Cooperstown wrap: Alomar, Blyleven earn Hall call


After weeks of hand-wringing over Jack Morris’ potential Hall of Fame candidacy, he didn’t even come close to earning a plaque in Cooperstown today when the inductees were unveiled. Rather, Bert Blyleven, in his 14th year of eligibility, and Roberto Alomar, in his second, are heading to the Hall. Blyleven, after intense campaigning by Rich Lederer, eked in with 79 percent of the vote while Alomar garnered 90 percent. “It’s been 14 years of praying and waiting,” Blyleven said to reporters today. “And thank the baseball writers of America for, I’m going to say, finally getting it right.”

Meanwhile, among those who missed their chance at enshrinement were Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro, notable names and prolific hitters felled by steroid allegations. On the Yankee front, Don Mattingly garnered just 79 votes or 13.9 percent. He’ll stay on the ballot for another year, but Kevin Brown, who earned just 12 votes or 2.1 percent of the total, won’t. Only six writers voted for Tino for the Hall while one-time Yankee great Raul Mondesi earned a grand total of zero votes.

Finally, check out this ESPN NY post from long-time RAB reader Rebecca Glass. She argues that Bernie Williams could wind up making the most of a weak field next year when he’s first eligible for the Hall of Fame. Feared, I say. Feared.

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  1. bexarama says:

    “And thank the baseball writers of America for, I’m going to say, finally getting it right.”

    Fierce bitch.

    Alomar and Blyleven are definitely deserving and yay for them. Larkin should be in there, and I think he gets in next year. Bagwell getting only ~42% is kind of embarrassing, and if he doesn’t get in next year I don’t see him getting in with some of the crazy ballots that are coming up after this year. Kevin Brown getting just 2.1% and dropping off the ballot entirely is really bad too. Yeah he was a jerk, so was Morris. McGwire and Palmiero are probably never getting in.

    And finally, and most importantly, CONGRATS (other) REBECCA. :D

  2. Mister Delaware says:

    Tim Raines: 56.0 bases per 100 PAs (5,805 bases in 10,359 career PAs)

    Paul Molitor: 52.4 bases per 100 PAs (6,368 bases in 12,160 career PAs)

    Tony Gwynn: 51.5 bases per 100 PAs (5,267 bases in 10,232 career PAs)

    He simply walked “too much”. 536 less hits than Gwynn sounds like a lot until you realize he had 540 more walks. If, once factoring in defense and baserunning, he’s not better than Gwynn, he’s pretty much on par.

    (Bases = TB + BB + HBP + SB – CS)


    • Steve H says:

      Rickey Henderson is the reason Tim Raines isn’t in the Hall of Fame (well that and the BBWAA being a bunch of idiots). Raines absolutely belongs, but he played at the same time as the greatest leadoff hitter ever, while also having his best years in Canada. Really hope Raines gets there some day.

    • jbkx says:

      Rock is just as deserving as Jim Rice, if not more. Voters have their heads in their asses as usual.

  3. Mister Delaware says:

    Kevin Brown >>>>>>> Jack Morris

  4. I Voted 4 Kodos says:

    Is it me, or did Kevin Brown deserve a much better fate than that?

  5. The Fallen Phoenix says:


    In 19(!) seasons, Brown had a 3.28 ERA (127 ERA+), a 1.222 WHIP, and 2,397 Ks.

    In 18 seasons, Morris had a 3.90 ERA (105 ERA+), a 1.296 WHIP, and 2,478 Ks.

    Brown also pitched in a far, far less forgiving offensive era.

    WTF Hall of Fame voters. W.T.F.

  6. pete says:

    wow, looking at that picture on Rebecca’s article, I’m really glad they don’t wear those unis anymore

  7. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    …that was supposed to be a reply to Mister Delaware. Anyway, yeah, Brown has a better case than Morris. Brown beats Morris in every rate stat except H/9. Sure, Brown has about 100 fewer complete games than Morris did, but – again – Brown faced far stiffer offensive competition.

    It’s close, and I’m not saying that Brown is a Hall of Famer. I’m just saying his case is almost identical to Morris’, and they should each be judged accordingly.

    But that’d expect the BWAA to act rationally and consistently.

  8. Chops says:

    If you aren’t a top tier player, writers will make you wait a while until they vote you in.

    If you are a top tier player, the writers will not vote you in because clearly the
    only way you could have gotten there was roids.

    Man the whole system is messed up.

  9. Esteban says:

    How mad do you think Jon Heyman is today? And on that note, how does anyone vote for Morris but not Blyleven? I mean vote for neither, or vote both if you want, but jeez, how does anyone think Morris was better?

    Oh and congrats Rebecca, your stuff will surely be better than the idiots that usually write at ESPN NY.

    • Chops says:

      Dave Cameron made a really good point in his chat today

      “Dave Cameron:
      I don’t get why so many people subject themselves to Heyman. What’s the point? He has no interest in being open minded. He’s just going to make you mad. ”

      Heyman is just a very clever troll.

  10. Aj says:

    Jeff bagwell is a first ballot hall of famer. This is ridiculous

  11. Bob Stone says:

    Interesting article Rebecca. I love Bernie and many of his stats are impressive, but I doubt very much that he ever is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  12. Jerome S. says:

    As much as I personally consider Jeff Bagweel to be a HOFer, you have to keep in mind that virtually every team in the nineties into the 2000′s had a first-baseman OPSing .900 or better.

    Of course, they were all using roids; Bagwell almost certainly wasn’t.

  13. SteveD says:

    Ok, Im missing something. Whats all the congrats for Rebecca??? A little help please.

  14. RollingWave says:

    Kevin Brown is better than almost half of the guys remaining on the ballot, I think he’s a borderline case, but it’s absurd to see Jack Morris getting so much vote and him getting almost none.

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