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Offense goes wild in 12-9 win
Pettitte feels good after latest bullpen session

A few morning links for your pleasure:

Growing up in New England there aren’t many baseball phenoms I get to follow.  While I now pay extra attention to Jeff Locke (wow does that Nate McLouth trade look bad), I hadn’t heard much about Jeff Allison in a while.  Allison was a big story in New England in 2003 when drafted but it was downhill soon thereafter.  Allison unfortunately went down the Josh Hamilton path and had serious problems with substance abuse.  Here’s a recent story on Allison, and it’s good to see that he has been sober for almost 4 years now.  He may never make it to the majors, but he’s come a long way since nearly dying twice of overdoses.  If the baseball story never pans out hopefully the human being side will.

There have been approximately 22,000 articles written this week on Johnny Damon potentially returning to the Red Sox, and then Johnny Damon refusing to return to the Red Sox.  Some people (idiots) ripped him and called him a coward, while others looked a little deeper.  Lee Jenkins had the best take that I read on it, and while Damon didn’t leave New York under the best of circumstances, there was never the animosity that was prevalent when he left Boston.  For a guy who has played for 5 teams (so far) in his career, at the end of it I think he’ll consider himself a Yankee.

We all know Stephen Strasburg is heading for surgery and baseball fans everywhere are saddened by it.  He simply is a talent that fans could rally around because he is truly a special to watch.  Here former phenom Mark Prior addressed the latest news on Strasburg from someone who has clearly been there.  Interesting note in the article is that Prior was recently clocked at 92 MPH.  Prior, once a Yankee draft pick is still trying to come back and while I would never rely on him, I’d love to see the Yankees take a flyer on him.  He is, after all, still just 29 years old.

While I’m not a big Rick Reilly fan he did a good job of telling the story of Jane Lang and her dog Clipper’s recent visit to Yankee stadium.  Not much to add to this but to drive home the fact that Hope Week has quickly become one of the best things about the Yankees season.  Some of the stories really make you reflect on how good you have things, and this is no different.

Offense goes wild in 12-9 win
Pettitte feels good after latest bullpen session
  • Johnny O

    The Yankees do a lot of charitable work to help the less fortunate (in addition to revenue sharing). Last year some of the guys played a game at midnight on the field with some kids who had an extreme allergy to the sun. I think Reilly wrote about that one too. If I’m not mistaken, he’s friends with a Yanks PR guy. Either way, it’s nice to be proud of the guys for something they do out of uniform.

  • pat

    Interesting link. Apparently the Orioles are leaving their Appalachian League affiliate, The Bluefield Orioles. It’s interesting because the Bluefield people have already met with another MLB team to work on getting another affiliate there. I find it to be most intriguing as DO mentioned in an interview on another site that the Yankees were considering adding another Rookie League team specifically in the Appy league. If this were true, it means an insane amount of pro at bats and innings for our high profile draft signees as well as our IFA’ coming over from the DSL. Now they wouldn’t have to be splitting time in the GCL, they could have another whole team and league for them to play in.

    • Januz

      I just read that article and this quote amazes me: “He (Norton) said the Orioles have seven minor league affiliates in the United States and decided to reduce that number. “We’re going to cut back to just having just Aberdeen (Md.) in the New York-Penn League, and Sarasota (Fla.) in the Gulf Coast League,” he said”……
      They only way for the Birds to compete is through the Draft and IFA Signings. Cutting back in those areas is essentially surrendering the AL East, to the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays & Jays for the next decade. I bet the Pirates make the playoffs before Baltimore.

      • Richard Iurilli

        They only way for the Birds to compete is through the Draft and IFA Signings. Cutting back in those areas is essentially surrendering the AL East, to the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays & Jays for the next decade.

        He didn’t say that they are cutting back in the draft and IFA signings. And cutting back from seven stateside affiliates to six doesn’t mean that either.

        In fact, they could now be able to consolidate their legitimate prospects into those six teams and possibly invest the money they saved into… you got it, the draft and IFA signings.

  • SouthernYankeeFan

    “the Red Sox were desperate for an outfielder, and Damon was the last girl at the bar”

    Loved that line. The probably have never heard the expression, “go ugly early. Beat the Rush”.

  • Pat D

    Here’s an interesting link.

    I can’t decide if Kepner is saying Hernandez won’t win the award just because of his win-loss record, or that he doesn’t deserve to win it because of his record.

    • bexarama

      Without even reading that, I’ve seen way too many people who recognize (or claim to recognize) that pitcher W/L is dependent on the team, and Hernandez is on a team that, offense-wise, is historically terrible. And then, at the same time, they say they’ll vote for someone like CC or Buchholz over Felix. Wut.

      • Chris

        I can see people discount W-L records and still vote for Buchholz because of his shiny ERA (how does he do it, btw?), but it’s harder to justify a vote for CC.

    • Hughesus Christo

      I think he needs to get up to 15, which might not even be possible at this point.

      • Tom Zig

        If he pitches against the Yankees every time he will.

        • Richard Iurilli


          I enjoyed this comment even though I sobbed quietly while I read it.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    but in this case, money had nothing to do with it.

    When was the last time Johnny Damon did something that was not about the money?

    Did Jenkins forget that Scott Boras is Damon’s agent? He put the Sux as one of the no trade teams in Johnny’s contract for this exact reason.

    Just my opinion, but I’d be willing to bet that Boras/Damon asked the Sux for $$$ to waive his NTC. When Theo said “no”, that was the end of Damon going back.