Posada could be close to returning


Out with a hairline fracture on the bottom of his right foot, Jorge Posada appears to be close to returning to the Yankees lineup. “I think a lot of it is going to take care of itself when we see him run, which is real close,” said Joe Girardi. The perpetually optimistic Posada has been swinging the bat in the cage this weekend, and thinks he could be back in time for the team’s three game series in Toronto starting Friday. Girardi acknowledged that a rehab assignment is possible, however. Either way, it’s good to see him on his way back.

Yankee catchers are hitting just .227-.308-.295 (.294 wOBA) since Posada got hurt, so his return to lineup will be very, very welcome.

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  • Frittoman626

    Thank god, we need a DH

    • whozat

      Fortunately for the Yankees, Posada will be catching, making the team better. Miranda and Thames are an acceptable platoon at DH for now, and picking up a DH is a lot easier than picking up a top offensive catcher.

      • Cult of Basebaal


      • Total Dominication (The Commenter Formerly Known as William)

        A Phil Coke Mullet worth of this.

  • Total Dominication (The Commenter Formerly Known as William)

    Wow, that May really is a lot better then it seems. It’s only a slightly worse than normal month for him.

    • Total Dominication (The Commenter Formerly Known as William)

      Oops, I meant to post this in the other thread, sorry.

  • BigBlueAL

    Would it really be smart though to bring him back in Toronto playing on turf?? I know as a C its the same as any other park cause its dirt at homeplate but it could be tough on him running the bases.

    • Pete

      yeah but again, posada won’t be running on the turf, he’ll be gliding on his own mucus path like he usually does, so he should be fine.

      /posada as a slug reference ftw’d

  • Captain Jack

    Yes, get Posada back and get the full strength line up (aside from Nick Johnson) back on the field.

  • Damn it feels Good to Be a BJobber

    This lineup has holes without Posada…… It can’t come fast enough. Seen enough of Moeller.

    • lenn23

      He’s only been around a couple of days.

      • dr mrs the yankee

        And that’s definitely enough of him

    • Captain Jack

      While I somewhat disagree with the premise, that is an INCREDIBLE name.

      • Cult of Basebaal

        Agreed, but perhaps it ought to read “Damn it feels good to be a BJoba”?