Nick Swisher to undergo MRI tomorrow


Nick Swisher will undergo an MRI on his still injured left knee tomorrow. It’s been giving him trouble since he fouled a ball off it in Toronto at the end of August, and it’s clearly not just a minor pain based on how he’s been limping around for the last two weeks or so. Swish had some tests performed not long after he suffered the injury that showed no fractures or structural damage, and apparently he was told he couldn’t make it worst by playing with it. Considering where the Yankees sit with regards to a playoff spot, it only makes sense to get it checked out again and have him rest up before the games really start to count.

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  1. vin says:

    Oh boy. If the MRI reveals any damage, there’s gonna be some unhappy people out there.

  2. Zanath says:

    So does that mean we get to have Golson in right again tonight?

  3. Magnus Stultus says:

    It reads more or more like we won’t have either Gardner or Swisher for this three games series. It’s better safe than sorry considering the vital roles these two will play in the playoffs.

    Meh, we can still kick some asses with Golson or without him really.

  4. bexarama says:

    Oh lordy. Be okay Swish and Gardy.

  5. Avi says:

    We need Swish healthy. He’s been our best hitter behind Cano this year (Tex is debatable)

  6. BigBlueAL says:

    Damnit, the Yankees shouldve traded for Jeff Francoeur!!

  7. vin says:

    Golson is in the lineup tonight, but I expect to see Curtis against Garza and Shields. Has Huffman been called up yet?

  8. Avi says:

    Any shot Berkman can play some OF for us? He last played OF in ’07 (32 games). I just cant stand a lineup that has Golson, Kearns and one other crappy hitter (cervelli, pena etc) in it.
    btw did you see that throw golson made when Kinsler tagged and went to second? If it didn’t clearly state on the Texas scouting report “GOLSON THROWS LIKE A GIRL” kinsler doesn’t even attempt it. that play KILLED us yesterday.

  9. CBean says:

    Poor Swishy.

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