Game 46: Two wins, one day


Update: Boone Logan has been optioned to make room for Chad Gaudin, who’s officially been re-signed. Shane Lindsay, who was claimed off waivers less than two weeks ago, was designated for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster.

* * *

After winning the suspended game just a few minutes ago, the Yankees will try for a second victory on the day. They’ll start this one fresh, with Andy Pettitte going against Francisco Liriano.

We saw this matchup before, just a week and a half ago at the Stadium. The Yanks got to Liriano for nine hits, though only three of them came around to score. They worked the count and got him to 101 pitches through six innings, and then they tagged the Twins bullpen for another four runs and an easy win. Pettitte, in his first start after leaving a game against Baltimore with elbow inflammation, went six and a third with just two hits allowed. His control was a bit off, as he threw just 53 of his 95 pitches for strikes and walked three. He still came out easily ahead.

Liriano then moved onto Boston, where he pitched even worse. In 4.2 innings he allowed five runs on five hits, including two home runs, and three walks. In his last start at Target Field he allowed five runs on 10 hits to the Orioles. Before that, though, he’d allowed no runs at his home park. Liriano is best when he’s keeping the ball on the ground. In his first five starts opponents hit 52 groundballs to 38 fly balls. He allowed six runs in those 36 innings. Things have changed in his last three starts, as opponents have hit 25 groundballs to 34 fly balls. He has allowed 13 runs in 16.2 innings in those starts.

The Yanks would do well to score early and often for Pettitte here. The bullpen is pretty short after Robertson, Joba, and Mo pitched earlier.


1. Derek Jeter, SS
2. Nick Swisher, RF
3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Robinson Cano, 2B
6. Marcus Thames, DH
7. Francisco Cervelli, C
8. Kevin Russo, LF
9. Brett Gardner, CF

And on the mound, number forty-six, Andy Pettitte.

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  1. I’m not liking this post-side injury Mo =(

  2. Frittoman626 says:

    Finally Swish is batting 2nd

  3. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Mike Tyson CenterStage after the game.

  4. JMV says:

    gaudin available tonite?

  5. bexarama says:

    Let’s play 1.44 (that right?).

  6. Drew says:

    Woot. Boone to AAA.

  7. Chris says:

    Jeter is now 3-4 with 3 HR against Duensing. So that’s twice that Gardenhire has been burned by bringing in a pitcher who’s given up more HR than outs against a Yankee.

  8. Frittoman626 says:

    I hate Justin Morneau

  9. poster says:

    The only reason Mo struggled today was that he was pissed at Twins acting as if they could possibly beat Him if He didn’t want them too. So he pretended to struggle in order to get their hopes up, then crushed them using his divine will.

  10. Carlosologist says:

    Considering how trades are supposed to pick up in June after the draft, who will the Yanks target? Seeing as how NJ might end up being on the shelf the rest of the season, I think Adam LaRoche is a good target. He will only make 3M for the rest of the season and can be had for a reliever and/or salary relief.

  11. A.D. says:

    RAB holiday with Logan being sent down.

  12. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Short pen. Let’s hope Pettitte goes deep and hope the offense does something this time.

  13. Frittoman626 says:

    ESPN said Tex can do some damage from the right side, HUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!

  14. poster says:

    Jeter really does seem to be hitting better-even on this out, he hit it in the air toward right-center rather then on the ground to SS. A good sign.

  15. rek4gehrig says:

    Hey hey…just got home. I see Yanks won Game 1….yippeeeeeeeee

  16. Mike Axisa says:

    By all means, keep batting Gardner second.


  17. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Swisher creams one? What the hell does that mean?

  18. Frittoman626 says:

    Thats what we need from the 2nd hole

  19. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I honestly think Kay enjoys pointing on how much people are slumping.

  20. Pete says:

    Strasburg might be “debuting” against the Pirates. Which begs the question, which MLB team will be the first one that Strasburg faces?

  21. Frittoman626 says:

    Tex makes me want to throw a bat through my TV

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      I like his “not try to do anything differently” approach. It really seems to be working out for him because he “really hasn’t done much differently than suck” all season.

  22. bexarama says:

    Tex, why would you swing at that, babe? =/

  23. A.D. says:

    ohhhh 3-4 with RISP

  24. Frittoman626 says:

    DEJA VU all over again :(

  25. bexarama says:

    You know what I have to say about that inning?

  26. theyankeewarrior says:

    Over/under 10 HR for Tex at the break?

    And over/under 20 combined HR for Alex and Tex at the break?

    • Carlosologist says:

      Date: May 26th, not a time to be boverreacting.

      Tex will have around 16 or 17 HR by the break. A-Rod will have around 20 HR by the break.

      I take the over on all accounts.

      • theyankeewarrior says:

        Over for both would be a solid choice. Idk about 20 & 17 though.

        • Carlosologist says:

          A-Rod is long overdue for a home run bonanza. He could potentially hit ten this week and next. Teixeira’s numbers point to a rebound (.223 BABIP, 19% LD rate, 21% for career). He’s due for a better month at the plate.

    • Frittoman626 says:

      Over, But barely for both

  27. JobaWockeeZ says:

    And that’s probably a stolen base.

  28. Pete says:

    NO Denard Span, that’s a BAD Denard Span. NO.

  29. Frittoman626 says:

    I wish Sapn would hit his mom with a foul ball again

    Kidding(knock on wood)

  30. JGS says:

    What’s a “blue dart”?

    (Sterling’s description of Span’s double

  31. Pete says:

    Did you know that Orlandon Hudson can steal 40 bases? He doesn’t, because it’s not his game, but he could if he wanted to.

    /Ichiro with home runs’d

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Hahaha yes.

      “I’ve seen Ichiro take BP in Yankee Stadium and he hits HRs at will!”

      “He could win the HR Derby with ease if someone would just let him in!”


  32. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Matusz with 4 ER in the first against OAKLAND. Yeah I think I might drop him.

  33. poster says:

    Hey Yankees, see that? It’s called a hit with men in scoring position. Study it, you’ll be quizzed on it later.

  34. Frittoman626 says:

    (Hand in face)I hate the ump

  35. JGS says:

    “So the stolen base was big…actually, Span would have scored from second on that too”


  36. Pete says:

    holy crap morneau is murdering the ball this year

  37. Frittoman626 says:

    Nice double play

  38. Frittoman626 says:

    Who will be sent down once Curtis G comes back. DFA Randy Winn and keep Russo, wont happen though

    • Drew says:

      Let Russo go down and get regular starts in the OF and at SS in preparation for his call up later in the year.

  39. Pete says:

    Heh. Cano might’ve made that play

  40. pat says:

    FUcking Sterling is such a dick.

    “Swung on and LAUNCHED to left center”

    “And Spahn catches it a few feet in front of the warning track”

  41. Frittoman626 says:

    Who the hell wants to watch Rangers Twins!?!

  42. theyankeewarrior says:

    O-dawg tried to throw Cano out, Cano-style. Nuh uh.

  43. jim p says:

    Is it in Kay’s contract that he has to avoid talking about any player actually on the field of play, or the actual game situation? Is there a bonus when he manages to do it for a whole half-inning?

  44. Frittoman626 says:

    RISP part 2, lets see what happens

  45. Frittoman626 says:

    That was a ball

  46. Pete says:

    lol @ the twins broadcasters basically explaining what a strikeout is as though it’s a weapon unique to Liriano (of course on that pitching staff it pretty much is)

  47. Carlosologist says:

    RISP fail.

  48. poster says:

    WTF was Gardner looking for exactly?

  49. Time to remove the Boone Logan anger widget woot

  50. Frittoman626 says:

    OMG, WTF were you looking for, I’d rather you swing and miss

  51. bexarama says:

    At least Gardner had a good at-bat? /silver lining’d

  52. theyankeewarrior says:

    That looked like late season ’09 GGBG. Staring at strike 3 as the ball literally crosses as much of home plate as physically possible.

  53. Pete says:

    The twins traded Matt Garza for that guy. Haha.

  54. Frittoman626 says:

    Young is lucky, a good fielder would have caught that ball, I dont blame Russo though, he isnt use to LF

  55. bexarama says:

    Look, Kay’s trying to start drama, guys. I’m so surprised.

  56. theyankeewarrior says:

    Haha I love how Michael Kay is using one batted ball from JJ Hardy as evidence that it is impossible to hit a ball out of left-center field. He is convinced that JJ Hardy should have had a 500 ft. round tripper.

    And the only run of the game was a HR easily over the fence from our struggling captain.

  57. Frittoman626 says:

    How long will Ace be out, hopefully not the whole year

    • It doesn’t look good at all. They’ve tried the rest and rehab route, and it flared up again. Depending on how long the recovery time is from surgery (say 4 months=offseason) they may opt to keep trying rest and rehab. If it’s longer than 4 months to recover fully, then they might cut him right away so he’s ready for next year.

  58. Pete says:

    NIce Jason Kubel is not playing tonight!

    Jason Kubel needs to board a plane to Seattle, then take a bus down to Eugene, Oregon, then take another bus up the Wakonda River, holler across the river towards the Stamper house till Joe Ben comes out lookin for ta see who it is makin all that racket across’n the river over there, hop in the boat, skiff it across, say “well I’ll be! It’s cousin Jason! Getcher goofy ass on over here! I think there’s still a couple burgers left from supper, the missus will throw em in the oven for ya! How are ya bub?” To which Jason Kubel will respond “Not bad, a little beat up from the trip. How bout yourself? How’s business?” To which Joe Ben will gravely respond “Not so great. Them damn Union boys got us hangin on by a thread. We sure do appreciate you comin back on up here to help out!”

    Jason Kubel will then help Joe Ben fasten the boat to the dock, and then walk up to the house with him. When they reach the screen door to the porch (there isn’t an actual door to the house – just a doorway), Joe Ben will exclaim “Hey all a yall come look! It’s cousin Jason Kubel! He’s come up to help us out fer the cuttin season!” And all of Jason Kubel’s relatives will relish the opportunity to stick it to the union scum, at least for one more year.

    That’s what Jason Kubel should do.

  59. Frittoman626 says:

    Lets go Jeet, lets get this inning started

  60. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Beltre homer off Garza. 1-0 Sox.

    Sox do you want the Sox to sweep or Tampa to make it more even? I don’t know who to root for.

  61. Frittoman626 says:

    Red Sox might sweep Rays today, should we be worried

  62. pat says:


  63. Carlosologist says:

    Oh my god Tex got a hit! Best news all day.

  64. baby carlos says:

    Thank god for broken bats

  65. Frittoman626 says:

    Youdickless saved Lackey, thats the only way Tex gets a hit, but i’ll take it

  66. JGS says:

    So many moves behind home plate, he is like Elgin Baylor back there

    -Sterling, dating himself

  67. Frittoman626 says:

    Liriano does’nt look like he has his best stuff, but yet he gets out of it, no sweat, watching the Yankees offense is really going to make me rip my hair off

  68. Frittoman626 says:

    doesn’t, spell fail

  69. Accent Shallow says:

    Wow, Robbie.

    /head explodes

  70. baby carlos says:

    This Cano guy was a great call up.

  71. Frittoman626 says:

    Question, will Cano win the gold glove

  72. Frittoman626 says:

    Lets go Robbie Cano

  73. Drew says:

    Buehrle ftw

    He said Joe West is too worried about promoting his CD and getting his name in the paper.

  74. Frittoman626 says:

    Toronto is pissing me off, I know they wont be in the race by the second half, but it still feels bad to see them win unless its against Boston or Tampa

  75. Frittoman626 says:

    Love that Russo kid

  76. Mike Axisa says:

    Yeah Russo. Great at-bat.

  77. A.D. says:

    Alright Russo

  78. pat says:


  79. Accent Shallow says:

    Can we get a replay of that? YES’ camera work had me really confused there.

    • Carlosologist says:

      The ball bounced a couple of feet within the left field line and bounced into the corner.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Thanks. They did show a replay, so I saw that. The initial camera angle made me think it was either a grounder to short, or a popup to CF. Odd.

  80. Carlosologist says:


  81. Drew says:

    What’s with the horrid fucking camera work today? Same thing happened before.

  82. mike c says:


  83. poster says:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT that we tied it, but even now we can’t score a run with RISP.

    Russo with teh clutch!

  84. poster says:

    Looked safe to me.

  85. Accent Shallow says:

    That’s either a hell of a play by Hardy, or some bullshit.

  86. Frittoman626 says:

    At least the game is tied up

  87. poster says:

    Damn Al, WTF was that?

    “Kiiiirrrr-byyyyy Puck-ett!”

    • bexarama says:

      They said that in Minnesota, I believe. Harold Reynolds ALWAYS calls him that.

      • poster says:

        You learn something new every day.

      • Marcus says:

        Yeah, I went to a few Twins games at the Metrodome back in the 80′s when I was a little kid and the announcer would say it like that when Kirby came up to bat. Really stuck with me because now any time I see his name that’s how I say it in my head.

  88. baby carlos says:

    Anyone watching this game on ESPN? Is it me or does Rick Sutcliffe make every single play/pitch sound like it is season ending to team damaging?

  89. poster says:

    Nice play Russo.

  90. Accent Shallow says:

    Joe Mauer is really freaking good.

    Thanks for saving an XBH, LI Guy.

  91. Carlosologist says:

    Calm the fuck down Kay. Again, that wasn’t even close to being out.

  92. mike c says:

    that’s it, russo is the 4th OF!!!

  93. Frittoman626 says:

    Nice Play, I though that was gone, that park really is huge

  94. dkidd says:

    what’s the opposite of a bandbox?

    mauer must be rethinking his contract

  95. Frittoman626 says:

    DFA Winn, keep Russo

  96. Frittoman626 says:

    Fuck Beltre

  97. YankeeScribe says:

    Wow. The Red Sux have really owned the Rays this series

  98. dkidd says:

    not sure cervelli should be fist pumping this early in the game

  99. bexarama says:

    Andy with the good offspeed stuff… nnngh

  100. Frittoman626 says:

    Lets go Jeet, dont bunt Swish

  101. A.D. says:

    Oh boy RISP opportunity for heart of the order…

  102. pat says:

    Hahah, wtf? Come on Gardy.

  103. Mike Axisa says:

    About seven more runs and some CHoP action would be appreciated.

  104. Hummingbird S. says:

    What is it with those ridiculous ABs? Swisher has to go after the first freaking pitch?

  105. WIlliam says:

    Jeter with a nice little hot streak going on. Trying to make it look liek he deserves his place at the ASG.

  106. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Kay acting smart. Sigh.

  107. vin says:

    How awesome is the Gameday pitch-by-pitch of the Delmon Young strikeout?

    1) Changeup out of the zone (down) – Swinging Strike
    2) Fastball up and in on the corner – Foul
    3) Cutter out of the zone (in) – Foul
    4) Changeup away, on the black – Swinging Strike

    I love Delmon Young, especially with Kubel out of the lineup. Pitch around the M&M boys, and take your chances with Cuddyer and Young.

  108. WIlliam says:

    It’s so annoying to have to root for the Sux.

  109. dkidd says:

    serious bling on liriano

  110. baby carlos says:

    Think ESPN should consider that if Susan Waldman’s voice is more appealing than any ESPN person, the selection you have sucks.

  111. WIlliam says:

    Seriously, you pitch carefully because Cano is lefthanded, he hits lefties a ton.

  112. JobaWockeeZ says:

    In what world is A-Rod struggling?

  113. Frittoman626 says:

    :( >:(

  114. pat says:


  115. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Can the offense please stop sucking?

  116. bexarama says:

    2-3-4-5, I know a correction is coming but SERIOUSLY

  117. dkidd says:

    i miss when leadoff doubles by jeter led to runs

  118. Drew says:

    Situational hitting has been veddy veddy bad as of late.

  119. Frittoman626 says:

    even if someone hits a triple, this team wouldn’t score a run

  120. Drew says:

    Great camera work again YES. It’s not like we want to see where the ball goes.

  121. A.D. says:

    Ozzie Guillen not happy with Joe West.

  122. Accent Shallow says:

    I don’t buy that call to get Harris (Gameday sorta does, but the overhead camera confirms the pitch went around the plate), but I don’t care, since Brendan Harris sucks, and should be afforded all the perks of being a scrub.

  123. Frittoman626 says:

    1-2-3 inning, Pettitte is a beast today

  124. WIlliam says:

    I’m starting the official Pettite and Hughes for co-Cy Young award winners campaign.

  125. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Friday can’t come fast enough. Struggling or not a healthy Granderson makes the lineup better.

  126. bexarama says:

    I’m in Twitter jail which is good because it’s sparing people from me UNFFFFFing all over Pettitte. More than I already am.

  127. WIlliam says:

    It appears Tampa won’t have a staff ERA under 3 for the year?

  128. Frittoman626 says:

    Russo is a beast

  129. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Russo and Jeter heading the offense today.

  130. A.D. says:

    alllright bottom of the order

  131. Drew says:

    That’s how it’s done son.

  132. poster says:

    Great that we took the lead but…

    STILL not with men in scoring position!

  133. Frittoman626 says:

    LETS GO GARDNER!!!!!! Good baserunning by Russo


  135. rek4gehrig says:

    Told ya…Russo is da man

  136. pat says:


  137. Angelo says:

    Gardner with the Triple!!

  138. bexarama says:

    Well of course they got that hit. It wasn’t with RISP.

    /but kinda not really

  139. Frittoman626 says:

    Horrible swing, but we got the lead

  140. Accent Shallow says:

    So smooth.

  141. JGS says:

    Sterling is drooling–how good a play was that?

  142. bexarama says:

    Brewers pitching vs. Astros hitting… this could be interesting.

    • JGS says:

      Milwaukee ERA+ = 76
      Houston OPS+ = 59 (!!!)

      • JGS says:

        For the record, an OPS+ of 59 would be the worst in the majors of anyone last year who qualified for rate stats. Worse than Yuni Betancourt, worse than Emilio Bonifacio, worse than Randy Winn and Jason Kendall.

        This is every single person on the Astros combined

  143. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Someone Jeter sheds a tear.

  144. Jim S says:

    Andy Pettite is awesome.

  145. Frittoman626 says:

    Wouldnt be a surprise to see Pettitte in the All-Star game, he really is an underated pitcher in his career

  146. bexarama says:

    Someone make a girl equivalent of this so I can use it for Andy:

  147. Hummingbird S. says:

    Liriano is getting a ton of swinging strikes..

  148. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Another Ortiz homer? Looks like he got his supplements back. And that’s 6 ER in 4.1 innings for Garza. Pitching is falling down for them.

  149. Shdw says:

    wtf, just give Tex the hit

  150. Carlosologist says:

    I think Michael Kay is perfect for SC. He has enough dumbass to go around.

  151. pat says:

    An A-Bomb to knock Liriano out of the game would be nice.

  152. Frittoman626 says:

    I wish Tex and Ortiz would switch positions, so Tex would be killing the ball, and Ortiz would be a loser like he was in April

  153. Drew says:

    Why show Teix’s last 5 games? You may as well show his last 50.

  154. JobaWockeeZ says:

    A-Rod with his 133 wRC+ is soooooooooooooooooo bad! DFA DFA DFA!


    Kay today is worse than Tim McCarver.

  155. Frittoman626 says:

    MLB needs to investigate Ortiz, how is he killing the ball all of a sudden, its bullshit if you think that he has found his stroke back

  156. dkidd says:

    three team race this year. gonna be awesome

  157. Damn, Papi’s back and the Rays are finally slumping.

  158. Kevin says:

    Say we’re down 2-1 in the 9th. Andy is at 100 pitches. Who do we send to pitch?

  159. Accent Shallow says:

    So, Jeter, anytime you’d like to play defense . . .

  160. bexarama says:

    Andy showing emotion is so fucking hot (/heterosexual girl’d). Now get this guy!

  161. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Lackey is so lucky today. 4 IP with 11 baserunners with ONE K. Oh well it’s nice watching him suck and it’s nice looking at that contract at the same time.

  162. Frittoman626 says:


  163. YankeeScribe says:

    Jeter’s defense seems to be giving up a lot of runs lately

  164. Frittoman626 says:

    Delmon Youg is still a loser in my book

  165. poster says:

    No TV by me now. I can safely assume Jeter made a bad play, leading to a Twins run?

  166. pat says:

    Delmon giveth and Delmon taketh.

  167. Damn.

    Turn your head Bexy. You don’t want to read this.

  168. Frittoman626 says:


  169. Carlosologist says:

    Andy’s pissed.

    /bex bait’d

  170. Frittoman626 says:

    I hate that ESPN commercial, with Joltin Joe, Aaron and Pujols. Pujols is not the best player of this generation

  171. pat says:

    Again, John splooges over a fly ball. Fucker.

  172. Shdw says:

    The person who designed Target Field is sadistic

  173. cjc says:

    this park makes citi field look like a band box just ask Mauer and Morneau

  174. Frittoman626 says:

    Lets go Russo

  175. Tom Zig says:

    Mysteriously the Yankees as a team have a 115 OPS+ with RISP (not including today).

  176. NC Yankee Fan says:

    I want Pettite to go another inning so he has a chance at a win, since he has pitched one hell of a game.

  177. pat says:

    Fucking shit. What the fuck.

  178. bexarama says:

    You gotta be kidding me Gardy ;_;

  179. Frittoman626 says:

    Damnit so close

  180. Angelo says:

    I am taking Gardner off of my bestfriends list.

  181. Accent Shallow says:

    If Gardner’s right-handed, that’s an (easy) out.


  182. Frittoman626 says:

    I hate when the worst batters get hits, aka Delmon Young

  183. Angelo says:


  184. bonestock94 says:

    Tremendous fail

  185. cjc says:

    this team can’t make it up seriously

  186. Okay, Andy. Time for some magic.

  187. bexarama says:

    Oh God oh God oh God.

    Andy deserves a lot better than this. That said… he got it.

  188. Frittoman626 says:

    I think the Yankees just lost,

  189. bonestock94 says:


    DP time

  190. Wow. Awesome. Please roll one, Andy. Please.

  191. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice snatch Andy. Now get that GIDP.

  192. Frittoman626 says:

    Outstanding play!!!!!!!!!, double play now

  193. Hummingbird S. says:

    Game over, very likely.

  194. Zooboy says:

    Pettitte has to do everything himself.

  195. pat says:

    Just a ground ball baby. Dass it.

  196. whozat says:

    what was the coaching visit to the mound about?

  197. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Best catcher yes. One of the best bats? Ehh.

  198. Frittoman626 says:

    Fuck there should be 2 outs

  199. Carlosologist says:

    Excellent play by Pettitte there. Snared that liner, probably could have gotten Butera had he not been paying attention.

  200. Why does Kay sound surprised that the crowd is standing during the game’s biggest play?

  201. Accent Shallow says:

    Gameday didn’t like ball 3 to Mauer, but I sure did.

  202. Accent Shallow says:

    Nicely done, Andy!

  203. Alex S says:

    Fuckin’ A!

  204. JobaWockeeZ says:

    YES DPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. poster says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  206. Mike Axisa says:


  207. JGS says:

    wow. Andy is awesomeness

  208. pat says:


  209. bonestock94 says:


  210. Angelo says:



  211. baby carlos says:

    That is why we resigned Pettitte… and Jeter to his left – suck it losers.

    • whozat says:

      wait, wait, wait…I’m sure that play was just fine, but that doesn’t render the entirety of the season up to this point irrelevant, nor does it make anyone a loser for pointing out deficient play.

    • pat says:

      Jeter is to Andy’s right.


  213. whozat says:

    Dandy :-)

  214. bexarama says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE that just happened.

    I love you so much Andy!!!!!! Guys, get him a fucking win!

  215. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    that andy pettitte guy is pretty sweet

  216. Carlosologist says:

    I don’t care about the outcome of the game, this should be a Yankee classic solely for that eighth inning. Andy pulled a D-Rob there.

  217. rek4gehrig says:

    Ohhh…my boy is pumped up and looking great…sorry Bexy

  218. Hummingbird S. says:

    wow that’s nice. Now they HAVE to score some runs and get Andy his win. He deserves it.

  219. JMV says:

    that was HUGE! good job pettitte!!!!!!!!

  220. Frittoman626 says:

    PETTITTE IS A BEAST!!!!! He really deserves to win this game

  221. poster says:

    Just goes to show you…You just can’t predict baseball. ;-)

  222. Tom Zig says:

    How gritty is Andy?

  223. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So Kay calls a ball a pop up to the warning track and calls a fly out at second base. Good job.

  224. Frittoman626 says:

    I feel sorry for Pettitte, he most likely wont get the win

  225. I can’t recall ever seeing Andy that pumped.

  226. cjc says:


  227. Angelo says:

    I thought Jeter hit a homerun just now….damn it!

  228. Frittoman626 says:


    • whozat says:

      so, after brett works a 7 pitch AB, Jeter swings at the first pitch (as he is wont to do, and has been his whole career), and swisher takes two straight pitches, you’re whining about patience?

  229. With Andy’s pitch count tonight, he could easily go 10 innings.

  230. Pitch to Jeter hung “too much” if there is such a thing. If it was a little lower, Jeter shits all over it. But, it stayed up and he was only able to fly out. Damn.

  231. JobaWockeeZ says:


  232. JGS says:


  233. Swisher says fuck your long fences. What a shot.

  234. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. Drew says:


  236. Carlosologist says:


  237. YES!!!!!


  238. poster says:

    This game is so fucking awesome.

  239. Frittoman626 says:

    SWISH IS A FUCKIIIIIN BEAST!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. mike c says:

    so is it AP or mo now?

  241. JMV says:

    shitty offensive inning…go figure

  242. bexarama says:

    Swisher!!! Love you so much right now!

  243. cjc says:

    Jon Rauch ladies and gentlemen nice to see the real pitcher show up

  244. Angelo says:

    YESSSSS!!!!!! OH YES!!!!

  245. Frittoman626 says:

    FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!

  246. JobaWockeeZ says:

    That’s bullshit.

  247. JMV says:


    get it swish!!!

  248. cjc says:

    Cuddyer really? who knew

  249. poster says:

    Great throw Cuddyer.

  250. Drew says:

    Watevs. What a shot that was by Swish.

  251. Frittoman626 says:

    Pettitte for the CG

  252. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    let Andy go for the CG!

    We don’t need Marte/ Meatray closing games

  253. Oh, those poor Twins fans. We break their hearts every time.

  254. Shdw says:

    Tex was easily safe there. I don’t know what the ump was looking at

  255. JMV says:

    guys think andy has enough to do the last inning??

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I don’t see how you don’t send him back out there. Lots of pitches, but until that last inning, not many of them were high stress.

      • mike c says:

        if you get beat in the bottom of the 9th without the greatest closer of all time on the mound, you are a foolish manager

  256. Angelo says:

    Let Pettite complete the game!!!!

  257. rek4gehrig says:

    Darn it…let Andy finish this

  258. pat says:


  259. Drew says:

    Mo time in Minny.

  260. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So much for “we won’t use anyone from game 1.”

    Would it kill you for a complete game?

  261. Frittoman626 says:

    Good job Pettitte, lets go Mo

  262. JGS says:

    I can’t believe I think bringing in Mo is the wrong decision

  263. JMV says:

    come on andy 3 more outs!

  264. Carlosologist says:

    So this is what Andy was like when he was the ace right back in the 90s right?

  265. JMV says:

    oh come on let him finish!

  266. Hummingbird S. says:

    wow, Mo again? That’s surprising.

  267. PaulF says:

    This is a dumb move right? Mo already pitched today and was ineffective.

  268. JMV says:

    if mo blows it
    girardi’s life will me miserable for the next 24 hours

    • mike c says:

      if andy blew it how would it be any better? “you had the immortal mo and you didn’t use him in a save situation???!!!”

  269. rek4gehrig says:

    They day we start doutbing MO is the day we are doomed. He’ll be fine

    • cjc says:

      not sure anyone doubts Mo bringing him in is never the wrong move only issue I have is at his age throwing him twice in 1 day in May probably won’t matter health wise long term fair

  270. JMV says:

    2 more outs

  271. pat says:

    Jesus Christ now Sterling is miscalling balls and strikes.

  272. cjc says:

    mm that was close

  273. Drew says:

    Is the ump wasted? What’s with the jimmy arms.

  274. Frittoman626 says:

    I hope Kubel comes up to bat, and Mo K’s him to win the game, It will put icing on the cake

  275. bexarama says:

    Where did ball 2 miss? Oh gosh…

  276. rek4gehrig says:

    Where are those pitches?

  277. JMV says:

    come on 1 more!!

  278. bonestock94 says:

    Mo just needs activity to be Mo. Like a Porsche 911, can’t let that bitch sit too long.

  279. Alex S says:


  280. rek4gehrig says:

    Yeah baby….

  281. poster says:

    Yankees’ Classic right there.

  282. Angelo says:

    And the Yankees win. Feels good to win two games in one day.

  283. mike c says:

    he brought in mo!!!! fire girardi!!!!!

  284. Frittoman626 says:

    Sweet Sweet win, Andy deserves this win

  285. Drew says:

    Haha Swish causing a ruckus.

  286. JMV says:

    sweet! good jobs yanks!

  287. bexarama says:

    What a game!!! Thank you Yankees!

  288. Frittoman626 says:

    Fuentes is trash!!!

  289. Frittoman626 says:

    Wow, the Twins really suck against the Yanks, lets go Vazquez, lets get that sweep

  290. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Rays will probably lose today so Yanks will be 3 out of first. Not bad.

  291. yoo-boo says:

    ah…forget about Lindsay.

    Nice ball game. Russo looked good playing LF. I hope he continue playing well.

  292. yoo-boo says:

    Think Selig will fine Girardi for slow 9th inning? lol.

  293. Adam says:

    So…is panic button time over yet?

  294. Mark says:

    Keep the Kevin Russo when Granderson comes back Friday.

    • Have you noticed how much playing time (over Randy Winn) he’s been getting? I think Girardi really likes him, and I’m not sure he cares for Winn that much.

    • yoo-boo says:

      That is what I want and I am alone.

      • Not really. People, including myself, have suggested it.

        • yoo-boo says:

          I know.

        • Drew says:

          Russo’s the man. I like him a lot and I’ve been saying for a couple years now that I wanted to see him get time in the Bigs. Howeva, once Grandy comes back, I’d like to see Russo get regular turns in the OF, like everyday. That won’t happen here. Stick with Winn as the 4th OF for another month, if he turns it around in limited time, great. If he continues to play like he is, Adios Randy and Hola Kevin. If Russo can get 20ish starts in the OF between now and then I think it will be a great help to him, and us.

  295. pat says:

    Lulz, Twink fans are saying they lost bc we cheated. Haha.

    • bexarama says:

      ahahah how did we cheat? Pettitte took HGH like seven years ago?

    • phughesisgod says:

      Lol. I just read comments on a Twins blog(TwikieTown, I think). There saying we cheated because Pettitte warmed up but was taken out for Mo. Umm, ok, so where in the rule book does it state that doing that is against the rules? Or is it against the “unwritten” rules, like running across a mound is…

      In other news, everyone’s favorite umpire Joe West got himself into more controversy today by calling balks on Mark Buehrle when they clearly weren’t. Of course this led to some comic gold by Ozzie Guillen and even Mark Buehrle. I love Ozzie just because he provides constant comic gold.

      • yoo-boo says:

        there is rule for Selig to enforce. Slow to start off the inning.

      • poster says:

        Their views on ESPN are fascinating. They think ESPN has a Yankees’ bias. Somebody suggested they band Rivera and Pettite for no good reason. This asshole’s response?

        And send the national media into a frenzy?

        Last year when Jeter got ejected, Baseball Tonight had a 15 minute segment about the ejection, the play, the umpires involved, and it ended with them talking about what a class act he is. I’m not kidding about any of this, Jeter got thrown out for arguing over an out call at third base, and he whined that the ump told him that the ball beat him. ESPN went insane.

      • poster says:

        Okay, new favorite comment, referring to the thing they claimed was cheating that wasn’t.

        Yessir But that’s okay. God doesn’t care why you cheat…


  296. pat says:

    Most unenthusiastic homerun call ever…;c_id=nyy

  297. poster says:

    LOL what?

    From TwinkieTown, which is fun to read since the Yanks won:

    I think Nazi Germany had a bigger bunch of assholes assembled. But the Yankees are a close second.

    I can think of 3 players on this team who, if I were an opposing player, I’d think were assholes. I’d probably dislike Posada, Joba, and A-Rod. But how do you figure that the Yanks have the second biggest amount of assholes to Nazi Germany? I just don’t see it.

    Those Twins fans really hate the Yankees. One day has a signature with a quote from Bert Blyleven in it. The quote is, “A-Rod has that look about him. I’d drill him.”

    Like, WTF?

  298. bonestock94 says:

    Tim Lincecum’s look has transitioned from likable pothead to scary serial killer.

  299. poster says:

    Twinkie Town is obsessed with Emo.

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