Russell Martin needs minor knee surgery

The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2010
Feinsand: Yankees "exploring" Rafael Soriano (UPDATE: Nope)

Via Joel Sherman, new Yankee Russell Martin needs some minor knee surgery. It’s the same procedure CC Sabathia had a few weeks ago, and he’ll be ready in plenty of time for Spring Training. Sherman says the issue popped up during the pre-signing physical, but the Yankees didn’t consider it serious enough to be a deal breaker. It’s a concern anytime a catcher has knee issues, but I wouldn’t get too worked up over this. Not every injury is the end of the world.

The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2010
Feinsand: Yankees "exploring" Rafael Soriano (UPDATE: Nope)
  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    no takesies?

  • Plank

    It’s the end of the world!!!! PANIC!!!!!!

    • Xstar7

      Russel Martin’s leg is going to fall off!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      • Tom Zig

        We’re going to be stuck with 2 cervellis!! DOOMED

  • Jorge

    My mother-in-law called me about an hour ago screaming “did you hear about the new catcher we got! the guy’s a bum! he already needs knee surgery! and the Fan told me he’s going to start!”

    I’ve been trying to talk her down from this, but she still hasn’t forgiven the team for getting rid of Bubba Crosby.

  • Phil C

    I’ll make a prediction that Cervelli has a higher BA than Martin in 2011.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      as long as one avg’s over 300 and the other obp over 400 then i dont care which is which.

    • Steve H

      Is there an AB qualifier?

    • GHOST

      [Looks amazed] Batting AVG…Oooooooooo…

      Seriously, it he did that would mean absolutely nothing. If Martin went out and hit for more power, Slug higher, got on base at a higher clip and threw 35% of runners against him out (all very well in his range of doing so) then everyone would laugh at Cervelli’s higher AVG while drinking a nice hot chocolate by the fireplace and reading a crappy (they all are) James Patterson book.

      • Slugger27


      • CS Yankee

        Martin is much better than The Great Gazoo, but NO WAY Martin will come close to nailing 35% of would be basestealers.

        His career is about 25%, he’ll have a few of the games best stealers (CC, Els, etc.) in the East.

        Martin is a solid pickup considering the Yankees needs, just don’t expect a MVP from him. I’m hoping that Montero stays around and gets promoted 6-1-11 after mashing 15 bombs for SWB thru May.

        • Zack

          His career is about 25%

          Russell Martin is 31% for his career, and was 39% last year (in 93 games though).

          It’s gone like this: 31%, 33%, 25%, 31%, 39%

    • Steve H

      Who plays better defense?

  • Poopy Pants

    Of course he does.

    • KayGee

      Of course you did

      • Poopy Pants

        Why are you attacking me?

  • Kevin Whelan & Marcos Vechionacci rookies – 100 card lots – 1 cent

    The news re: Martin is not nearly as disturbing as the Yanks signing Mark Prior – or looking over the medical records of Freddy Garcia (despite his W-L record). I hope Pedro Martinez didn’t have dinner with Cashman at Nobu this week. The Yankee braintrust must not have too much faith in that supposed wave of great young pitching talent that’s supposedly been brewing since 2005.

    • Zack

      Yes, Cashman is giving guys minor league unguaranteed deals because he doesnt believe in his prospects.

    • I Voted for Kodos

      What the hell is disturbing about giving Mark Prior a minor league deal?

      • Kevin Whelan & Marcos Vechionacci rookies – 100 card lots – 1 cent

        is everyone that posts on this site except me related to Brian Cashman?

        face facts folks …

        2010 Red Sox off-season moves = A+
        2010 Yankees off-season moves (so far) = F+

        retaining Kerry Wood would have been more significant than praying for any positive on-field contribution in 2011 from Mark Prior.

        • Jerome S.

          If you don’t like the team, don’t be a fan. Otherwise, go and be a GM or shut up.

          • Kevin Whelan & Marcos Vechionacci rookies – 100 card lots – 1 cent

            nothing wrong with “constructive criticism”.

        • Zack

          You think they’re counting on Prior? It’s a damn minor-league contract. Red Sox just signed Rich Hill, OMG why?!

          And Wood obviously wanted to return to Chicago.

        • Kevin Whelan & Marcos Vechionacci rookies – 100 card lots – 1 cent

          actually I should say grading on 2010 “new additions”? – we kind of knew Jeter & Mo would be retained.

        • JGS

          Nobody thought we were resigning Wood. That was true from the day they acquired him through the day they declined his option to today, when he signed elsewhere. Why is that suddenly a horrendous thing?

        • Jorge

          and you know this because they’ve played how many games so far?

        • RuleroftheBones86

          how the hell did you render the Red Sox an A+ grade?

          Did they fix their terrible pitching? Nope, they’re hoping the mystical baseball gods will make Lackey & Beckett the pitchers their contract demand to be… good luck with that.

          So please stop worshiping the false, and over-hyped, idols of Beantown and realize for the umpteenth time… our first baseman is still as good or better than.. Breathe… And their ridiculously overpaid new outfielder has a laughable OBP% in his prime years and is one leg injury away from being worth 1/4 contract. While, our left-fielder will basically put up the same numbers (sans power)as their spectacular new lead-off hitter from the 9th hole.

          And in the end, they will spend 300 million to replace two offensive plus players to replace them with sightly better ones. Yeah, I’m terrified but then I realize their starting catcher has skills that are inferior to our manager & they have 4 starting pitchers that make me laugh silly from their stature. Yep, Lackey, Beckett, Dice-BB, and the 100 year old Wakefield- how will we ever cope. Oh, and lets not forget the unbeatable Papelbum, its not like we own him, right?!?! Oh, wait… oh how about Bard, oh yeah we kill him, too. Well, Jenks is terrific, for sure…

          Face it, the greatest threat this team currently has is itself succumbing to age and pressure. If we re-sign Andy, we are still the frontrunner to represent the Junior Circuit. So, Calm Down and relax…this pain will pass.

  • Mike

    I hope Russell Martin’s knee really is ok. It would be depressing to think that a healthy Montero is still defensively worse than an injured Martin.