The RAB Radio Show: November 23, 2010

Davidoff: Pettitte 'leaning toward' pitching in 2011
Update: Vazquez to receive Yanks' only arb offer

It feels as though the Yankees wanted to hear Mike and I talk longer, because they dumped a ton of news on us today.

First up: MVP. What Cano got, what he didn’t get, why he didn’t deserve to win, but why he also should be proud of his finish. There could be greater things in Mr. Cano’s future.

Then we move onto arbitration. We know that they will extend offers to Kerry Wood and Javy Vazquez, and that Javy has agreed to decline. From what Cashman said I presume Wood will accept. That’s good news for the 2011 bullpen, but not for the 2011 payroll.

Six years and $140 million for Cliff Lee? I thought the Yanks would get there, but there is a report that it’s already on the table. Is this just a garbled game of telephone, or are the Yankees trying to get all their affairs in order with a time-sensitive offer?

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Davidoff: Pettitte 'leaning toward' pitching in 2011
Update: Vazquez to receive Yanks' only arb offer
  • Jeff

    Josh Hamilton’s 2008 season was better than his 2010 season. Robison Cano’s 2010 season was better than Dustin Pedroia’s 2008. Yet, Pedroia won in ’08 and Cano finished 3rd in ’10?

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      I don’t see any reasonable measure that would indicate Hamilton had a better year in 08 than in 10. His 2010 was better by a wide margin.

      • mbonzo

        If only an entire season could be decided in a homerun derby.

      • JGS

        2008: 130 RBIs
        2010: 100 RBIs

        The point of the game is to drive in runs, ergo 2008 >>> 2010


        • Bulldozer

          Can’t tell if you are serious or joking.

          • Slugger27

            i assume joking. i’ve noticed a track record of logical posts from JGS.

            • JGS

              Very very very much joking

              (and thanks!)

              • Bulldozer

                LOL, I figured you musta been joking.

  • Matt Imbrogno

    In class ’til 6, then work ’til 7:30. Annoyed I can’t listen now.

    • mbonzo

      Hah, so nice of you to not put on headphones and listen in class. I swear theres at least one person in each of my classes that will sit there and listen to music. I don’t know why they bother to even attend.

      • Matt Imbrogno

        Ha, can’t do that. This is a) an important/relatively small class and b) people are sharing lesson plans. To not listen would be outrageously rude.

        • mbonzo

          Well you missed a good show. Its been a wild afternoon.

          • Matt Imbrogno

            Any chance I can listen to it via Droid while I drive the ten miles from school to work? Haha. As far as I’ve seen, that thing is fucking magic and I wouldn’t be surprised if I could.

            • mbonzo

              Dunno if this will work for you.

            • Thomas

              I’m sure the Droid can do your work for school and job.

              This isn’t insulting your job and class either.

  • J.R.

    I think you guys are forgetting when Mussina refused to sign for less than Pavano. He refused to be paid less and Cashman agreed with him.

    • mbonzo

      Pavano should be a banned word on RAB. He’s the Lord Voldemort of Yankee fans.

    • YankeesJunkie

      Mussina did put up a 5.2 WAR along 3.5 ERA and peripherals so the different probably was not more than 1 or 2 million.

  • Sal

    Is Wood coming back? Is it going to be a new deal like 2/16M?

    • YankeesJunkie

      They offered him arbitration and he has 7 days to accept or decline. If he declines the Yankees get a supplemental first round draft pick when he signs with another team. If he accepts the Yanks have till February to come up with a new contract or it will go into arbitration where he will probably make a 1 year deal worth 11-12 million. I will be interested to see what Wood does because there is no doubt that he could get a multi year deal, but it he thinks he can only make 5-7 million a year he probably accepts arbitration. If his agent thinks he can get 3/24 or something like that then Wood almost has to decline and try to get that money and time which the Yanks won’t offer.

    • Plank

      I think the Yankees are going to have to be more active in the reliever FA market than in past years. The Yanks have felt comfortable that they had enough good arms in the minors to throw at the wall and see what sticks to settle their bullpen the past few years.

      That’s not really true for 2011. If they wanted, they could convert the 3 B’s to relievers and have them start in the majors, but they know that’s ridiculous. They are going to have to sign free agent relievers. Unless Kerry really wants to be a closer, I think he’ll be back in pinstripes next year.

      • Don W

        Why do you think the Yanks are somehow out of bullpen options? A loogy maybe but that’s pretty much it with or without Wood. They have solid back half of the rotation starter prospects in AAA that could be called on to pitch relief if needed. Sanchez, Nova, Phelps and Noesi could all be middle relievers as could Rule V candidates like Pendelton & Kontos that could be ready soon.

        • Plank

          Yeah, I didn’t write that very clearly. I think the Yankees are weary of quickly converting starters to relievers to help the big league club. It hampered Joba, didn’t help Hughes, and now that the Yankees have legit prospects as pitchers, I think they want to avoid messing with their young arms.

          They certainly could convert all those guys and get a serviceable bullpen, but it would hamper their development down the road, or at least that’s the way Cash sees it I think.

          • Don W

            My counter would be that they probably don’t envision guys like Sanchez, Nova, Phelps and Noesi as being essential to their current or future rotations. Maybe one or two but certainly not Sanchez and probably a couple of the others if they went public with the truth.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Jeter, Mo, Andy, Wood & Cliff + the rest of the returning players = 230-240M payroll.

    • Mike Axisa

      Kerry Wood’s not coming back.

  • mike

    Mike, good point about the Yanks dragging it out with Mo/Jeter. I thought the same, but I think they’ll get Mo done soon then drag out the Jeter situation. With Mo its simple, 1 or 2 years. He deserves every penny

    • Steve H

      He deserves every penny

      Can’t really say that until we know just how many pennys he gets.

    • Slugger27

      i dont think he deserves the 2/36 he’s seeking. he’s already the highest paid reliever by no small margin.

      • Ed

        He’s not seeking 2/36. He’s supposedly asking for 2/36 because he knows he’ll get less than whatever he asks for at the start.

        And for all we know, the Yankees could have made up that number and leaked it to the press to try to make him look unreasonable.

    • Rivera Venue Blues

      It’s weird how some people are completely okay with Mo getting 18 mil a year while they say Jeter should just take 12 mill a year and be happy about it. I know it’s very much about the years and not everyone is like this, but a lot of people seem to be okay with Mo getting overpaid but not Jeter. Not speaking of you specifically, mike, just something I’ve seen.

      A. Closers only pitch 80 innings a year max. An average starting shortstop should accrue more WAR than even the best closers, just because it’s a much more important role.
      B. The replacement we could get for Mo (Rafael Soriano? Soria?) is probably much closer in production to Mo than the replacements out there for Jeter at the moment.
      C. As widely popular as Mo is, Jeter is definitely the bigger marketing pull for the Yankees; there will be much more outrage if Jeter doesn’t come back. He’s the “Captain”. If anyone should be getting extra dollars for off-the-field production, it’s Jeter.