Pettitte leaves game with left groin strain

Game 91: A 'perfect' anniversary for a win
Yankees showing more interest in Luis Heredia

Update (5:09pm): Joe Girardi indicated that Pettitte has a Grade I strain during his post-game press conference, the best possible case. He did, however, say they still have to see how he feels after to few days to figure out what’s next, and a DL stint is likely.

3:35pm: Jack Curry says Pettitte is at the hospital to get the injury checked out. Hopefully it’s just a Grade I strain, nothing too serious.

2:56pm: Pettitte left the game with a strained left groin, which is bad news. A DL trip might be required. Early money is on Sergio Mitre taking his place in the rotation, if it comes to that.

2:11pm: Andy Pettitte left today’s game in the middle of the third inning with an apparent injury to his left groin. He was grabbing at it and flexing his leg after delivering a pitch, and was then removed after a meeting at the mound. We’ll update this post with more info as we get it.

Game 91: A 'perfect' anniversary for a win
Yankees showing more interest in Luis Heredia
  • Angelo

    Don’t scare me Pettitte.

  • nyk

    Just great…

  • JoeC

    Hopefully its just a cramp

  • Jon G

    Nice move by Cashman to not give Girardi ANY viable options for keeping us in the game in a situation like this.

    After yesterday, Mosely should have been DFA’d for Sanchez or Nova — somebody who could go longer if needed AND keep us in a game, which we know Logan and Park will not. I hope I’m wrong today, but I’m guessing the outcome today is for people to start really wondering what Cashman is waiting for to revamp the bullpen.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Usually I’m not one to get too worked up over roster moves not made, but cosign. They have to recognize that Moseley ain’t good either. Bring someone up for relief.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      AND keep us in a game, which we know Logan and Park will not.



  • Jon G

    Or at least wondering more than we have been — it’s getting to ridiculous levels here…

  • Gonzo

    I hate to make a joke, but I heard he slammed his groin in door after the 1st inning.

    He’ll be fine, I hope. I bet they wish Ivan Nova was in the ‘pen right now.

  • bexarama

    I’m literally sitting here going “nooo, noooooooooooooo”

    • Joe D.

      You’re much more civil than I, Bex.

      I’m literally sitting here yelling things that would be rated NC-17 by the MPAA.

      Here’s to hoping this is a very short-term thing and he misses no additional time.

      • bexarama

        I’m just a nervous wreck when it comes to Pettitte, frankly.

        • Captain Jack

          I’m looking at Bexy for all of this.

          • bexarama

            It’s not my fault. ;_;

            However, if he needs assistance with any groin-stretching-related issues, I selflessly volunteer myself.

            • thurdonpaul #2

              bexy, good job in takin one for the team :)

  • Marcos

    Greeeeeeeaaaaat…. Because that’s exactly what we need!

    • Marcos


  • Marcos

    Just remembered our “starter in the bullpen”, not a pretty option, but I guess he could go 2-3 innings, couldn’t he?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Javy has yet to throw his side session. I’m holding out hope that Girardi goes to him for a few innings today. They don’t need a fifth starter until later in the week.

      • Jon G

        I’ll cosign on that one. It may turn out that this being right after the allstar break is the rare time that allows an option like this.

        I want to see Joe play to win this one, and that means no Park or Logan unless the rays blow it open.

        Ind I sure hope we see some pen moves this week. In addition to Mitre’s return.

      • Marcos

        Hmmm, I did not notice this, in that case I’m on board with the idea.

        Aaaaand as soon as I finished typing this, Park is warming up… Great.

    • camilo gerardo

      He is too fat. I said it.

  • Carlosologist

    /2009 Mets’d

  • EndlessMike

    Did anybody think Pettitte was gonna keep this going all year.He’s a second half pitcher.I’m surpised everybody is shocked a 37 year old pitcher with a balking elbow got injuried.

    • bexarama

      Who’s mind-blowingly shocked that an old guy got injured? Not me, I was talking about this literally just last night. Also, this doesn’t have anything to do with his elbow.

  • Cult of Basebaal

    Strained right groin.

    Lovely …

  • YankeesJunkie

    Strained left groin via Michael Kay, how long is he going to be out?

    • Mike from South Beah

      A strain will most likely keep him out of action for 2 weeks at the minimum.

  • Zanath

    Is Mitre going to be back soon?

  • Mike Nitabach

    Uh, oh.

  • Matt

    If they put him on the 15 day DL retroactive to today, he may only miss 2 starts before being eligible to be activated. He’s going to probably miss at least one even if it’s a minor strain, so might as well make him take one more start off and get him completely healthy.

    Since the two starts would come most likely against Kansas City and Cleveland, they may be able to get a better than expected performance out of whoever ends up spot starting.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      They can’t place him on the DL retroactive to today because he played today. If they place him on the DL after the game, day 1 is tomorrow.

  • Kevin in Princeton on another computer

    We got lucky this season regarding injuries to the starting rotation up to this point and now we’re REALLY going to miss having Aceves in the pen. Luckily the rest of the rotation is good enough to have Mitre go every 5th day, in my opinion.

  • Matt

    Mitre is not going into the rotation, the most he’s pitched in his rehab is only 3 innings I believe. It’s going to be Moseley for now, since he has been stretched out as a starter already this year and threw 75 pitches yesterday and would be pitching on five days of rest anyway. They’ll then use the spot freed up from Pettitte probably to activate Mitre to round out the pen again.

  • Reggie C.

    What about David Phelps?

    The man is absolutely dealing in AAA.

    • RichYF

      Phelps has only been in AAA for about 2 weeks. He was pitching well in AA, but he’s not a better candidate than someone already on the 40-man roster (like Nova or Noesi).

  • Theodore Reginald Oliver LLinx


    • Tom Zig

      He can pitch?

    • bexarama

      Not sure if serious

      If you are, this wouldn’t help with with, you know, pitching, though.

      • Theodore Reginald Oliver LLinx

        As a catcher he absolutely can affect the picting.

        Also, you have to improve the team in the only ways you can.

        Right now that means Montero.

        BRING HIM UP

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder



          • Theodore Reginald Oliver LLinx

            Montero has said it himself. He is ready and wants to be up here.

            I’m sure he is feeling pretty bad that the Yankees tried to kick him out of town last week, let’s give him a boost of confidence.

            • poster on a different computer

              No. Giving a player a boost of his confidence is not as important as letting him continue to develop his skills.

              There’s a reason he’s not here yet.

              • Theodore Reginald Oliver LLinx

                With Andy’s injury we need him now more than ever. This only makes “The Burnett Situation” that much worse.

  • Nick DiCo

    If the Rays being really good this year does one thing for Yankees fans living outside of the Tri-State area, its making it possible to watch so many more games this year.

    Paying $99 for a year of games is still just a little steep, so this is always such a treat.

    • Jerkface

      You can’t afford 100 dollars to watch 162+ games of baseball? Its less than a dollar per game! You probably drink more in coffee than baseball and atleast when joba is taking a dump on the mound you can turn it off. Can’t escape the coffee brick.

  • Gonzo

    This might be a blessing in disguise. Pettitte has been our ace in the hole this year. Some rest for his body right now might pay dividends during they playoffs.

  • nyk

    stretch joba and slot him in the rotation!

  • MikeD

    Granderson had a Grade 2 and was out for a month. He pulled up lame. Pettitte didn’t seem to have the same degree of pain, which of course means nothing, but I’m hoping this is a Grade 1 and he’ll miss minimal time. A start at the most.

    • MikeD

      …and I just heard Joe say it’s a Grade 1, but that he’s also going on the DL. That’s, what, about three starts?

  • Carlosologist

    Girardi confirmed that it was a Grade I strain and there’s a DL stint to follow.

  • bexarama

    Andy noooooooooo ;_;

    At least it’s just Grade 1. Hopefully he gets some rest.

  • MikeD

    Time for AJ to step up his game.

    • Dirty Pena

      That’s going to be tough with his execution scheduled for dawn tomorrow.

      • Carlosologist

        I’m assuming one of the Chad Ho Moseley trio is going to be there too?

  • Jon G

    Looking forward to a start from Nova, who I assume it will be.

    And to a Sanchez call up for Mosely or Gaudin. Park and Logan may have saved their roster spots for today — and I’m obviously glad they did in such a huge game!

    But time is running short for bullpen moves.

    Obviously, that could all change if we wake up one day and hear Soria is a Yankee (which will be painful in terms of who we’d have to trade, but huge)

    • Gonzo

      I am with you. I can’t imagine going into the playoffs with Mosely and Guadin. At least CHoP has had some limited big league success, and Boone is a lefty.

      I was hoping before a trade Sanchez and Albaledejo would get a shot. Doesn’t look like it though.

  • Igawafarts

    I think we will be O.Kei, if you know what I mean

    • All Star Carl

      lol Igodwa