Photo of the Day: The Boss, in bronze

“I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick”
Open Thread: Fonsy's birthday
(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

The Boss has been memorialized in bronze. As Neil Johnson of The Tampa Tribune reported this morning, a life-sized statue of George Steinbrenner now stands at the entrance of the stadium that bears his name at the team’s Spring Training complex down in Tampa. A formal dedication ceremony will take place on the morning of February 26 before the Yanks’ Grapefruit League home opener.

Standing on a three-ton polished granite base, the 600-pound bronze version of the Boss is wearing a suit and a 2009 World Championship ring, the last title the team won under his watch. Yankee Stadium plays host to a statue of George already, but he did a ton for the Tampa community. It’s only right for him to honored in his home town.

“I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick”
Open Thread: Fonsy's birthday
  • mike c

    it’s not big enough

    • Jerome S.

      it’s never big enough.

      • Steve H


        • Jerome S.

          too easy.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    George Steinbrenner is a man of the fans. He never hoarded the profits, he spent lots of money on his team, and then he spent some more. He bought the team for what 10M? Spent a few hundred million on payroll and reaped the benefits. Owners bitch (and stupid fans who get fooled by the man) bitch about salary caps, because they don’t have the balls that this guy did. I want a platinum statue outside of the Stadium. And one of him giving a stern look in the visitor’s clubhouse.

    • Billy Blanks

      Yeah! And I wanna know how big this guys power stick was in his prime! Gotta be like a 10 incher, at least!

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Don’t forget about the parts where he got suspended from baseball twice. He’s not some altruistic soul. There are good parts, and there are bad. The Yanks in the 1980s suffered because of him.

      • Shaun

        But he wasn’t exactly Satan either…The man donated millions to numerous charities and needy people in general (this included helping the families of his employees; even if they were the parking lot attendant)

        Steinbrenner wasn’t a saint, but he wasn’t a demon either. He was a passionate man; who intentionally cultivated his image to come off as a complete @$$ so people didn’t realize that he was a man who did far more good, than the bad.

  • IHavePrettyFeet

    I’m from Tampa and I can personally atest to Steinbrenner’s impact in the area. As a matter of fact around here we used to refer to him as Steinfury because of all the hell he raised. I remember his favorite thing to do was drive around in a cement mixer and shoot pedestrians and joggers with a paintball gun.

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      Steinfury? Steinführer sounds much cooler.

  • Yankeefan91 Arod Fan

    i think the should have put this outside yankee stadium with out him i dont believe the yankees would have the new stadium.

  • Sean C

    That statue got me thinking about the Boss… And my first game at YSIII was the first home game after the ASB, where the game was silent and Swisher had the walk-off hit against the Rays. It was just an incredible experience for me. It’s tough sometimes to get the sense that I’m part of a community of Yankee fans way out here in Illinois.

  • Big Apple

    i bet this statue has brass balls

  • Miked

    What a douche. His monument in monument park isn’t big enough??? I’ll never forgive the bastard for tearing down Yankee stadium in the name of greed