Pettitte feels good after latest bullpen session

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Game 130: Take the series

Via Chad Jennings, Andy Pettitte said he felt good after throwing a 35-pitch bullpen session today as he continues his rehab from a groin strain. The final 20 pitches were thrown with the same intensity as a normal bullpen session, an encouraging sign. “I heated it up pretty good,” said Pettitte. “I just felt good.” He estimated that the earliest he could return is two weeks, which I hope is not too soon. The last thing the Yanks need is for Andy to push himself too hard and suffer another setback.

Sunday Morning Links
Game 130: Take the series
  • bexarama

    That is all I have to say to that. \o/!!!

  • Pat D

    Those two weeks still seem like a long time…

  • Andrew

    2 weeks on the nose would be nice, but as long as he is ready to go full tilt some time during that stretch of Texas, Tampa, BAL, Tampa is the key.

    • Dirty Pena

      If he has to throw a sim game and rehab, I can’t envision a scenario where he’s back before that Tampa series.

  • Mike Nitabach

    I would be surprised if Girardi’s not thinking much more about the post-season and making sure that Pettite is ready for that.

  • MikeD

    If the Yankees are doing fine in the AL East race, then I can see them giving Pettitte extra time. If they’e having trouble, they’ll bring him back a little quicker. Bottom line is they need him for the postseason, but at the same time they won’t him to be rusty. Outside of this year, he has historically pitched better as the season progresses and he has more innings under the belt. Hopefully all the time off doesn’t set him back so he’s not in top form come October.

  • Evan3457