Aceves to join team on upcoming road trip

Game 97: Is today the day?
Heyman: Yanks made 'big proposal' on Soria

According to Joe Girardi‘s pregame press conference, the sorely missed Al Aceves will join the Yankees on their upcoming seven game road trip. His back is getting better, and he’s expected to throw several bullpen sessions during the trip. This doesn’t mean Aceves is close to returning, however. He’d still need to throw full mound sessions with no pain before going on a minor league rehab assignment, so Ace is still several weeks away from rejoining the team. Still, this is better news than what we’ve been getting.

Game 97: Is today the day?
Heyman: Yanks made 'big proposal' on Soria
  • Steve H

    They have to be pretty confident in his back if they are bringing him on flights. I know it’s not commercial, but still, a bad back on a plane wouldn’t be a great idea. Great news.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Maybe they’re taking him to Cleveland and Tampa Bay via homeless-pulled rickshaw.

      • Steve H

        Or maybe via a horse carriage pulled by a flatulent horse.

      • Pete

        MIB: To the rickshaw!

        MS: Oh no it’s out of order!

        DW: Well Jane probably just put that sign on it!

        MIB: I’m not willing to take that chance, are you?

        DW: No, you’re right, safety first.

        Three cyber hugs if you know what that’s from.

  • A.D.

    Would be nice to add a bullpen piece by just getting healthy. Gotta say I had basically written Aceves off

  • Angelo

    Ace! I forgot about him. It would be great if he could make back in a month or so. He would instantly upgrade the bullpen.

  • Apollo22237

    You should have never put this post up. Now you have me hoping for him, and I’m probably just going to be disappointed.

  • Bryan

    Loving this. We need to get him back in the ‘pen.

  • nathan

    He could be Marte-09. If he comes in by the second week of September it would be awesome.

  • Januz

    First we get some good news on Andy, now we get some good news on Ace, all we need is to get Marte & Nick Johnson back, and to stay healthy and the post-season roster may very well be complete (And there will be no need for Haren or anyone else, unless they can be acquired at a bargain rate). The rotation would be CC, AJ, Andy and Vazquez (Stick Hughes in the pen, with Ace, Joba, Mariano, Robertson & Marte). That would not be a bad pen.

    • Total Dominication

      How about CC, Andy, Vazquez, and AJ?

      • Evan3457

        I wouldn’t start Vazquez before Game 4, but that’s just me.

        Joe G. can explain it away by saying the other three “got us there last year”, but to me, with Vazquez’ post-season record, I wouldn’t start him until game 4, and then, only if they’re leading in the series.

        AJ can throw a good game in the post-season. Sometimes. Vaz has yet to do this. You can deride it all you want (microscopic sample size; clutch vs. analysis, etc.), but I still don’t trust him in a big spot against a team that can hit.