A’s series tickets going for cheap

The advantages of playing at home
Game 131: Looking for more Moseley magic

As the Yanks return home after a six-game road trip, they’ll face off against the Oakland A’s in a four-game set at Yankee Stadium. Time was that the A’s in late August and early September would serve as a playoff preview, but the days of Jason and Jeremy Giambi, of Miguel Tejada, of Eric Chavez and the Big Three are long gone. Today, the A’s are a young team with some solid pitchers playing .500 ball.

And so with many New Yorkers still on vacation and the big September series still a few weeks away, tickets are selling well below average on the secondary market this week. Our partners at TiqIQ provided us with the graphic above, and many choice tickets for this week’s games are still available at RAB Tickets.

For those interested in making it to the Bronx this year, now is a great chance to go. The tickets against the Blue Jays this weekend will go up, but the Orioles won’t command a premium. After the Yanks leave town on the 8th of September, they return home only for seven games against the Rays and Red Sox, and tickets to those contests are sure to cost a fortune.

The advantages of playing at home
Game 131: Looking for more Moseley magic
  • Howie

    “Miguel Cabrera”? Fail.

    • Poopy Pants

      Maybe he meant Tejada?

      • Howie

        Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. Still a fail though.

        • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

          Does it make you feel good to do that? We’ve asked repeatedly for people to email us corrections, and we’ve made it clear that we don’t look too kindly on obnoxious comments like yours. We’ve made it abundantly easy to contact us so please do so if you notice a mistake in the future.

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            Hey Ben, you’ve got a typo in your name. You spelled it “Kabak” but clearly, your name is F#$%head!

            Jersey Johnny

        • Howie

          I don’t comment much, so I never saw you post that. I apologize.

  • http://twitter.com/AnthonyMartins Anthony

    I bought 4 tickets for the second to last regular season game at Yankees Stadium this season against the Red Sox at the beginning of the season thinking it would be in the midst of a division battle. Now with the Red Sox out of it and my friends who like baseball low on money I put some of them on stub hub over 1 month ago for $100. Face value: $90. (tickets are in section 103) Now they still haven’t sold yet

  • Jon G

    the funny thing to me as a Yankee fan now living in the Bay Area is that I get Yanks A’s tix first 10 rows for like 40 bucks. We watched the hughes near no-no first row behind the yanks pen in right field for 38 bucks. Mariano’s head was 4.20 inches in front of my knees… Sure, the stadium sucks, but the prices are always like that.