Link Dump: The Boss, Fifth Starter, Joba

Determining Joba's Trade Value (Part II)
A brief Cliff Lee post mortem post mortem

Here’s a few links as the workday draws to a close…

The Boss on Twitter

Twitter has undeniably changed the media and access to information over the last few years, but Buster Olney says the world missed out on what could have been the greatest Twitter account in the history of man: George Steinbrenner. Olney put together dozens of 140-character, Boss inspired one liners in his blog today, all worth a read if you have Insider. My faves: “Mattingly’s hair has gotten so long that he looks like one of the Beatles — one of their girlfriends, I mean.” and “AARON BOONE!!!!!! He is A WINNER!!!!!! The third baseman of the future for the Yankees!!!!!!!” I laughed.

The recent history of Yankees’ fifth starters

As we all freak out about Sergio Mitre potentially starting the season in the rotation, Paul Swydan at FanGraphs points out that the recent history of Yankees’ fifth starters is rather ugly. That group includes Shawn Chacon and Chad Gaudin and Kei Igawa and Sidney Ponson and a whole bunch of other forgettable guys since 2006, a group that combined for just 1.6 fWAR since 2006. Despite that, the team has been to the playoffs four times and won a World Series, mostly because their offense and bullpen have been good enough to get them to the October. Once you get there, the fifth (and sometimes fourth) starters go out the window.

Joba’s stuff as a starter

Much has been made of Brian Cashman‘s recent comments about Joba Chamberlain not being the same guy since his 2008 shoulder injury, specifically as a starter compared to a reliever. Dave Allen at FanGraphs looked into the matter and found out that yes, Joba’s stuff isn’t the same as it once was, but notes that it declined across the board. It’s no better in the bullpen than in the rotation. This dead horse than been beaten into a bloody pulp, and I blame the media blamers.

Mike on the Beyond The Box Score podcast

I made an appearance on Beyond The Box Score’s podcast yesterday, which you can listen to right here. We talked about the state of the Yankees, touching on the bullpen, Jesus Montero, the starting rotation, the whole nine. Give it a listen, there some other great non-Yankee stuff in there too.

Determining Joba's Trade Value (Part II)
A brief Cliff Lee post mortem post mortem
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  • Monteroisdinero

    Phil Hughes was our 5th starter last year at this time. Lots of worries but it worked out well as he was far better than the two righties ahead of him in the rotation. If Andy comes back, is it possible that Nova could have a better year than Phil and AJ in 2011?

    Yes, it’s possible.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Possible but not likely.

  • bexarama

    That Boss-on-Twitter article is hysterical.

    • Kiersten

      Heard this: Buster Olney actually wrote something entertaining.

  • Ed

    Ponson as our 5th starter wasn’t bad. The problem was when he became our #3 starter, with our #2 being Pettitte with a shoulder so sore that he couldn’t throw breaking balls.

  • NJYankeeFan

    Cashman sure has hadn’t had any success finding a 5th starter. That drought should end in the next year or two with the wealth of starters in AA and AAA.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Let’s hope that’s the case

    • Midland TX

      Au contraire–he’s found lots of them.

      Seriously though – how long is your list of awesome 5th starters throughout history?

  • RL

    Just saw this article. The problem isn’t this year’s 5th starter. It’s the 4th and 5th (assuming Andy doesn’t return), an unknown quantity in AJ and hoping for contunied progrees from Hughes!

  • Dave Gershman

    Not sure who made that super awesome podcast, but definitely worth a listen.