. That said, they do offer better commentary than the former due that we had been dealing with for the first 5 frames of that game.

  563. Handtius says:

    Stop blaming CC. we’ve seen innings go on much longer then that with rain that hard. We saw it in Baltimore a few years ago, when Mora was complaining that they should call the game. They could have given him till the end of the inning. it wouldn’t have hurt.

  564. NYC says:

    OH NO, RAIN – RUN FOR COVER! Grow a pair.

  565. First Time Poster says:

    God is a Red Sox fan! He is just envious of Mo.

  566. Jack says:

    Holy balls that is windy.

  567. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    Had the Yankees been trailing, McCarver would have definitely called this rain delay intentional.

  568. Hey ZZ says:

    It was only a matter of time before the Yankees broke through on Bucholz today. The Yankees really bailed him out early in the game. He really was lucky that it was only 6 runs.

    He had no control of his offspeed pitches and his fastball was flatter than Tim McCarver’s voice when the Yankees score. And he has no clue what to do when runners are on base.

    Phil has had an elite fastball so far this season which is absolutely by far and away the best tool any pitcher can have.

    Mentioning these guys together is not going to last much longer. Phil is on a different level than Bucholz.

    • Michael Kay but not THE says:

      Phil also has the advantage in not having his mug shot on the wall in every electronics store across the country.

    • poster says:

      IDK, I disagree, I think Buccholz is gonna be a really good pitcher one day. He wasn’t doing Hughes good, but he WAS pitching quite well this year until today and he had a pretty good run at the end of last season too.

      • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

        from what I understand, his ceiling isn’t as high as Hughes

      • bexarama says:

        I can see Buchholz becoming excellent and I can see him completely falling apart and never really amounting to anything. I don’t see him being like, a serviceable pitcher, I think it’s all or nothing for him.

        Then again, I thought Beltre was gonna be Boston’s best signing this year (“it’s early” disclaimer).

      • Hey ZZ says:

        I was not really talking about strictly the results.

        The results have been great with Phil, but that is not the whole story.

        He has always had a very good fastball. But, he has been pitching with an elite fastball so far this season. He has been dominating teams with almost entirely FB, Cutter. The life in the zone on those 2 pitches is just incredible.

        Phil has one tool right now that Bucholz cannot touch and that most pitchers in baseball cannot touch. That is his fastball.

        Bucholz may be a very good pitcher one day, but Phil is a very good pitcher right now.

        • poster says:

          Right now Hughes is on a great run, but he does have a very lucky BABIP. He’ll regress, at least a little bit.

          • Hey ZZ says:

            That Phil has been “lucky” has been a bit misstated and overemphasized.

            Of course Phil is not going to pitch to these numbers all season and everything is going to rise including his ERA at some point.

            But what he has been doing so far this season have very little to do with luck. The major reason his BABIP is so low is because teams cannot connect with his fastball.

            Just look at all the foul balls hit off his fastball. No one they have faced has been able to put the sweet spot of the bat on his fastball. He has given up so few hits not because he has been lucky, but because very, very few players this season have hit it hard.

            What Phil has done so far has not be luck. This early in the season people turn to BABIP far too often without looking at the particular at bats and situations.

            • poster says:

              I’m not saying Phil hasn’t been pitching great. And yes, there’s a reason his BABIP is so low. But you said it yourself, his BABIP and his ERA are unsustainable.

              • Hey ZZ says:

                Yeah I know you aren’t saying that. It was directed more generally. A lot of people have said Phil has been lucky this year. That is misleading.

                That whole Bloomberg website article the other day was misleading because it did not take into account whatsoever the way Phil is pitching right now and how different of a pitcher he is from the past.

                When Phil’s numbers go up it won’t be because, he was lucky early in the season. I just hope people realize that and don’t take anything away from what he has done so far because of it.

                • poster says:

                  Phil is an excellent pitcher who has a pretty good shot to finish with an ERA below four, which would be absolutely fantastic. But he will not finish with an ERA below 2.

  569. Riddle says:

    lol, Yankees media beat Red Sox media 20-3 at a Fenway Park softball game. Wouldnt have minded to see that.

  570. nathan says:

    Last night in Baseball tonight, Buck Showlater mentioned in slightly different words ” You look at the Yankees, they are able to bring in a Winn or Cervelli or Pena, they miss no beat. Thats what they can do with such a high payroll, when you get a 200 Mill payroll you can do that. I am sure a mid-market team cant do that, right JP”

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      Because Winn/Cervelli and Pena are being paid in the tens of millions of dollars… guarantee Pena and Cervelli are being paid league minimum and Winn is what, 1.5 mil?

      • Bob Stone says:

        So true. Details, details.

        • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

          Look its true we have a high payroll. But for once, can’t someone just say “they have really good coaches and Cashman found a gem in Cervelli.” Its just frustrating because we can’t win. If we win, its empty because we’re expected to, and if we lose, its inexcusable and we’re roundly mocked by everyone.
          Fucking Red Sox.

          • nathan says:

            You are right, knock the Yanks about the payroll thats ok. But atleast be sensible about who you choose to highlight as luxury, Cervelli, Pena and Winn are not luxuries. Couple of them are farm hands and one is a washout. Lets have some perspective. But, its ESPN, we shouldnt expect perspective or fidelity.

            • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

              Yeah. Arod, Tex, CC fine we paid them. But we DEVELOPED Gardner, we DEVELOPED Cervelli, we DEVELOPED Pena and we were literally the only team that even wanted Winn

      • nathan says:

        Oh yeah, a couple of minor leaguers make greater than Adrian Gonzalez. It was crazy, I thought ok let me wait 20 seconds he will saying something sensible. He asked JP Ricciardi and JP went yeah its tough, when you have them with a 200 Mill payroll and they can bring these players in and not miss, the depth, the depth is what that payroll buys.

        What can I say, i kicked myself for even watchign 5 mins of that show.

        • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

          I like Baseball Tonight and I like John Kruk. Hes really smart (surprisingly) and knows a ton about baseball. But its not we have Allstars as backups – could the answer be that possibly, we just made smart moves? Or is that not allowed too, as it takes unfair advantage of our above-average intelligence???

          • whozat says:

            Kruk does nothing except parrot empty platitudes and contribute to false narratives. His analysis is shallow and often inaccurate.

          • Zack says:

            “I like Baseball Tonight and I like John Kruk. Hes really smart (surprisingly) and knows a ton about baseball”

            Sarcasm is there somewhere

          • nathan says:

            Kruk, I donno. I think he is pretty average.

  571. Eirias says:

    I realize that Cervelli stands zero chance of producing like Posada, but a few questions: I was too young to follow Posada’s development. How heralded was he as a prospect? Did his minor league career portend his future success?

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      All I know was he started at second base (epic lawls) and he debuted in a pinch-running role, in the highest of ironies

    • pat says:

      He was always known as a defense first, light hitting catcher. He wasn’t very highly regarded at all. Due to a bunch of injuries last year he was called up to be the backup. His infections enthusiasm and great presence behind the plate as all but ensured his place as our primary BUC of the future. Anything he contributes with the stick is a bonus. He never hit like this in the minors.

    • MikeD says:

      He was considered a prospect, although no one was predicting a border-line HOF career. I guess you can never predict that. He continued to improve, and his numbers indicated a potential .270/.370 OBP with midrange power. Frankly, he should have been on the Yankees roster for all of ’96 and should have been playing even more in the first few years of his career instead of sharing too much time with Girardi. Those lost ABs may be what cost him the HOF.

      Cervelli lacks powers, but his minor league record indicated decent strike-zone judgement. My question on him would be how he’d react when pitchers just started pounding the plate on him. No way they’d want to walk him and they have little fear he’d hit the ball out. So far Cervelli has reacted quite well. It’s not going to last, though, but I have hopes that he can maintain a .260-.270 BA acting as a solid defensive back-up.

      • poster says:

        Posada is considered a borderline HOF’er, but he shouldn’t be; he should be considered an eventual first round HOF’er.

        Look at some of his rate stats. He ranks right up with Yogi and Dickey. If Posada doesn’t make it into the HOF it’s a shame.

        • MikeD says:

          I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. I’m just repeating what’s thought about him now, which he’s a borderline candidate. There are 13 catchers in the Hall, if I remember correctly, and I rate Posada somewhere just off the all-time top ten, which means there are catchers in the HOF who have accomplished less than Jorge. I just hope he plays for a few more years and can add in some more counting stats to convince enough voters to punch the ticket for him. I’m afraid those lost ABs at the start of his career may hold him back.

          BTW I think the whole Core Four movement of the past year is going to help both Posada d Pettitte. They will get a closer look. And if Posada gets in, and three of the Core Four are in, then I can see a push to add in Pettitte. Andy will help his chances if he plays for a couple more seasons.

  572. Handtius says:

    Anyone watching the phils-braves? ex yankee on base, ex yankee just bunted, ex yankee pitching.

  573. Jim says:

    Alright, the rain is stopping and we only have a one hour window before the next batch of heavy showers moves through. They better take the tarp off soon!

    • nathan says:

      I donno Tim Mclelland has been desperatly trying to wash away his nightmare call at 3B in the playoffs, he will try to even up and jerk the Yanks a bit. I think he would have given that pitch if it was anyother team on the mound.

  574. nathan says:

    A bit of a good news on Nicky J, Chad Jennings retracted the torn tendon thing. Its just inflammation now. Poor lad.

  575. Fantasy question: Drop Reid Brignac, Kila Ka’aihue, or Matt LaPorta?

    • Chops says:

      Kila La’aihue, he’s going to get the least amount of ABs with Jose Guillen and Billy Butler on the Royals

  576. pat says:

    Tarp is coming off, YAY

  577. donttradecano says:

    any see this part of the renovation for msg?

  578. nathan says:

    McCarver and Buck were so bad, that I needed this rain delay to feel normal and calm down. During that game (gulp) I wished that they should cutover to Rosenthal for a few minutes. It was that poor from them.

    • Camilo Gerardo says:

      esp the part where hitting lil pedroia come back to haunt cc… how about fastball in the heart of the plate?

  579. NYC says:

    who’s going to pitch now?

  580. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    They scheduled restart for 6:20

  581. pat says:

    Are you fucking shitting me? I don’t get to watch the rest of the game?

  582. Hey ZZ says:

    Do we get new announcers on FX?

    PLEASE say yes

  583. MikeD says:

    Any update here? I don’t have TV access today.

    • MikeD says:

      Ok, just as I wrote that WABC went back to the game. Rain seems to have stopped and there is blue in the sky, but the temp has dropped a lot. CC will be out of the game.

    • nathan says:

      Game starts in 4 mins on FX.

  584. pat says:

    Hahah, The Win Vulture strikes again.

  585. Ty says:

    Feels like an Aceves 2.2ip 2hits 1bb 3k W coming up

  586. First Time Poster says:

    is this legit?!?!

  587. Kristen says:

    Of course Joe Buck saw Maid in Manhattan in theaters.

  588. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Joe Buck saw Maid in Manhattan in the theaters?


  589. Tommy Fusco says:

    wow, the mets aint playing bad
    another win over the giants

  590. First Time Poster says:

    Unreal… why they hell don’t they go back to the other game. I don’t get FX… fuck!

  591. Handtius says:

    What the fuck!!! FX?!?! I don’t get fucking FX!

  592. Ty says:

    What torture going from an HD channel to a non-HD channel for me. Anything else I would of turned it off already, humans shouldn’t have to endure this.

  593. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Apparently, NASCAR is coming up later on Fox, so they just moved over now, as opposed to having to do it later if the Yanks/Sox stayed on Fox

  594. V says:

    I hate umpires. I hate Fox. I hate the Red Sox. AGAGJAJGAJRJARJAJTJGA.

  595. V says:

    If CC misses 20 wins by 1, he has this game (and these idiotic umpires) to blame.

  596. poster says:

    I’m so pissed at this whole sequence of events.

  597. First Time Poster says:

    So… is Ace in line for the W?

    This brings a whole new meaning to “Vulture”

  598. mbonzo says:

    Couldn’t the official scorer still give the W to CC if he wanted to?

    • First Time Poster says:


    • Across the pond says:

      Yeah I thought there was cases where he could make a judgement but maybe he must still have the 5ip

      • Jack says:

        So, a starting pitcher has to go 5 innings, but Alan Embree can pick up a win without throwing a single pitch.

        Tell me again why people actually use wins to evaluate pitchers?

  599. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Leadoff walk to the #9 hitter… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it

  600. First Time Poster says:

    wow! I’m not even getting NASCAR… I’m getting reruns of “Friends!”

    I cannot type something which would do my anger justice. Fox… you made a powerful enemy today, my friend.

  601. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Pedroia just made a GREAT play… he made a solid play but not one that should inspire any remarks…

  602. V says:

    Goddamnit Jeter. WTF?

  603. Dr Van Nostrand says:

    One of the worst Jeter at bats I have ever seen

  604. Hummingbird S. says:

    I want good Jeter back.

  605. TheZack says:

    I love that I am getting reruns of “life according to Jim” instead of the game. Yay Fox!

  606. Tom Zig says:

    So David Ortiz didn’t play today…safe to say his goose is cooked?

  607. Poopy Pants says:

    Will this bullpen EVER get straightened out?

  608. pat says:

    Oh, motherfucker. Goddamn it.

  609. Across the pond says:

    Oh fuck no!!!11!

  610. Kristen says:


  611. DGeezy says:


  612. damn yanks says:


  613. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    wtffff is going on

  614. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Oh god Aceves is injured… WHAT THE FUCK WHY ARE WE GETTING HURT

  615. You have got to be kidding me.

  616. Mike Axisa says:

    You have to be kidding me.

  617. nathan says:

    We are entering 2009 Mets territory with these injuries. Damn it.

  618. Tom Zig says:

    who is hurt?

  619. Phishin' says:

    unreal….can we get a break with these injuries?

  620. Ojas says:

    wtf is with all of these injuries?!

  621. Handtius says:

    what the hell is going on?

    • B-Rando says:

      Aceves through a strike, and then started limping around the mound and got yanked from the game. Logan came in and got the K, but christ, I cannot believe these injuries.

  622. TheZack says:

    Jesus I hate Boston. Freaking place is just plain evil. I have no doubt that this is all intentional…

  623. First Time Poster says:

    … what the hell. What happened to Ace? God dammit! Mo help us!

  624. Zanath says:

    This would be slightly comical if it weren’t so depressing. What is going on?

  625. Apollo22237 says:

    If these injuries keep happening, we are just going to have to call up the entire Scranton team.

  626. joeytime says:

    Ace goes down.. Ace goes down… damn now what?! Was it a hammy?? or back??? Anyone??

  627. Kristen says:

    Awesome Boone Logan story by Ken Rosenthal.

  628. Hughesus Christo says:


  629. pat says:

    Boone Logan is a great pitcher when he only has to get 2 strikes on a guy.

  630. Hummingbird S. says:

    now we are down to 1 reliable arm in the ‘pen

  631. Phishin' says:

    Yes Boone Logan!

  632. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    Its probably his back :(

  633. Tom Zig says:

    tack on runz


  634. Zanath says:

    Good job by Logan. Can’t say I was too confident seeing him pitch, but we didn’t have too many other options. What’s the layout for the rest of the game, do you think? Joba for the 8th, I would think and Mo for the 9th? But who do we bring in for the 7th? Marte? Keep Logan in?

  635. Hughesus Christo says:

    For some reason, I’m still not concerned about the injuries. I like our depth throughout the system. I thin guys like Melancon/Miranda/Golston/etc. can fill holes for a few weeks. Chillax.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      And Post-April MARKY MARK. There can even be some good with the injuries. Young guys could flourish with their new opportunities.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      You get the feeling this team’s gonna win every day out regardless of the circumstances (injuries, etc.) Reminiscent of ’98.

  636. pat says:


  637. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    I love May Tex

  638. Ty says:


  639. First Time Poster says:

    Good thing I have the awesome episode of “Friends” to help me through this bullshit… thanks, Fox.

    Also… at least we are beating the Red Sox hald our 25-man roster injured.

  640. Kristen says:

    May Teix strikes again!

  641. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    looks like tex is heating up the sumtin to smile about :)

  642. Zanath says:


  643. pete says:

    This year, unlike last year, the injuries are happening just as Mark and Alex start to hit. The rest of baseball can continue to S our collective Ds.

  644. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    another injuryyy wow.

  645. First Time Poster says:

    Hi! My name is Mark. I like things like the sun, the beach and other fun activities. I’m really nice and never swear… I’m also awesome at baseball!

    • pete says:

      The Baseball Season, By Mark Teixiera.

      Chapter One: May.

      Today, we played the Sox again. It was a nice, fun game, although we had a little rain, which was too bad. CC pitched really well save for a mistake that Victor Martinez hit out of the park, but hey, what can you do? That’s baseball. Luckily, the boys and I rallied back to take the lead. I felt real good today, hitting two home runs and an RBI single. It’s tough losing Aceves, especially on top of all of the other injuries right now, but hopefully he’s a-OK tomorrow. Robbie felt good enough to hit today, which was great news, and Georgie’s close to being back to game form. Luckily for us, Frankie C has been on fire recently, so we’ve been able to handle the brief loss of Posada. Likewise, Brett Gardner has been all-world in the outfield and at the plate, Marcus has been hitting all season, and Randy looks like he’s starting to heat up, so we’ve been able to sustain the loss of Curtis Granderson, although we certainly hope he comes back soon! He’s a really great guy, a hard worker, and a very talented player. I have really enjoyed being his teammate thus far. I have a good feeling about us this season – our starters are throwing great, we’re scoring runs, and the bullpen’s bound to come around soon because there’s a lot of great arms out there. I wouldn’t sleep on Dave Robertson, because he was terrific for us last year.

  646. Poopy Pants says:

    Joe West is sooo pissed right now.

  647. Across the pond says:

    haha love the Joe West ZING by Buck

  648. First Time Poster says:

    … injury delay on gameday…

    what the fuck!

  649. First Time Poster says:

    Oh thank Mo… I thought a lightning bolt his Tex when he was rounding third.

  650. Tom Zig says:

    ooooo Schoeneweizer

  651. Patrick says:

    Good to see Tex break out.

    Screw Fox,the Red Sox,and the Box of Rocks in the booth.

  652. Dela G says:

    i love texy

  653. Zanath says:

    Also, Tex is officially over the Mendoza line!

  654. Kristen says:

    Such scintillating analysis of Teixs eating habits. Thanks Joe Buck.

  655. Dela G says:

    man the fox affiliate here in college station, texas decided to not show the yankees game after the rain delay, so now i am getting some nascar bullshit

  656. pat says:

    Are they bringing in a loogy to face the Rod?

  657. Dela G says:

    good job alex

  658. McCarver acting like “Sweet Caroline” is something to look forward to. Shoot me.

  659. Ty says:

    This lineup might only need Arod and Tex the rest of May the way they are swinging.

  660. Reggie C. says:

    Arod’s swinging single life produces … singles.

  661. Dela G says:

    good to see tampa finally losing a game

    • Apollo22237 says:

      I was thinking about it, and I guess when we play the Sox, I sorta want the Rays to win so the Red Sox fall that much farther behind in the standings.

  662. Reggie C. says:

    With 4 legs, Arod can really abuse Vmart’s noodle arm.

  663. Dela G says:

    damn cano, he’s throwing schlop

  664. Tom Zig says:

    que embarazado

    /not the right word

  665. Dela G says:

    the answer is joba chamberlain

    saw it on the phillies game

  666. The answer of FOX’s bonus question is Joba.

  667. Dela G says:

    mccarver is a moron

    the plural of dove is doves

  668. Does anyone know how to get Chrome to include Fangraph’s search bar as a location bar search?

  669. Reggie C. says:

    Swisher’s ode to his fallen fellow Nick.

  670. Dela G says:

    a-rod great job!

  671. Patrick says:

    Suck it Sox!

  672. Tom Zig says:

    w000p w000p

  673. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Arod with a nice slide – good job rodrizzle.

    Swisher of course, with the clutch hit

  674. Good to see A-Rod’s not having any problems with his legs.

  675. swisher's fauxhawk says:

    Thought A-Rod channeled his inner Bengie Molina for a second.

  676. Mike Axisa says:

    More runs please. I want to see Romulo Sanchez in this game, the sole surviving member of The Fat Sanchezes. I assume he’ll pour one out for Humberto.

    • Neil B. says:

      5 run lead, 3 innings left. . .if Logan can finish out the 7th, maybe we will see Romulo. After getting a rain-shortened outing from CC, it’d be nice to not have to use Joba or Mo today.

      Or we can make things really interesting and throw Damaso out there.

  677. Kristen says:

    Can you imagine listening to Tim McCarver for the entirety of that 20-inning marathon two weeks ago?

    • Sean C says:

      I’m pretty sure getting water-boarded for the entirety of that 20-inning game would be a more pleasant experience.

  678. That “game summary” shows all that is wrong with FOX’s baseball coverage.

  679. Jake H says:

    They fear Frankie! Pretty pathetic that the Yanks only have 8 runs when they have 7 walks.

  680. Would you rather listen to Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline” or Joe Buck singing Prince?

  681. Tom Zig says:

    eek D-Rob.

  682. charles poet says:

    well, looks like Tex may be getting started finally. over .200

  683. Dela G says:

    suzyn says aceves has a stiff lower back

  684. Chip says:

    Robertson still has no command

  685. Aceves with a stiff lower back, according to WCBS.

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      good news yes? Rest, warm massage… he’ll be fine

  686. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    wow even pena look like he got hurt wth.

  687. Oh crap, here comes the SI cover jinx talk.

  688. Jason from The Heartland says:

    That should have been 0-2 to Scutaro, and he could have dropped the curve. Instead, after being called a ball on a great 0-1 fastball at the knees, he went fastball and gave up a single. Awful.

  689. Chip says:

    Wow, Robertson is being bent over by the home plate ump

  690. Jake H says:

    This ump has had a weird zone. Calls the high strike then doesn’t.

  691. Dela G says:

    ugh d-rob, why must you fail us

  692. FIPster Doofus says:

    Robertson is just a mess right now. Damn.

  693. Reggie C. says:

    Yeesh. Poor D-Rob. He’s just leaving everything over the plate.

  694. charles poet says:

    bringing in Robertson was a waste of a pitcher. results may have been the same leaving logan in there.

    Robertson needs to go down to Tampa “with an injury” or to Scranton

  695. Tom Zig says:

    Robertson you anger me!

  696. Dela G says:

    that girl in the toyota avalon commercial is pretty

  697. Dante says:

    Why are the Yanks cutting Robertson so much slack?
    He’s been suck’n it every outing.
    Send him down and bring up Melancon for crying out freak’n loud!!!

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      because Robertson proved how good he was last year, against major league hitters. And he has shown he has the ability to be a top level reliever

      • Dante says:

        Last year was LAST YEAR!
        He doesn’t throw strikes this year,he’s tentative and he’s getting crushed this year.
        Send him DOWN!!

  698. Dela G says:

    d-rob has given 16 hits, 3HR in 7 2/3 innings… wowzers

  699. Dante says:

    The Yanks have been in luv with the ’09 version of Robertson and are in denial that he sucks this bad.
    Wake up Cash…pls

  700. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Throw strikes, Joba. Don’t mess around.

  701. Dela G says:

    cmon joba, throw strikes

  702. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Nice hissy, Victor.

  703. Dela G says:

    good job joba

  704. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Good work, Joba. Give him the eighth.

  705. Reggie C. says:

    Whew… Gardner made that fly ball a bit more eventful than needed.

  706. Dela G says:

    i don’t know about that… jetes looked safe at first glance

  707. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I thought the same, Dela. Of course, there was no replay on FAUX.

  708. Dante says:

    Gotta love the arse whoppin 2 days in a row by the Yanks against the Suxsox in Baston. Let’s tac on another 2 and have duel 10-3 trashing.

    • Dela G says:

      i’m going to frame this positive post from you, dante!!

      • Dante says:

        Dela..I call it like I see it….
        I’m as die hard a Yankees fan as anyone out there…but I’m not pie in the sky about it.
        If they (in this case Robertson) are suckin it I say out right.

        • Dela G says:

          hey man i’m with you, but some of your past posts have been “wtf?” worthy

          • Dante says:

            maybe…not sure which past posts you’d be referring to…
            I did trash Vasquez when he melted down against the Angels in LA.
            And you’re probably aware of where the Yanks stand with him at this moment.
            They’ve got another “Kei Igawa” on their collective hands.

  709. Dela G says:

    teh gritster!!!

  710. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Brett the Jet is batting .352. Jeebus Chreebus.

  711. Dela G says:

    what a great catch

  712. Reggie C. says:

    McDonald just ate up Teix’s double. Damn.

  713. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Teixeira robbed of a four-hit day on a terrific catch.

  714. Dante says:

    Tex is back…
    A-Rod will get his homer mojo back and this team will jet propel itself away from the Rays.

  715. Dela G says:

    another stolen base?? i love it

  716. Reggie C. says:

    Vmart just wants to go home right about now.

    I think BG should press it, … steal third.

  717. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Jeez. Most of the time when Gardner steals, it isn’t even close–whether or not Brett the Jet steals on a rage-armed catcher like Martinez.

  718. Reggie C. says:

    Individual voices in this Boston crowd are starting to irk me.

  719. Jason from The Heartland says:

    rag-armed, that is.

  720. Jason from The Heartland says:

    They’re just waiting for their “Freebird,” Reggie: “Sweet Caroline.”

    Schoenweis is now up to 50 pitches.

  721. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    That was pretty classless of the Fenway crowd to chant “steroids” at one of their own players. I mean Ortiz isn’t even IN the game today.

  722. Apollo22237 says:

    Castro is the “only rookie to have 6 RBI’s in his MLB Debut.” Is it just me or would it be pretty tough to not be a rookie in your MLB Debut.

  723. Dante says:

    Let’s go Robbie 3 run homer…

  724. Dela G says:

    man i hope swisher destroys bard

  725. Chip says:

    Can’t express how impressed I am by Cano’s batting eye this season

  726. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I do so love all the empty seats in the 8th inning in Fenway.

  727. Jack says:

    Triple steal!

  728. Hangoverologist says:

    This series is going to be just like the Boston Massacre from last year. We’ve outscored Boston 18-5 in just two games.

  729. Dante says:

    don’t want to pitch to Cano…they’d rather walk him or in Beckett’s case hit him.
    I’m surprise CC hit only one of those punks. He should have gotten Joba wild over Pukalis’s head

  730. brazilian fan says:

    sox pitcher looks like a homeless and austin jackson is ripping the bat

  731. Dela G says:

    great job swisher


  732. FIPster Doofus says:

    It doesn’t get any better than this.

  733. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Chip. I raise my tulip glass of New Belgium Abbey high to you and your good point about Cano’s plate approach.

    …and to Swish for his RBI single. Pour it on.

  734. danny says:

    the sox have to be under-achieving, right? there no way theo “the genius” epstein planned this?

  735. Michael Kay but not THE says:

    I’m glad Rosenthal graded the Granderson trade on May 8th. This is the most devastating Yankees prospect trade since Brad Halsey.

    • brazilian fan says:

      nobody expected austin to be this good right?

      • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

        isnt his BABIP like .550 or some crazy # like that

      • Michael Kay but not THE says:

        Cashman clearly didn’t. I was excited for him, then again I never saw the kid play either. If Jackson turns into a perennial all-star for The Tigers, good for him & them. I don’t think the move should be thrown in Cashman’s face on May 8th though, because when he made the move the forecast on jackson was not as good as Granderson.

        If he had been forced to surrender Jackson before knowing much about him for one of those classic Steinbrenner moves of the 80′s & early 2000′s, its a different story. A though process went into the move, he didn’t have to give Jackson up to get Moises Alou or something.

  736. Hangoverologist says:

    I don’t think that there will be a sellout tomorrow considering how poorly the Red Sox have been playing.

    • Zack says:

      The tickets are probably already sold so it will be considered a shut out. But I’m sure there’s like 10,000 up on stubhub though

  737. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Winn worked the 10th walk of the game.

  738. Alex S says:

    pour it on Frankie!

  739. Jason from The Heartland says:

    10 for the Yanks, that is.

    A Frankie C. grand slam would be the icing on the cake.

  740. Dela G says:


  741. Bobby says:

    Dark Helmet strikes again!

  742. Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

    Francisco Cervelli is the greatest hitter in the history of the game


  743. Jason from The Heartland says:

    I love it. What an ass kicking! Frankie C! 12-3, 5 RBI for Cisco the kid.

  744. Hangoverologist says:

    This is getting ridiculous now.

  745. mike c says:

    so is everyone writing in cervilli for the all star game yet?

  746. danny says:


  747. Mike Axisa says:

    Check out Frankie. Can they just call this one on account of the mercy rule?

  748. Jason from The Heartland says:

    There can be no doubt, Total Domination. A legend.

  749. Dante says:

    Oh baby….12-3….suck it…Suxsox!!!

  750. Mike Axisa says:

    Jonathan Van Every is warming up in the bullpen for the Sox. He’s an outfielder.

  751. Jason from The Heartland says:

    This is shaping up to be the worst version of “Sweet Caroline” ever.

  752. Zack says:

    Fastball dont shit if its straight buddy

  753. Zooboy says:

    Cervelli even made it stop raining. Love that kid!

  754. Dela G says:

    man i thought pena got that one out

  755. Who wants to bet that Schoenweis gets released tomorrow or Monday?

  756. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Indeed, Mike A. And for the top of the order, no less.

  757. danny says:

    haha if only pena hit a homerun, that would’ve have been amazinggg

  758. Dante says:

    Cervelli really shows that he belongs. Man he calls a good game and the pitchers seem to really respond to him. His bats been just awesome and probably beyond everyone’s expectations.
    Posada to FT DH?

    • Hangoverologist says:

      You are talking total shit. Cervelli would start on other MLB clubs, but these are the Yankees. Posada is the everyday catcher.

      • PaulF says:

        But the Yankees don’t have a DH right now.

      • Zack says:

        “Cervelli would start on other MLB clubs”
        He’d probably be a back up on other clubs too. Because he’s not a .400 hitter, he’s probably not a .300 hitter, and has no power.

      • Dante says:

        You just said…dude..he’d start for any team in the majors…he’s started every game this week and look @ how he’s handled their staff.
        NJ is on the DL…so why not use Posada as DH (switch hitter) and bring up Moeller or Romine as a back up?

    • brazilian fan says:

      i dont think so. but i’m not so worried about the future catcher until montero or romine is ready

  759. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Zooboy, I think he caught all the rain in his helmet.

  760. Jose says:

    cervelli is the man!! I wish he would eventually be our every day catcher!

  761. Hey ZZ says:

    You are looking at a Sox team that is on the verge of death.

    Go out there tomorrow and beat their best pitcher at home, and it may be time to call the funeral home.

  762. Dela G says:

    yay russo is in

  763. danny says:

    wassupp russo

  764. Jason from The Heartland says:

    Sons of Sam Horn must be eating their own during this stomping. I bet they and much of the rest of “Red Sox Nation” are spitting bile.

  765. Dela G says:

    peteabe says johnathon van every is warming up in the bullpen

    my god if true this could be good

  766. Yankeescribe says:

    Total domination.

    Time to let Cerv start at catcher more often and DH Posada more often while NJ is on the DL

  767. Camilo Gerardo says:

    Why does beltre look so mad all the time?

    • Dela G says:

      he has that kendrick perkins problem, always looking like the devil

    • Total Domination (The Commenter Formerly Known as Ben) says:

      because he just realized he joined the Sox just in time for them to claim their rightful place in 3rd of the AL East

  768. Hey ZZ says:

    Joba is not throwing strikes on purpose.

    He is making the Red Sox suffer in misery for as long as possible.

  769. Dela G says:

    lol beltre looked like an idiot on that K

  770. Hangoverologist says: