Davidoff: Pettitte ‘leaning toward’ pitching in 2011


Andy Pettitte is “leaning toward” pitching for the Yankees in 2011, Ken Davidoff just reported via Twitter. According to his industry source, the Yanks’ lefty will re-up with the team for one more year, thus solidifying the Yanks’ starting rotation. Earlier this month, Pettitte told reporters that, if he returned for 2011, it would be his final season. With Pettitte now likely to return, the Yanks must fill only one open rotation spot instead of two. This new-found leverage, however, does not mean the club is likely to reduce its offer to Cliff Lee.

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  1. bexarama says:


    That is really all I have to say. Please be true!

  2. Ed says:

    And the cycle repeats. When he gets home with all sorts of aches and pains from a full baseball season, he just wants to retire. Once he starts to feel better, and his kids tell him how awesome it is to have a dad that plays for the Yankees, he decides to play again.

    • Thomas says:

      I think it is more like this:

      During the season – I miss my kids. I should see them grow up
      During off-season – Man, these little brats are annoying. If I re-up with the Yankees, how many months will it be that I won’t see them?

      • Ed says:

        Could very well be. I’m just going off his press comments – but of course, he’d never tell the press your version. A year or two ago he said something like “My older kids are at an age where they can appreciate me being a baseball player, and I’d like my youngest to be able to remember seeing me play”.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      and his wife says “You know honey, another 10 million dollars wouldn’t be so bad”

    • brockdc says:

      Though he would probably never admit to this, being on the road for five months out of the year must start to get aggravating at some point for a guy his age. Being in my mid-30s, I can honestly say that a six-hour flight isn’t nearly as physically benign as it was even seven or eight years ago. And the constant shuffling from city to city must also gradually wear on a guy who’s almost 40.

      • Ed says:

        He’s more or less said that already. He’s complained about the toll on his body. Wanting to spend more time with his family is the other half of his reasoning.

      • Corporate Scum (formerly Joe West's Music Career) says:

        yes, but do bare in mind that it’s first class all the way for the players. He’ll be fully reclining on the six hour flight, not tucking his knees in tighter to accomodate the chicken or fish.

  3. mike says:

    after reading that it just moved

  4. vin says:

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

  5. Bulldozer says:

    I guess tomorrow he’ll come out and say he wants a $20M+ deal? LOL, just kidding.

    • vinny-b says:

      no. Andy Pettitte is not Jeter. Notice, he goes year-to-year. Instead of trying to stick the team with a 5 year contract.

      • mbonzo says:

        God damn that Derek Jeter for trying to keep his job. Pettitte’s not Jeter, Jeter is more important to the Yankees as a starting shortstop who plays everyday. (sorry bex) Theres 5 starting pitchers and only 1 starting shortstop. I know you think the Yankees should just low-ball Jeter and let him go if he doesn’t accept but who do should the Yankees replace him with?

        • bexarama says:

          Why does everyone always say “sorry bex” in these things that I 100% agree with? ;P (No, I totally know why.)

        • I don’t really get how you can say Jeter’s getting low-balled. The offer the Yanks made is, by all indications, a year longer and for $15 million more than what any team is willing to pay him on the open market. Just because it doesn’t match up with Jeter’s pie-in-the-sky expectations does not mean it’s a lowball offer.

          /end rant.

          • mbonzo says:

            Theres no way 3/$45 is low balling. Thats the exact number I thought they should reach between the two. I thought the Yankees started bidding too high actually. I was referring to a debate we had yesterday where vinny-b said the Yankees should just let Jeter walk.


            • MikeD says:

              If it’s the exact number you want him to sign at then you’ll probably be disappointed. That was the opening offer, and both sides know it will go up from there. I’m just hoping they stay firm on the years.

        • john says:

          jeter just take the money and play. if you have 3 good years and still can play they will sign you again. if not move a rod back to short and andy you have class glad you comming back

      • CBean says:

        Um, he goes year to year because he’s been seriously contemplating retirement for the past few years. Andy Pettitte also likes getting paid. In fact, I recall there being a lot of drama as to Andy’s contract not that long ago.

      • It’s because he knows he doesn’t have Jeter’s leverage.

        If Andy thought he could get away with trying to leverage the team into paying him 20M a year for 4+ years, he’d do it too.

        • Ed says:

          If Andy thought he could get away with trying to leverage the team into paying him 20M a year for 4+ years, he’d do it too.

          It’s nothing to do with leverage. He just honestly goes into every offseason believing he’s only going to play 1 more season.

          Remember, back in ’03 the Red Sox and Angels both offered him $48m/4 when the Yankees were offering about $22m/2. Rather than using those deals for leverage, he immediately turned them down because he didn’t want to play for a rival of the Yankees. When Houston offered him $31.5/3, he accepted it before the Yankees had time to prepare their counter offer.

          Also, he went into the ’03 offseason looking for a 3 year deal because he believed he was going to retire after that.

      • bigjuan says:

        That’s unfair. Pettitte is self-admittedly near the end. Unlike Jeter, he’s not seeking long-term security. In fact, it seems like the lack of commitment suits him better.

        As much as we all wish Jeter would do what’s best for the Yankees, he’s going to do what’s in his best interest because that’s how this business works. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Ed says:

        Shocking, a guy who isn’t certain how much longer he wants to play isn’t going for a long term deal.

        • Shocking, a guy who isn’t certain how much longer he wants to play is certain he doesn’t have the leverage for a long-term deal isn’t going for a long term deal.


          • Ed says:

            He doesn’t have the leverage because he goes into every offseason saying “I’m retiring or playing one more year for the Yankees.” He’s still good enough to get a multi-year deal if he’s willing to shop himself around.

            • Hughesus Christo says:

              Who would give Andy Pettitte a multiyear contract?

              Start working from 0 and then count up to your estimate of Jeter’s suitors.

              • Ed says:


                Even in an injury shortened season, he was worth 2.9 fWAR. He was worth 3.5-4.5 fWAR in the previous 4 seasons. He averaged 3.78 fWAR. He’s not an ace, but that’s a solid #2 pitcher on all but the best of teams.

                We’ve already heard rumors of Javy getting multi-year offers. You really think a track record like Pettite’s wouldn’t get them? Jamie Moyer was getting multi-year offers into his 40′s, there’s no reason a late 30′s Pettitte couldn’t get one if he tried. He doesn’t simply because he’s brutally honest about his thoughts, which has eliminated any leverage he could possible have.

                Fan jadedness with Yankee free agents is ridiculous.

              • MikeD says:

                You really don’t think Pettitte, a lefthanded pitcher, can’t get a two-year deal? Really?

                Pettitte has stated he only wants to pitch for the Yankees and he has gone one year at a time. He has hurt his negotiating chances. All he has to do is put himself on the market and let teams know he is legit in his intentions and he will get a multi-year offers. Even better, if he stated he only wanted a one year contract, he would get paid north of $15 million for a single year. Easy.

    • RL says:

      No, a 20% increase would be fine (just like Mo, used to give Jeter more leverage).

      /sarcasm’d, since everybody’s meeter sooms to be broken. :-)

  6. Zack says:

    He’ll continue pitch as long as he’s free from major injury.

  7. Clay Bellinger says:


  8. CBean says:

    \o/ Come on Andy, come back! We can buy you new kids!

  9. Avi says:

    Andy P baBY!

  10. steve (different one) says:

    Everything is coming up Millhouse!

  11. Klemy says:

    This is great news. Was really hoping his last start wouldn’t really be his “last”.

  12. Monteroisdinero says:

    I want to personally apologize to Andy for asking Adam Jones to try a bunt on Andy in his first game back in September. First inning/2 outs/Roberts on 3rd/Jones lays down a perfect bunt to score the run. I really thought he’d pop it up.

    I won’t do that again.

  13. Sean C. says:

    He can leave his heart in Deer Park, we can use the rest of him in the rotation next year.

  14. Mike HC says:

    I just appreciate every year I can watch Jeter, Mo and Pettitte play. It will not last for that much longer.

  15. krissy says:

    As long as Andy will be there in 2011…. I’m a very happy camper !

  16. Ana Harvey says:

    nooooo, plzzz Andy Pettitte you are the best pitcher of the best team in the world….plzzz don’t go…you know I admire you because you are in the best team in the world plzz don’t go….the others team are losers and for me you are a winner…..come on don’t make me feel sad because of you…plzzz.Andy Pettitte you can do it …….. I love you…I love the New York Yankees…I love all the people that are on the best team… :)..:D

  17. solamon says:

    Andy pettitte has to return because we need him and just in case cliff lee says no and pettitte is one of the best pitchers in the MLB

  18. Larry G. says:

    I am very happy Pettitte will be coming back for another season. But some of the posters on here are pathetic. Do you think that Pettitte coming back assures the Yanks of a World Series victory? Come on get real…

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