Explaining the Yankees behavior towards Jeter


When the Yankees started talking about the Jeter negotiations to the media, we knew something was afoot. Why would they go out of their way to make their position clear? Why would they strongarm a player who has helped define the franchise? While most fans didn’t appear to have a problem with the Yankees offering Jeter three years at $45 million, they did have a problem with the way the Yankees conducted themselves. In today’s Daily News, Bill Madden gives us the answer.

But sources close to the Jeter/Close camp have said their starting point was six years, $150 million and that they aren’t budging on $25 million per year

The Yankees, I’m sure, would have preferred to reveal Jeter’s position and leave it at that. Few, if any, fans would side with Jeter at that point. But the two sides have an agreement to not reveal the other’s position to the media. That’s actually what makes this leak so odd. If the Yankees broke their word and leaked it, why would they have started the war of words earlier this week? With Jeter’s position known, words are unnecessary. It is self-evidently ridiculous.

On the other side, why would Jeter’s camp ever let a figure like that reach the media? It obviously will not help them garner any further support. The general tenor among fans seems to be that 3/45 is fair, but that the Yankees shouldn’t spend so much time telling the world how fair it is. How does anyone close to Jeter think that leaking a six-year, $150 million demand will make anyone see their side? It only makes the 3/45 offer appear more fair. And it also, in a way, justifies the Yankees media barrage. I, too, would lash out if my negotiating tactics were termed “baffling” when my offer was fair and the player’s was the height of absurdity.

But before we get into a tizzy over this, there are two things to remember. First, these might not actually be Jeter’s demands. “Sources close to the Jeter/Close camp,” is ambiguous as it gets — maybe a step better than “someone familiar with their thinking.” This might be a misrepresentation for all we know. Second, this is just Jeter’s opening position, just as 3/45 is the Yankees opening position. Of course, if Jeter really won’t budge on $25 million per season he might end up sitting out 2011. Or else playing for $8 million elsewhere. Because the Yankees aren’t going near that figure.

We’ve been hit by a wave of Jeter news and speculation lately, to the point where most of us probably don’t want to hear it any more. We might be in luck. With the two sides so far apart and with the Yankees having a number of other items on the off-season agenda, I imagine that we’ll see the Yankees taking care of those more reasonable priorities. This isn’t to say that they’ll break off negotiations, but rather that there’s no sense in talking until Jeter realizes that he’s not getting anything near $25 million per season. After all this, silence might be the Yankees’ best weapon.

Update by Mike (11:05am ET): Newsday’s Jim Baumbach hears from a “person familiar” with the negotiations that Jeter is asking for less than above six-year, $150M deal rumored above.

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  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Stop being an ass, Derek.

    • EVH5150 says:

      You have no idea how much I agree with that. I’m on the verge if losing my house, my holidays are ruined because I have no money, and I have to read everyday about this moron who won’t take 45 million dollars. FORTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. I’d bend over backwards for that money. What happened to winning Derek?

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      He, like the rest of us, is pissed off about the A-Rod contract. He saw A-Rod get paid 20MM into his 40s and figures why shouldn’t he. Oh, and whatever idiot on TYU suggested that Jeter’s contract received the promotional bonuses that A-Rod’s does…perhaps it should be based on hits? 5M for 3000, 10M for 3515, and maybe something in between.

  2. seimiya says:

    This is even funny when you’ve got a hangover at 5:30 in the morning. How fucking absurd.

  3. ultimate913 says:

    “Your starting shortstop, Eduardo Nunez. Number 12. Nunez.”

    I have NO problem hearing that for the next few years if Jeter really wants that amount.

  4. Zack says:

    I’m guessing talks in the Jeter camp went a something like this: (SFW)

  5. Pasqua says:

    Whether that Jeter demand is true or not, one thing is for sure: he’ll NEVER cop to demanding it.

    Regardless of the outcome of this, when someone asks him, Jeter will no doubt say something to the effect of, “I don’t know where that figure came from…”

    We can get as indignant as we want about it, but it will never be confirmed.

  6. Jamal G. says:

    Davidoff said the Yankees have made “more than one” offer to Jeter’s camp. Seeing as how it would be odd for the opening bid to be leaked and not the following, I think it’s safe to assume that the current offer is the latest.

    Learning this makes me quite a bit more convinced that Cashman will stay on the current offer rather than increase it by anything more than a couple of millions.

    • Zack says:

      Good, negotiations only work if both sides put in realistic offers. If sides are 100m apart, then one side is obviously in the wrong – we can all see which side is that.

  7. Tim says:

    Obviously the Yankee camp leaked these numbers to the media (6 @ 150M). Responding to and still not at all happy with “Baffled” leaked to Yankee hater Lupica and the NY Daily News last week.

  8. YankFanDave says:

    With both Jeter and Rivera reported to be taking similar hard-lines on the length and salary of their contracts, is it possible that they agreed they will both get leverage using this similar tactic (even with different agents)?

    I wonder…

    • Teh Comp Pick says:

      I don’t think Mariano’s asking for anything ridiculous really.

      • Steve H says:

        Agreed. Mariano’s starting point (allegedly) of 2/$36 is pretty high, but far from ridiculous. If the Yankees counter with 2/$28 and they meet in the middle at 2/$32 it’s a normal negotiation.

        There’s really no way to meet in the middle of 3/$45 and 6/$150. Jeter’s demands are beyond ridiculous. Mo could approach his demands in the market, Jeter obviously can’t. For Mo to reach Jeter level of insanity he’d have to ask for 5/$100.

    • Zack says:

      The last reports I saw said Yankees & Mo haven’t even discussed terms yet, so not sure how you can say he’s taking a hard-line approach.

  9. Slugger27 says:

    i can’t imagine that figure is really their demands. something must have gotten lost in translation. that’s just insane.

    but if it’s true, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.

  10. Steve H says:

    Could this be Madden just trying to drum up interest in his side of the Jeter negotiations? Everyone and their mother have an opinion on this, and putting this out there by Madden makes people pay attention to his thoughts. The infamous “anonymous scout”, “a friend” (a Neyer favorite), and “sources close to”, are often just BS for people to get their agenda out there or to drum up pageviews (no one actually buys the paper anymore, right?).

    • Zack says:

      If the number was completely wrong you would have to think Close would comment on it ASAP though. The 150m claim is definately going to change some public perception.

      Heyman used “a friend of Jeter” about 7 times in his last article.

      • JerseyDutch says:

        Good point. Although Close doesn’t seem quite as media-savvy as some other agents. He might not realize the damage to his client if he doesn’t refute that number.

  11. Januz says:

    I have always been of the opinion that Jeter puts an extremely high value on winning, and thus, wants quality players around him to help do so (Which is why I predicted 3/$51m, so the Yankees can have some flexibility to do so). If 6/$150m is correct, not only am I dead wrong about his desire to win, but he is either living in fantasy land (Believing he will get close to those numbers), or because he really does not want to be here anymore. Note: If the Organization thinks that is possible, it may be the reason they did not offer arbitration. ie: He will be miserable and hits .240 next year, and negatively impacts the clubhouse (See Favre, Brett).

  12. Steve H says:

    I really don’t see this leak being true or coming from Jeter’s side. He would have to know that a 6/$150 ransom demand would just push more people to support the front office. If Jeter’s side really threw this out there it just made it easier for the Yankees to look like the good guys if Jeter were to leave. If Jeter leaves for less than 3/$45, it’s going to be his fault.

  13. Bryan L says:

    Fuck it, let’s go get Hanley Ramirez.


    • ramez hanna says:

      why not? we will certainly outperform jeter ,defensivly,offensivly
      and the mariners will take 4 or 5 prospects for his expensive salary

  14. Jay says:

    Could this be why Cashman elected not to offer arbitration? If Jeter really wants 25 million arbitration may be the best way to get it, then he has a bounce back year and says “See? I do deserve it; 2010 was due to injury (or whatever)”

  15. Maris 61 says:

    Did the Yankees run the offer by Madden before presenting it to Jeets?

  16. JerseyDutch says:

    Let’s see if the “give him whatever he wants” crowd thinks 6/150 is reasonable.

    If the rumor of that amount is true, I say Cash should just sit on his 3/45 offer and not respond. Jeter will start getting nervous around late January.

    • Steve H says:

      I’ll go one step further. If the 6/$150 demand is correct, the Yankees should give him a deadline to accept it, telling him they’ll have to move on and find a new SS if they don’t have a decision by a certain date.

  17. Ace says:

    While I personally appreciate Jeter’s accomplishment with the Yankees, he isn’t at 36 worth 150MM, NOW.

    Think about how he must feel though, having an admitted roider on the team, making more than him, and all he’s done with the Yankees.

    Casey should be smart and service his client better at the end of his career. The Yankees are offering Jeter the opportunity to retire from the ONLY TEAM, Jeter Ever wanted to play on, and be the first Yankees to get 3000 hits~

    Jeter be smart, you have a huge marketing career awaiting after the Yankees, unlike Alex. You are a 1st round HOF, Alex may never get in. Your earnings potential after the Yankees is huge.

  18. Alex says:

    While it is certainly possible that these demands are not accurate , I am quickly getting tired of what appears to be a %*#@ measuring contest. Derek needs to realize that he simply is not the player he was when he signed that 10 year 180+ million dollar contract. Just because Arod was signed to an enormous deal does not mean that Jeter should be entitled to one. On a site as intelligent as this one, I know I’m not adding much original thought to this debate.

    However, call me crazy, but does anyone else feel like “the Yankees should pay Jeter what he wants because of what he did for this franchise” is beyond a tired argument? Derek has been a model Major League player and he has done a great deal for this organization, but what do the Yankees really owe him? Maybe I could understand Derek’s position asking for another huge pay day if he had not already grossed 205 million dollars in salary alone. Does no one remember that Derek refused to sign a long term deal so that the Yankees could buy out his arbitration years? While that was a gamble that Derek was entitled to and it worked out for him, he did the Yankees no financial favors. Perhaps, if Jeter had just played out a 12 year 70 million dollar contract he signed before the monster contracts were being handed out left and right, his claim for a hefty payday would have more merit.

    My concern with the current situation, assuming Derek does sign for something in the neighborhood of 3 years and 70 million, is when does this stuff stop? Will the Yankees be willing to bat Jeter 8th/9th? What do we do with him once he’s completely shot at shortstop? Do we have to trade Curtis Granderson or Brett Gardner so Jeter can move to Left Field, a position he’s never played, just so #2 can be seen by a few more fans? Given his rumored contract demands, I see no reason to think that Derek is going to take his gradual phasing out gracefully. The Yankees are a business; a business built to win and to put the best product on the field at all times. Can the Yankees afford a whinny 40 year old Jeter complaining about not being an everyday player? At what point does Jeter’s legacy stop being an issue? At what point does this nonsense stop? Is Derek legitimately capable of aging with class? Or does he see himself only through rose colored glasses?

    I am all for the Yankees taking a fairly hard-lined stance against The Captain here. As Jeter did to the Yankees through his arbitration years, I say the Yankees take the chance they are entitled to. Hold your ground and hope that an aging star realizes his own self-worth, both to the present team and to the organization as a whole.

    Even for the most die hard Jeter fan, are you really not willing to trade a happy 36+ year old shortstop for a competent and contributing one? I want Derek back and 3 years is the perfect contract length. Derek gets 3 more chances at a championship and the Yankees get to limit the potential damage done by a declining player.

    The Yankees have paid their homage to Derek. It’s time for Derek to be reasonable. He’s done great things for the Yankees, but they owe him no favors.

  19. Mike says:

    Come on Jetes. .cut the BS .. i love you . .but 25 million a year .. 4 for 60.. done

    • emac2 says:

      Do you really want him playing short for 4 more years?

      Can you imagine the hissy fit he would throw if they tried to move him to another position given his (lack of) grasp of reality?

      The more he fights this the more I say let’s move on now instead of buying the right to let him retire a Yankee.

  20. Hue says:

    Plz.. show ur 2010′s record

  21. Accent Shallow says:

    Can you really blame Close for thinking he could get that? He got the Phillies to give Ryan Howard a hilarious extension, maybe he thinks everyone’s that dumb.

  22. Uncle Mike says:

    Pay the man what he wants. It’s fire insurance. If you don’t pay him what he wants, he goes elsewhere, and there’s a firestorm among the fans.

    Seriously, we’re talking about the best player the franchise has had in the last 40 years against the owners of a baseball team. As Ken Singleton put it, “The owners screwed us for 100 years. We’ve got 75 more years to go.”

    Am I ignoring Jeter’s 2010 stats? Yes. Of course I am. Do you want the Yankees to look like the idiots the Red Sox looked like when Roger Clemens pitched lights-out from 1997 to 2005? No, you don’t. Do you want the Yankees to look like the idiots the Mets looked like when the Yankees were winning World Series with Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, David Cone and… Joe Torre? No, you don’t. Hold tight to your offer to Jeter for a month, and you look principled; let him drive in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th of Game 7 of the 2011 ALCS for the Angels and you look like idiots.

    You don’t want to look like idiots. Pay the man what he wants.

    • Slugger27 says:


      also the obligatory homer simpson newsletter quote

    • You don’t want to look like idiots. Pay the man what he wants.

      Giving a to-be-37 year old SS without a ridiculously powerful bat a 6 year contract worth $25MM AAV is the definition of looking like idiots.

    • Steve H says:

      They’ve offered him 3/$45. If he goes somewhere else for 3/$36 there will be no firestorm among the fans towards the Yankees, it will be towards Jeter.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      That makes about as much sense as putting Nick Swisher in the starting rotation.

    • ultimate913 says:

      How does having a 42 year old SS, that doesn’t hit for power, and has the range that Yogi Berra has now, make 25 million sound? Haha. You “give him what he wants” fans make me laugh.

    • Nolan says:

      Paying Jeter what he wants basically ensures that the yankees will not have enough money (if they stick to their current 200-210 million dollar budget) to fill the other holes they currently have. Jeter had a WAR of 2.5 last year. JJ Hardy had a WAR of 2.4 and would cost around 3 million. Do I want JJ Hardy to replace Jeter.. no. Do I want JJ Hardy to replace Jeter if Jeter is going to demand 25 million per year? Yes.

    • SamVa says:

      Glad you are not our GM…
      Giving him 6/150 would have us paying him 25 million a season for three years of forty…
      I don’t really care who he is.. there is no way that this pans out for us. You don’t pay people, even Jeter, for the past. He won’t be a good enough hitter by then to even DH… so what do you propose we do with him? Let him coach and take pics as the captain? because he is so loved? Why not at least sign Jessica Alba? We would probably save money.
      Signing him to even 3/45 at this point is generous of the Yankees.
      Aside from catcher, SS is one of the hardest positions to play as you get older.
      Just think about that and then think about what you just said.. no one really wants to see Jeter struggle for the last 4 years of that contract. I can only take so many GDP’s…

      You don’t want to see that great of a player beat himself up.
      It will be tough to watch.. think about it.

    • joshh says:

      so your saying a 37 yearold shortstop deserves 150 million dollars for 6 years? Derek jeter can barley play shortstop anymore so where are they gonna move him in those 6 years? He cant hit like he used to anymore he’s not even a top 60 player in my opinion so i dont get your point, why should the yankees pay Jeter for being a yankee.

    • NoUDidnt says:

      Sure Jeet might do that for some other team for the next 4 years. However, at this point your neglect of his age and 2010 stats is astoundingly stupid.

      I am all for the human element of decision making but within limits of sanity.

      If the news leak is even partially true, I would let him go and play for whoever takes him, even the Red sux (though Theo is smarter than to offer him anything north of 6-8 million). The probability of his making pivotal plays are significantly lower than what your estimates are.

      Yes, A rod is a better player than Jeet, but lets not kid ourselves. We overpayed him too. However, one mistake should not justify another.

      There will be a fan backlash, Jeter will get booed at Yankee stadium if he signs with another team.

    • bexarama says:

      I found this in your blog:


      Alex Rodriguez — A-Roid — should not be playing baseball for the New York Yankees. Or for any other team. He is a disgrace.


    • emac2 says:

      Are you Jeter’s uncle or Casey’s?

  23. Monteroisdinero says:

    I see this as a golden opportunity for the Yanks-in the interest of becoming a better team-to say “See Ya” to Derek. What are we paying him for going FORWARD? He absolutely sucked from June on-without injury. He can’t hit leadoff and his range sucks which makes ARod play way off the line at third. Posada will suck this year too at 40. The Sox got over CAPTAIN Varitek-it happens.

    I still say-look forward and pay Crawford and let Jeets go. Crap happens. Icons leave (see Clemens and lots of others). Seems like Jeter could be all dignified and about the team when he was locked in for 10 years at 189M-poor guy. Now-it’s a different story. $25M for 8HR/50 rbis/no range. I’ll take Nunez for 400K. Thank you Derek for 15 great years. it is now time for Montero to give us a great 15.

    Swisher is the everyday DH and Posada backs up everybody in his last year.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      No to Crawford!

      • Monteroisdinero says:

        What is Crawford being offered and who is offering it and what is he asking for? 6/120 for him at 29 sounds about right.

        If there were pitchers other than Lee worth the money I’d say put the money there but I’d rather have Carl than Jeter for the next 6 years for the money.

        I know it is a big change in gears. Change is hard.

        • JerseyDutch says:

          He’s a marginal upgrade and too expensive. Keep the current outfield. Let Jeter go if he won’t be reasonable. Put in Nunez at short until a trade opportunity arises.

    • ultimate913 says:

      Meh. I’d rather let Jeter walk, have Nunez at SS, sign Lee, keep the OF the way it is and have Posada and Montero rotate between C/DH. With Montero getting about 40% of the games behind of the dish, unfortunatley, have Cervelli take about 30% and Posada, 30%.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Crawford’s going to land a SIX year deal; maybe even get a 7th year if the Red Sox go after Crawford to drive up the price on the Angels. I’m not sure about NL fits, but i’m sure there are a bevy of NL teams preparing offers for Crawford.

      Crawford might well land the biggest position player contract of the offseason. I just dont think the Yank FO would be willing to go that route after likely bidding (and winning) Lee’s services.

      • Monteroisdinero says:

        No but they would make up for the “free for all spending” criticism by not spending the money on Jeter. No one else will either! The guy will kill us for 6-7 years with the Red Sox.

        • bexarama says:

          I understand not giving Jeter whatever he wants. However, then turning around and signing Crawford is kind of pointless. He’s going to get a huge contract and will probably be very overpaid by the end of it. Crawford > Gardner, but not for the price we’d be paying either one of them. And then who plays SS, Nunez? No thanks.

          The guy will kill us for 6-7 years with the Red Sox.

          “The guy” has been in our division since he debuted. He’s hit us to about his career averages. He’s a good player but I don’t get this sudden fear of Carl Crawford. A “grass is greener” thing, I guess.

  24. Reggie C. says:

    Ugh. I think this story just triggered turkey-over-eating related heartburn.

    6 years/25MM per would turn into an even bigger albatross of a contract than the one dished out to AROD. Man… JOSE REYES is looking like a better route every day.

  25. JohnnyC says:

    Sources close to the Jeter/Close camp. Not sources in the Jeter/Close camp. Not Close or Jeter. In the final analysis, no sources whatsoever. We’ve seen this bs from Bill Madden and his ilk before. Let’s all act like it’s the absolute truth.

  26. Steve H says:

    Does the “give him what he wants crowd” also think the Yankees should sign Yogi to a 5 year/$100 million contract? Yogi won more rings than Jeter, won more MVPs than Jeter and made a shit-ton less money than Jeter, even adjusting for inflation. Let’s just open the wallet and give it away.

  27. ZZ says:

    Also from Madden’s article

    The reason the Yankees’ offer is out there is because whenever a club makes an offer to a free agent it becomes common knowledge in the central offices of baseball and throughout the industry. On the other hand, the players’ and agents’ asking prices never get revealed unless they themselves let them be known.

    Like I said the other night, it is not clear the Yankees leaked the initial offer. It is difficult to understand the underlying motivations in these type of negotiations with the very little inside (and often misleading) knowledge we receive from the media.

    Siding with one party certainly makes sense in pure contract/money offers, but getting mad or upset with either party based on how this process is conducted is tricky business.

  28. SNS says:

    If it wasn’t Bill Madden I would believe it but the whole premise of his article is that the parties have agreed to keep the negotiations private and out of the media. That hasn’t been the case at all. Second he claims that the Yankees have honored his request to not publicize his demands. I think the reality is Derek is asking for 5 for $20M per, which would still be too much. They should just end up at 4 for $20M and get it over with.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      A lot of people pissed and moaned over Giambi’s contract, especially his last year. At $17m per, Giambi posted a .925 OPS with the Yankees, and over .850 his last year. And yet, people couldn’t wait for that contract to end. Now you want to give Jeter $20m per? For what? A .740 OPS over 4 years and terrible defense?

  29. Jay says:

    Do you think part of the reason the Yankees want to stick to three years is because Tulo becomes a free agent shortly there after? I know a lot can happen between now and then but didn’t Tulo grow up a Yankee fan/Jeter fan, hence the jersey number?

  30. I Am Not The Droids You're Looking For says:

    All the above said I can sort of understand the deluded “logic” to their position assuming it’s true. It takes him right up to ARods contract age at a lower AAV. Preposterous but on some twisted level logical from Jeters obviously proud POV, particularly as it relates to ARod (sorry for that bridge…)

    • NoUDidnt says:

      You are right about it being twisted. Though, I think most (and I mean pretty much everyone sane) agree that Yankees should not give in to his twisted logic.

      His pride is in winning championships and being great in the postseason for so many years. However, to fan his ego he should not expect the Yanks to make the same mistake they made with A rod.

      I just hope he sees reason, comes back and ends his career as a Yankee.

  31. Jerome S says:

    I like how in August we were saying that this was going to be hell. And it’s exactly that.

    • Slugger27 says:

      i knew years would be a sticking point, that much was obvious… though i admit i had no idea jeter would demand a 25M salary.

  32. ultimate913 says:

    10:12am: Jeter is asking for less than $150MM over six years, according to Jim Baumbach of Newsday (on Twitter).

    Ya don’t say…

  33. mac1 says:

    None of this is hell as far as I’m concerned. There’s no rush by either party to get a deal done and Close is just doing his job.

    I hope the Yanks don’t move far off of 3 yrs\$45, if they do, so be it. I think Jeter could be better offensively the next few years but if the #’s get ridiculous, I’m ready to move on.

    Still don’t think Jeter would ruin his legacy over a few mil nor do I think would he play for another team on a 1 year deal. The real ballsy thing would be if Jeter told the Yanks he’d play for 1 yr\25 mil to prove to them he’s still Derek Jeter.

  34. JB says:

    If I’m Cash, I offer 3/50 and then an option for a 4th year that is dependent on his stats in the 3rd year (ab, ob%, etc). I’d make that 4th year at $20M and a buyout of $5M if he doesn’t make the criteria.

    Jeter needs to stop looking to his right and comparing himself with A-Rod. He needs to know he is more of a fan favorite and always will be.

    Its not about the money, its about the prestige. But he is quickly taking a hit there.

    My advice to el capitan would be to sign something as quickly as possible.

    • mac1 says:

      I think that’s what will happen a contract closer to 18-20 for 3 plus an option. To me that’s more than he’s worth but its not nutty.

      I really don’t think Jeter is at fault for having his agent do his job though. My real concern with Jeter is if he’s a .270/.335/.380 guy now – and if he is, I don’t really want to watch him at a diminished level like we did with Mattingly and Bernie.

    • If I’m Cash, I offer 3/50 and then an option for a 4th year that is dependent on his stats in the 3rd year (ab, ob%, etc). I’d make that 4th year at $20M and a buyout of $5M if he doesn’t make the criteria.

      You can’t use stats other than PAs for options.

      • j-f says:


        I’m not an expert in the rules on this sort of thing, but what if they had a gentlemen’s agreement that if his stats are (insert level here), the club promises to pick up the option? As in, some sort of verbal assurance that isn’t in the actual contract. I have a feeling this might violate some rule but again, I’m no expert.

  35. Poopy Pants says:

    Good riddance.

    Asking for 6Y/150M to hit and throw a ball around = he’s a piece of shit

    This is turning me off to Jeter, The Yankees, MLB and sports in general.

  36. murakami says:

    Time shall unfold what plaited cunning hides:
    Who cover faults, at last shame them derides.

    -this is not a Randy Levine quote.

  37. bonestock94 says:

    lol, if this is remotely true I’d gladly take Pena/Nunez or a weak FA over Jeter.

  38. steve (different one) says:

    Did you guys know that the yanks traded for tino before mattingly announced his retirement? Could you imagine the chaos that would create in the age of the interwebs/blogs/twitter/etc. It would be like trading for reyes tomorrow.

    • Ed says:

      They got Tino before Mattingly officially retired. Everyone knew he was going to retire. Listen to Suzyn Waldman talk about the ’95 ALDS – she goes on about how sad the plane flight back from Seattle was, because everyone knew that was the end of Mattingly’s career.

    • Mike HC says:

      Bernie still has not retired but that has not stopped up from signing other centerfielders, ha.

  39. James says:

    I think if he signs for let’s say 3/55 and has tons of incentives in the contract (besides the 3000 Hit incentive) to get him up to something like 3/70 or 4/85 I wouldn’t be totally unhappy with that… if these incentives are performance based of course (200 hits, .315 (his career avg) ba) etc… Jeter won’t want to hear “earn your money” but that’s what he should have to do at this point giving his age and declining abilities. I do believe he bounces back and has a year somewhere in between his ’09 and ’10 numbers in 2011, but like everyone else I’m much more scared of 2014 and 2015. 6/150 is, of course, bat shit crazy and 3/45 is very fair, but we know it’s going to be some place in the middle if it’s going to be at all.

  40. It'sATarp says:

    Well i’m ready to move on…anyone else? We should focus on mo and lee over a guy who’s obviously don’t even know his own worth.

  41. Adam says:

    this new rumor to today for me, although it is just a rumor, is more proof that Jeter and his camp seriously overvalue his importance to the team. Even if this number isn’t entirely accurate, I’ll bet it was closer than the Yankee’s offer to approximating his demands and it’s proof positive that Jeter clearly does not appreciate that his abilities are diminishing. Sure, he’s still a valuable guy, and I’ll bet that he has a bounce-back year next season, but he’s simply not worth $25million a year as a guy with diminishing range in the field and ever diminishing prowess at the plate. I really hope this doesn’t end ugly because I want to see Jeter back, but we simply cannot cave to these ridiculous demands because this is a business and giving Jeter that kind of money just because he has been great is insane.

  42. Gonzo says:

    This is kind of funny to see all the reactionary responses. If you were Jeter, you would do the same exact thing. After seeing A-Rod get what he did, of course he is going to shoot for the moon. A-Rod is signed to his age 42 season. Why wouldn’t Jeter shoot for that?

    • JerseyDutch says:

      There’s probably nothing wrong with asking for it initially but if he doesn’t come way down, he’s going to be disappointed.

      • Gonzo says:

        I just see it as taking a page from the Boras/A-Rod playbook. Cash threatened to not negotiate if A-Rod opted out. Team A-Rod opted out and got broke off royally.

        You don’t know how far you can go unless you push the envelope. I am sure he knows he ain’t getting 6/150 by now, but he has to push it as far as he can to get better than 3/45.

        • JB says:

          yeah, but in our fantasy minds, Jeter is not about money, he’s about winning, and he should eat up a 3/45 deal and say THANK YOU!

          reality sucks..

          • The Big City of Dreams says:

            Why eat it up when he believes he can get more. Eventually Jeter will settle on a number that’s lower than the rumor but higher than 45/3

          • Gonzo says:

            People care about money. Shocker. Next up, your parents are real people with real flaws.

  43. Big Bertha says:

    6 years, $150 million sounds good to me. Just sign it and keep the captain happy! Jeter certainly deserves one last big contract like that for all he’s done for this franchise. Jeter doesn’t want to budge from $25 million a year and I don’t blame him. He’s worth every penny of that amount. 5 WS rings, career .300+ hitter, will be the first Yankee ever to 3,000 hits, and a first ballot hall of famer. This doesn’t seem like the way to treat your captain.

    • JerseyDutch says:

      Yeah, you’ve posted basically the same thing in three different threads. It doesn’t make a lick of sense no matter how many times you post it.

    • Mike HC says:

      I’m pretty sure Jeter does not even think he could realistically get that. He would probably have been shocked if the Yanks accepted that deal. I’m sure he was hoping for a better offer than 3 for 45 though, but that is what he got and he has to deal with it. It is still a ton of money. Its not like we are asking him to come back on a one year, lets see if you are really done or not, deal. The Yanks are definitely giving him a fair amount of the benefit of the doubt that last year was an aberration.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      I suggest a diet and lots of therapy.

  44. Mike HC says:

    Its all just bs media posturing at the end of the day. Some of it is probably true, some of it is probably bullshit, and you can’t tell which is which. I guess it is fun to argue and talk about, but the Yanks and Jeter are going to come to a deal, and this will all be forgotten for what it was.

  45. Hughesus Christo says:

    And the Yankees continue t tool out the NY media hacks as people believe anything they say. Classic.

  46. bkight13 says:

    Does anyone think that Jeter could move to 3b, Alex to DH(to protect the hip) and we could get a great glove SS? It would probably mean taking care of Jeter financially for 4+ years, but might end the stand-off.

    I would be better with a declining Jeter at 3b than no glove, less bat at SS. He obviously can’t go to 1b and has never played the OF. This may be the perfect time to make some of these tough decisions on position and batting order.

  47. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Note to the idiots overreacting: Bill Madden and Jon Heyman.

  48. mike c says:

    the yankee way seems to be spread false rumors in the media now? cash better put a stop to this BS already, it’s making everybody involved look bad

  49. rek4gehrig says:

    Seriously, Jetes….

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