Open Thread: On Upton … and Corpas


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Yes, the Yankees spoke to the Diamondbacks about The Justin Upton today, as did the Red Sox and I’m sure a host of other teams. When you put a guy that talented on the market, you should expect 29 phone calls, if not more. I’ll have a post on Upton up tomorrow morning, I promise, but for now I’ll leave you with Dave Cameron’s take on the matter.

One player I do want to quickly talk about reliever Manny Corpas, who the Rockies released today. He had Tommy John surgery late in the year and will miss basically all of 2011, but signing him would be a move geared towards 2012 and beyond. Assume he agrees to a minor league contract and rehabs next season, pretty much unavoidable at this point, he’ll still be under team control in both 2012 and 2013. Corpas isn’t the high strikeout guy the Yankees like to have on their staff (6.48 K/9 career), but he’s a ground ball beast, at least until year when his grounder rate dipped to a career low 42.5%. He’s generally at or above 50%, so perhaps the decline is injury related. Even though he has a ton of late game and closing (and World series!) experience (3.82 FIP career), I’m thinking about Corpas as just another middle innings guy to add to the inventory. They could go the Jon Lieber/Octavio Dotel route and let him rehab for a year before giving him his real chance.

Anyway, that’s my hot stove musing of the day. Here’s the open thread. The only local team in action are the Knicks, who are way out in Denver and don’t start for another few hours. I have no idea how to entertain myself tonight. Hopefully you have better luck, and if you do, spill the beans here. Have at it.

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  1. JGS says:

    His name is OMAR! INFANTE!

    What the hell are the Marlins doing?

    • He was an All-Star, JGS. AN ALL-STAR!!!


      Larry Benifest

      • JGS says:

        Fun fact: Infante’s .321 batting average this year is (even after this year) higher than his career OBP (.319)

        • We laugh, but Infante’s actually been worth 4.8 WAR over the past three years (half of that coming in 2010).

          He’s not a worldbeater, but he’s a really valuable player, especially for a team like the Marlins who lack a multitude of good infield options outside of HanRam.

          • bexarama says:

            especially for a team like the Marlins who lack a multitude of good infield options outside of HanRam.

            If only they had a constant 30-HR 2B :(

            (Yes I know he’s poor defensively and I think he’s a FA after this year… so is Infante. Infante’s not useless, but I seriously think the Marlins would’ve been better off getting the picks after 2011.)

          • Chris says:

            Too bad the Marlins don’t have a second baseman that can hit 30 HR a year.

          • JGS says:

            But Infante is also a free agent after next season, just like Uggla is. Omar seems like an awfully weak haul for contract-year Uggla. Then again, look at what they got back for Miguel Cabrera.

            • All of these deals together seem to indicate they’re trying to stealthily slightly decrease (or at least hold steady) payroll without doing their standard “go long on pork-bellies” grab bag of talented but far away prospects.

              They’re playing both sides, trying to still build a winning team for 2011 and 2012 to move into the ballpark with a modicum of success and not run afoul of Selig’s admonition to raise payroll. Move the pieces that can be moved and get veterans who can contribute right away.

              (FWIW, Infante and Dunn together probably equal Uggla in terms of bWAR or fWAR. And they’re cheaper.)

              It’s not as bad of a deal as it looks. It’s an undersell, but that’s because we probably have a different short-term and long-term set of goals than what the Marlins braintrust does.

              • AndrewYF says:

                Plus, they might have a better chance at extending Omar Infante for cheaper. No way is any team giving Uggla $70M guaranteed, unless someone puts Omar Minaya back in charge.

              • JGS says:

                (FWIW, Infante and Dunn together probably equal Uggla in terms of bWAR or fWAR. And they’re cheaper.)

                Uggla was worth 5.1 fWAR this season, even with his horrendous defense. Infante was worth 2.7.

                Infante also had a BABIP 42 points higher than his career norm (.355 vs. .313) despite a lower LD% (18.6% in 2010, 21.3% overall) and much higher GB% (47% in 2010 vs. 37.4% for his career). As for Dunn, I would be very surprised if he puts together 1.0 fWAR or better next year.

                • And on bWAR, Uggla was worth 3.7. Infante (2.9) and Dunn (0.4) were worth 3.3 combined.

                  Uggla also hit a bit over his head, as well. .330 BABIP v. a .302 career norm.

                  I also expect Infante to regress back to 1.5 WAR levels, but all I’m saying is, the step backwards between total net production from Uggla to Infante and Dunn will probably be smaller than people think. And don’t forget that the bullpen pitcher that Dunn displaces himself may actually have been a below-replacement player, to boot.

  2. Corpas, yes.

    Upton, aw hells naw. He’s the absolute shit, and thus, he’ll be way, way, way too expensive in terms of prospects.

    Seriously, people, stop. A Swisher or Gardner centric package isn’t getting it done. Put down the crack pipe. Arizona wouldn’t be interested, at all.

    • Anthony Murillo says:


      • I know you were joking, but in all seriousness, Towers’s involvement is just as likely a negative and not a positive.

        Since he was employed by us and participated in organizational meetings and decisionmaking sessions, he knows our players firsthand and is less likely to take a grabbag of our crap. He’ll hold out for our actual blue-chip prospects (that he’s seen personally) that he knows we really love.

        • Chris says:

          He’d also have a couple of throw-ins that he watched pitch and will most likely turn into useful major league relievers, but which the Yankees are very down on. So not only are the Yankees going to fight a battle at the top of the deal, but they’re also probably going to get hosed at the bottom of the deal.

    • Bryan L says:

      Not even Alan Horne?

    • There is NO WAY that the White Sox would trade Nick Swisher, after a down year for Betemit + prospects. Just stop it people!!!


      • Yes, because Nick Swisher was homegrown, 23 year old former #1 overall draft pick who produced a .287/.361/.489 (121+) over the past two years when he was traded away at below-market rates.

        Excellent comp. Because the White Sox gave up on Nick Swisher after a single down year when he clashed with the manager after being asked to change the way he played, the Diamondbacks are going to cut bait on their homegrown superstar whom they nurtured and made the face of their franchise. Those situations are totally and utterly analogous.

        • Fact: Justin Upton has over 1700 Major League plate appearances, posting a 112 OPS+ in his career. At the same age, Nick Swisher wasn’t even in the major leagues yet.

        • It wasn’t meant as an analogy as much as an example that attempts to refute your impossibility clause.

          I am not even in disagreement with your opinion. Only with the apparent certainty with you stated it.

        • radnom says:

          Those situations are totally and utterly analogous.

          Sure, but you’re attacking a point that Mike R wasn’t making. Nice job doing that though.

          Its always valid to point out that we as fans have no freaking idea how individual teams value their own player and our prospects. A lot of the time we can guess kind of close, but sometimes the fanbase has ZERO idea of the actual value of these guys. The Nick Swisher trade is valid to bring up simply because of the ridiculously wide gap between the fans value of the players involved and what actually happened.

          Also, its a recent example that we are all familiar with. Had someone suggested the Swisher trade proposal prior to it happening, any well reasoned fan working with all possible available knowledge would have dismissed it out of hand, like you’re doing here. Thats the point – we have only a tiny fraction of all the information available. On a comparative scale you and I are only slightly at evaluating trade proposals than the average troll. We just don’t know.

          • radnom says:

            I am not even in disagreement with your opinion. Only with the apparent certainty with you stated it.

            After writing all that, I’m glad I interpreted you correctly, Mike :)

    • Kevin Ocala, Fl says:

      Upside? Legions of 23 year old “can’t miss” players. Even more that augered it in. The Yanks have a great, cheap outfield. They have a player in Montero (which is pretty nice since he will play catcher). that “will” be a greater hitter than Upton I say that w/confidence because Upton is a K machine who is helped by dry Arizona air and having great speed. The “Killer-B’s” should be left the hell alone, unless they bring in King Felix. Nuff said…

      • bexarama says:

        They have a player in Montero (which is pretty nice since he will play catcher). that “will” be a greater hitter than Upton I say that w/confidence because Upton is a K machine who is helped by dry Arizona air and having great speed.

        This is just setting yourself up for tremendous disappointment.

  3. From Crasnick “The Marlins asked for Martin Prado in exchange for Uggla and were told no, then shifted their attention to Infante, says a source”

    Nuñez and Joba for Josh. Get ‘er done, Cash…

  4. Robert says:

    Banuelos, Brackman, Romine, and Gardner for Upton. Done deal.

  5. pete says:

    Acquiring Upton would probably cost something like this:

    Cano, Hughes, Joba, Montero, Banuelos, +

    No thanks.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      He’s Justin Upton fer crissakes, not Babe Ruth.

      That said, I believe a realistic offer starts with Hughes and Montero, and then 2 legitimate prospects, like the Killer Bs (not Nova & Nunez).

      • JGS says:

        Translation: realistic offers start at such a high price that it isn’t worth it.

      • pete says:

        I could see Cano, Hughes, Montero, Banuelos + getting it done, but that’s probably as low as the price is going to get.

        Arizona has absolutely no reason to get rid of him apart from being floored by a package of high-upside major league ready talent. Hughes + Montero + Banny + Brack probably isn’t a good enough reason to do it.

        • AndrewYF says:

          Hughes + Montero alone would be a bad deal for the Yanks. Upton’s talent is otherworldly, but there’s still a large gap between his current value and the value you’d want him to have in order to give up Hughes and Montero.

          Justin Upton is not getting traded, unless Tampa Bay offers Hellickson, Moore, and Jennings. But that would be retarded for TB as well. So nevermind.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Well, Cano and Hughes alone probably would be plenty for Justin Upton. Despite a .354 BABIP Upton still had a 3.1 WAR and a .349 wOBA. You guys are overrating the hell out of Justin Upton, seriously. Athletic toolsy outfielders with high strikeout rates: Grady Sizemore, Matt Kemp, Curtis Granderson, BJ Upton, and Adam Jones all say hi.

          I mean, Upton’s much more talented than all of those guys…but still, he’s not without risks. That’s way too big of a package. Stop being idiots.

          • pete says:

            my point wasn’t about Upton’s production, it was about what it would cost to get him.

            The D-Backs would need to not only improve from an Upton trade, but to be better than they likely could be in the next 5 or so years with Upton. Remember, they’d be getting only a couple years of Cano, there’s no DH in the NL so they would have to either have Montero play 1st or depend on him catching, and Hughes would be a quality starter out there, but he’s not an ace at this point, and there’s no guarantee he develops into one.

            Obviously, what I suggested would be a silly trade, a lopsided trade, and a trade that the Yankees would have to be incredibly stupid to make. That was my point. It will take a silly trade for any team to get Upton right now.

  6. bexarama says:

    So today was a fun, fun, fun, fun day on RAB. O______O

    also MarLOLins

  7. Just wanted to take a moment to say fuck you to everyone who hijacked the last thread. I don’t care if you think Feliciano is boring. That was the post.

    If you respect our guidelines, you won’t post off-topic. Further, if you respect our guidelines you won’t respond to off-topic posts. We have a whole off-topic thread.

  8. 1) lol marlins!


    3) I like Manny Corpas, reminds me of a much better version of Albaladejo before he transformed himself. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Yankees get Corpas at all.

    4) I doubt Upton is on the block or that Towers really intends to trade him. If he does intend to trade him; however, I think it’s only fair he gives his former employer the best chance to get him. =)

  9. mustang says:

    The starter-or-reliever questions are official finished for Joba Chamberlain. “Joba to the pen,” Cashman said. “We made that decision after spring training. We’re not looking to put it back. We told him in the spring, you’re a reliever now. That’s it.”

    My condolences to the stater guys.

    Some good stuff here:

  10. I’m looking for the picture of Lee in a Yankee cap. I’ve seen it floating around, but with no luck.

    Also, I will JIMP if the Yanks somehow acquire Justin Upton.

  11. Fellow Reader says:

    Infante is a FA after the year just like Uggla I believe. Mike Dunn is not, but they could have gotten another year of Uggla production which is >>>>>> Infante Production, then let Uggla walk and gotten teh picks!1!!…Not sure I get it.

  12. vin says:

    Regarding Upton:

    He’s under contract for 5 more years. He’ll only get somewhat expensive in 2014 and 2015 (still probably underpaid). Surely Towers and Co. have a plan in place to be competitive by then.

    The only reason they should entertain the thought of trading Upton now (who is coming off a bit of a down year) is to try to get a Hershel Walker Deal-type return. If they don’t think they can stockpile enough talent to be comeptitive in the next 3-4 years without moving Justin, then by all means trade him.

    If Towers is going to use Upton to re-tool the entire franchise, then no amount of Gardner, Swisher or Hughes will suffice. He won’t be interested in anyone making real money, as well as players who are beyond their 1st or 2nd pre-arbitration seasons.

    Think about how much Texas got back in the Teixeira trade. And that was with Tex being a year and a half away from a MONSTER free agency payday. Upton is younger, and is signed to a very reasonable, long-term deal.

    Every team should be in on this trade… and for once, the financial strength of the Yanks won’t help them here. It’ll be all about their willingness to part with their best prospects, and if they have enough of the right players to begin with.

    • The cost to the Yankees is prohibitive enough even if we didn’t have a good outfield, which we do. Good is probably underselling them, too.

      The Yankees don’t need nor should they want Upton considering his price and their current situation in the outfield. The end.

      • vin says:

        Exactly. The Yanks aren’t a Justin Upton away from being a WS contender. There’s not point in dealing away guys like Banuelos, Montero, Sanchez, etc.

        Fortunately, the Yanks have enough guys in and around their primes who can carry the team – Cano, Tex, CC, Swisher, Granderson, Gardner – and bridge the gap to the next generation (Montero, Hughes, Sanchez, B boys, etc.).

  13. My ‘First Time Lawng Time’ post for today:



  14. pete says:

    I love living in an era where there’s a ton of absurdly good young pitching in the league. But days like today show that there is a downside (besides having Felix dominate you three times a year); some people seem to think that this is typical.

    I’d like to propose a R.A.B. Constitution for all discussions of pitchers:

    1. Every pitcher under the age of 25 is still a prospect. That doesn’t necessitate that every pitcher under 25 will get better, just that no pitcher under 25 can be evaluated on the same be evaluated on the same plane as pitchers over 25 based purely on their performance at the major league level due to physical maturity levels as well as the development of both pitching acumen and the necessary muscle memory to consistently locate and get proper action on a variety of pitches. 25 is a somewhat arbitrary number, but it’s fair to say that pitchers beneath that age group are typically a work in progress – even the good ones (who are usually much more rare than they are right now). Henceforth, we of RAB shall factor in this status of incomplete development during all discussions on or considerations of pitchers under the age of 25.

    2. Prospects tend to fail. Most minor leaguers never make it to AA, let alone the major leagues. How good of a prospect a player is is based on a combination of how likely he is to contribute at all at the major league level, and how much potential there is for above-average production. This being considered, prospect shall henceforth only be considered a “failure” if he does not reach the major leagues, or is never able to provide league-average production or better in the majors.

    3. Projecting young players is not only difficult, but also often becomes entangled with the pipe dreams of the projector. While it is undeniably worthwhile (both for fun and for analytical purposes) to follow minor leaguers and young players at all levels, imagining how a player in A-ball will fare in the majors typically leads to wildly inaccurate projections. Henceforth, all serious, analytical forecasts and expectations of young players’ performances shall be constrained to a timeframe of one season. Expectations can be somewhat reasonably set at the outset of a season (or end of a previous season) for a player by the end of that season, but beyond that the inherent likelihood of things going astray becomes too great.

    That’s all I can think of, for now.

  15. Hughesus Christo says:

    Upton is going to Boston.

    • JGS says:

      Scott Atchison, Stephen Fife, and Jason Varitek for Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      Do you have a source, or is that just your opinion?

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        Opinion. They have the prospects, they have the need, they have the money, and they have the want for a bigtime OF, and Upton would be ri-damn-diculous in that ballpark. What if they offerred Ellsbury, Papelbon, Lowrie, and Lars Anderson? How could Arizona turn that down… and how could Boston even think for a second about making that deal? Boston’s combo of young, but expendable, MLB talent, prospects, and cash is off the charts right now. The Yankees don’t have anyone like those guys right now.

        Arizona takes on ZERO new payroll, and can spin Papelbon at the deadline for another truckload of goodies.

        This is as simple as 1+1 to me.

        • That package would never, ever cause Arizona to part with Upton. Papelbon has one year left and is expensive; if the Diamondbacks traded away Haren because of financial concerns why would they ever take on Papelbon? The other three are eh at best. There is no elite young talent in that deal. That will be a requirement for any Upton trade.

          • Hughesus Christo says:

            Ellsbury, Lowrie and Anderson are all elite young talent. Sub/add Lord kelly if you want. There’s no way Arizona turns that down, and Papelbon is a massive trade ship at zero markup from Upton.

            • Hughesus Christo says:


              Not zero markup, but they can trade him tomorrow for a fuckton if they want. That’s a complete non-issue.

            • I won’t deny the Papelbon point, except to point out that Upton makes $4.25 mil next year, which is about $8 mil less than what Papelbon could get in arbitration. But yes, they could trade him and recoup that $8 mil difference.

              But I think you’re employing a liberal definition of elite with Ellsbury, Lowrie, and Anderson. If you call Ellsbury elite, you have to call Gardner elite. Lowrie is OK, but far from elite. And Anderson’s stock has fallen a bit. They’re not elite by any measure.

            • vin says:

              You’ve been reading too much Peter Gammons.

              Lowrie will be 27 next April, Ellsbury will be 27 in September, and Lars hasn’t yet impressed in AAA. Even if he was good in AAA, he’s still just a 1B.

              The DBacks would/should be looking for a lot more. Namely high-upside, up-the-middle talent, and starting pitching prospects with knock-out stuff.

          • bexarama says:

            Heh, someone got whooshed. ;P

        • yankees1717 says:

          okay, so the yankees can just offer gardner, nunez, laird, (insert killer b here) and robertson and it would probably be equal in value. think about that for a minute. that package i just mentioned couldn’t get colby rasmus, let alone upton.
          also, no one gives up “a truckload of goodies” for half a season of expensive papelbon.

          • Hughesus Christo says:

            1. That package is nowhere near 2 cheap MLB starters, a “big-time” 1B prospect, and Papelbon. Let alone if we get into the Kellys and Iglesiases.

            2. Minnesota just traded Wilson Ramos for MATT CAPPS.

    • … to see a Celtics/Lakers game, and then he’s going home to Arizona, where he’ll be employed as an Arizona Diamondback for all of 2011, 2012, and 2013 (at least).

    • Xstar7 says:

      Hell No

    • vin says:

      I’m going to San Francisco.

      This weekend.

      Wife has a conference.

      Figured I’d tag along and enjoy the city.

    • Fellow Reader says:

      If the D-Backs kick in enough cash with Upton I think Casey Kelly could be had

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      In fact, if the Red Sox don’t end up with Upton, Theo should be fired for negligence.

      • vin says:

        He should be fired for negligence if he doesn’t call Towers to ask about Upton.

        • Hughesus Christo says:

          They are flush with expendable young MLB talent, prospects, and cash in the same offseason they’re looking at giving Werth/Crawford a gazillion dollars.


          • JAG says:

            Ok, while I can’t argue with Ellsbury being expendable or being an MLB player, he’s 27. While he’s certainly young compared to, say, Randy Johnson or Bud Selig, in the context of MLB players he’s entering his prime and thus is unlikely to improve much more…and right now he’s basically a worse Brett Gardner. He’s also entering arbitration, so he’s not even going to be cheap. Other than him, what expendable young talent do they have? Pedroia is not expendable, Lowrie’s not talented, and Anderson isn’t really MLB ready. Bard I suppose fits the bill, but do you think a package centered around him really gets it done?

            Boston would have to do something really crazy to get Upton (like trade him for the “prospects” you mentioned plus pay his contract twice by sending Arizona money equivalent to it). It’s not going to happen.

    • pete says:

      Any team that manages to trade for Upton will inevitably have to make itself worse overall in the process, so I’m cool with that.

      Pedroia, Buccholz, Ellsbury, Kelly, and Anderson for TJU? Sounds good to me.

  16. Granderslam says:

    If we were to get an Upton deal done that would be absolutely amazing…never say never, but the chances are of course slim given what we would have to give up. Any trade that involves the names Banuelos, Montero, Hughes should not even be entertained- unless the return in Josh Johnson or King Felix.

  17. Avi says:

    Justin Upton contract info:
    $500,000 in 2010, $4.25M in 2011, $6.75M in 2012, $9.75M in 2013, $14.25M in 2014 and 2015

  18. Hughesus Christo says:

    I would have no problem trading Montero for Justin Upton. Upton is a guy that can/will be a keystone for 12 years. And he’s more of a sure thing than any prospect.

    • Dirty Pena says:

      I doubt anyone would have a problem trading Montero for Upton. The problem is the many, many assets you’d have to include on top of Montero.

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        I’m not saying it’s Montero for Upton straight up, but Betances/Brackman are such longshots for success in NY that they aren’t even a worth discussing (NO BRAINER) when it comes to a deal for that kind of player. Beyond Montero, the only people I see worthy of prospect-hugging are Banuelos and Sanchez. There’s a limit in shear numbers, but I’m essentially saying “go to the mattresses.”

        • bexarama says:

          I’m thinking it’d be Hughes, not any one of the Killer Bs. Montero + Killer Bs (not all of them), I probably do that. But I think Arizona would want more. And they want Hughes. Montero + Hughes + likely more? I don’t do that.

    • If Montero alone would do it, I’d consider it.

      Montero alone won’t do it.

  19. Dirty Pena says:

    I think it’s time for the “your trade proposal sucks” post.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      If someone told me Omar Infante and Mike Dunn gets you possibly the 4th best 2B in baseball I would call you an idiot and say your proposal sucks.

      This horrendous trade basically nullified ‘your porpsoal sucks.’ Sure it’s an exeception but I geuss there can’t be a proposal too stupid.

  20. Granderslam says:

    I want Andrew McCutchen. Get it done Cash. #sarcasm

  21. It is going to take a huge name to land Upton. We’re talking guys like, Strasburg, Bumgarner or Casey Kelly.


  22. vin says:

    So the person who fetched the “Smoak-type bat” was among the top 5 pitchers in the sport.

    I heard that bat could have been had for less. Much, much less.

  23. CHP says:

    Sign Melky and do this

    D’Backs get
    Melky- solid Upton replacement
    K.Igawa- average starter in the NL West
    I.Nova- He would be an ace on their staff

    Yanks get
    S.Drew- our Jeter replacement

    /did I do this right?

  24. Steve H says:

    Upton is available in a way that every player in baseball is available. If you overwhelm them, they’ll make the trade. If you overwhelm them, you’ve just lost the trade. Everyone has a price and I’m sure Upton’s is as high as Ron Washington.

    • Reggie C. says:

      Would the D’Backs do it for a package of Romine, Banuelos, Brackman, and Ivan Nova?

      I’ll readily admit its a “lesser” package that leaves out the big man, but could Cashman pull it off regardless? At the end of the day, the D’Backs are still getting back two top 75 pitchers, and one pitcher who could probably start game 4 of the 2011 season. Romine’s probably a couple seasons away, but he’s on the right trajectory for a catching prospect. Definitely B-level prospect though.

      Ehhh…nevermind. This will never fly.

  25. first time lawng time says:

    Least favorite teams in each of the 4 main sports: (in no particular order)
    1. Red Sox
    2. Lakers
    3. Flyers
    4. Jets

    2nd Least Favorite Teams:
    1. Phillies
    2. Bucks
    3. Any team in Canada
    4. Red Skins

    Thoughts? Agree/Disagree?

    • Dirty Pena says:

      1. Red Sox
      (can’t express how large this gap is)
      2. Cowboys
      (sizable gap)
      3. Patriots
      (minimal gap)
      4t. Eagles, Steelers, Redskins, Celtics, Phillies

    • vin says:

      I’m a life long Laker fan, so I may be biased… but their mortal enemy is the Celtics. Which means every NYY fan should respect the Lakers.

      Red Sox, Angels
      Celtics, San Antonio
      Devils, Islanders
      Patriots, Eagles (don’t care much though)

      How can you hate the Bucks? Who even cares about them? They’ve been almostly entirely irrelevant since they traded Kareem.

      • first time lawng time says:

        I haven’t been watching that long, but they seem like such an easy team to beat so I always expect the Knicks to win (well, not really, I’m pessimistic, but still) and they always kill the Knicks. They just annoy me.

    • ultimate913 says:

      1. Red Sox
      2. Heat
      3. Bruins
      4. Probably Eagles.

    • Least favorite teams

      2nd Least Favorite Teams:
      Red Skins

      I’m biased as a Jets fan, but I’m sorry, hating the Jets more than the Redskins doesn’t make sense to me. The Redskins is a franchise that’s practically BEGGING you to hate them. Their hateability is off the charts.

      My Jets have barely been relevant enough to generate any real acrimony against them, IMO.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      1. Red Sox
      2. Celtics
      3. Cowboys
      4. Eagles
      5. Patriots

    • Carcillo says:

      MLB: Red Sox, Phillies, Angels
      NFL: Patriots, Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers
      NBA: Heat
      NHL: Penguins, Flyers

      College: SEC + FSU

    • bigjuan says:

      Least Favorites:
      1. Red Sox
      2. Heat
      3. Bruins
      4. Patriots

      2nd Least Favorites:
      1. Rangers
      2. Celtics
      3. Canadiens
      4. Colts

  26. Big Stein says:

    BBWAA announce they are changed the name of the Cy Young award to the Casey Kelly award in recognition of the Boston phenom’s upcoming HOF career.

  27. first time lawng time says:


    Let’s trade:

    For Upton. (we can include Igawa if they still don’t budge)


    Note: this post may not be serious, especially considering I hate these trade proposal things…I just wanted to join in on the fun

  28. TOMACONDA says:

    Maybe we could do a three team trade with Arizona sending Upton to the sox, the Yankees sending Montero Hughes and prospects to the Dbacks and the Yankees get Casey Kelly and Varitek so we have a captain if Jeter leaves?

  29. Jerome S says:

    what are the odds that Upton actually goes anywhere?

    In addition to that, aren’t we kinda set in RF? I’m not concerned about Swish long-term, figure he’s the kinda dude who will perform at this All-star-but-not-nearly-MVP level for the next 3 or so years.

  30. “Brian Cashman: “I’ve got a small player move that I’m working on that might get done at some point this week … But it’s small.””

    OMG! The Yankees are acquiring Dustin Pedroia!!!!!!

  31. So MLBN has a Prime 9 on the best infields ever. I want to say that the 2009 Yankees should have a spot there.

  32. first time lawng time says:

    Yankees are in big trouble this offseason. If they don’t repair their unrepairable damage, it’s going to be a tough battle for 3rd place in the AL East. Basically this is what needs to be done:

    1. Andy Pettitte and his stupid southern accent need to retire. I don’t want any more injuries due to his seniority.
    2. Trade Joba and his fat ass for Joaquim Soria
    3. Phil Hughes is a bust starter…to the pen with him
    4. Mo sucks. (1.8 ERA? pathetic) He needs to take his bald head out of his ass and learn to make sure his cutter cuts….or esle RETIRE!
    5. AJ is a headcase, just like FatAss Joba. Let’s just pay out his contract so he can work on a farm.
    6. Jeter is THE MAN. Seriously he’s a True Yankee TM we can’t get rid of him. Give this guy 5 years, 23 mil per year.
    7. A-Rod is a selfish little princess that cares about noone and only stat-padding. He’s a drain on the team and the economy…let’s trade him for Longoria
    8. Cano is lazy. .320 is pretty lousy. Let’s get trade Kelleher for Bowa so he can get his head out of his ass.
    9. Trade Montero, Jorge, Cervelli for Mauer and Molina
    10. Trade Gardner and Pena and Nova for Upton.
    11. Bench Swisher (he’s. um, not exactly an everyday player)
    12. Have Kevin Long work with Grandy on his right handed hitting
    13. Fire that dumb binder-loving, braces-wearing, loser Girardi
    14. Trade Colin Curtis for Melky Cabrera (kid’s got heart)

    Thoughts? Agree/Disagrreee?

  33. first time lawng time says:

    Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader is such a bad show. Those people on it are so dumb. Seriously, on the first episode, the guy didn’t know what month labor day is in. Seriously? What an idiot. And you know what the sad thing is? He’s probably smarter than like 50% of the nation.

    And Jeff Foxworthy is a weirdo redneck. He’s not really even that funny. And that moustache is gross.

    Seriously I’d like to go on that show just to show everyone how easy it is.

  34. Jimmy McNulty says:

    For those of you who are suggesting a massive Upton package here’s something you should consider:

    One, his age is a factor, yes absolutely. He is an incredible physical talent, but he’s not fucking Miguel Cabrera with Troy Tulowitzki’s defense at short. He has issues, one his strikeout rates, they’re extremely high. Two, look at similar athletic toolsy outfielders with 30ish HR power and high K-rates….they all age like shit. I’m not suggesting Justin Upton will, is what I’m suggesting is that anyone suggesting Cano plus anyone of the Hughes, Manny, Montero, level is a fucking idiot. It’s not a Nick Swisher type down year, but with injury issues down power rates and high K-rates aren’t exactly a good combination. I think he’ll be a plenty good player that any team would be thrilled to have, but he’s not Hank Aaron at age 21 under contract for 20/50M.

    • Poopy Pants says:

      So you’re saying Upton has a lot of UPside, he doesn’t have a TON?

    • first time lawng time says:

      Seriously. These trade proposals are ridiculous. In my opinion (I don’t have stats to back this up) Upton is overrated. I don’t care for him.

      You know what? I don’t care for Cliff Lee either.

      Or Jeter.

      I don’t get why people would be willing to trade Montero for him. Or anyone else for that matter.

      • Dude’s put up a .287/.361/.489 line with a .369 wOBA over the last two seasons. He was 21 and 22. Let me repeat, he was 21 and 22 years old as he’s done this. And you know what? He’ll get better, barring any insane injuries.

        • first time lawng time says:

          I still don’t care for him. We don’t need him.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Will he get better? There’s always the chance of a flame out. Look at his K rates too…he’s not holy grail, nor is he without his flaws. On Fangraphs’ latest trade value series he was ranked just ahead of Cano. He’s still more promise than performance at this point, and you don’t include a fucking MVP candidate in a package with highly regarded talent for a guy who is still more promise than performance. Ignoring his age for a bit, which yes presents issues, look at his stats (isolated power, walk rate, and strikeout rate) and compare them to Matt Kemp, Curtis Granderson, Grady Sizemore, Adam Jones, and his brother BJ. His brother BJ had a solid chance to stay at shortstop and was similarly regarded. Upton had that breakout 2009 where he had like a .390 wOBA, he followed it up with a sub .800 OPS and a 30% K-rate. He’s a fantastic player and should command a good haul, but not the ones you guys are suggesting.

          • For the record, Jimmy, I think most of the commenters who proposed those massive deals for Upton that included Cano or Montero and Hughes or the like were using those comments to argue AGAINST trading for Upton, not that we should actually do those deals.

            I’d love to have Upton for all the reasons you list, but the price point is likely high enough to make it not a good idea, for all the reasons you list. Those commenters are agreeing with you.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              I think you guys are misreading the price point on Upton. I think he’ll be traded for a good haul, but not the Hershel Walker type deal others are expecting. If King Theo were to acquire him he’d probably have to offer: Casey Kelly, Buchholz, Ellsbury, and a ceiling guy or something like that. Maybe Dourbont instead of Kelly, but definitely a good haul for a player…but not the king’s ransom you all are expecting.

    • pat says:

      That’s what I’m sayin Jimmy. If I hadn’t been trying to watch TV and cobble together a crappy post I would have made the same point much earlier. He’s a great talent, but I don’t think he’s worth Montero + others.

  35. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Gary Sanchez and the killer B’s for Josh Johnson and Hanley Ramirez. Get it done Cash, do it soon so whatever crack is on the Marlin’s GM is still there.

  36. pat says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want anything to do with Upton? I might be. I’d rather run Montero out in RF and keep Betances, Banuelos, Romine, Gardner, Hughes, Joba etc. Does he have the elite power to be a 35-40 HR guy? I don’t think he’ll ever be an elite OBP guy, nor is he an elite defender. Obviously one of his best attributes is his age,and room for improvement but I’m not emptying the farm for a guy who projects to be a very good corner OF. Realistically, considering his increasing K rates is he really that likely to drastically improve on his past couple of years production? Say he stays around .285/.350/.500 ish with 20-25 HR while playing RF for the duration of his contract, is it worth it to completely gut our farm? I wouldn’t do it, but I might be alone on this.

    • first time lawng time says:

      No you’re not.

      I don’t care for him either.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I want nothing to do with Upton because of the king’s ransom it would take to land him. Certainly he’s a player any team would love to have, but, with apologies to Jimmy McMillan, the cost is too damn high.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:


        The cost you guys are proposing is too damn high. If the Yankees were offering like a Gardner, Joba, Romine, Brackman, Nova package for Upton that’d be a somewhat reasonable starting point for the D-Backs. I’d probably rather have Greinke than Upton as far as great trade market players go. His down year wasn’t like a BABIP decrease or anything. His HR/FB ratio decreased which could mean a lack of power, or that he wasn’t getting as many “just made it” type shots. I still think he’ll be a good player, but I’m not ready to induct him into the HoF just yet.

    • Pat, I love ya but that’s just batshit crazy. I could see not wanting his equally talented problem child brother, but Justin has superstar written all over him. A few tiny adjustments and he’s a fucking beast.

  37. rbizzler says:

    Greetings people. So, does anyone else think that Uggla was crazy to not take the 4/48 the Marlins were offering? The guy is on the wrong side of 30 and is a terrible defender. The Braves aren’t known for throwing money around, so there is a good chance that they cut him loose after this year, and I am not convinced that Uggla does better than 4/48 on the open market.

    • pat says:

      I could see Dayton Moore doing something stupid.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      2B isn’t a terribly deep position. Uggla is one of the best offensively.

      Someone will look at this homers and RBI’s and ignore his defense and give him a huge contract.

      • 2B isn’t a terribly deep position. Uggla is one of the best offensively.

        That’s because according to his skill set, he really isn’t a 2B. His numbers wouldn’t look the same if he was in LF where he belongs.

        One thing that’s great about BP, when analyzing a player most of their writers will generally subtract negative defensive value from positive offensive value and give you a players net value. Fangraphs is pretty good that way as well. I just wish more fans would look beyond the bat.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          I don’t disagree. Thing is, I doubt other teams will look at his defensive skills and give him a big payday regardless. I think he can easily top 4/48.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I will always remember Uggla for the 2008 All-Star game.

    • vin says:

      Good point about Uggla not accepting the Marlins’ offer. He’ll be a 32 year old 2B with a bad glove at the start of 2012.

      Even if the Braves cut him loose, there’s nothing wrong with taking the 2 draft picks. I’d rather have the 2 picks plus one year of Uggla than Dunn and one year of Infante.

  38. first time lawng time says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is in love with Glee. No offense if you like it, but I think it’s weird. Like, what’s the point you know?

    Just one of those shows that you either love it or you hate it.

    Acting isn’t that great either.

  39. bexarama says:

    The 2009 Yankees are #3 on MLBN’s Prime 9 infields of all time :3

  40. first time lawng time says:

    Anyone going to see To Love and Other Drugs?

    I’m not. I hate Anne Hathaway. She was good in Princess Diaries then went downhill from there. She’s not a good actress either. She just annoys me. And Jake Gyllinhall isn’t even that good looking either. He’s dating Taylor Swift. (Seriously, WTF? Like 9 year gap, and then Taylor Swift isn’t even that pretty or talented (he’s not so attractive himself, but still))

    Seriously, movies are going down the toilet these past few years.

    You know what is a good movie though? The Sandlot. And Heavyweights.

    • Seriously, movies are going down the toilet these past few years.

      I’ve actually enjoyed most of the movies I’ve seen recently. Granted, I’m likely to choose movies that I think I’ll enjoy so there’s some (kinda) confirmation bias there, but I’ve been pretty satisfied w/my cinema experiences of late.

    • pat says:

      Kickass was probably the best movie I saw in theaters last year with Inception being a close second. Anybody ever see Waltz with Bashir? it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a loooooong time. And if you wan’t a movie with an amazing acting job I suggest Bronson a movie about Britain’s most violent inmate, played wonderfully by the criminally handsome Tom Hardy. Also for those of you with a lady friend I suggest It’s All Gone Pete Tong about a world famous DJ in Ibiza who goes deaf.

  41. Everybody go look up the 1997 Braves rotation. And then be shocked if they don’t make the cut on the next Prime 9.

  42. I just got my invoice. $12,985 for a pair of Yankee tickets?

    I hate to break it to the Yanks, but StubHub aint what it used to be. In the last year of the old building/first year of the new one, I was able to sell all my extras, go to a bunch of games and almost break even. Maybe lose or make about $500, so it was pretty much a wash. Selling one Red Sox game paid for 2 other games that I got to go to for freeor give away to customers.

    Last year, I lost a cool 4 grand on the seats. And there’s really no benefit whatsoever to having a full season plan, except maybe keeping your seat for the playoffs. And my schedule is such there’s no way I can attend every playoff game. If I really want to go I can wait until the last minute, log on to StubHub and find seats below face for just about any game. Especially during the week. Even some of the Red Sox games were selling at face last year, and a few didn’t sell at all.

    I’m going to have to think long and hard about this one.

  43. first time lawng time says:

    So while we’re (or mostly me) discussing hollywood and stuff let me just say this:
    People are assholes.

    Seriously, on the radio the other day, there was this jerk going on about how fat and useless that girl from Precious is and how she’s so fat she’ll never amount to anything.

    Seriously, that’s not funny. That’s just mean. Someone that fat probably is that fat, because they have a stomach or digestiv eproblem. And even if they don’t people shouldn’t make fun of people for things like that.

    Just thought I’d share.

  44. first time lawng time says:

    ANy other teams, besides Yankees and Rangers, in the bidding for Cliff Lee? I haven’t heard any contenders mentioned lately.

  45. Avi says:

    Ken Rosenthal is saying the Yanks want Bill Hall.


  46. Quick poll: Who thinks Edgar Martinez is a Hall of Famer?

  47. first time lawng time says:

    Anyone gona bother to watch the Knicks tonight?

    I’ll probably watch some of it. It’s a late start so I doubt I’ll watch the whole thing.

    They haven’t looked good recently, but eh they’re the Knicks so it’s just whatever….entertaining.

  48. Stratman9652 says:

    So a fun little disscusion piece,

    If you were Cliff Lee, and both the Rangers and Yankees make the same offer that meets your demands, in terms of winning and making your legacy (aka ego) do you go with:

    A: The Yankees who have already won 27 WS and are a contender with or without you, or
    B: The Rangers who have never won a WS, and if they did win thier first one it would be largely because of you.

    and go…

  49. ultimate913 says:

    I see the problem with Burnett. It’s all the offense’s fault. Look :
    When the Yanks give him 0 – 2 runs of support, he has a 3.53 ERA
    When 3 – 5, 7.76
    When 6+, 3.44

    Yankees should just score 0 -2 or 6+ every time A.J. is out and they’ll be fine.


  50. Over/Under RAB daily radio shows before Ben makes an appearance.

    I take 52.

  51. Avi says:

    I wouldn’t trade Montero or Phil Hughes straight up for Justin Upton. Montero is younger, cheaper, and plays a position where offense is much more scarce. If you love Upton based on his upside (and I do) Jesus has as much upside offensively. It would be a disappointment if Montero had the year Upton did in his age 23 season.
    Phil Hughes is a starter who I believe could turn into a front line guy soon . And as we know front line starters are much harder to come by than good hitters, even great ones.

    Also, as amazingly talented as Upton is you have to at least entertain the possibility that he doesn’t fulfill his potential. In which case, he’ll be a very expensive player for the next five years (average $10M a year). You have to think that this is at least part of the D-backs thinking in listening to what teams are offering for him.
    I’d be shocked if the D-backs get a better Major League player than Brett Gardner.
    If Upton is traded, I think Gardner, their choice of a killer B, Nova and Nunez will be equal or greater to the package they get for him.

    • Hughes, no, I wouldn’t move for Upton.

      Montero alone, yeah, you’ve kinda gotta do that. Montero’s bat is probably better, but it’s not by much. Certainly not enough to compensate for the defensive issues. Upton can actually play a non-1B/DH position well. That’s a huge advantage over Montero.

      No matter how bullish you are on Montero’s defense, by the time he’s in his late 20s and holes have opened at 1B and DH, he’s gonna get moved, because he’s going to be a defensive liability. That’s not a fait accompli, but it’s pretty damn close to one. Upton will be able to play a corner OF position for the next 15 years.

      Huge advantage.

      • YankeesJunkie says:

        I would keep his bat his bat is just too good and if he gets anywhere close to a Miguel Cabrera bat then he will be more valuable than Upton even at 1B.

        • Agreed, but Justin Upton’s bat is damn special as well. He strikes out a little too much, but he’s a kid who already has a career .272/.352/.471 line with a .356 wOBA and a 115 wRC+ through his age 22 season.

          If Montero comes up to the bigs and puts up Upton’s age 21 and 22 rate stats over the next two seasons (.287/.361/.489, 121 OPS+), that’s an amazing success. Amazing. What Upton’s already done is damn near Montero’s ceiling.

        • Reggie C. says:

          “Anywhere close”

          Sorry, but what does that mean. If Montero isn’t Miggy Cabrera 2.0 , then what is he?
          Paul Konerko perhaps (a one-time catching prospect)?

      • Reggie C. says:

        Who’s better for the next 10 years: Jason Heyward or Justin Upton?

        I think Upton is that level a talent. You definitely trade Montero in a straight-up deal for Upton. I’d dress up a trade with a Ivan Nova, but probably not a killa B.

        • I’d probably take Heyward. Similar bat, fewer K’s, better defender in the corner.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:


        • YankeesJunkie says:


        • Steve H says:

          I’d probably take Heyward, but I’d trade Montero straight up for either of them.

        • ultimate913 says:

          I say Heyward. I’ll give him the advantage because of his age and being a lefty. They both strike out alot but, I’ll take Heyward.

          • Avi says:

            If you’re the Yankees how do you trade Montero for Heyward or Upton? Even if those guys are amazing the difference between them and the guy they’d be replacing (Swish or Gardner) isn’t nearly the difference between Jesus and the guy he’s replacing (Cervelli).
            Heyward and Upton would have to hit about 50 homers and drive in about 160 runs to equal the upgrade Montero gives you over Cervelli.

            • ultimate913 says:

              If you’re the Yankees how do you trade Montero for Heyward or Upton?

              By trading and saying no trade backsies.

              Even if those guys are amazing the difference between them and the guy they’d be replacing (Swish or Gardner) isn’t nearly the difference between Jesus and the guy he’s replacing (Cervelli).

              Do you really expect Garnder to repeat last years offensive numbers? Remember Gardner is already 27 while Swisher is 29. They’re in their prime. Upton and Heyward are 23 and 20, respectively. They can pretty much only get better. Throw in the fact that Swisher is only under team control for about 2 more seasons while Upton and Heyward are for 5 more years. And one thing the Yankees minor league system is known for is being catcher-rich. They can let Montero go because Romine is about one year behind while J.R. Murphy and Sanchez are a couple of years away.

              Heyward and Upton would have to hit about 50 homers and drive in about 160 runs to equal the upgrade Montero gives you over Cervelli.

              No. They would have to just be themselves to equal the upgrade Montero gives you over Cervelli. Throw in the fact that many scouts have said that Montero is slow behind the plate and we don’t know how he’ll perform offensively in the bigs, it might not even be close.

              • Avi says:

                You made some points I think are good and others I think are wrong. I don’t have the energy to go through each one.
                Good night guys. Gonna hit the sack.

      • Avi says:

        “No matter how bullish you are on Montero’s defense, by the time he’s in his late 20s and holes have opened at 1B and DH, he’s gonna get moved, because he’s going to be a defensive liability. That’s not a fait accompli, but it’s pretty damn close to one. Upton will be able to play a corner OF position for the next 15 years.”

        I totally agree on Montero’s defense. I don’t even think he lasts into his upper 20′s as a catcher. But if he plays just five years at catcher he’s more valuble than Upton.
        Give me the five year catcher and my current corner outfielders over a guy who can play a corner spot for 15 years. Also the Yankees aren’t married to swish and gardner for the next 15 years you know.

    • Steve H says:

      You’re alone.

      Upton doesn’t just have upside in the majors, he has had a shit-ton of success at a very young age. There is no guarantee that Montero will hit in the majors (he likely will) but there is a much, much smaller chance he does so as a catcher. I love Hughes, but I will drive him to Arizona on a moped if it means bringing back Upton. You say that Upton may not fulfill his potential, but just assume Montero and Hughes will? Does not compute.

      • Avi says:

        I’m not saying Montero or Upton will or won’t fulfill their potential. Just that being it’s potential with both of them, I’d rather have the guy who’s younger, cheaper and has more positional value. If it was a given that Upton stays at his current level production over the next five years no one would touch his contract with a ten foot pole. So you’re banking on potential with both of them.
        With Hughes, I think right now he’s a more valuable player than Upton is. They both have room to grow. So gimme the guy who’s ahead in his development and happens to be the most valuable commodity in baseball; a starting pitcher (and even more so for the Yankees).

        • Steve H says:

          Upton, if he continues at his current level of production is a steal at his current contract. Since turning 20 his line is .277/.359/.482. That’s easily worth what he’s going to get paid.

          • Avi says:

            .277/.359/.482is a steal at $10M a year??
            That line seems about league average to me for a starting corner outfielder.

            • JGS says:

              Major League hitters in 2010:

              as LF: .270/.337/.432
              as RF: .270/.342/.442

              .277/.359/.482 from a guy who turned 23 just a couple of months ago? Yea, worth it.

              • Avi says:

                I said STARTING corner OF’s. Guys with like 500 AB’s or more. Or starters that get less than 500 AB’s that were hurt like Nelson Cruz. You can’t include collin curtis and chad huffman in the equation.

                • JGS says:

                  There were 25 corner outfielders who qualified for the batting title.

                  Upton was 20th in hits, 17th in doubles, 8th in walks, 1st in strikeouts, 7th in stolen bases, 19th in batting average, 12th in OBP, 16th in SLG, and 14th in OPS.

                  Seems pretty middle of the pack. He was also the second youngest of the 25.

                  • Avi says:

                    Great research! Thank you

                  • Avi says:

                    Do you know what the 25 guys’ collective line is?

                    • JGS says:

                      Don’t see any easy way to sum them, and that would take far more time than I have.

                      Batting average ranges from .315 (Ichiro) to .246 (Carlos Lee), OBP goes from .401 (Choo) to .291 (Carlos Lee again), SLG goes from .532 (Holliday and Werth) to .316 (Juan Pierre. Gardner is second from the bottom at .379) and OPS goes from .922 (Holliday) to .657 (Pierre)

    • pete says:

      “It would be a disappointment if Montero had the year Upton did in his age 23 season.”

      This is the problem with yankees fans. (no offense)

    • It would be a disappointment if Montero had the year Upton did in his age 23 season.

      lolwut? There is so much wrong with this statement.

  52. yankees1717 says:

    i think the yanks are better served using their many chips on a position of need, like, you know, pitcher?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Heh it’s not like they’ll get a good chance of sticking. If they don’t show signs of dominating in their first year you’re likely not starting another game. We can make fun of Rob but the Yankees really didn’t show patience with their blue chips. I pray to Mo this changes but I’m not optimistic.

      • bexarama says:

        The sad thing about Rob was that he did have a point with that but then he went so insane when he was blabbering on about how Hughes isn’t Steve Carlton and Wang must’ve sucked because of his low K rate, ignoring that his career FIP was actually lower than his ERA and his xFIP is .06 higher. And all the logical inconsistencies. And uh, everything else really

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Oh yeah he hated not giving Joba a chance even tough he sucked somewhat and said why Hughes sucks. But if strugglig is normal then why bash Hughes?

          I stopped taking it seriously since then.

  53. cj says:

    Romine, Heathcott, Joba OR Robertson, Nova OR Banuelos, Brackman FOR Upton,Clay Zavada AND his moustache

  54. First time lawng time says:

    What does everyone think will be he Yankees acquisitions?

  55. Steve H says:

    Upton is younger than, among others:

    Carlos Santana
    Desmond Jennings
    Justin Smoak
    Wade Davis
    Jeremy Hellickson
    Michael Taylor
    Chris Carter
    Pedro Alvarez

    And has already played in over 400 MLB games with an OPS north of .800. He is a beast. Not a potential ridiculous upside beast, he’s a beast who’s very likely to get better.

  56. pat says:



    /double fists Four Loko

  57. bonestock94 says:

    We’re probably dwelling too much on a typical inquiry. That said, this is one of the few trades I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to some combination of Montero, Gardner, Hughes, Banuelos, Betances, etc.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I would. OF is something the Yankees are set with for the next couple of years. There’ll be a slight upgrade sure and perhaps a bigge rone in the long term but the Yankees are always going to need pitching and catching will also be a need.

      I’d like Upton but trading from him hurts mroe than helps unelss they pull a Marlin’s and it’s Romine + Eric Wordkemper.

  58. First Time Poster says:

    Since the D’Backs already have IPK… couuld the Yanks not just sign Melky and trade him to complete the package?

    IPK + Melky for Upton. Done deal.

  59. Pasqua says:

    Ugh. Listening to the Braves GM talk about Dan Uggla’s “ingtangibles” and his “grittiness.” Jesus, man. Why don’t you just say what you mean to say: “He hits a shitload of homeruns”?

  60. ZZ says:

    Justin Upton is one of the single most talented players in all of baseball to the point where you don’t say his ceiling is one of the 10 best players in the game, you almost expect it to happen as he matures. The comparisons cited above like Sizemore, Kemp, Adam Jones, and Granderson are off base. Upton is on a different level in terms of talent than those guys. The only other outfielders in baseball with Upton’s talent are Josh Hamilton and Jason Heyward. Hamilton is the type of ceiling those two have.

    Add in his contract which is a big bonus and that is why it will take an absolute haul to get him. A type of package that will positively transform the fate of the Diamonbacks franchise. Just a haul of major league and close to major league young players.

    The type of package that starts with Hughes, Montero, and Betances or Banuelos and then goes from there. In terms of Boston, you are dreaming if you think players like Casey Kelly or anyone else down in their system is getting that conversation started.

    For the Red Sox you are talking about starting with Buchholz and then gutting the Red Sox system for any top end talent they have and even then it would be tough for them to acquire him because they don’t have the close to major league high end talent to make the package overwhelm Towers.

    Jon Lester is the player that really gets the conversation going with the Diamondbacks if the Red Sox want him. That is the type of trade value Justin Upton has.

    More importantly, with Towers running the show you are not getting away with the Gardners or the Novas as main pieces of the deal. You are absolutely starting with Hughes and Montero. Towers knows the system top to bottom.

  61. Stratman9652 says:

    Tell me again why there is an ongoing conversation about aquiring outfielders? What are we really lacking out there? Is an upgrade over Gardner’s mediocre power really so nessesary that people would be OK with pawning off top prospects or boatloads of cash or is there something else I’m missing?

    • ultimate913 says:

      Meh. There isn’t anything else to talk about. Knicks are about to lose for the 6th straight time and Lee is apparently not going to making a decision until December.

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