Long on tune-ups for Tex

The RAB Radio Show: January 21, 2011
Vernon Wells headed to LAnaheim

Tom Verducci caught up with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long recently, and the two spoke about a few things that Mark Teixeira has to tighten up offensively moving forward. One is his chronic slow starts, but the other two involve collapsing on his back leg and using the whole field. Verducci throws out a Jason Giambi comparison as a scare tactic, but the Giambino had a .396 OBP and a .249 ISO in his last five years with the Yankees. Give me that with Tex’s defense, and the last thing I’ll do is complain. Either way, it’s a short and interesting read, so check it out.

The RAB Radio Show: January 21, 2011
Vernon Wells headed to LAnaheim
  • mike c

    giambi is underrated as far as great hitting yankees go, if tex could approach that then I’m certain we wouldn’t be seeing any more pujols articles

  • Simon B.

    If Teixeira was as good of hitter as Giambi through his Yankee years, he might actually worth his contract!

    Too bad he isn’t, and never has been.

    • radnom

      Too bad Giambi couldn’t stay on the field.

      Tex would have to really shit the bed to live up to his contract less than Giambi did (and Giambi was overall a success while in NY).

    • RuleroftheBones86

      Simon B. says… Too bad he isn’t, and never has been.


      Where were you in 2009, hmm?

      You know when Teixeira was a legitmate MVP candidate, put up Gold Glove defense, greatly shifted and widened the gap between us & our New England rivals, and helped the team to its elusive 27th championship…. and you considered this man a failed contract so far?

      Damn, you are defintely one tough fan to please… or probably just an idiot. Going with the latter on that one.

  • bobmac

    Verducci hates the Yanks and it shines through in everything he writes.

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      I actually don’t think he hates the Yankees at all. He does hate any and all steroid users.

  • Mike HC

    Yea, Giambi’s biggest issue was his horrific D, and inability to stay healthy. If Tex can stay healthy and play solid D, I will take Giambi numbers from Tex in the latter years of his deal.

  • Roy

    I am very glad that Teixeira is listening to Kevin Long. All the Giambi crap aside, it is very clear that Teixeira derives almost all of his power through his arms and does not use his lower body. I hope that it is not too late in the offseason for Teixiera to be changing his fundamental mechanics

    It bothered me last year when Teixeira’s comment on his slow start (turned out, entire season) was “Read my baseball card.” Teixeira swimg reminds me of the Babe, who powered the ball strictly with his upper body. I knew Babe Ruth (bullshit) and Teixeira is no Babe Ruth.

    Giambi, by the way got most of his power out of his lower body – thus the very long stride.

    • Roy

      From the description of Kevin Long’s long winter, I bet that he can’t wait until the season begins so he can unpack his suitcase. Cashman, if you’re reading this, get this man some help.

  • BigLou

    I’m sorry gentlemen…Giambi sucked! Tex is a least a whole ballplayer and has made the infield so superior to when Giambi stumble around first base. Appreciate Tex as the guts of a great Yankee team.