Cano withdraws from Home Run Derby with minor back injury

On his 80th birthday, the Boss and Cooperstown
Another rumor about the Yanks looking for bench help

Via Mark Feinsand, Yankees’ second baseman Robbie Cano has withdrawn from next week’s Home Run Derby citing a minor back injury. It’s unclear what the exact injury is, but if we’ve learning anything from Al Aceves’ plight, it’s that there’s no such thing as a minor back injury. The Yanks weren’t exactly in love with the idea of Robbie participating in the HR Derby, so I’m hopeful this is just a phantom injury designed to keep him out of the competition. Let’s see if he’s in the lineup tonight.

On his 80th birthday, the Boss and Cooperstown
Another rumor about the Yanks looking for bench help
  • bexarama

    Minor back injury = Kevin Long sat on him last night

  • Jose the Satirist

    Just a coincidence that Kevin Long didn’t want him in the derby.

    *shifty eyes*

    • Poopy Pants

      I know! How terrible that Robbie will get some rest during the All Star break!

      *rolls eyes*

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime-Jesus & Maquinito FTW

    Telling he hasn’t pulled out of the actual All Star Game, no?

    • pat

      Good point.

  • CountryClub

    Sounds like someone had a little talk with him.

  • LarryM, FL.

    HR derby is great for the fans and players not performing but problematic affects occur for those particapating.

  • Ross in Jersey

    After much statistical analysis I compete there is a 97.682% chance that this is a fake injury intended to keep him out of the Derby. Otherwise, wouldn’t the first report be how he’s out of the lineup tonight? Or going to the DL?

    • Slugger27

      i got 98.463%

      which algorithm were you using?

  • Gregorio

    Im in favor, cause we need that bat to carry us to the playoffs, plus after overrated Pedroia got that MVP, our 2nd baseman is just as good if not better, and deserves a MVP trophy in his case…

  • AndrewYF

    Can we get rid of the HR derby forever?

    It’s one of the most boring things you could ever watch for three hours.

    • Jose the Satirist

      I enjoy it. I wish they would add some other skill events on the same day. Like a foot race or something.

      • Kiersten

        A baseball version of punt, pass, kick. Hit, run, throw?

        • Mike HC

          I want a “play at the plate” challenge. Guy in the outfield vs runner at second kinda thing.

          Full collisions as well. Of course.

        • vin

          Tom Emanski style. I like it.

          • I Voted for Kodos

            Hopefully they have Fred McGriff show up wearing his awesome hat from the commercials.

      • Mike HC

        Thats all they need. An All-Star pulling a hammy in a foot race, ha.

        But as a fan I would love it.

      • Tom Zig

        I would love to see a Brett Gardner-Jacoby Ellsbury-Carl Crawford-Michael Bourn foot race.

        • Tom Zig

          I would also like to see a Jason Giambi-Adam Dunn-Jose Molina-Bengie Molina foot race…

          • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP)

            Hoo boy.
            That is like a down hill race between honey, molasses, glue and a blind snail.

            • poster on a different computer

              That is like a down up hill race between honey, molasses, glue and a blind snail.

          • whozat

            You’d have to set up a hot dog cart halfway between home and first just to get them to participate

            • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP)

              They can make a track similar to the greyhound tracks where the rabbit zips along…but instead its a hot dog.

          • bexarama

            I want to see a Dunn/Giambi/Matsui/Manny/Thames/Hawpe/(insert other terrible fielder here) webgems race.

          • Klemy

            We could time it with a sundial for simplicity.

      • rbizzler

        They used to have a skills comp back in the day as MLB network replayed an AS game from the 80’s this week. I caught some highlights of a catcher throwing accuracy contest (Benito all the way) and an outfield relay comp.

    • Mike HC

      I don’t know about that.

      Have you ever seen the “Free Willy” movies?

      Or golf.

    • Mike Axisa

      Two things about this:

      1. I enjoy it, but it could use some tweaking. Shortening it up, primarily.

      2. I was at the 2008 HR Derby, and it was a freaking blast. I can see why MLB keeps doing it.

    • brockdc

      I disagree. The fact is, the homerun derby is perhaps the single most thrilling event in the annals of professional sports. Plus, during the 10-minute lulls in which we get to see $100 million athletes take shaky camcorder footage for their respective home video libraries, it gives me an opportunity to spin a personal interest yarn or two and to really showcase my cutting edge sports journalist chops.


      Chris “Back, Back, Back, Back, Back…Gone!” Berman

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      There should be a wifffle ball game instead.

  • Mike HC

    I would have actually liked to have seen him in the derby as a fan. More exciting for me. Not a big deal either way though. If Long does not want him in it, he should not be in.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    Guys, come on. I’ve suffered from Homerunderbyitis before. It’s debilitating. Leave Robbie alone.

  • VO

    If he really had a minor back injury wouldn’t he have known about it before he agreed to go?

  • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > DP)

    Phantom injury created by Cano because he is lazy.

    Someone HAD to say it, let me be the one.

    • brockdc

      I’ll be surprised if Robbie even shows up in Anaheim. It’s a 3,000 mile journey, after all, and he won’t have the benefit of the Yankee team charter.

      Plus, no Larry Bowa.

      • Phil

        Either A-Rod or Jeter will get a private plane to take all of the all stars to/from the game…if the tradition of the last 6 years holds up.

  • Riddering

    Have to say I was looking forward to Cano raking. Damn you, Kevin Long! Damn you! /falls to knees, shakes fist at sky

  • Tim McCarver

    This kid could win a batting title someday!

    • brockdc

      I think it’s interesting how the narrative’s completely changed from, “If he could only become more self-motivated, maybe he could take it to the next level” to “He’s so smooth out there, he just makes everything look so easy.”

    • Jose the Satirist

      I thought the handle name change to a real person had been forbidden ages ago by the RABbis.

      • Andy_C_23

        I play by my own set of rules, nobody else’s…not even my own.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          Yes. It was. Don’t do it again.

  • Poopy Pants

    How about if we instead have a straight-up MLB Strong Man Competition?
    That way the rubes at home will know who is the strongest MLB player. It’s so important after all.
    We can have the dumb participants lifting cars and pulling trucks. THAT’s what makes a great player, right???