Yankees call up Colin Curtis


Via LoHud, the Yankees have called up outfielder Colin Curtis from Triple-A Scranton, presumably because they want to extra position player while playing in NL parks this week. No word on a corresponding roster move, but Curtis will have to be added to both the 25-man and 40-man rosters. This could be the end of Chad Moeller.

The lefty swinging Curtis can play all three outfield spots but is best suited for the corners, and he’s hit ten for his last 28 with three doubles. He is the seventh member of the Yanks’ ungodly 2006 draft haul to reach the majors.

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  1. We actually have an open 40 man spot at the moment (goodbye, Shane Lindsay). Chad Moeller’s life is saved.

  2. pat says:

    I had no idea he was back from the ankle injury. Good for him. He’s come a long way since being diagnosed with cancer back in 1999.

  3. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    i can haz boone logan’s head on a platter?

  4. jon says:

    no juan miranda?

  5. ABS says:

    What the hell?? Curtis is a 25 year old corner outfielder who hasn’t slugged over .400 since A ball, and with zero speed (0 for 1 in SB this year)! I guess they don’t have much in the way of alternatives, but damn, between Curtis, Huffman, Russo and Pena, the Yanks have an amazing collection of never-will-bes sure to be below the Mendoza line on the 25 man for a first place team…

    • pat says:

      Who wants to come to NY and be a backup behind Tex, Arod, Jeter, Cano Granderson or Swisher?

      Umm nobody, which is why we’re forced to use internal options.

    • JMK says:

      Yes, our callups have struggled. There’s no debate. But Curtis does have a few things going for him. For one, he’s hitting lefties very well, albeit in a small sample. Two, he’s a solid defender. While he won’t be expected to provide power or speed (though I bet he has a bit more speed than you give him credit for considering he can play all three OF spots), he should be able to hold his own in a limited role.

      This is a pretty small move and while the players have struggled, they’re not as bad as they’ve shown. Kevin Russo and Chad Huffman are not .200 hitters. Pena probably is, but I digress.

    • BigGuy says:

      Curtis does have some speed, but they haven’t had him stealing any bases because of that high ankle sprain. He missed a month of the season with that. He can play all 3 outfield positions but has played more left and center than right. He’s a very good defensive player and a solid line drive hitter. He doesn’t hit much for power, but he’s a lot better than having Russo or Pena filling in out there. I like this move a lot. It also gives them a lefty bat off the bench.

    • kevin says:

      Curtis not having speed? He has a lot more than u give him credit for. He may not be blinding you at the big league levels but, the kid broke his hip in eight grade in a hundred yard dash 15 yards ahead of everyone, because he had too much power in his legs!

  6. yoo-boo says:

    wow, I cant believe it. Moeller is an easy target.

  7. ADam says:

    Gotta be Moeller

  8. Count Zero says:

    Yes I’m sure Moeller will be impacted…

    Sorry — couldn’t resist.

  9. Mike says:

    My guess it’s Russo.

  10. ConcernedFan says:

    Im glad the yankees are following the trend

    Nats bring up Strasburg
    Mets Ike davis
    Pirates pedro alvarez and jose tabata
    Giants Buster posey
    Marlins Mike Stanton

    the yanks bring up super slugger Colin Curtis

    i hope he starts tonight cause i want to see my boy hit a walk off homer like he did on opening day in S/T

  11. BigBlueAL says:

    Colin Curtis is no Daniel Nava.

  12. deanland says:

    Moeller not likely to be DFA’d. He serves an an instructor/mentor to the many farm system catchers. He’s an excellent “spare part” and while Jorge comes back slowly –being treated with kid gloves by Girardi, and wisely so–and Cervelli handles half or more of the catching duties, when they play in AL parks and Jorge is in as DH, they need a spare Catcher on a just-in-case basis.

  13. AndrewYF says:

    What is the record for number of draftees in a draft class to reach the majors? I’m thinking it’s something like 15 or 16.

  14. scooter10 says:

    Moeller was DFAed. I’m pretty sure he is out of options. The Yankees did not have the choice of optioning him.

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