The RAB Radio Show: January 4, 2011

The 2010 Yankees & Inherited Runners
Yankees considering Andruw Jones

It appears as though the Rangers will sign Adrian Beltre. What does this have to do with the Yankees? It makes the Angels that much worse. Again, what does this have to do with the Yankees? They have some decent pitchers on staff, and the Yanks could go shopping in Anaheim come deadline. Mike and I run down the guys they have and who we’d want.

(Also, more Scott Kazmir than you ever wanted to hear.)

After poking around the Angels and discussing their bleak situation, we move onto divisional matters. The Orioles further strengthened their bullpen by adding Kevin Gregg. If they have a lead late they might actually hold on. Plus, there’s another positive to signing Gregg.

Podcast run time 31:35

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The 2010 Yankees & Inherited Runners
Yankees considering Andruw Jones
  • mbonzo

    Who wins more games in 2011, the Angels or the Orioles?

  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    Amazing ending lmao

    “I’m Mike, uh f-, uh, I’m not Mike, I’m Joe”

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      Tried to edit it, but I spoke too quickly. I did edit out Mike’s snicker, though!

  • mike

    no thanks to Kazmir, we arent that desparate i’d rather take kevin millwood

    • mbonzo

      I still have faith in Kazmir. He’s clearly been dealing with injuries and he’s 2 years removed from 3 straight fantastic seasons. I would pick him up if the Angels ate a lot of his money. Milwood has like zero upside.

      • Zack

        Why the faith? He may be “healthy” now but the “stuff” has no signs of coming back.

        • mbonzo

          He’s only 2 years removed from a 127 ERA+ in the AL East. Its small sample size, but he posted a 1.73 ERA with the Angels in 2009 after being awful with the Rays, so he’s shown signs he can rebound.

          The most interesting thing I see, is that his fastball averaged 90.7 MPH with the Rays in 2009, and then 92.5 the Angels in the same year. Then it went back down to 90.5 in 2010. His efficiency is all about velocity when you analyze his success v. speed. When you see that he randomly rebounds velocity from time to time, I think you can have hope for a guy like Kazmir. Maybe a change in scenery and being surrounded by different pitchers will let him change. Its a gamble that I wouldn’t mind taking if he’s replacing Mitre.

          • Zack

            Signs he can rebound for what 6 starts? And his xFIP over that time was 4.79; so his rebound was because he gave up 1HR while have a 26 GB%. Which is just crazy.
            Not sure how 36 IP lucky innings stuck between 260 bad IP is a positive sign.

  • Jerome S.

    But ESPN told me that the Angels were a model franchise!!!

    Seriously, it seems like the media is looking for some elusive “model franchise” while ignoring the fact that the Yankees have remained competitive with few exceptions since 1920.