Open Thread: February 22nd Camp Notes

The price to sign Daniel Bard
ZiPS projects the starting rotation
(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The latest from Tampa…

  • Derek Jeter responded to Hank Steinbrenner’s comments just as you’d expect he would. “I’m not upset. It doesn’t bother me,” said the Cap’n. “Owners can say what they want. They can express their opinions. I’m not upset.” Jeter joked that he isn’t moving (houses, not positions), and pointed out that construction on his mansion started long before the 2010 season. As for the lack of hunger thing … he said he didn’t see it. (Marc Carig, Dom Amore, Ben Shpigel, Carig, Carig & Carig)
  • Mark Prior threw an early morning batting practice session with Bradley Suttle hitting from both sides of the plate. Joe Girardi, Larry Rothschild, Mike Harkey, and pro scouting director Billy Eppler all watched. Eppler said Prior, who threw fastballs, curveballs, and splitters, looked good, and reiterated that the former Cub is viewed strictly as a reliever. (Carig, Carig & Carig)
  • Freddy Garcia, Luis Ayala, Buddy Carlyle, Ryan Pope, Bartolo Colon, Sergio Mitre, Robert Fish, and Hector Noesi all threw live BP as well. Colon appeared to have some zip on his heater, though Russell Martin homered off him. Girardi said Garcia looked “pretty good … threw strikes, got a lot of ground balls.” Despite that, Eduardo Nunez took him deep. (Bryan Hoch, Erik Boland, Amore & Shpigel)
  • CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Rafael Soriano all threw bullpens this morning. Phil Hughes is scheduled to face hitters tomorrow. Boone Logan also did some throwing, but no little girls got hurt today. (Chad Jennings & Carig)
  • The position players went through pop-up drills. Riveting stuff. (Hoch)
  • In case you missed it, Bartolo Colon will start the Grapefruit Opener.

This is the open thread for the night. The three hockey locals are in action, but neither of the basketballers. Talk about whatever, go nuts.

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The price to sign Daniel Bard
ZiPS projects the starting rotation
  • squishy jello person

    All three RAB writers are listed in the BP acknowledgements.

    That’s gotta feel kinda cool.

  • Xstar7
    • anon

      One of the best Yankee blogs around, even if the Player of the Month poll is cursed.

      • Xstar7


      • bexarama

        Unless it has radically changed since I stopped reading it, I’ll go with “no,” frankly.

        • Xstar7

          It’s great for quick laughs. But not much else.

  • mike c

    hank was obviously talking about AJ, not st. jetersburg

  • CS Yankee

    Wonder what Larry is saying to AJ in the picture;

    1) “Your this good of a pitcher AJ”

    2) “When you miss by this much, its a few runs”

    3) “This is how much rope you have this year.”

    4) “Your this far you are from Hank calling you out”

    • squishy jello person

      My mind immediately went to “that’s what she said” territory

      • felixbanuelos

        this is how fat CC’s big black monster is

        • Kevin G.


      • Nostra-Artist

        He’s holding his two hands apart, not his thumb and forefinger.

  • Carlosologist

    My dream: Become the first left-handed thrower to be a starting MLB catcher.

    • squishy jello person

      sing with me
      sing for the year
      sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
      Sing with me, just for today
      maybe tomorrow the good lord will take it awaaaaay

      Dreeaaammm onn dreeeeeeaaammm onnn…

      • Jerome S.


    • Tom Zig
      • Carlosologist

        So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    • JGS

      Friendly tip: learn to throw righty

      • Carlosologist

        I throw like a girl with my right hand. It’s hilarious.

    • Accent Shallow

      You’re lefthanded?

      Just get the fastball above 85, you can pitch in the majors until your late 40s.

      • Carlosologist

        I’ve been throwing 60-65. Maybe it’ll get faster as the summer approaches and as my arm gets stronger.

        • Accent Shallow

          You’re what, 14-15? You have plenty of time.

          • jiffy

            I don’t want to be a downer, but my velocity peaked at 15-16. I don’t know if thats normal, but the only person I played with who is still playing baseball competitively, Hellickson, velocity peaked at about the same time.

            Disclaimer: I didn’t grow much after my freshman year.

            And yes, that was a shameless plug about Hellickson.

            • Accent Shallow

              Wait, so Hellickson was throwing in the 90s at 16? Damn.

              And I assume you/Hellickson had been playing serious competitive ball for years, probably year-round at that point. Maybe Carlos hasn’t been doing that, so he still has room to gain.

              (Of course, not everyone can throw 95. God knows I can’t)

              • jiffy

                If I remember correctly he hit the high 80s consistently at 13. I’d like to know what he threw when he was 12, because he was basically unhittable on the small (little league)field, which has the short mound.

                Also, his control has always been amazing.

  • 28 this year

    Sorry for posting this like every day but still nada about the RAB Lite fantasy league. Anyone know anything??

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      I don’t know which league “RAB Lite” is, but I’ve been posting this pretty regularly and have emailed the commissioners a few times. If anyone knows the commissioners of the leagues listed in the linked comment, ask them to re-open their leagues, please.

      • The Real JobaWockeeZ

        It’s league two. We’ve sent emails to no avail.

        • mbonzo

          I’m commissioner of one of the new leagues. I have it capped at 12 right now, I could open it to 20 and invite the members of RAB lite that are still around. Let me know.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            I’d appreciate if you didn’t do that until we determine that League 2 will definitely not be re-opened and that there’s no way for us to get that league organized again (and get the 2010 standings). Let’s give it a shot before we go and blow up a 7-9 league structure, please. We have plenty of time.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              PS: And when we get to the point of no return and just have to drop a league or something, you’ll know. I’m sure there will be a post about it when there’s something to post about. Just sit tight until then.

              • mbonzo

                Sounds good. Our draft is currently scheduled for March 13th.

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  Cool. Just keep an eye out for a post about it. If any of the leagues don’t get re-opened for 2011, then we’ll see about putting people into a new league (or leagues) at the bottom of the stack.

                  • MannyGee

                    so is the vision that there will still be open spots? Would love to get in

  • NJYankeeFan

    Hank Steinbrenner sure is a jackass. First he takes a classless and unnecessary shot at Jeter for being “too busy building mansions” and then he doesn’t have the guts to stick by his statement and says it was a “euphemism.” Maybe he should look up the meaning of the word “euphemism” in the dictionary because it sure makes no sense the way he used it. A loose cannon who’s not too bright is a bad combination.

    • JGS

      A loose cannon who’s not too bright is a bad combination

      I agree. Good thing he has absolutely no power in the organization

      • NJYankeeFan

        God forbid anything happens to Hal, we’d be screwed.

        • fire levine

          Cashman and hal shouldn’t be allowed to travel together

  • Big Bertha

    It’s a good thing we still have a Steinbrenner around to light a fire under the ball club. That was one thing George was always so good at and the team responded with 4 WS rings in the late 90s. Hank calling out Jeter is just what he needs to turn it around this year. George is probably looking down right now with a big smile on his face.

    • Carlosologist

      We definitely need something to fire up this team. They just haven’t been focused. It’s not like they’re coming off 198 wins in two years, a World Series title, and taking the season to Game 6 of the ALCS or anything.

      • mbonzo

        Hank was too busy building mansions watch the Yankees win 95 games last year.

    • Total Dominication

      Oh god, you’re back.

    • cano is the bro

      haha always providing everyone with such insightful comments…

    • Sean C

      Yep. You’re right as usual.

      /rolls eyes

  • Matt
    • pat

      I literally did not make it past the first sentence.

      • pete

        same. that was a heinous comparison.

        • bexarama

          If there’s any way to make Hank Steinbrenner look good, it’s to compare him to a genocidal maniac.

    • JGS

      Because the Red Sox organization is well-known for treating its aging stars well as they ride off into the sunset.

  • mbonzo

    My WAR predictions for the 2011 Red Sox.
    I’ll have the Yankees up soon

    1) Jacoby Ellsbury (CF) 3.0
    2) Dustin Pedroia (2B) 4.5
    3) Carl Crawford (LF) 5.0
    4) Adrian Gonzalez (1B) 5.5
    5) Kevin Youkilis (3B) 4.5
    6) David Ortiz (DH) 2.3
    7) Jarrod Saltalamacchia (C ) 1.0
    8 ) JD Drew (RF) 2.4
    9) Marco Scutaro (SS) 1.9
    10) Mike Cameron (OF) 0.8
    11) Darnell McDonald (OF) 0.1
    12) Jed Lowrie (INF) 1.0
    13) Jason Varitek (C ) 0.7
    14) Jon Lester (SP) 5.5
    15) Josh Beckett (SP) 3.3
    16) Clay Buchholz (SP) 3.3
    17) John Lackey (SP) 3.5
    18) Daisuke Matsuzaka (SP) 1.9
    19) Jonathan Papelbon (CL) 1.5
    20) Daniel Bard (RP) 1.1
    21) Bobby Jenks (RP) 1.2
    22) Dan Wheeler (RP) 0.1
    23) Scott Atchison (RP) 0.0
    24) Tim Wakefield (RP) 0.7
    25) Hideki Okajima (RP) 0.0

    Total Offensive War- 28.2
    Total Pitching War- 22.1
    Total War- 50.3

    • mbonzo

      1) Brett Gardner (LF) 3.0
      2) Derek Jeter (SS) 3.8
      3) Mark Teixeira (1B) 5.0
      4) Alex Rodriguez (3B) 4.6
      5) Robinson Cano (2B) 5.2
      6) Jorge Posada (DH) 2.1
      7) Nick Swisher (RF) 3.7
      8 ) Russel Martin (C ) 1.5
      9) Curtis Granderson (CF) 3.9
      10) Andruw Jones (OF) 1.5
      11) Ramiro Pena (INF) 0.3
      12) Eric Chavez (INF) 0.9
      13) Francisco Cervelli (C ) 0.9
      14) CC Sabathia (SP) 5.1
      15) Phil Hughes (SP) 3.3
      16) AJ Burnett (SP) 2.9
      17) Freddy Garcia (SP) 1.3
      18) Ivan Nova (SP) 1.3
      19) Mariano Rivera (CL) 2.0
      20) Joba Chamberlain (RP) 1.0
      21) David Robertson (RP) 0.8
      22) Boone Logan (RP) 0.4
      23) Pedro Feliciano (RP) 1.0
      24) Rafael Soriano (RP) 1.3
      25) Sergio Mitre (RP) 0.8

      Total Offensive War- 36.4
      Total Pitching War- 21.2
      Total War- 57.6

      • The Real JobaWockeeZ

        Sorry but there’s no way the Yankees will end up with more WAR than the Sox with their current rosters.

        • Sean C

          They will when Jesus comes up and puts up 11 WAR during the second half of the season. Yeah, Jesus is a 22 WAR player during a full season.

          /Hyperbole multiplied by Hyperbole

          • camilo Gerardo

            so, 22/4; we can expect a 5.5war from J?

        • mbonzo

          Just because thats what the media is stirring up to try to get more readers/viewers, doesn’t mean its true. Obviously the WARs I predicted aren’t perfectly accurate of the future, but they’re rough predictions based on their past performance and fangraphs predictions. If a few players on the Yankees get injured or have terrible seasons, or if a few players on the Red Sox have insane years, things become more even. Instead of trying to show that the Yankees or Red Sox are a better team, I posted this and gave bearish estimates based on average WAR to show that the teams are very even going into 2011.

          Yankees have a decent chance of having more WAR than the Red Sox, the teams are much more than the main stream media is reporting.

      • AndrewYF

        If Pedro Feliciano achieves 1 WAR I’ll eat something previously thought to be inedible. Apply that to Eric Chavez as well.

        • mbonzo

          Chavez/Belliard could easily produce a 1 WAR.
          Feliciano is typically a worth .9/.8 WAR a year based on fangraphs. I assume he’ll be more successful this year since he’ll be strictly a lefty guy out of the bullpen instead of having to pitch and get shelled by rightys. I still kept the WAR to 1.

          • bonestock94

            He’ll pitch less though…

            • mbonzo

              If you use his 2010 stats versus left handers only he would have had a 1.3 WAR. This is using XFip, Feliciano is not a standard relief pitcher though and doesn’t give up many homeruns on average. Last year was incredible and he won’t have the same luck in Yankee stadium, but his WAR comes out to 2.0 if you just use FIP. He should be somewhere closer to 1.3 v. lefties next year and add in a couple rightys and a 1 WAR is actually below what I’d project him in the bullpen.

  • MikeD

    Yeah, kind of sorry Greinke didn’t make it to the Yankees. The tabloid headlines would have been something.

  • bonestock94

    LOL, peter gammons blocked me from following him on twitter. I think I made a bad comment once when he bashed the Yankees.