The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2010

Taking down a non-rumor
Russell Martin needs minor knee surgery

Relief pitching is the theme of the day. We talked about it in the morning, when Mike wrote about Pedro Feliciano and I wrote about Rafael Soriano, Bobby Jenks, and David Aardsma. There are options available, and while Jenks is off the board everyone else is still around. We talk a bit more in depth about the reliever market and what fits the Yanks’ needs the best.

Listen in, too, for our digression into the draft. I can’t quite remember how we got there, but there’s plenty towards the end about incentivizing kids to play baseball professionally. I

Podcast run time 40:18

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Taking down a non-rumor
Russell Martin needs minor knee surgery
  • Ari G

    Red sox officially have higher payroll than the yankees who would have thunk it?

    • bexarama

      Scrap! Grit! Small market!

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      Me. Keep going. Eventually we won’t be top three if we can keep building this way. Stick them in the eye.

  • Plank

    There was no audio for the last few minutes of the podcast. Was it my computer or did that happen for everyone?

  • Jorge

    Just grabbed my first podcast now and am listening. Great job, guys.

  • Cy Pettitte

    Cubs signed Kerry for 1yr/1.5m

    Cash couldn’t beat that? damn, this offseason is making me angry

    • Steve H

      You’re joking right (about Cash not being able to beat that)?

    • JohnnyC

      He also turned down 3.5 million from the White Sox. Who knows?

    • Andrew

      was just about to post this… i wouldve signed him for a 3 mil deal. $1.5mm? damn.

      • Steve H

        Like JohnnyC said, he turned down an offer of more than double the $1.5. He obviously wanted to go back to the Cubs.

        • Plank

          Wish the Yanks had offered him arbitration.

          • Steve H

            The decision to not offer made sense.

  • rconn23

    Wow. Did not expect to see that about Wood. I thought he might get $6 or $7 million,