Posada day-to-day with calf strain


(Update 11:09pm): Posada is day-to-day with a mild calf strain, which isn’t all that bad. He’s probably not going to be available to catch until Friday at the earliest, in which case the Yankees would need to call up an extra catcher. Chad Moeller, come on down!

9:04pm: Posada left the game with tightness in his right calf, and is at the hospital getting an MRI. Not good.

8:50pm: Starting catcher Jorge Posada was lifted from tonight’s game in the 5th inning for an unknown reason. Obviously, he was replaced behind the plate by Frankie Cervelli. We’ll update this post with more info as it comes in, though it’s worth noting that Posada recently missed a few games with a sore knee after getting hit by a pitch last week.

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  1. bexarama says:

    He has tightness in his right calf (thanks to every beat writer on Twitter). I don’t know how bad it is.

  2. Zack says:

    Oof, well a 38 year old catcher is pretty much a given to be on the DL atleast once.

  3. Eirias says:

    The obvious question: is Montero the call-up?

    • James says:


      • W.W.J.M.D. says:

        What if Montero was raking though, I wonder what they would do then.

        • xxxBOBxxx says:

          his defense is still behind, though ;(

        • bexarama says:

          Still no. You want a backup catcher more for his defense than his offense. Also, Montero needs to develop. Isn’t Moeller in the Yankees’ system? I think he’s here for stuff like this.

          • Marcos says:

            Problem is, I think Moeller is in AAA to mentor Montero on defense. If we call him up, I doubt he’d accept a minor league assignment when Jorge comes back, so we’d have to DFA him.

            But if he is needed in the majors, he shall come to the majors I guess.

            Don’t we have another acceptable veteran back-up in AAA? Max something? or was he only a ST invite?

            • bexarama says:

              Mike Rivera? I think they released him or something. I know he’s with the Dodgers now.

              • Marcos says:

                Yup him, and I do believe we released him… oh well.
                Anyone besides Moeller that we can call up? Perhaps an FA signing?

                I just think that Moeller should stay in AAA mentoring teh Jesus, unless absolutely necessary.

    • There is a 0 percent chance Montero is called up. He’s OPSing .653 at AAA, and his defense isn’t there yet. The Yanks aren’t going to rush him. For better or worse, Cervelli will start, and Chad Moeller will back up.

      • Bernard says:

        Wasn’t Cervelli hitting .191 at AA when they called him up…?

        • Yes, but Cervelli was called up to be a back-up, and he was never regarded as the Yanks’ top prospect. He’s also older than Montero. Big difference for today and the future of the franchise.

          • Bernard says:

            Fair point, I think it’s more wishful thinking on my part. It’d be exciting to see Montero in the the Bronx…

            My point wasn’t really that he would/should be called up, just that they’re not going to evaluate his offensive capabilities based on four weeks of minor league ABs – they know what type of hitter Montero is

        • vin says:

          He was also on the 40-man roster.

  4. 28 this year says:

    dang, two down in just three games. Hopefully, the Yanks hold through until these guys come back. It stinks when you’re advantages are good hitting centerfielders and catchers who go down. Both of those positions are generally defensive minded but the Yanks had some power there.

    Come back soon Posada and Granderson.

  5. Posada’s probably has been hurting since the last time Guthrie beamed him. Hopefully he is okay. Mueller is in the system and would be the call up. No chance of Montero surfacing, and that’s a good thing. Let the kid grow at a prudent pace.

    • Marcos says:

      Not so sure about this, surely he’s been a bit sore in the knee, but it seems that his problem now is the right calf muscle, so I don’t think it is related. If anything were the problem (if related to the plunking) then it would be his thigh.

  6. JobaWockeeZ says:

    This sucks. If Teix and A-Rod pick it up then we should be fine. But this really sucks. Especially with Grandy out.

  7. larryf says:

    Well-I was lucky to suggest what Sterling would say for a Winn homer this afternoon. He needs one for Gardner now and….if Jorge misses a week or so, hopefully he’ll need one for Frankie. Is it, the Cisco Kid rides one out of here! ? Still haven’t heard a Marcus-cry me a river-Thames or even a Ramiro Pena call. More things to look forward to as we get healthy hopefully.

    Adversity can build character and chemistry…let’s just keep the staff healthy

  8. Nolan says:

    Why not bring up romine if posada is out for an extended period? His defense is good. His offense won’t be any worse than moeller

  9. Tom Zig says:

    Mthr fckr!

  10. bexarama says:

    Could be much worse, right? Whew. Feel better, Georgie.

  11. Mister Delaware says:

    Flaherty is totally coming out of retirement.

  12. poster says:

    If Posada’s day to day this is great news! Anything but the DL.

  13. Mister Delaware says:

    What about Murphy? Time for him to start earning his signing bonus!

  14. Chops says:

    Forgive my ignorance, and it might be a stretch, but could/should they bring up Romine to leapfrog Montero?

    He could get some at bats with major league pitching and, yeah small sample size and all that, but he is raking in AA right now. Hitting much better than Cervelli did. It’s not like he needs much defensive work either. Why not give him a shot? Keep him on a short leash and send him down/bring up Moeller if it doesn’t work out.

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