Game 91: A ‘perfect’ anniversary for a win


Baseball immortality. Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Zelevansky

Eleven years ago, David Cone took the mound in an Interleague match-up against the Montreal Expos. Like today, it was a stifling hot Sunday, and Cone twirled a gem of a game. Facing a lineup of young players who hadn’t seen him mix arm angles and pitch speeds before, the Yanks’ righty was perfect. He never once went to three balls on a single batter, and he struck out 10. When Orlando Cabrera popped out to Scott Brosius, the celebration began, and the losing pitcher that day was a kid named Javier Vazquez.

Today, Andy Pettitte won’t have to be perfect to beat the Tampa Bay Rays, but he doesn’t have much room for mistakes. The offense shouldn’t be a problem; after all, Tampa hits .244/.331/.390 against southpaws. Rather, it’s the opposing pitcher who will be tough to beat. David Price takes his heat to the stadium today in what could be a pitching duel for the ages.

Price is 12-4 this year with a 2.42 ERA, and he has truly come into his own as a starter this year. Opponents are hitting .223/.297/.343, and he allows fewer than a home run per nine innings. The Yanks have faced Price once this year and lost, despite scoring three runs off the lefty.

Pettitte, though, is no small beans himself. He’s 11-2 with a 2.70 ERA, and opponents are hitting .234/.295/.360 against him. Runs could be at a premium today. For Pettitte, today’s outing could be one of redemption. During his last time on the bump against Tampa, the Rays knocked him around for six runs in five innings, and he allowed a season-high three longballs in that May 20 start.

A win today ups the Yanks’ first place lead to three games; a loss brings Tampa to within a game. It’s as big a game in mid-July as one might find. It starts at 1:05 p.m. and will be on YES in the New York area and TBS nationwide. The lineups, please:

Derek Jeter SS – Hitting just .245/.322/.337 over his last 305 plate appearances
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Marcus Thames DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Brett Gardner LF

Andy Pettitte P

Game Notes: Per Joe Girardi, the team has no long man today. Dustin Moseley threw 75 pitches, and Chad Gaudin tossed 52 in the Yanks’ loss last night. I’d prefer to see Moseley DFA’d with Ivan Nova or Romulo Sanchez recalled, but Girardi says Chan Ho Park or Boone Logan could go multiple innings today if need be…A.J. Burnett reportedly apologized to teammates behind closed doors for his outburst that led to hand lacerations. No word on if he also apologized for his 8.15 ERA over his last eight starts.

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  1. Dirty Pena says:

    Sigh. Those game notes say it all. Why do we need multiple guys who can “go multiple innings”? It seems like the entire bullpen situation is set up for a theoretical 18 inning game, followed by a doubleheader.

  2. Pat D says:

    Well, we all know how good Park and Logan aren’t in multiple innings, so please go 7 strong at least, Andy.

  3. poster on a different computer says:

    So the game’s at 1 then?

  4. Pinstripe Glory says:

    The ‘perfect’ day to face the ‘perfect’ team…

  5. poster on a different computer says:

    Question for you guys: What do really cheap grandstand tickets to a playoff game go for?

    I have, like, no money, and I live pretty far, but I’d love to go.

  6. Esteban says:

    Are people worried about Jeter? If he doesn’t improve, this will be his first season with an OPS+ below 100.

    • poster on a different computer says:

      I wasn’t worried in the first half.

      Now I’m actually VERY worried.

    • I’m mostly worried about Jeter because of the contract the Yankees are probably going to give him. He’ll be grossly overpaid. I hope he can rebound and soon.

      I also don’t think he should still be leading off. He’s got a .334 OBP/.328 wOBA out of the one hole. That’s not doing the team any favors. Girardi, though, seems to be of the “stick with it” approach as he showed with Mark Teixeira.

    • Mike HC says:

      He could go all year like this, and I would would just think it was a down year, albeit maybe his worst year. But, I still think he could have strong bounce back years in the next 3-5 years or so. I have faith.

      • Or he could be a 36-year-old short stop doing nothing that 36-year-old short stops don’t do regularly. That’s the problem. Down year or normal aging?

        • Mike HC says:

          That is the question. My money is on down year.

          Are you expecting nothing better than this for the rest of his career?

          • Angelo says:

            It’s difficult to say given his age. Most shortstops don’t last at the position this long.

            There is a possibility that he could continue to decline. I hope you realize that.

            It could be a down year too, but both sides are entirely possible.

      • Angelo says:

        Maybe, it’s a bit unrealistic at his age, but Jeter is no ordinary talent.

        If he comes back on a ridiculous contract next year and keeps stumbling, start worrying.

      • Esteban says:

        Yea his BABIP by month this year: .325, .337, .268, .209
        Line Drive % by month: 12.6, 20.4 20.5 14.0
        Career Babip is: .357
        Career LD% is (2002-2010 per FG): 20.5%

        Here’s to hoping he’s run into some bad luck.

        • Mike HC says:

          Yea. But, even with bad luck, he is clearly not the same hitter he was just a year ago. I think the WS, the fact his father told him to start enjoying and taking it all in a little more (saw an interview with the father last year with him saying that) and the fact he got engaged with rumors about his wedding etc … all led to this down year. In 2009, all we heard about was his manic dedication to getting better in the off season. This off season, it seemed like a big party.

          That is my narrative and I’m sticking to it.

          • Mike HC says:

            And I should add, with renewed focus and dedication after this down year, I expect better seasons.

          • Angelo says:

            But he wasn’t getting married…

            Winning the WS leads to Jeter partying the whole off-season? I doubt Jeter is out of shape.

            You’re pulling straws.

            • Mike HC says:

              Thats why I added the narrative line.

              And he did get engaged. If you don’t think that comes with added time and responsibility commitments, you are nuts.

              But I clearly know nothing, and it is just a theory from someone on the far periphery.

              • Angelo says:

                Oh, alright. And yeah, he’s engaged (I think), not married.

                Yeah, it’s just a theory. I don’t think it’s necessarily true, but a theory nonetheless.

  7. Esteban says:

    Cone’s ERA going in to the perfect game: 2.86
    Cone’s ERA after the perfect gamie: 4.82

    The perfect game was kind of his last hurrah.

  8. kelly says:

    the last time andy faced tampa he got roughed up…..lately against tampa he hasn’t been that good. and shit we have to face price?? well if we lose we’ll stil be in frst. this just might be another frustrating game

  9. Eirias says:

    Flogging Molly providing the tunes for a Steinbrenner memorial video?

  10. MikeD says:

    I was lucky enough to be at Cone’s perfect game, and today is very similar, down to the day of the week and the very hot temp.

    BTW Why exactly did Cone stop broadcasting games on YES? Was it his decision, or was it YES’s? He was good and just as he did as a pitcher seemed to be constantly working at improving his game. He would even refer to FanGraphs and Baseball Reference. His departure seemed odd based on what I read.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      A hot day in mid-July in NYC? What a coincidence.

      I think Cone was fired for arguing with YES’s Filipelli (I don’t know how to spell his stupid name).

      • MikeD says:

        Oh, it wasn’t “just” hot that day. It’s warm today, although nothing like it was in 1999. Absoluetly one of the most uncomfortably hot days I can ever remember at the Stadium.

        AS for Filipelli (not sure of the spelling myself), now that you mention it, I do seem to remember some rumblings during last season that there was some conflict.

  11. Mike HC says:

    I would prefer Gardner in center. I don’t think we have to worry about hurting Granderson’s feelings anymore.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      How many years are the Yanks stuck with Granderson?

      • Mike HC says:

        I think four. He would be fine if we didn’t have a better centerfielder playing right next to him.

      • MikeD says:

        In fairness, we’ve seen Gardner misplay balls that have gone over his head and Granderson’s defensive ratings this year and are actually better than Gardners. That’s said…it would be nice if Granderson would hit.

        • Mike HC says:

          True, everyone misplays balls sometimes.

          Just by my eyes, I think Gardner is better in center. And definitely agreed that it is more important that he starts hitting. His D has been solid. I just think Gardner can give us extraordinary D if given the opportunity.

          • MikeD says:

            Not going to disagree. Granderson’s UZR/150 was at an exceptional 18 the last time I looked. Gardner’s was also good, but somewhere in the single digits. Now while I do follow defensive metrics, I don’t think a team should base everything on them because all of them do have issues. Overall, though, Granderson has been solid defensively. I think we’re all a bit hard on him because he just hasn’t hit yet, and we gave up a CFer who is hitting over .300 and is also putting up strong defensive numbers.

            I think Gardner is still learning to track the ball in left, so I’d expect he’ll continue to improve the more he plays there. My guess is if he went back to CF he’d be stronger than Granderson.

            My guess. The Yankees move Gardner to CF in 2011, and Granderson gets a platoon partner for LF, which strengthens the Yankees bench. Right now it’s difficult to get a strong bench player because they have no playing time. A LF platoon changes that. We’ll see.

  12. bexarama says:

    ROFL Andy. That almost makes up for your dumb bunting mistakes in other games.

  13. Mike Axisa says:

    Why are you bringing the infield in in the first inning…

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      Maybe that’s why Andy hit Longoria. Save Girardi from himself.

    • Mike HC says:

      David Price is the reasoning I believe.

      But I agree with you. I would not have brought them in either.

    • MikeD says:

      Early surrender? It is odd. Price is good, but he hasn’t even thrown a pitch yet in the game. We might cut off a run, yet it might open up the opportunity for a bigger inning, and against Price that is dangerous.

  14. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Wow, I guess Andy remembered how to field his position

  15. Cy Farnsworth says:


  16. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice one, Andy. Just put it on a tee, would ya.

  17. bexarama says:

    (cries hysterically)

  18. MikeD says:

    Why the F can we not get Pena out when every other team can?

  19. Mike HC says:

    damn. Not a good start

  20. Jimmy says:

    Way to go Andy. I think I’m gonna take a nap lol

  21. Dirty Pena says:

    Well this should be the classic “pitchers duel that turns into an 8-7 game.”

  22. Mike HC says:

    I can feel the sportswriters starting their doomsday postgame recaps already.

  23. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Of course Pena remembers how to hit against us. Oh well, plenty of time to go to get those runs back!

  24. Cecala says:

    I really hope Pena signs with a national league team.

  25. Mike Axisa says:

    I still blame Granderson. If he makes that catch and Andy makes that great play on Crawford, the three of the first five Rays wouldn’t have hit the ball right on the screws.

    • Pat D says:

      Excepting that it’s extremely unlikely Crawford attempts to bunt if Upton’s ball is caught.

    • Mike HC says:

      Yup. I’m still not over that either. He takes missteps all the time, and usually makes up for it, but you see the consequence when he doesn’t make up for it.

      I say Gardner to center is becoming more of a no brainer as time goes on.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        I was being sarcastic. Andy got tattooed that inning, took two great defensive plays to bail him out.

      • Ross in Jersey says:

        Oh please, this is such a joke. Gardner gets bad jumps too, and neither of them catches that ball that was lined to the WARNING TRACK!

        How bout you get on Andy a little, who just shit the bed throwing a 2-0 meatball to a guy who does nothing but strike out or hit home runs?

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      /fallacy of predetermined outcome’d

  26. James A says:

    How exactly has this team been no-hit three times in the last year?

  27. Ross in Jersey says:

    Wow, our pitchers outside of CC are such a fucking joke against Tampa. Way to keep us in the game, Andy. Pena has a .200 average and swings for the fences every time, why would you throw him ANYTHING near the strike zone? He does the same thing against Vlad… hello, free swinger!

  28. Poopy Pants says:

    I think I see lacerations on Andy’s hands.

  29. Reggie C. says:

    In this type of heat Pettitte will not last long.

    Is there a long-man available for today?

  30. Cy Farnsworth says:

    What was that about not having a long man again?

  31. Ross in Jersey says:

    Wow, what a JOKE. Can any pitcher on this team get Tampa out? Newsflash, their offense is NOT this good!

  32. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Andy just doesn’t have it today, 4 hard hit balls and a HBP. Blah.

  33. Jimmy says:

    They are hanging out over the plate just like last game. Throw strikes inside.

  34. bexarama says:

    Why can Dallas Braden pitch a perfect game against these guys but the most wonderful pitcher on Earth can hardly get an out? ;_;

  35. Alex S says:

    The Rays are relly hitting the ball hard

  36. Poopy Pants says:

    (Looking forward to Javy’s next start and restoring some stability to this rotation)

  37. Mike HC says:

    ARod. Sick.

    UZR does not even calculate that I don’t think.

    • Frigidevil says:

      That could end up being a game-changing play before anything even happened. That gets by him, it probably scores a run.

  38. Mike Axisa says:

    Just go away Derek. At least fucking try.

  39. Pat D says:

    Yay for Cap’n .265. Or whatever is average is now.

  40. Poopy Pants says:

    C’mon, Jeter. Really?

  41. Ross in Jersey says:

    It’s ok Derek, we’re only down by 3 runs against the best pitcher in the AL. Don’t work the count or anything.

  42. Hummingbird S. says:

    first pitch groundout, lovely

  43. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I’m not one of the fans who’s convinced that Jeter has turned into Robbie Alomar overnight.

    That said, I can’t understand for the life of me why he won’t start taking some pitches.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      Two weeks ago at YS, some fat fools from Jersey were sitting behind us and yelling that Jeter ‘never swings at anything!’. I wanted to physically assault them.

  44. Mike Axisa says:

    Gardner woulda caught that.

  45. Pat D says:

    Upton was playing waaaaaaay too shallow.

  46. Reggie C. says:

    The ball sure is carrying!

    Nice start Swish!

  47. Poopy Pants says:

    Who will be the goat of this series? BJ or AJ?

  48. Mike Axisa says:

    Remember when people thought Jeter would get 4,000 hits and challenge Rose’s record? Yeah…

  49. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Also, I think that Girardi should try batting Swisher leadoff for a little while. It seems like the guy is on base every AB.

  50. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    I really have confidence in every bat in this line-up except Derek. At least when Tex and A-Rod were struggling they were working counts and walking. But it seems like Jeter has completely forgotten how to work a good at-bat.

  51. Jimmy says:

    Ball was right there A-Rod :(

  52. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > Crawford) says:

    How can anyone hate Swish?

    But according to a bunch of anonymous players, he is supposed to be OVERRATED!

    /beating the dead horse

  53. Reggie C. says:

    I wonder what happened to Ajax? Who the hell is Boesch?

  54. Jimmy says:

    wow Robbie is amazing

  55. Alex S says:

    Wooh go Ribbie!

  56. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    M-V-P! M-V-P!

  57. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Don’t ya know!

    I love seeing Robbie flash that opposite field power.

  58. Mike HC says:


    What a hit. Against Price, lefty, big spot (wait, there can be a big spot in the first inning? YES)

  59. Hummingbird S. says:

    that’s some real good shit by Cano

  60. Ross in Jersey says:

    Cano and Swisher are really carrying the team at this point. It would be nice if the other guys could pitch in a bit!

  61. Reggie C. says:

    Lee goes 9 innings and the Rangers still cant beat the RS. Heh. That could almost make Josh Hamilton drink again.

  62. Jimmy says:

    9th place hitter again. This is comical.

  63. V says:

    Guess this didn’t post this morning, but I was at Scranton last night, behind home plate. 5 or 6 scouts were there, and they all picked up their radar guns for Royce Ring and Zach Segovia.

    • ShuutoHeat (GGBG > Crawford) says:

      Neat, interesting morsel of news. Anybody with any speculations? Which teams? Or its nothing to it?

  64. Nintendo vs Sega says:


  65. Mike Axisa says:

    If Gardner was at first, he would have turned that double play.

  66. Jimmy says:

    This guy is squeezing Andy.

  67. Hummingbird S. says:

    Pena with 2 men on again, please don’t blow this game Andy.

  68. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Andy may be missing his spots, but at least he’s trying to come inside this inning.

  69. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Wow, it did not look like Pena went around.

    Whatever, I’ll take it.

  70. MikeD says:

    Thanks. At least the third-base ump got the call right. Not happy with home-plate ump so far.

  71. Reggie C. says:

    Pena with the tough at-bats. Things are looking up for the Rays if he’s turned the corner.

  72. Poopy Pants says:


  73. Accent Shallow says:

    A shift for a right-handed batter? Not something you see every day.

  74. Mike Axisa says:

    Nice job Thames. Great job, actually.

  75. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Can someone explain how it makes any sense for Maddon to shift the entire infield to the left, but play the outfield straight away?

  76. Jimmy says:

    This is not a fair match up for Grandy.

    • MikeD says:

      Yeah, not sure I’d have played Granderson today, then again I’m in the camp he should be platooned. Problem is not sure who I’d play in his place. I NEVER want to see Thames in the field again.

  77. Ivan says:

    Can’t do anything with that Granderson.

  78. Accent Shallow says:

    Wasn’t someone in here talking awhile ago about how they’d gone to Vandy with Price, and how they’d giggled about how easy it would be to get Cano out?


  79. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I know that people will rip on Grandy just for the hell of it, but that was a perfect pitch for strike 3.

  80. Mike Axisa says:

    I guess that’s better than a GIDP. Grrr

  81. A-Rod's Hip says:

    these are the days i yearn for a right handed hitting outfielder

  82. Mike Axisa says:

    Damn Brett, you gotta at least clear the pitcher.

  83. Mike HC says:

    Now that is rare. Doubling up Gardner. And by a lot really.

  84. Pat D says:

    Michael Kay just referred to Burnett as a “fibber.”

    What decade is this?

  85. Mike HC says:

    This whole Kim Jones thing. Huh?

    They told AJ to kick garbage cans, water coolers and gum buckets etc … and that can’t hurt you? Are their imaginations that small? Do whatever you want, just don’t get hurt?

    How about telling him to stop throwing temper tantrums.

  86. Reggie C. says:

    Hmm. AJ seemed to get upset with Eiland’s statement.

    Kim Jones has got good inside info today.

  87. Mike HC says:

    Girardi and Eiland playing the old good cop, bad cop on him.

    I like it.

  88. Jimmy says:

    Man they are making Andy work.

  89. bexarama says:

    Andy doesn’t have anything today. :(

  90. A-Rod's Hip says:

    good grief.. all these damn hits!

  91. Mike Axisa says:

    60 pitches already. One out in the third.

  92. Ivan says:

    Ugh Andy, can’t give up 0-2 hits to Sean Rodriguez.

  93. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I have a bad feeling that we’re on track for a Chan Ho Park sighting this afternoon.

  94. Pat D says:

    Well we’ll be seeing a lot of CHoP today.

    Oh, great, another injury.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      Well I’m glad we sent Joba down to AAA to get his shit straight and be available in case of an injury…oh wait…nevermind.

  95. Jimmy says:

    This is just great.

  96. MikeD says:

    Ruh, ro.

  97. Carlosologist says:

    I woke up right now, and I see Andy tweak something in his leg.

    Not a good day.

  98. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Oh come on.

    If Pettitte has to leave, who comes in? Logan?

  99. Mister Delaware says:

    I bet Pettitte slammed his crotch into a door out of frustration.

  100. bexarama says:

    I think I might cry. Like, seriously.

  101. Reggie C. says:


    Here we go.

  102. Ivan says:

    This series hasn’t been fair at like seriously.

  103. arman tamzarian says:


  104. A-Rod's Hip says:

    well isn’t this awesome.. 2 straight days of 6 inning relief.. smh

  105. Mike HC says:

    What is going on here?

    Our pitchers mysteriously leave the game in the third like there is a curse on us.

  106. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Look on the bright side: this seems like an awesome chance to turn Joba back into a starter!

  107. Alex S says:

    worst case scenario fulfilled

  108. Pat D says:

    Now, this is way premature of course, but is everyboyd still glad that the Cliff Lee trade didn’t go through?

  109. Frigidevil says:


  110. Reggie C. says:

    This game is soooo win-able. Price isn’t on his top game, but we saw how the ‘pen couldnt keep the Rays at bay in any sense.


  111. Ross in Jersey says:

    And the season begins to take a nosedive. Now none of our starters can make it out of the 3rd inning? Just fucking great.

  112. Jimmy says:

    What D-Rob in already?

  113. Nathan says:

    Lets hope those plexi glass holders have been removed.

  114. Alex S says:

    nick johnson is causing all the injuries by sitting in the dugout

  115. phughesisgod says:

    Oh great. Now the offense better be on their A game, because there is no way this score will stay a 3-2. Not when the only good pitcher in the bullpen is Mariano Rivera, and he cant go 6 innings.

  116. Ivan says:

    I think this is good move hear by Girardi.

  117. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I love the decision to bring Robertson in. This is a high leverage situation, so let’s go with a good pitcher.

    Bringing in CHoP or Logan with 2 on and a 3-1 count would be surrendering the game.

  118. Adam says:

    Do we know see why we need to have a long man available just in case?

  119. camilo gerardo says:

    haha @ outfielders in the bullpen aire conditioning

  120. Adam says:

    In related news Tim Leary somewhere just felt a twinge in his groin. This had nothing to do with baseball.

  121. Carlosologist says:

    It doesn’t help that tomorrow they begin a series against the fucking Angels and their smallball crap.

    But I’m not worried. I’m pretty sure the pitching will be good as tomorrow it’s Hughes.

    (If anyone couldn’t tell, I hate the Angels)

  122. Mister Delaware says:

    Our collective spelling and grammar has been pretty awful today.

  123. Jimmy says:

    The day off is perfect tomorrow though.

    • A-Rod's Hip says:

      forgot about that.. i thought we were going right back in it vs. Angels tomorrow.. that’s refreshing at least

  124. Carlosologist says:

    Clutch GIDP from Rodriguez?

  125. Ivan says:

    Can’t kill D-Rob with that BB.

  126. A-Rod's Hip says:

    i’m just gonna close my eyes and hope we put up a 0 in the top of this ining

  127. Ivan says:

    This is big.

  128. Ross in Jersey says:

    Love the move bringing in D-rob… but we’re going to need some serious bullpen work to win this one today. Time for those guys to earn their paychecks for once.

  129. Carlosologist says:



  130. Angelo says:

    And the inning is over…..few…

  131. Jimmy says:

    Great job by D-Rob.

  132. Mister Delaware says:

    Great work by D-Rob.

  133. A-Rod's Hip says:

    D-Rob. I love you. A lot.

  134. Mike Axisa says:

    Great job, D-Rob. We got this shit.

  135. Ivan says:

    Good job D-Rob, good job.

  136. Across the pond says:

    Awesome stuff

  137. Mike HC says:

    And Robertson gains some confidence.

    Gotta feel good about the way he has been pitching.

  138. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Great job by Robertson.

    Great call by Girardi going with him instead of following conventional wisdom.

  139. Total Dominication says:


  140. Pat D says:

    Anyone else love R. Lee Ermey’s eyebrows in that Geico commercial?

  141. Pat D says:

    How many more innings does Robertson go? 1 or 2?

  142. bexarama says:

    Nice, D-Rob. Nice. Now Derek, TAKE A PITCH.

  143. Mister Delaware says:

    What song did Jeter just come up to there?

  144. Adam says:

    Games like this that really reminds us how much the Yanks miss the Ace.

  145. A-Rod's Hip says:

    Jeter took a pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    baby steps!!

  146. Accent Shallow says:

    Jeter: reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

  147. Mike HC says:

    There we go.

    A hit for the old man, ha

  148. Cy Farnsworth says:

    How Jeterian.

  149. Mike Axisa says:

    And Jeter buys himself some more time.

  150. Carlosologist says:

    I forgot Jeter still had that swing.

  151. A-Rod's Hip says:

    the return of the Jeterian!!!!!

    bad pitch selection… lol

  152. theyankeewarrior says:

    Does anyone have Pena’s career stats vs. the Yankees? Is entering Manny-land in terms of torching pinstriped pitchers?

  153. Ivan says:

    Suck me off Mike, like all the other groupies do!


  154. Jimmy says:

    Ooo Jeter

  155. Mister Delaware says:

    That was a really unnecessary risk.

  156. Carlosologist says:

    I also forgot he could run.

  157. Poopy Pants says:

    I can’t believe it’s only the THIRD inning.

  158. Mike Axisa says:

    Jesus Derek. Turning the clock back.

  159. A-Rod's Hip says:

    turnin’ back the clock, are we Cap’n??

    he looked out……

  160. Mike HC says:

    I think the ump was afraid to call Jeter out there.

    I think he got the superstar call on that one.

  161. Ivan says:

    Wow from that last replay, he looked out for real.

  162. Pete says:

    wow Shoppach.

  163. Jimmy says:

    GJ Tex!

  164. Mister Delaware says:

    Nice hit, bad bounce.

  165. Angelo says:

    That’s what I like to see!

  166. Ivan says:

    Nice piece of hitting by Teix.

  167. Mike HC says:

    Jeter and Tex connection!!!

  168. Adam says:

    The team has an excellent approach against Price today…

  169. Alex S says:


  170. A-Rod's Hip says:

    CLUTCH hit Tex!!!

    tie game baby!

    just got an injection.. so now no more warning track fly balls!! here we go 13!

  171. A-Rod's Hip says:

    good ass pitch..

  172. Pat D says:

    Not sure what Alex was looking at there.

    Other than a strike.

  173. Jimmy says:

    Man that was in the batters box

  174. Ivan says:

    I thought that was in.

  175. MikeD says:

    Kay is such an ass at times.

  176. A-Rod's Hip says:

    once Cano reaches 1,000 hits, someone needs to research how many plate appearances it took for him to reach 1,000 hits and 100 HR’s and compare his numbers to Jeter when he reached both milestones

  177. Ivan says:

    Come on Cano.

  178. A-Rod's Hip says:

    Delmon Young just hit a blast in Target Field..

  179. Angelo says:

    Did anyone here watch the Yankee game that ran to around 3-4am due to rain delays I believe? I know it was some time in the past three years, but I’m not sure when exactly.

    Either way, I think it was past Leiter’s bedtime because he was calling Yankee players, old Mets players names, accidently of course. It was pretty funny…

  180. Ivan says:

    I would let D-Rob pitch the 4th inning obviously. the 5th and 6th innings, might be tricky.

    • Zack says:

      Logan, Park, Joba and Mo all have to pitch, whatever order the first 3 go doesn’t really matter, they have to get atleast 4 IP between the 3 of them.

      And I assume Javy will be the emergency extra guy, hasn’t pitched in 8 days, and isn’t pitching til Wednesday (right?).

  181. A-Rod's Hip says:

    Texas just took the lead 2-1 on Lester!

    2 out RBI double by Cruz.. throwing error trying to get Cruz goin to 3rd, and he trots home.. beautiful

  182. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Any thoughts on the trivia?

    I figure Ricky Henderson is probably one of the 2.

  183. Ivan says:

    Dangerous inning here.

  184. Cy Farnsworth says:

    No chance for Jorge.

  185. Mike Axisa says:

    Not a fan of the pitch out. No need to unnecessarily put Robertson behind in the count.

    • Cy Farnsworth says:

      I agree, but the SB gives you a good idea of why they tried it. Without a pitchout or well timed high fastball, Posada basically doesn’t have a chance to catch Crawford.

  186. All Star Carl says:

    Man I hate Carl Crawford.

  187. All Star Carl says:


  188. Carlosologist says:

    Carl Crawford’s 2010 – .318/.375/.512 136 OPS+
    Brett Gardner’s 2010 – .307/.399/.411 123 OPS+

  189. A-Rod's Hip says:

    aight.. 1 down, 2 to go..

  190. Ivan says:

    This is why, you didn’t want to lose Crawford.

  191. Poopy Pants says:

    This discussion reminds me that some dumb fan interviewed outside YS said Steinbrenner invented ‘money ball’. YES actually aired that comment during their death coverage.

  192. A-Rod's Hip says:

    hard to have the infield in and have the shift too.. let’s see

  193. MikeD says:

    Kay, in this case, is right. If Gardner can continue to be productive for all of 2010, then I can see the Yankees taking Crawford off their want list, and spending their money elsewhere. A 500K, Gardner is a great bargain, compared to the 15-17 million per Crawford will no doubt get. As mentioned earlier, one option I can see I the Yankees moving Gardner back to center, shifting Granderson to left and then getting him a strong platoon partner, strengthening the Yankees bench.

    Yet there is another scenario now the Yankees have to think about, and it’s Derek Jeter. If what we’re seeing with the Captain is age related, then the Yankees really have to think about Crawford again, not as a LFer, but for what he’ll bring to the line-up. Gardner and Crawford will rebuild the front-end of the Yankee line up if they believe age is finally setting in.

    Now back to the game…

    • Angelo says:

      I doubt they will get Lee and Crawford.

      And if it comes down to what you said and choosing one of them, I’d take Lee every time.

      • MikeD says:

        Getting Lee and Crawford might cost close to additional $40 million per a season figuring Lee is going somewhere in the low $20-million per range, and Crawford’s going somewhere north of $15 million per.

        The Yankees interest in Crawford is going to be driven by how well Gardner continues to perform. If he continues to be productive,then Crawford’s chances of playing in NY goes down a lot. Yet, as mentioned, if Jeter does not rebound, they have to think about the front-end of the line-up, and Gardner/Crawford would be a great replacement from what was once Jeter/Damon.

        Could they sign both? Well, remember if they do sign Crawford, then that means Granderson will be traded away, and that frees up $8.25 million. The way Jeter is going, he could be facing a pay reduction. Either way, the Yankees payroll is going up next year. Just depends by how much.

        • Zack says:

          Doesn’t mean they’ll have to trade Granderson. That’s selling low. Rather just have a Crawford-Gardner-Curtis OF with Swisher at DH.

          • MikeD says:

            That would certainly be the best defensive OF the Yankees have had in a long time, if not ever. My reason for moving Granderson if they signed Crawford was based simply on freeing up some salary. The Yankees do have limits. Grandy makes 8.25 million in 2011 and keeps escalating to $13 million. If they sign Crawford, they may want to get that salary off the books now and in the future. By moving Grandy, if Jeter has a reduction (which I don’t to happen because that means his off year continues), Nick Johnson goes off the books, Vazquez moves on and, gasp, Pettitte retires, they will have a lot of money coming off the books. They could (and will need to) sign Lee, but that also might leave enough room to add Crawford. The overall payroll will still go up, but not as much as one might think initially, myself included.

            Keep in mind I started out (and still support) signing Lee and not Crawford if it comes down to one or the other. Yet with a continually slipping of Jeter, in the last week I’ve considered the Yankees might still sign both, and that most likely means the end of Grandy’s NY Yankee career. I don’t see Swisher moving to DH. They need that slot for Posada/Montero and resting other of their aging hitters.

        • Angelo says:

          Why would they trade away Granderson? Especially if his value is down? And he’s not being paid too much. I doubt they would trade Granderson and sign Crawford. Wouldn’t make too much sense to me.

          And although the line up could have some troubles, locking up another position for 4-5 years isn’t ideal.

          If Gardner continues to play well, I wouldn’t sign Crawford, too much money and years. Even if Jeter isn’t playing up to par, I wouldn’t do it.

          Plus teams would score less runs against the Yankees if they signed Lee, so that would help if Jeter continued to decline as well. There aren’t many great hitting shortstops anyway.


          • MikeD says:

            Yup, as mentioned above, I’d rather have Lee than Crawford. What I’m looking at, though, is a scenario that I wouldn’t have considered until a couple weeks back. Signing both! What Gardner and Jeter do the rest of the way will go a long way toward determining if the Yankees would consider that.

    • Frigidevil says:

      Gardner’s gone from fast outfielder/pinch runner to an everyday starter. Crawford’s not worth the slight upgrade for several million dollars.

  194. Poopy Pants says:

    Can Gardner play SS?

  195. Mike Axisa says:

    Awesome. Go David, it’s your birthday.

  196. Ivan says:

    Great pitch.

  197. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Sharp curve. Good time for a K.

  198. Gargoyle says:

    God that picture is great. Remember when the expensive seats were actually filled – and with real live baseball fans?

  199. Ivan says:

    Don’t let up now D-rob.

  200. A-Rod's Hip says:

    big pitch D-Rob!

    1 more…. pleeeezzzz

  201. A-Rod's Hip says:

    great 3-1 pitch

  202. Mike Axisa says:

    David Robertson is a man, he’s 40.

  203. All Star Carl says:

    Hell of a job D-Rob

  204. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I approve of Robertson’s work, though Joe West disagrees.

  205. A-Rod's Hip says:

    what a fuckin’ job D-Rob.. wow.. talk about earning your pay

  206. bexarama says:

    David Robertson <333333

  207. Ivan says:

    Great job D-Rob, great fuckin job.

  208. Total Dominication says:


  209. Mike Axisa says:

    If you’re going to use CHoP, and you’re going to have to at some point in this game, do it now with the bottom of the order due up.

  210. All Star Carl says:

    Groin Strain :( Man that is terrible.

  211. ZZ says:

    If Granderson is still on the team next year, Long has really got his work cut out for him this winter.

    He has to try to shorten his swing and take it the other way. Trying to pull everything he has no chance against LHP.

    The only times he is going to get hits is when pitchers make a mistake in the middle of the plate and that is going to come most often against crappy LH middle relievers, not pitchers like David Price.

    • Pat D says:

      Where exactly do you think he might go?

      • ZZ says:

        I think they will explore upgrading the position in the offseason if he continues to struggle, but a conversation about Granderson being traded in the offseason took place yesterday.

        • Pat D says:

          Can’t see many people looking to trade for him considering he’s not having a great season combined with the money they owe him. And who’s available to upgrade the position?

          • ZZ says:

            Far too early to speculate on who will be available in the offseason.

            At this point last season no one expected Granderson to be available.

            They don’t have to find a CF because they can just shift Gardner there so there will be presumably more options.

        • bexarama says:

          Where was this “conversation”? Among the Yankee brass, and you were privy to it? On LoHud?

      • Poopy Pants says:

        The White Sox would be dumb enough to take him.

    • All Star Carl says:

      I remember him having good at bats and getting hits off of Cliff Lee. But whatever. It’s like the same post day after day from you Granderson haters.

      • ZZ says:

        Ha right. I have been one of Granderson biggest supporters.

      • claybeez says:

        I started the discussion yesterday just trying to gauge whether he had any trade value. However, I am not a hater. Like the guy, just not the 2010 performance.

        I didn’t realize it had already been discussed recently.

    • Zack says:

      “The only times he is going to get hits is when pitchers make a mistake in the middle of the plate and that is going to come most often against crappy LH middle relievers, not pitchers like David Price.”

      I know Granderson is bad against LHP, but it’s not fair to judge him against David Price, considering he’s shut down everyone (RHB and LHB) this season. When a pitcher like Price puts the ball where he wants it, no one is going to hit it.

      • ZZ says:

        I know. I am not judging Granderson vs Price.

        I am talking about Granderson’s approach in general.

        Even if Granderson lined a single to RF, his approach still has to change for him to have sustained success against LHP.

        It is extremely rare when Granderson takes the ball the other way.

  212. Ivan says:

    Wow, David Price is more Valuable than Evan Longoria?!?!

  213. Adam says:

    Umm…did Girardi just say “grow-in” instead of groin on TBS?

  214. Mike Axisa says:

    Oh come on Jorge. Know who the runner is.

  215. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Oh come on Jorge. It’s Kelly Shoppach running to first, not Carl Crawford.

  216. Pat D says:

    Did Posada forget who was hitting there or what?

  217. Adam says:

    Oh Jorgie…

  218. Ivan says:

    Just a terrible play by Posada. Just an inexcusable throw there smh.

  219. All Star Carl says:

    Shoppach was jogging also lol.

  220. bexarama says:

    Posada, come on. I love you but you can’t do that.

  221. Cy Farnsworth says:

    I like Kay’s justification.

    Heaven forbid a catcher have to pick up a ball out of the dirt, that NEVER happens.

  222. Mike HC says:

    What kind of throw was that. On the run and underhand almost.

  223. Ivan says:

    However, CHop backs him up, good job.

  224. Accent Shallow says:

    Can they DFA Park now that he’s gotten out of the inning, and add a potentially useful player to the roster?

  225. All Star Carl says:

    I’m gonna laugh if Joba blows this game.

  226. Accent Shallow says:

    I can’t decide what bothers me more:

    1) Jackie Robinson Appreciation Day, where everyone wore #42
    2) Yankees wearing white hats (and red hats last year!)
    3) Chan Ho Park ever being a Yankee

    • bexarama says:

      Was I the only one who actually liked those white hats? The red hats were certainly worse.

      • Adam says:

        The white hats weren’t awful, especially since the team wore white hats in the 19-teens (though with stripes), so they weren’t entirely disjointed. The red ones were, however, horrible.

      • Cy Farnsworth says:

        I didn’t like like the white hats, but at least we didn’t look like Fred Durst in them.

        • Adam says:

          Jeter will have a torrid July and August…mark my words (also feel free to change the “t” to an “h” if I am wrong and anyone brings up the silly predictions at the end of the year.

        • bexarama says:


          Seriously, some teams looked good with those white hats. The Dodgers also come to mind. Some teams like the Giants IIRC looked terrible because it was totally against their color scheme.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        It’s more the “messing with the uniform” bit. Clearly, you don’t have to work in fashion to see that those white hats were a lot better than the red ones.

  227. Ivan says:

    Holy crap, Kazmir is that bad?!?!?!

  228. Mike Axisa says:

    I wonder why Kay hasn’t ranted about the Rays giving up on their season in 2009 by trading Kazmir yet.

  229. Ivan says:

    Now do you go, Joba two innings here.

  230. Mike Axisa says:

    Make something happen, Brett. Don’t wait for Jeter to GIDP.

  231. Carlosologist says:

    From 0-2 to a BB. You have to love that shit.

  232. Ivan says:

    No chance. None.

  233. Carlosologist says:

    Whenever Gardner’s on base, there’s potential for an infield double.

  234. Pat D says:

    I think Jeter just struck out.

  235. nathan says:

    I think its time Jeter retires Bob Sheppard’s announcement, its getting kooky. It was ok as long as he was alive, but when TBS just played it again, felt a bit awkward.

  236. Mike Axisa says:


  237. All Star Carl says:

    woo Jete. He must hear the haters.

  238. Carlosologist says:



  239. Cy Farnsworth says:

    And with that RBI single, Derek Jeter takes his place on Yankee Mount Olympus ™


  240. Ivan says:

    I guess BABIP was on Jeter side there.

  241. bexarama says:

    Jeter heard Mike complaining about him. =P

  242. Pat D says:

    Juuust a little bit high.

    /Harry Doyle’d

  243. Ivan says:

    This the inning if your the yankees, you Price struggling, it’s time to take him out.

  244. ZZ says:

    I wouldn’t write Jeter’s career obituary just yet.

    He has never failed to prove the haters wrong.

  245. Ivan says:

    Nice AB by Swisher there.

  246. camilo gerardo says:

    imagine smoking from a big bong and coming into seeing big daddy price totally telegraph a pickoff move and look totally out of the game and then air a fastball over shoppach, awesome

  247. Reggie C. says:

    Damn Teix. Not too helpful with that weak-ass fly.

  248. Adam says:


  249. Cy Farnsworth says:


  250. Reggie C. says:

    Clutch hit Arod!

  251. Mike Axisa says:

    Sheesh, that almost smoked Price.

  252. Ivan says:

    Holy Crap that ball was smoked!

  253. Pat D says:

    Price almost lost his head.

  254. Esteban says:

    Why didn’t Price put up his glove there. I mean I’m happy, but I think he could have caught it.

  255. Adam says:

    Wow…Jhonny Peralta somehow hit an inside the park home run today. In the same week that Molina hit a triple.

  256. Esteban says:

    Nails with another big moment. So clutch

  257. All Star Carl says:

    A-Rod almost killed price

  258. Esteban says:

    I guess this didn’t turn out to be “a duel for the ages”. You just can’t predict baseball huh?

  259. All Star Carl says:


  260. Esteban says:


  261. Mister Delaware says:


  262. Ivan says:

    Big hit there Posada. Big fucking hit there.

  263. Carlosologist says:

    Jorge has still got it.

  264. bexarama says:

    I totally thought that was gone but WOOOO!!!!

  265. Adam says:

    Excellent, huge hit.

  266. Ivan says:

    Hey David Price, this isn’t the Red Sox. You can’t just dominated an entire lineup with exclusively just fastballs.

  267. Zack says:

    Rays’ season is in a nose dive

    /ross in jersey’d

  268. Esteban says:

    I am very heartened by this offensive output, especially against a pitcher of Price’s caliber. Hopefully the offense goes on a roll after this.

  269. ZZ says:

    I missed when they said Pettitte’s groin is strained.

    Did they say what grade it is or do they not know yet?

  270. Carlosologist says:

    Price’s ERA has shot up from 2.42 to 2.85. Maddon has to send him out again so it goes all the way up to 3.

  271. Esteban says:


  272. Esteban says:

    Well see about this CHoP in his second inning business now.

  273. Ivan says:

    Good job CHoP.

  274. All Star Carl says:

    Look what you started Joe Maddon.

  275. Adam says:

    Heck of a job CHOPy.

  276. Esteban says:

    Well Boone has only given up only 1 XBH against lefties so far this year. There’s a positive I guess.

    *Knocks on wood so as not to jinx it*

  277. All Star Carl says:

    Mariano has the best era of any closer in the American league now :)

  278. Ivan says:

    If Logan can command his pitches, he can be really lethal.

  279. Accent Shallow says:

    Joba’s up already? Are they really planning on using Javy?

  280. Adam says:

    I realize this isn’t the most pressing matter, but did anyone else see the news that the Steinbrenners are considering buying Tottenham in the English Premier League?

  281. bexarama says:

    Ugh, why does Boone Logan have to look so good sometimes when I know he’s not very good. He made Crawford look stupid.

  282. Mike HC says:

    I’m feeling good about Joba today. I expect good things out of him today.

  283. Pete says:

    I hope Logan pitches into the 7th. I’d like to see Joba get a good long warm-up

  284. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Call me immature, but I love that Avis roll call commercial.

  285. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Come on Kay, let’s not pretend that the Bronx didn’t get screwed on the YS3 deal.

    • Esteban says:

      well, he is announcing for the YES network. I don’t think criticism of the YSIII would ever be allowed.

      • Cy Farnsworth says:

        Sure, and I’m not asking for criticism. I just find it condescending to take time out of the broadcast to talk about how lucky the kids are that the city gave the Yankees a sweetheart deal to tear their neighborhood in half (and we’re still waiting on most of those parks, by the way.)

        /rant over

        • Mike HC says:

          Right. The people of the Bronx would have preferred they picked up a built a new stadium in Manhattan, or Jersey, or another borough.

          • Cy Farnsworth says:

            I’m not saying that the Yankees shouldn’t have gotten a new stadium. I’m saying that they shouldn’t have been able to rob the city blind and mess up the local community to do it. Politicians are supposed to advocate for their constituents, not corporations.

            What’s done is done though, no use crying over spilled milk.

            • Mike HC says:

              Right, and how would the politicians have looked if the Yanks started to threaten to move to another area of New York because of some park space and tax breaks.

              • Cy Farnsworth says:

                It’s impossible to know, but based on the horrible economy I think that people would’ve stood with the city. The Yankees threatened to move in the past, and nothing ever came of it.

  286. Esteban says:

    Woohoo Grandy hit off a lefty. There’s hope yet.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      With the way he’s hit overall, I think Grandy has hit lefties pretty well thus far. I’ve taken note of more than a few line drives off lefties that were caught for outs too.

  287. Accent Shallow says:

    Wait, he didn’t go to second why?

  288. Adam says:

    Wow, he would’ve had Grandy easily.

  289. Adam says:

    Ok…apparently emotions running a little high amongst the pitchers during these hot days.

  290. Esteban says:

    Another ground ball? I’m shocked!

  291. All Star Carl says:


  292. Tank the Frank says:

    Clutch hitting all day today.

  293. Poopy Pants says:

    Bigger hero in this series…

  294. Esteban says:

    Swisher is making the haters look stupid. Overrated?

  295. Carlosologist says:


  296. Mike Axisa says:

    Wilson Betemit people. Wilson Betemit.

  297. ShuutoHeat (GGBG > Crawford) says:

    What a beautiful day, cooked brunch for 6 and watch the Yankees fight back. The BP has been pretty smooth so far (knock on wood), now I can sit down without worries and eat with my people. Yankees gotta keep piling it on, there is no mercy for the Rays.

  298. Carlosologist says:

    Tex just missed that one. A broken bat homer would have been awesome.

  299. Carlosologist says:

    STFD Zobrist.

  300. Mike HC says:

    If you’re an umpire, do you dread the games you have to call with Posada behind the plate?

  301. dalelama says:

    Damn Posada is rougher on the umps than he is on us

  302. Adam says:

    Wow…was that a “Boone” call by the crowd?

  303. Carlosologist says:

    Is that a Boone chant?

  304. Poopy Pants says:

    That looked like a check-swing.

  305. All Star Carl says:

    Poor Boone :(

  306. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Let’s be honest, I’m still happy with what we’ve gotten from Boone Logan.

    • All Star Carl says:

      Oh no doubt. With the chant though and 2 strikes. Kinda sucks for him.

    • CS Yankee says:

      Those four ball walks when coming in as a LOOGY made me want to DFA him.

      Today he has shown up, I still think CHoP should be kept( but he is likely hanging on a thread) but Moseley should be made available for some other team.

      Please move Albie up soon.

  307. dalelama says:

    Does anybody have a fastball with less movement than Boone Logan?

  308. Tom Zig says:

    Is Marte on the DL or something?

  309. baby carlos says:

    Ok, haven’t watched the game but just catching up.

    How serious did Andy’s injury look? Saw the report just added to the site.

  310. All Star Carl says:

    woo A-Rod!

  311. Cy Farnsworth says:

    It’s an A-Bomb!

  312. Carlosologist says:


  313. Mike HC says:

    The ARod tack on special.

    I felt like he has been so clutch of late he has not even bothered with those in a while, ha

  314. Pat D says:

    Home Run number 498?!?!?!?!?!?

    How many fucking mistakes has Kay made today??

  315. baby carlos says:

    With Andy and AJ possibly missing a start or ending on the DL, predict the offense will now pick it up.

  316. CNight_UP says:

    stat padder

  317. Captain Jack says:

    Normally that’d be stat-padding, but Joba’s getting loose, so this is a pretty clutch HR. Robbie with a bit of luck too…nice.

  318. Ivan says:

    A-Rod just wanted to pad his stats before the off day.

  319. Mike Axisa says:

    I love when that happens. Ball bounces off one fielder’s glove and away from another.

  320. ZZ says:

    GJ by Logan today.

    The HR doesn’t even bother me. Better than walking him with this much of a lead.

  321. Esteban says:

    I think Miranda grilled Sonnanstine there.

  322. Carlosologist says:

    Miranda is taking some good cuts, so maybe he’ll drive something. Or walk.

  323. All Star Carl says:

    That was a called strike. What is the ump looking at?

  324. Carlosologist says:

    When I saw Joba come in I screamed in terror.

  325. Pat D says:

    I think Kay is actually being very astute with the assessment of Robertson’s appearance.

  326. Cy Farnsworth says:

    For once I agree with Kay. Bringing in Robertson in the 3rd really kept the Yankees in the game.

  327. Pat D says:

    Umpire has definitely had a tight zone today.

  328. bexarama says:

    Kay actually offering good analysis with that Robertson thing. I know Park was good today but bringing him in there may have turned out poorly.

    • ZZ says:

      Definitely. I was terrified Girardi was going to bring in one of his worst relievers just because it was early in the game.

      Game really could have gotten away from them there and it wasn’t necessarily the “textbook” move, so I was pleasantly surprised.

  329. Carlosologist says:

    Upton struck out twice in that AB. Once swinging, once looking.

  330. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    Two strikeouts on SLIDERS?

  331. Carlosologist says:


  332. All Star Carl says:

    Yall like that jump by the Grandy man?

    • MikeD says:

      He’s been excellent in the OF this year. His UZR/150 is 17, one of the tops in the league. Fielding has not been the problem.

      • Pete says:

        I agree he’s been great, but using UZR/150 after half a season is pretty silly. That’s the exact opposite of what it’s meant for.

  333. baby carlos says:

    I like when the test results of the Joba experiment are positive.

  334. Chris0313 says:

    Joe Girardi + Leverage Index = a great thing

  335. Pete says:

    That’s the best Joba’s looked all season, IMO. I especially liked the Longoria AB – slider, curve, slider out of the zone, slider on the outer corner. Joba could have gone the conventional route and thrown a FB up and in after the third pitch, and Longoria would have crushed it. Instead, Joba went with a third slider out of four pitches (all breaking balls), and got away with it because A) it was the right call, and B) he located it.

    Great day for the bullpen so far.

  336. Carlosologist says:

    Javy to the ninth!

  337. Cy Farnsworth says:

    They just showed Javy warming up–how long can Kay and Singleton go without referencing the 2004 ALCS?

  338. All Star Carl says:

    Michael Kay just couldn’t wait to bring that up huh?

  339. Poopy Pants says:

    Why is Sonnanstine blowing on his hand as if it’s 45 degrees out there?

  340. bexarama says:

    Plz to be ending this game quickly? Thanks.

  341. All Star Carl says:

    I remember a team down 5 taking an extra base on Joba then he imploded. It may have been the Indians.

  342. All Star Carl says:

    Grandy looking fly with the shades on. He’ll probably drive from the stadium with those on.

  343. baby carlos says:

    And the real Joba returns. So much for the 8th.

  344. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Really? Going to Mo?

  345. Across the pond says:


  346. MikeD says:

    This is a case of Girardi pushing Joba and sending a message.

  347. Pat D says:

    I’m gonna have to say that I think you should let Joba get Brignac.

  348. Adam says:

    Umm, yeah don’t think that hand was for Joba, Dick Stockton.

  349. All Star Carl says:

    Mo is the man

  350. Across the pond says:

    I guess Joe is a genius today.

  351. baby carlos says:

    Mo is soooo dominant, he only needs one pitch.

  352. Adam says:

    Quite the long outing for Mo. Excellent, very satisfying win!

  353. Pete says:

    I’m guessing that Girardi had already set Joba’s limit at 30 pitches, and that Mo was probably going to at least throw a bullpen today, since there’s an off day tomorrow and he didn’t throw yesterday.

    Big picture management FTW!

  354. Pat D says:

    Why do you swing at the first pitch from Rivera? Makes no sense.

  355. Joe says:


  356. Carlosologist says:

    LOL Mo only throws one pitch and game over.

  357. bexarama says:

    This Mariano Rivera guy may have a future.

  358. Cy Farnsworth says:

    Great win. If you told me this morning that the Yankees would beat David Price after getting 2 innings out of Pettitte, I’d have thought you were crazy.

  359. Esteban says:

    I just realized how spoiled we are as Yankees fans. They’re on pace for 103 wins, and have the best run differential in baseball, and we always find something to complain about. I guess that’s the nature of being a fan though.

  360. MikeD says:

    Grade 1 strain for Pettitte, but he’s also going on the DL most liekly. Since the injury happened today when he pitched, that means he could miss three starts, although if he pitches right after he comes off the DL, then he might only miss two starts, with the third one being only a few days after he’s scheduled start.

  361. E6 says:


    holy hyperbole batman!

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