Posada out with concussion-like symptoms; tests negative


Update (5:56pm): Thankfully the tests came back negative, and Posada is cleared for competitive play. He’s currently listed as day-to-day, and I would assume he’s making the trip to Texas.

5:44pm: Ready for this? Jesus Montero is not in the lineup for Triple-A Scranton tonight even though it’s a playoff game. It doesn’t mean they’re calling him up, but they could be taking the necessary precautions in case they get bad news regarding Posada.

4:38pm: It’s unclear if Posada will be able to fly with the team to Texas, which is not good. Like I said, concussions are nothing to mess around with, so the Yanks absolutely have to play it safe with one of their most important players in this situation.

4:17pm: Joe Girardi said in the post-game press conference that they’re waiting to find out how Posada checked out.

4:07pm: Via Bryan Hoch, Jorge Posada was unavailable today due to concussion-like symptoms following a foul tip in last night’s game. He visited a neurologist today, and presumably everything checked out okay. Or at least I hope it did. Concussions are no joke.

This explains why Frankie Cervelli was allowed to bat for himself with runners on the corners and two outs in the seventh inning with the Yanks down by one this afternoon. He predictably made an out on the first pitch of his at-bat, killing what seemed like the only rally of the game.

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  1. Captain Jack says:

    …So obvious interests for Montero, Romine, Sanchez, and Murphy?

  2. vin says:

    Oh boy. Just ask Morneau (and countless others) what they think of concussions.

  3. Yank the Frank says:

    Well that explains why Joe didn’t pinch hit for Cevelli

  4. FachoinaNYY says:

    Joe doesnt sound optimistic on his interview…

  5. Tank Foster says:

    Look out. The current trend in MLB is extreme caution with concussions. I happen to think it’s a bit overkill – and probably a CYA, liability thing at least in part – but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jorge missed a substantial amount of time for this.

    I hope not….but if so, it’s a bad blow for the rest of the season, and would be really bad for playoffs….

    • T-Dubs says:

      It’s not overkill at all. Concussions are just now starting to be understood by the medical community and mistreatment and misdiagnosis in the past has ruined a lot of lives.

    • Chris says:

      Have you been following the recent studies about concussions and the long term impact they have?

      From a baseball perspective, they impact vision and coordination which basically makes it useless to try to play through.

      • Tank Foster says:

        I’m an MD with board certification in Neuropathology. I’ve been following literature on concussions for years. What has changed is not so much the medical understanding of head injury as much as the degree to which competitive sports are beginning to take it more seriously. I’m well aware of what it all means medically.

  6. larryf says:

    Get well Jorge. Frankie and Chad-just hang on till Jesus brings us the Governor’s Cup in a week or so.

  7. art vandelay says:

    no no no …. not good. hopefully it’s just a precautionary thing.

  8. Klemy says:

    Horrible news. So much for the talking on the broadcast last night where they said, “Flash said that doesn’t hurt.” when Jorge was hit on the foultip.

  9. Guest says:

    If Jorge is going to miss a considerable amount of time, doesn’t Jesus have to rise?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but Jesus’ good offense + Jesus’ bad defense > Cervelli’s bad offense + Cervelli’s bad defense, no?

    • vin says:

      I think the possibility of Montero getting called up has increased from 0.5% to 2%. The possibility just won’t go away.

      I’d prefer them to just go out and rip off another long winning streak to take complete control over the division. Let Jorge rest until the final series of the year, then get him a couple AB’s. Cervelli and Moeller were the catching tandem for two weeks in May. Of course Cervelli wasn’t a complete black hole at the plate back then.

      • Chris says:

        The problem is there is no way to know when the symptoms go away. Sometimes it’s quick, but other times they linger for weeks or months. If Posada isn’t back in the lineup in a week or so, then I think Montero gets called up with the possibility of a playoff roster spot if Posada’s not healthy. I can’t imagine them going into the playoffs with Cervelli and Moeller as the options at catcher.

      • Magnus Stultus says:

        Is Renee Rivera an option? He might be an upgrade offensively than both Moeller and Cerv. I have no idea how good he is defensively though.

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      Could be…maybe the Yankees need to find out. I don’t take concussions lightly and neither do the Yankees apparantly. They’re going to need another catcher unless the tests come back extremely positive.

  10. kelly says:

    girardi didn’t sound optimisti AT ALL! very very worried!! especially when we have cervelli and moeller backing him up. there is no chance yankees gonna call on either montero or romine

  11. vin says:

    I wonder if Posada comes back with a Cervelli-sized helmet.

  12. Steve H says:

    I have been fully in the Montero stays in the minors camp, unless Posada suffers a major injury. If they are concerned that this will linger, they should bring up Montero now to get his feet wet. If he comes up and he fails, you roll with what you have, but you have to take the chance that he gets it done. You know Frankie and Moeller won’t get it done, Montero might.

    • Not Tank the Frank says:

      Even though I too have been against bring him up; I must agree with this.

      Winning is the most important thing. If he completely shits the bed, so be it. Like you said, it’s a short enough time where it shouldn’t make too much of an impact on him or on the team if he is ineffective.

    • Magnus Stultus says:

      I am hoping PoPo the best. I really don’t think a 20 year old( who is not the 40 man roster) catcher who is defensively challenged is the best option if Jorge is hurt long term. I would be inclined to stick with Moeller and Cerv combo , or ,look via trades . I wonder if I-Rod made it through the waiver.

      • Steve H says:

        Posada and Cervelli are defensively challenged as well. And Cerv will get more playing time than Moeller, even though they both suck.

        I don’t know if Montero is the best option, but I know the upside is there. There is no lightning in a bottle possibility with Cerv and Moeller. With Montero there is.

        • Magnus Stultus says:

          There is no doubt the potential is there. It’s more of a probability statement as in how likely. What are my other options ? In this case, I think there are too many ‘ifs’ with Montero , I would rather go with the trade routes at this point.

          • Sully says:

            You can’t trade at this point. Can only pick up those placed on waivers, without an option to be pulled-back, and even if so, the player would not be eligible for the playoff roster, because they must be on the team by September 1st. Day late and a dollar short for your ideas. Bring up Montero, Cervi’s last at bat was horrendous, and the O’s didn’t even want Moeller as their back-up this year. It’s not even a panic move, it’s September, the Yanks only can gain from bringing up Montero.

        • I’ve been told that Montero’s defense is REALLY bad, but even then, if Posada can’t play, I’m not unconvinced that it still wouldn’t be an upgrade from having Cervelli be a black hole in the lineup.

          • Tom Zig says:

            Yes his defense is really bad, but is it worse than Cervelli’s?

          • Shaun says:

            They keep saying that but it has improved drastically as the season wore on. A significant number of the pb’s and errors happened in the earlier portions of the season. His timing for throws has dropped to 1.9 seconds and his accuracy has vastly increased. I think the problems with his bat early on, caused him to devote more time to the defense and it has been paying off. No Sado is a big offensive hole, and I think Montero can and deserves to fill that gap.

          • celerinosanchez says:

            Have you seen Posada behind the plate recently? Not so good, not so good.

      • Guest says:

        You would be inclined to stick with Moeller and Cerv…based on Cerv’s wonderful performance behind the place and at the bat over the last four months?

        • Magnus Stultus says:

          No, I was actually hoping Cashman would trade for John Buck in August.
          I think Cerv is horrible. But I also think trading for ML catcher is better than bringing Montero up at this point.

          • Sully says:

            You can’t trade at this point. Can only pick up those placed on waivers, without an option to be pulled-back, and even if so, the player would not be eligible for the playoff roster, because they must be on the team by September 1st. Day late and a dollar short for your ideas. Bring up Montero, Cervi’s last at bat was horrendous, and the O’s didn’t even want Moeller as their back-up this year. It’s not even a panic move, it’s September, the Yanks only can gain from bringing up Montero.

      • Klemy says:

        You’re right, it is a lot to ask of a 20 year old, but the 40 man roster could be altered easily enough if I’m not missing something.

        There is absolutely no upside to Cerv or Moeller. Like Steve said, there is upside with Montero – even if it’s a gamble. We obviosuly don’t know much yet, but if this is any kind of long term, I think they’d be overlooking the obvious not to give him some games.

    • Klemy says:

      Agreed on this. I never gave Jesus a chance at playing this season, but now it almost has to be a thought. We cannot rely on the bats of Cervelli and Moeller if Jorge is down for a long stretch.

      Please get better Jorge.

  13. NYY-SWISH says:

    Screw anyone who defies me – I’m going Face-Off (Nicolas Cage style) with Joe Girardi. I’m going to kidnap him, sedate him, and steal his face and dreadful mouth of metal. Once the face transplant is completed I will then call on the Second Coming himself, The Jesus Montero, at which point he will carry the Yankees towards the best record in baseball and hit 20 home-runs in the playoffs. Jesus-Savior-Duh. Watch. It will happen.

  14. cano is the bro says:

    shitttt please be better in time for the playoffs brosada

  15. I guess they don’t know if he actually had a concussion or not? I really hope he doesn’t..

  16. voices says:

    montero time

  17. larryf says:

    I think Nova has a strong opinion on Jesus since he pitched to him all year and has been with us for a few weeks now. We’ll see. We may roll with Cervelli and Moeller through the weekend and decide what to do next week.

  18. bexarama says:

    Oh Po. Please be okay. :( :( :(

  19. Guest says:

    They should definitely be careful because Jorge’s longterm health is way more important than baseball. Hopefully, he is OK and they will be able to get him back for crunch time.

    But if he’s not OK, he sits. Head injuries are no joke.

    • JMK says:

      His long-term health, the way I see it, only extends to the end of his contract. I’m not saying be really aggressive, but I think of “long-term” in a greater span of time. I don’t wish him ill, but I kind of don’t give a shit about Jorge and injuries after his contract is up (unless for some insane reason the Yankees bring him back again).

  20. j_Yankees says:

    You really have to play it as safe as you possibly can when talking about concussions with catchers.

    Mike Matheny comes to mind right off the bat.

  21. a plethora of pinatas says:

    Well crap. We’ll be back to having 2 automatic outs in the line-up. Cervelli/Moeller and ………wait for it…………Jeter. Make that 3 automatic outs when Arod is resting.

  22. Jesus isn’t in the line-up for tonights game……..DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN

  23. ShuutoHeat (Passion>all) says:

    They have to be super super careful with Sado, head related injuries are nothing to make light of.

    I can imagine a lot of people are chanting “Release the Jesus!” right now, I’m neutral when it comes to that issue… but it is going to suck with Moeller and Cervelli.

  24. T-Dubs says:

    Hopefully The Jesus comes up, Po feels better in a few weeks, The Cervix disappears until Spring Training.

  25. Guest says:

    How could leaving Montero out of the lineup for tonight be a precaution?

    If they want Montero available at the drop of a hat, couldn’t he play in tonights game and still fly to Texas tomorrow since they have an off-day tomorrow?

    Is it just that they don’t want Montero to get hurt in tonight’s game?

  26. Cy Pettitte says:

    Holy shit, if he’s really coming up I can’t wait, hopefully he can come up and do some damage against the Rangers and Rays. Now friday REALLY can’t come fast enough.

  27. Guest says:

    Random (on-topic) aside:

    Do you think Sterling will notice the reference the first time he says “Jesus Walks”?


  28. Guest says:

    Also, what do you think he’s going to go with for Jesus’ homerun call? The mind boggles at the options…

    I’m surprised at how excited I am at this potential prospect.

    It takes quite a prospect to dampen the blow of potentially losing a border line HOF for a period of time. This still sucks, but it would suck worse without Jesus. (Like my chances at eternal salvation).

  29. ShuutoHeat (Passion>all) says:

    Posada cleared to play according to Lo-Hud. Tests came up negative and he is day to day.

  30. MBruce says:

    Sado has been cleared to play, and is listed day to day.

  31. Betty Lizard says:

    Good news via Chad Jennings at Lohud from a Yankees email:

    “Tests performed this afternoon by a neurology specialist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital were negative. Physicians have cleared Posada for competitive play and he is listed as day-to-day.”

  32. a plethora of pinatas says:

    Hip-hip Jorge!

  33. vin says:

    I’m sure Dave Miley is a pro and all, but part of him has to be irked that he’s lost his best starter, all-star closer, best outfielder, starting centerfielder, backup catcher, and (potentially) his best hitter & starting catcher.

    • Pretty sure his bosses aren’t evaluating him based on the number of AAA titles he wins.

      • vin says:

        Of course they’re not, but I’m sure he has a highly competitive nature that just doesn’t like losing. Doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know his role in the organization, which is to prepare guys like Montero for the bigs whenever they need him.

        • When wouldn’t that happen though? Any AAA team that makes the playoffs would, by reasonable assumption, have a good amount of talent on it. Said talent is going to get called up to the major league club in September. I would think this sort of thing just goes with the territory.

          • vin says:

            I would think a team that’s going nowhere would let their youngsters play and try to win something. Then call them up the following week when the playoffs are over.

            • Teams that aren’t going anywhere are more likely to bring up extra players to start evaluating for next year though, aren’t they? And if you’re a player, would you rather be in the AAA playoffs or on a major league team?

  34. Guest says:


    Hip, hip Jorge indeed.

    See you in 2011, Jesus!

  35. Yanks99 says:

    Darn. I was hopin for Jesus.

  36. vin says:

    Now if we can only find a way to get Cito onto the postseason roster…

    /obviously kidding

  37. bexarama says:

    Not sure if this is totally on topic but ugh, according to Piliere on Twitter Montero has some sort of infection and that’s why he’s not playing. Has nothing to do with getting called up.

    Get better soon Jesus. And Posada.

  38. Doesn’t sound like Montero would have gotten the call anyway. Apparently he’s out of the lineup for an unrelated reason. Glad to hear Posada is fine though. I bet Joe doesn’t play him the next couple of games anyway though, can’t imagine catching in the Texas heat would be the best thing to do if he was feeling dizzy or light-headed.

  39. Mac says:


    glad to hear that though, as much as I want to see the kid up here, bringing him up without waiting a few days to see how Posada feels would be a mistake

  40. thurdonpaul says:

    Thats really great that theres nothing major wrong with Jorge.
    Even if he could never play again, he has his whole life ahead of him and his family certainly loves and needs him.

    Get well soon Jorge !!

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