Change of plans: Hughes to start tonight


Per the various beat writers, the Yankees will start Phil Hughes instead of Dustin Moseley tonight. I guess they remembered that they haven’t clinched anything yet.

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    Who hit the panic button?

  2. Matty says:

    Does this mean that the game tonight means something?

  3. Bryan says:

    Um, ok?


  4. Luca10 says:

    From 1 to 10 how much is stupid Girardi? I’do go with 100 and nothing less.

  5. Zack says:

    Just say Mosely’s back flared up and Hughes is the only option who’s stretched out.

  6. Hughesus Christo says:

    Waiting for more people to tell me Girardi needs to be back next season.

  7. I can’t even blame anyone who wants to panic now. This move just screams panic and playing scared. The Yankees are bringing this attitude down upon themselves and just increasing the pressure on all their players. Pick a plan and stick to it already.

  8. bonestock94 says:

    Ha, I bet that came from upstairs.

  9. Reggie C. says:

    People who hate this decision are definitely in the minority. I think we all mostly want to win tonight and who can argue that having Hughes starting over Moseley doesnt improve that goal. We gotta clinch, and then you rest ‘em.

  10. Rey22 says:

    I approve.

  11. Tom Zig says:

    Hughes gives us a better chance to win today. Win today and the magic number drops to 1. That makes life that much easier.

  12. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Hughes beats Moseley as an option , that’s good enough for me.

  13. Zanath says:

    He shouldn’t have been skipped in the first place. Rotation changes shouldn’t have been made until we clinched.

  14. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’m perfectly fine with this.

  15. BigBlueAL says:

    Thank Mo.

  16. Zack says:

    I guess we’ll know what ESPN will be talking about ALL GAME LONG tonight

  17. Pat D says:

    Joe Girardi should adopt this persona when answering all questions from now on:

    (Don’t worry about the context, just listen for the tone and the manner in which the questions are answered)

  18. Dream of Electric Sheep says:

    Way too much paralysis by analysis , Hughes is >>>>>>> Moseley is on his regular rest. You can call it panic or prioritize in light the relative significance of winning this game in comparison the none quantifiable benefit of resting him.

    However the decision is reached , you can’t really argue that Hughes is a better option as a starter in this relative significant game.

  19. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    This is perfectly fine with me. As TSJC said earlier in the thread, panicking would be starting CC on short rest. This doesn’t feel panicky to me, just Girardi and co. wanting to clinch a playoff birth soon. After that, Hughes can rest.

  20. James says:

    So playing to win = playing scared? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say that before. Let’s wrap this up before we start resting guys. Win tonight and we have all week for R&R before the playoffs. As it is, Boston players are already fielding questions from the media about whether they think they can pull this out. Let’s just get this over with and put them out of their misery already.

    • So playing to win = playing scared? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say that before.

      See above.

      Whatever we do or do not do, it means Girardi and Cashman are morons and what we’re doing is wrong, and we’re going to lose.

      • first time long time says:

        i just think girardis a moron, because he should have been playing to win on the road vs texas and tampa, that way he could rest his players now. [assuming they did win more games on the road]

        • But pushing his players all out in Texas and Tampa would have made rest virtually impossible, because you don’t want to overextend older guys who need rest badly in the Texas heat or on the Tampa turf.

          We have to play it both ways and pursue both goals simultaneously. It is what it is.

          • first time long time says:

            i agree, however i believe the bullpen should have been used better. ie not using mitre in tampa, or using robertson for 36 pitches when he clearly had nothing and was, as a result, unavailable the next day

      • James says:

        Sorry, I meant to second Ross’s sentiment that there’s some narrative that because the Yankees try to win they’re panicking, or playing scared.

        You’re right; it won’t matter what Girardi and Cashman do because 90% of New Yorkers think they can do a better job.

  21. Sean C says:

    Well, now I’m definitely watching more baseball than football tonight. Even if Hughes sucks it up, he’s a better option than Moseley. One of my friends said, “But Moseley pitched so well against Boston last time.” Yeah, and look at what he’s done since. Starting Hughes tonight feels like the right thing to do, since it gives the Yanks a better opportunity to close the magic number to 1, while simultaneously shutting everyone up about a “Yankee Collapse.” And, if the Yankees need another mop-up man, maybe Girardi will use Moseley instead of pitching Gaudin (however, I certainly wouldn’t bet against Gaudin’s chances of getting into the game).

  22. Matty says:

    Panic move or not, I am very happy that Hughes is pitching tonight over Deputy Dog.

  23. first time long time says:

    lol watch this be the turning point in the season where they finally start to play better, destroy toronto and boston and clinch the division. then everyone will be laughing about how everyone was panicking the week before.

  24. ArchStanton says:

    My only worry is that they’ve been kind of playing with the kid’s head with this rest stuff. He has made remarks that he’s not really a fan of having his normal routine messed with, so hopefully he will be ready to go tonight.

  25. JohnathanCold says:

    8-3 Yanks… book it.

    Since Boston is never going to lose another game ever again after tonight, we’re still doomed, but they got this one tonight.

  26. Betsy says:

    I don’t know if I’m happy or not. This doesn’t make any sense if they skipped him purely for innings purposes. Now, I didn’t like that move, but they presumably thought long and hard about it. This does smack of a panic move………..Plus, how did Phil prepare for his start? Did he have a bullpen session or was it pushed back because he was supposed to start Wednesdsay. The decision to skip him was bad, but I think this is worse.e

  27. Betsy says:…..LbRgFVgNeJ

    Wait, Brian, you just decided a couple of days ago to push Phil back – and that was about his innings limits. All along, Brian has said that Phil’s health/career is more important than this particular season, so if they are that concerned about his innings, then they should have stuck with that plan. Clearly they are concerned about his innings, but now they are showing they are more concerned with getting into the playoffs. Which is it?

  28. Adam says:

    Call me crazy, but isn’t it, say, Girardi’s job to adjust to things on the fly and best manage his team depending on the circumstances? Sentiment above is right…Joe G. is damned if he do, damned if he don’t.

  29. nsalem says:

    I agree with Girardi’s decision. I am also amazed that Buccholz is not starting tonight. He is on 5 days rest also and their backs are up against the wall. I will only believe Buccholz is not pitching tonight
    when I see the starting line-up posted. Tonight’s game is twice as important as the games both teams will play tomorrow.

  30. Tom Zig says:

    Phil Hughes will throw a no hitter tonight. And then in the post-game press conference, Joe Girardi will say “SEE!?! SEE!?! Disregard females, acquire currency!”

  31. Jerome S says:

    Perfect game tonight, four homers by both A-Rod and Teixeira, and Derek Jeter hits for the cycle. And Brett Gardner steals home. Amiright?


  32. mustang says:

    Good because I just watched the Giants play one of the worst games I ever seen while watching the Cowgirls roll over Houston.

    I can’t take anymore suffering.


  33. first time long time says:

    why is everyone panicking that we won’t make the playoffs? why not look at it this way?: we’re only 1.5 games behind tampa. we could still win the division. its unlikely, but its lilier that we make the division than completely not make the playoffs at all.

    • Steve H says:

      We’re (or they’re for people that get offended) are making the playoffs.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Because many people get a strange enjoyment from freaking out fearing the worst.

      Luckily, Phil Hughes will restore order, honor and sanity tonight, and knock the magic number down to Billy Martin territory.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        *and fearing the worst

      • first time long time says:

        unless if he’s home-prone again and can’t finish off batters…

        • bexarama says:

          I dunno if you’re trying to be funny again but it’s not… really… working?

          Also, yes, Phil Hughes is homer-prone and sometimes doesn’t finish off batters. I’d still rather have him than Moseley.

          • first time long time says:

            no i wasnt being funny this time. my bad, again. im just saying it because this has been a problem for him lately and its frustrating especially since not a single pitcher has been reliable lately. i still would rather have him than moseley though. you’re right

      • Luckily, Phil Hughes will restore… honor… tonight,


        • FIPster Doofus says:

          That’s sort of what I was going for. Glad someone got it.

          • I’ve got a feeling there’s a shitload of Yankee fans who are eagerly anticipating Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive.

            • WaRRioR86 says:

              Hilarious… Beck jokes insulting his person as dumb and wrong- how original and true!!! /Sarc off

              still waiting to see your genius find the time time and make some fine pointed jabs at the left wing media and entertainers’ stupidity, lies and hate; but that will never happen, huh, right TSJC.

              Haven’t been here for awhile because of constant cheap shots at conservative folks and ideals, but keep up your hypocrisy RAB. How hard is it to keep politics away from this great Yankee blog?

              Here’s a clue to you, tsjc, I’m a proud Beck fan and I get tired of reading the same stupid jokes based off what damning evidence? I know you think the man only spouts hate and lies (your source would be very revealing) but, for me Glenn has developed into dear friend and source of common sense in these troubling times. I know you’re laughing your butt off that statement but, I feel no shame of it because I watch his own words everyday and know who the man is- a friend. And I dare you to study him and discover that you may disagree with him but he is a genuine good figure who is trying to help this country out.

              Seriously, do you never find anything pathetic or vile that the left ever promotes as simple humor against the right? Of course not- because that would mean you were a fair and independant thinker. Unfortunately, you are just a typical lefty that thinks the Right is pure evil or idiocy and can’t compare with the superior progressive agenda.

              So, if this comment gets be banned then so be it… but I come here with a purpose- to read up on some of the smartest Yankee thought, research and discourse. And frankly I can’t stand the double-standards anymore. Why can’t we keep it to movie/tv references or just mock everything and not what suits our idealogies.

              Can’t wait how far you non-biased bloggers will be with Montero’s addition to the team- all the Christ jokes will just be lovely. I know for some of you non-religious folks must get a kick that I find Jesus jokes not hilarious but Faith is something that defines me and I just can’t stand the utter disregard my Lord’s name will become as Montero’s career escalates.

              and please no prude jokes that I can’t handle any Religious jokes because I know its more likely that a post lampooning Obama or his terribly “successful” Progressive Democratic Congress would get shot down with a fury of hate and judgment the likes you would think I was mocking their Lord and/or heroes.

    • tom says:

      I noted this myself this morning. Freaked fan’s attitude (with 7-8 games remaining):

      Tampa lead over Yanks for division: 1.5 games; unreachable.

      Yanks lead over Boston for Wild Card: 5.5 games; almost sure to disappear.

  34. Chris says:


    Now I have a dilema on what to watch tonight – the Jets or Yankees.

    I can choose to watch the young hurler try to develop his game in a meaningless September game, or I can watch the Jets and their tense game against a division rival with it’s significant playoff implications.

  35. mustang says:

    I’m kind of happy that I will be on my way to work during the game with it being on ESPN a lost with those announces could send over the edge.

  36. Pat D says:

    So I’m going to not be watching the game tonight.

    Turner Classic Movies is showing two movies that I can’t get from Netflix so rather than DVR them, I decided to watch them live. I’ll just rely on Gamecast and this site to keep me informed.

    /aren’t I a terrible fan?’d

  37. Nick says:

    I think everyone is making way too much of a big deal about resting/not resting, going all out to win or not etc…There’s only so much Girardi can do or say. The fact of the matter is that the Yankees are 26-26 since August 1. That’s not a small sample size. That’s almost a third of a season of .500 baseball. And it starts with the rotation. They’ve had such mediocre starting pitching and that is the major issue. If their rotation pitches the way they’ve been pitching come playoff time, it won’t matter how Girardi manages. Word.

  38. larryf says:

    Let’s hope Moseley doesn’t have to pitch tonight….

  39. Slappy White says:

    Havent read any of the comments above, but I guess the only thing I would be worried about would be has Hughes done what he normally would to prep for a start

  40. icebird753 says:

    Prediction: Dustin Pedroia will also be coming off the disabled list, and his gritty, gutsy play on one leg will lead the Red Sox to the pennant. He hits 3 home runs tonight, and closes the game for Papelbum in the 9th

  41. Bigdragos says:

    Good Evening

    Longest day of year it seems

    Giants get tortured and waiting for the Yankees to play tonight.

    The recent losses have been obvious dissapointments, but i think what is killing me at least is seeing two of our most reliable Pitchers (CC and Andy get rocked). Manager decisions are another, but seeing those two get knocked around is troubling.

    Hopefully they get the bad starts out of the way and they rock in the playoffs

  42. Mickey Scheister says:

    I know that some claim you can’t predict baseball, I’m gonna go ahead and say…I predict the Yankees win tonight. Now I’m not gonna predict how, just that they do. Their due, no? Go Yanks!

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