Pettitte still leaning towards retirement

Cashman: Yankees might start season with current pitching staff
Open Thread: Wade Boggs

Via Marc Carig, a person close to Andy Pettitte said the chances of the big lefty returning for the 2011 season are roughly 30%. “There is a very real possibility that he will retire,” said this person, and I think we all understood that from the get go. I certainly respect that Pettitte is making a major life decision here, but I would really like to see a resolution sometime soon. The wait is killing me, yo.

Cashman: Yankees might start season with current pitching staff
Open Thread: Wade Boggs
  • bexarama

    Andy’s friends say a lot of different things.

    (weeps everywhere)

    • CBean

      You and me both, Bexy. I just am not ready to let him go.

      • JJ Putzer

        Oh, grow up. Life goes on. Send him a fan mail letter if youre so broken up.

        Take down that Bieber poster off your wall while you are at it.

        • jd

          If Andy retires, so be it. Its his decision. However, if Yanks don’t find some pitchers by Opening Day they could be out of it quick and the trading deadline won’t matter.

  • Bulldozer

    Maybe he’ll pull a Roger or Pedro and come back during the season.

    • Jerome S.

      For another team?

    • Stacoe44702

      Hey, not a bad idea! Andy’s usually more effective–after getting a DL rest—during the latter part of the season. In fact, we might even ‘toy’ with the idea of other SP’s getting DL-rest for action during the second-half of the season.

  • A.D.

    What’s next Girardi lets Jeter, Mo, and Posada out of spring training to fly to Texas and woo Andy?

    • nathan

      Thankfully we are not the Vikings, thats disgraceful.

    • Stacoe44702

      Don’t forget about A.J. Burnett. Burnett can toss Andy a ‘cream pie’.

  • nathan

    The way this offseason has gone, wont be shocked by that at all.

    Maybe a Clemens type of deal would be fine too? Ask him to come in July.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Another news story about how the Yankees are gonna be STACKED with pitching next year

  • FIPster Doofus

    This offseason keeps getting better.

  • Bruno (The Manchine)

    So Jeff Francis for $5M+incentives should be announced by tomorrow morning at the latest, right?

    • FIPster Doofus

      I hope not.

  • Bruno (The Manchine)

    Am I the only one that thinks Andy as already to Cash & co that he’s not coming back, he just hasn’t publicly announced yet as a way to help the Yanks “keep the price down” on his replacement?

    • vin

      Or he’s planning on returning, but is stringing Cashman along in an attempt to improve his leverage? I guess we’ll find out eventually.

    • DJH

      That’s kinda what I feel is going on.

    • Slugger27

      thats an interesting idea, actually.

    • A.D.

      I would think that, but then wouldn’t they spice it up with: “planning on coming back, just in no hurry to sign”

  • Richard Iurilli
    • danimal

      yes. yes. yes!

  • Bruno (The Manchine)

    already told Cash

    • Bruno (The Manchine)

      reply FAIL

  • Mike R

    Yah. This off season probably couldn’t get any worse.. Atleast we resigned Mo and Jeter. I have no problem with Nova in the starting rotation but Mitre is a complete joke. The fact that Girardi keeps bringing this guy back reflects how stubborn Girardi is. Mitre is not a good pitcher, he’s continued to show that, the guy isn’t even an innings eater.. Man oh man do we need Pettitte back.

  • stuart a

    well with andy’s $15, Javy’s $11 and saving $5 on Jeter the Yanks have $31 mill. They can spend $20 wisely and in the long run be better off.

    how about 3 low risk high reward Jeff Francis types at $4 mill or less each, how about a bench guy or 2 and go from there.

  • Michael Mirabella

    Jesse Crain has finalized a $13 million three-year deal with the White Sox. That team’s starting to look really good. My pick for the AL Central.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Bobby Jenks > Jesse Crain

  • David

    Dang! I was so looking forward to Andy being inserted into the rotations… almost as much as Bexy was looking forward to Andy being inserted into her … thoughts


    • bexarama

      I laughed.

    • Jerome S.


  • Michael Mirabella

    So your saying after losing basically their whole bullpen to free agency the Twins are going to win the Central? Or wait, that’s right, Victor Martinez is going to get the Tigers above .500 and get them the division…what was I thinking.

    • bexarama

      Not really sure what this has to do with Andy Pettitte.

      /thread police’d


    I’ve pretty much given up on Cashman doing anything to bring in a solid starter. And, what the h**l is Mitre still doing on the roster. He’s bloody awful!

    • Kiersten

      Cause he’s a long man/spot starter and he’s just as good or bad as every other long man/spot starter in the majors.

  • stuart a

    mitre will not be a starter.

    feliciano is a nice pickup and martin is much better then cervelli so theose are positives…

    any chance brackman and others can contribute?? Can’t believe they will not get a high cieling low cost option……

    • Jerome S.

      I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible for some AAA starter to absolutely tear shit up and get a July call up, enough to make an impact.

  • Jerome S.

    I have never known a Yankees team without the Core Four. (Fan est. 2007)
    :'( I knew this day would come…

    • Bruno (The Manchine)

      Every year for Thanksgiving you should say that you’re thankful you didn’t watch the Yankee teams of the 80’s.

      • AJ

        I know I do, every year(Fan est. 1995).

      • Jimmy

        The Yankees had a decent first baseman who was ok to watch in the 80’s. They had some good teams, just no pitching.

      • Eric Young

        Or late 60’s/early ’70’s (fan est. 1968. The team pennant hanging in my room had the team photo – in color and including Mantle – glued to it).

  • Sandman42

    This is part of a bigger problem. They really messed up big time with Joba moving him back and forth between reliever and starter. Even if he wasn’t as dominant as we all hoped, he’d still be a serviceable 3/4 at worst, and for cheap.

    Given what happened this offseason, there is no helpful in the foreseeable future too unless one or more of the 3 killer Bs really work out. Offense won’t be able to carry this team in this division and soon the Yankees may not have the pitching to compete with Boston or Tampa.

    Not a good position to be in for a team that needs to win now (for the aging stars like jeter, arod, mo, posada )

    • The Big City of Dreams

      That’s why missing out on Lee was such a big blow because he was the center piece of their entire off season. We can’t blame Cashman for not getting him because Lee chose to go somewhere else. What is Cashman’s fault is the misuse of Joba as well as trading over pitching prospects over the past couple of seasons took away from the depth they had. No I’m not saying those guys would pitch like aces but you need guys like those in times of need and right now the Yankees are desperate.

  • AJ

    If I didn’t love Andy, I’d be getting impatient. But I wouldn’t be surprised he offers to come back for a one-year $18MM deal. But would he be worth it at that price..

  • Rob

    would you go as far as saying that..the waiting is the hardest part??

  • Yank the Frank

    Shit or get off the pot.

  • bobmac

    Has Andy started hanging out with Favre?