Yanks offer to Jeter: 3 years, $45 million

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Yankees release Jon Albaladejo

SI’s Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees are about to make Derek Jeter a three-year offer worth $45 million. He will surely reject it. That’s the way these types of things go. All we know now is that Jeter will certainly get more than that, whether in years, dollars, or both.

RAB Live Chat
Yankees release Jon Albaladejo
  • Bill R

    Sounds like a fair deal to me.

    • A.D.

      Yup, unfortunately as the starting deal, pretty much guarantees it doesn’t happen

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Sounds like a fair deal to me.

      That’s because you’re not Derek Jeter.

  • Brian in NH

    I only hope the dollars increase…even three years really scares me

  • UWS

    Hmm, seems like they should’ve gone lower to start off, considering they’re bidding against themselves. Eesh.

    (Please spare me the “But he’s Derek JETAH!!!” sentiment)


    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Meh, they’re still going to end up at the same place anyway.

      • http://www.joelefkowitz.com joe lefko

        And in the exceedingly rare chance Jeter walks, an initial offer this big should spare us from reading a dozen articles bashing the Yankees for playing hardball with Cap’n Clutch.

        • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

          It won’t.

          • Chris

            See: Torre, Joe.

  • JohnathanCold

    Ouch. Hard to believe they settle at 3/60.

    • The Ancient Mariner

      Fifteen to twenty million a year is a pretty big leap.

  • JohnathanCold

    I laughed.

    • Slugger27


  • Dave


  • Dave

    I just shows what money can do

  • ultimate913

    He will surely reject it.

    Bad bad bad sign. If true, I don’t like where this is heading.

    • Ed

      Why wouldn’t he? It’s a negotiation. Neither side expects their first offer to be accepted. If your first offer gets accepted, you screwed up.

  • Kiko Jones

    My friends who are not of the Yankee fan persuasion have been asking me what I think Jeter should get, and I’ve been saying 3/15m, with the caveat that he’s still being overpaid in such a deal.

    I guess they’ll pay thru the nose, then, as scheduled.

    • CBean

      Um, Jeter would get more than 3/15 in the open market.

      • rbizzler

        From which team? The market for 34yo shortstops is not really all that robust. Without the name value he probably gets 8-10 million per and because he is Derek Effing Jeter he would likely get 10-12 per.

        There are not going to be very many contracts signed this offseason with AAV’s over 15 million (Lee, Crawford, Werth…), and all of those guys are younger and provide more value than Jeet.

      • dalelama

        That is crazy talk, according to various WAR comparisons I have read he is worth about $7.5M per year max. I predicted this would be the offer as it is about double what Jeter the ballplayer is worth. My guess is that they end at $19M for three so Jeter can say he didn’t take a pay cut. Throw in a $2M bonus for 3,000 hits.

  • Yankeefan91 Arod fan

    ill take it lol if jeter doesnt want it :p

    • Slugger27


  • Mister Delaware

    Nothing makes me more curious than what Jeter would receive on the open market. Not that I want to find out, but I’d like to know. You know?

    • Slugger27

      i think its more than most around here seem to think. i dont think he’d get as much AAV on the open market as he would with the yankees, but id wager that he could get a 3 yr deal from a diff team, probably worth 36Mish

      lets not forget: he was 3rd in the AL in fWAR

      • Slugger27

        ^^among SS

      • FIPster Doofus

        Given Jeter’s competition among the rest of the AL short stops, that’s like being the third-skinniest kid at fat camp.

  • Kiko Jones

    *3 years at $15m each, btw

    • ultimate913

      The reply button is your friend. Don’t be scared of it.

      • Kiko Jones

        You mean this thing, here? Wow!

    • CBean

      Oh– see, I didn’t see this down here.

      • rbizzler

        Ha, me neither.

  • SRB

    2 yrs/$20 mil- If not, see you w/ your Cooperstown plaque and Yankee hat

    • Kiko Jones


  • Sal

    Buster Olney was right on the mark . He predicted 3/45 a few weeks back. I wouldn’t give him a penny more. He is no longer a 19 million dollar player and he was over paid to begin with.

    • RL

      3/45 is probably fair, but it’s only the starting point for the Yankees. I don’t agree he was overpaid on the previous deal. I think it was about appropriate.

      • RL

        And by probably fair, I mean generous of the Yankees to start there.

  • Sal

    We will be fine without him if he doesn’t accept the offer. I’m serious.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      you believe it.
      i think you’re probably right.
      there are MILLIONS of fans who would kill both of us for even having this conversation.

  • Big DaveyNJ

    How many more millions could he possibly need? He’s only alienating himself when asking for more.

    15 million a year!!

    (Pulls hair out)

    • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

      Alienating himself from who? The NY has his back because it gives them more chances to rip the Yankees. The Pay-Jeter-whatever-he-wants fanbase will back him forever. And everyone else understands it’s a business.

      Jeter asking for more money doesn’t make me like him less, because I’m not naive. Everyone loves money; so why wouldn’t athletes? 99% of them will go to the highest bidder regardless of who their father was a fan of, what team has the best roster, what type of city/fanbase they have, etc.

      • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

        The NY media*

    • Kiko Jones

      I say call his bluff. Leave 3 yrs/15m per on the table, and if say, [insert whatever other team here] offers him $20m per, let’s see him take it. Let Jeter reject more many than he’s worth and have him deal with the fallout from the fans. I don’t think any reasonable Yankee fans feels 3 yrs/15m is beneath Jeter. But, who knows?

  • camilo Gerardo

    Don’t budge, Yankees.

  • http://lohud sandy g

    jeter and his agent are lucky hanley ramirez or troy tulowitzki are not free agents this year. he should take the 3 years 45mil and keep his mouth shut

    • http://www.twitter.com/deanezag Zack

      Yankees & Cashman are lucky Jeter had a down year, they should offer 120m and throw him a parade.

      • Yanks

        There is also the possibility that his production is downhill from here and 15 mil. exceeds his market value.

  • http://theyankeeu.com Matt Imbrogno

    I’m glad they offered it, but, like it’s been said, I doubt Jeter accepts it.

  • UncleArgyle

    I wouldn’t offer Jeter a cent more. Let him play in Baltimore for 20% the money if he doesn’t like it.

  • JerseyDutch

    Jeter’s agent will counter with 5 years @ $100 million. They’ll negotiate to something like 4 years @ $68 million.

    • UncleArgyle

      That seems like a reasonable assumption

  • radnom

    Final deal:

    4 years, 17.5 per + some minor, token career milestone incentives

    Write it down.

    • Slugger27


      write it down.

      • dalelama

        exactly that way Jeter can save face by not taking a paycut.

  • Chris

    Don’t care about the money, but 3 years is as long as they should go. I have a feeling it will wind up including an option for a 4th year, which could be good or bad depending on its terms.

  • Xstar7

    I predicted this deal

  • emac2

    Hopefully the negotiation is between the Yankees offer and shorter deals. 2 at 35 or 1 at 20… assuming the 3-45 is true.

  • Bulldozer

    Don’t all hate on me at once, but why isn’t there a backlash against what Mo is going to get? I mean Jeter has out-fWAR’d him by almost a 2-1 margin in their careers, and Jeter has out-fWAR’d him by a decent amount these past years. He will probably continue to do so in 2011. Why do you guys think that Mo deserves $15-17mm in 2011, but Jeter deserves less or the same for 2011? Is it only the years?

    • NYGrand

      Yeah the years and the decline. Mo only throws 1 inning in a game so it’s easier for him to sustain his success and he hasn’t showed any decline. Jeter is a everyday player at a really demanding position so it’s harder for him to hold up long term.

      • Bulldozer

        Ok, so the years. Barring injury, I bet Jeter out-fWARs Mo by a decent margin in 2011 even if you include the decline.

    • Tim

      Because Mo is still the best in the business at doing what he does, and Jeter is not.

      • Bulldozer

        That’s not sound logic. The best at pitching one inning 3-4 times a week is still much less valuable than an above average up the middle everyday player. That’s pretty simple.

        • Ed

          Mo’s been getting top dollar since he was first eligible for arbitration over a decade ago. The team has made it clear that they’re fine with paying him that. Until he starts to decline, there’s no reason to expect that to change.

          • Bulldozer

            So are you saying that Mo will be overpaid in 2011, and that Jeter will outperform him, but that’s life, or something different?

    • Section 39

      Mo actually performed to what he was paid last year. Jeter, did not.

      Mo was the best closer in baseball, sub-2 ERA, sub-1 WHIP. He deserves to be the best paid closer in the game at $15 million/yr. He is unreplacable.

      Jeter, making 22.6 million last year, was average. His defensive range continue to decline and his field pct would be much less if it were for someone names Mark Texeira at 1B. Balls were in the dirt, high and wide, etc. more than 10 times I can remember distinctly. Errors all saves by Tex. Then you get him hitting 270/340/370 with 10 HR and that is worth 22.6 million? Without putting a name on those stats, there is no way you pay that money for what you got in Jeter last year. MIGUEL TEJADA posted comparable numbers (269/312/381 with 15 HR) and made only $6 MILLION. $15 million/year for Jeter is more than fair.

      • Bulldozer

        I guess you’re not familiar with fWAR.

        • Section 39

          Statistics only go so far. There is no statistic that can illustrate that not all pitchers can handle the pressure of closing a game. WAR does not take that into account — all relief pitchers are created equal in WAR — whether they pitch the 7th or the 9th. Anyone with reasonable sense, not burried in a book of stats, can see that Mo is the top closer in the game and Jeter, is NOT the top SS in the game. Mo is being paid as the top closer in the game and up until now, Jeter was being paid as the top SS. The fact is, Jeter has declined so much recently that he is only above-average. His name is iconic, but his production is really just above-average.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joe Pawlikowski

            “all relief pitchers are created equal in WAR ā€” whether they pitch the 7th or the 9th. ”

            Do not speak about that which you do not know. WAR takes into account leverage for relievers.

            • Bulldozer

              Thanks for using logic Joe. What’s your stance on the lack of anti “overpaying” Mo sentiment compared to the anti “overpaying” sentiment for Jeter? Just the years or just rooted in out psyche that Mo is Mo.

  • NYGrand

    My prediction all along has been 3/60 and I’m sticking with it because I think NY really is afraid of giving him anymore then 3 and Jeter will probaly accept a 3 year deal only if there is no pay cut.

  • Section 39

    Honestly though, thinking strictly from the Yankees perspective, why not just play hardball with Jeter? He truly is not worth more than this on the open market and is he really going to get an offer like this, or more, from somewhere else? Keep in mind, his legacy is on the line too. He wants to continue setting Yankees records, continue to be the “face of the Yankees”, etc. Is he really going to split when another team offers him an extra year? I’d support calling his bluff and going no more than 3/60.

    • Ed

      Iā€™d support calling his bluff and going no more than 3/60.

      You consider an offer increase of 33% to be “calling his bluff.” That’s why Jeter is turning down the first offer the team makes, regardless of what it is.

      His goal isn’t to get a completely ridiculous contract. But he is aiming to get the most the Yankees are willing to give him.

      • Section 39

        Meant to type 3/50 actually, but hoenstly, I’d play hardball at 3/45 through December. Seriously, what options does Jeter have?

  • First Time Poster

    I know I am in the minority here; nevertheless, I believe that a 3/45 deal is fair on both sides. I believe/know that the contract will end up north of the initial bid, but that is how negotiations go.

    The Yankees are a baseball team. They are just like all of the other 29 teams in baseball, something I think we can all agree on this; however, they are something more than that– they are a brand name (please pardon the cliche).

    They differentiate the way they do business in the baseball world in every sense of the economy. Any time you hear of a baseball rumors it is not what all 30 teams are thinking… it is what the 29 teams are thinking and what the Yanks are thinking. They have a seemingly infinite budget, and they don’t mind using said budget (not only on FA) to make more money.

    Jeter, weather you like it or not, is a very important part of that name at the moment. Fans love him (most of us being apart of that group) and want to see him finish up his awesome career in pistripes; yet, there is a price to pay for such a face. For every peak there is a trough, something that must be endured.

    It sucks to have to watch our poster boy not being an All-Star, but I’d rather have him our team for an extra 4-5 million (6-7 w/LT) then watch him with another club. Fortunately we are Yankee fans, and our team can afford it with very few ill affects. The Yankees can afford to pay that little extra, and I am okay with that.

    • Wayne

      For God’s sake, will all of you people stop saying things like “The Yankees can afford to pay that little extra” and similarly idiotic statements.

      It isn’t just the Yankees who are paying those millions extra . . . IT’S US, through higher ticket prices, higher concession prices, etc.

      A lot of you guys act like the Yankees have Money Trees growing in some vacant lot in the Bronx. THE MONEY ULTIMATELY COMES FROM US, THE FANS.

      15-17 million a year for three years is extremely generous. I love Jeter, admire his style of play, and don’t question that he’s a first-ballot HOF, but if he insists on more than three guaranteed years at 20+ million, the Yankees should say thanks for the memories, bye-bye.

  • Ladd Jasper

    I feel that the upper management of the New York Yankees are about to start something that they may regret. Derek Jeter is not only a career player for the organization; he is also the captain of the team. Evidently, Randy Levine and the siblings of the great late George Steinbrenner didn’t learn very much about character while the old man was overseeing the operations and negotiations. Derek may have had a sub par season in regards to his past years; however, you may rest assure yorself he will be back in full swing this year; whether it be in Pin Stripes or for the Red Sox. I have been a fan for over 50 years and I just can’t believe they would give someone like Alex Rodriquez a 10 year deal and throw Jeter ( a man that has played for no other team) the crumbs. Shame on you guys. Take care of him. He will be in your organization after he retires. You owe him that much.

    Ladd Jasper

    • Kiko Jones

      20+ million per season is not “crumbs”. Jeter has been AMPLY compensated for what he’s done for the team. It’s time for him to take maybe less than what he wants but definitely more than he deserves ($15m/yr).

      The Yankees’ front office are in a tight spot because of what he STILL means to many fans, but in the end I think they’ll do what they have to do. He’s not as iconic as Jeter but Bernie Williams was also “a career player for the organization” who “played for no other team” and did A LOT for the Bombers. Yet that didn’t stop them from showing him the door when the time came. If you’ve been a fan for 50 years then you know there has been very little sentimentality coming from the front office in the last 37 years; you think it’s gonna start now?

      As others have said before, Jeter’s not worth $15m/yr but hey, it’s not my money. I would offer him 3yrs at $17.5m per, tops. If not, let him explain to the fans why he wanted more than he’s worth—enough to make him wear another uniform.

  • Troy V

    i know i’m in the minority…but the Yanks don’t need Jeter and fans move on…if the player they love is replaced by someone of equl or better talent…Jeter is getting old…the Yanks know that…they have an old team and they shouldn’t sign Jeter pass 1 year…going year to year is best…his 3000 hits are important milestone as a Yankee…but beyond that he will be an albatross for the organization…i wouldn’t have mind the Yanks keeping Jeter if they had not been so stupid with Arod’s contract but the two of them together will cost the Yanks wins and maybe even playoff berths…it will would be better to give him one year 20 mill and 5 mill a year for 5 to 7 years in deferred payment…this would give the Yanks flexibility and the fans there 3000 hit ss…then in 2012 they can reevaulate the ss situation…many ss are going to get better than Jeter as he declines…along with Arod.

  • Wayne

    Joe, et al,

    I have a way that the Yankees can save face with the few Yankee fans who think they should give Jeter whatever he wants, despite the fact that his skills have greatly diminshed. (I’d be interested in your comments about this in particular, Joe.)

    Jeter thinks he’s still worth 21 million a year or more. Okay, if he really believes that, he should jump at this deal:

    $15 million a year guaranteed for three years, plus a $2 million bonus in year one for reaching 3,000 hits.

    $1 million bonus for top 20 in BA each year.

    $1 million more for top 10 in BA each year.

    $2 million for AL MVP each year.

    $1 million for Gold Glove each year.

    $1 million for Silver Slugger Award each year.

    $1 million for top 10 in doubles each year.

    $1 million for top 10 in hits each year.

    1st year potential earnings: $25 million!
    Actual/probable 1st yr. earnings: $17-18 million.

    2nd-3rd year potential earnings: $23 million!
    Actual/probable 2-3 yr. earnings: $15 million.

    If Jeter turned down the above deal, he would, in effect, be admitting that he no longer can perform at a high enough level to warrant a contract that pay $20+ million a year, which is the truth.

    Jeter has been paid handsomely for his great contributions to the Yankees. $189 million dollars over the past 10 years is about $188 million more than most fans will make IN THEIR LIFETIMES. The Yankees don’t need to grossly overpay him now for what he’s already been richly compensated.

    You’ve been a great, classy Yankee, Jeter! Show some more class now and sign $17 million a year. That’s damn generous at this point in your career.

    • Kiko Jones

      Nice, Wayne.