Cashman confirms that Yankees have made offer to Lee


Brian Cashman confirmed to reporters not too long ago that the team did in fact made an offer to free agent lefty Cliff Lee today. Earlier it appeared that the Yankees didn’t get a chance to make an offer before agent Darek Braunecker took off. Details of the offer are unknown, but it’s widely believed to be six years and somewhere around $140M.

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  1. mbonzo says:

    So Braunecker went to AK to get Cliff Lee to come to Orlando.

  2. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Well that explains why Braunecker left. He had the two offers from the top suitors, so why stick around?

  3. Bryan L says:

    And so it begins.

  4. vin says:

    Just wondering – Why didn’t you slash Brauecker’s tires before he had the chance to leave? What’s the purpose of you and Joe being down there, then?

  5. bexarama says:

    This is the song that never ends
    Yes it goes on and on my friends
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was
    And they’ll continue singing it forever just because…

  6. Mister Delaware says:

    I wonder if it was in a formal setting or Cashman shouting “FIVE YEARS, $110MM” as he chased Braunecker down the street. I hope the latter.

  7. Teh Comp Pick says:

    Brauneker: Brian, what are you doing here? i’m all packed up, they’re bringing my car around to the front for me right now, i’m out of here. I have other clients ya know

    Cash-$: Listen dickweed, I’ve been playing your bs games all week, your not leaving here until I’ve made an offer.

    Brauneker: I’ve already spoken to six teams who are willing to go to seven years.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Cash-$: (Throws Brauneker against the wall clutching his neck)Oh really? And who would these seven teams be Mr. Brauneker? Be careful with your answer because it may be your last.

      Brauneker: (Whimpering in fear) However another offer on the table from you Mr. Cashman would be an honor?

      Cash-$: Six years 140 million and if you ever try to pull this shit over on me again it will be your head on the line, or should I say my mantle.

  8. Danny T says:

    about flippin time

  9. John NY says:

    I take it as a good sign. He got the mysterious 7 year offers from the two teams……and the Yanks’offer. I’d bet Braun-a-douche went to the Rangers this morning and said….see ya! (Michael Kay style)

  10. Kevin says:

    Yeah, I do not know what happened today, but boy, I would’ve loved to see Cash behind closed doors flipping a cow over how Cliff Lee’s agent is acting with this. Doesn’t Brauny know that when a team with a steep tradition in winning and championships comes running toward him and his agent with all the money that Lee could ever dream of, that Derek says “okay Cash, 6 years, $144 million a year it is, we’ll have the press conference at the stadium next week. Hey Cliff, how does number 36 sound?”

  11. YankeesGirly says:

    About time, that explains why he left, he got what he wanted to hear and now has to to cliff lee to discuss and make decision!

    • Granderslam says:

      Yeah, I wonder if that’s why he took off. Maybe tomorrow Lee will already be in Pinstripes. All he needs to do now is say yes.

  12. John says:

    Should we get excited?

  13. YankeesGirly says:

    it is true he went to cliff lee’s house to meet with him, after yankees offer

  14. Awesome123 says:

    Finally!! Lee will be ours.

  15. T-Long says: is saying Cliff Lee is going to sign with Texas. Man I hope they’re incorrect.

  16. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    It angers me that somebody as irrelevant as Cliff Lee is dominating the headlines when the baseball world she be more concerned with the Brewers signing WIL NIEVES!!!!!! Congrats, Wil. I think I speak for the entire Yankee Universe when I said we greatly miss you and your offensive supremacy.

  17. Juke Early says:

    DATELINE: Yokum Cabin, Ozark Mountains-

    The “Mystery Team” in the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes is the Arkansas Travelers (AA Texas League). Lee has been offered a lifetime legacy contract worth a potential $86,423. 17. It also includes huntin’ n’ fishin’ rights to the entire state of Arkansas to Lee and his family in perpetuity, along with cabin, camo duds, weapons, ammunition, beef jerky, a brand new jeep per year, Sam’s Club shopper’s membership & access to Bill Clinton’s blackbook.

    Word to Cliff – polar bears hunt humans when they are peckish.

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