Yankees still considering Kevin Millwood

The RAB Radio Show: February 11, 2011
Yankees announce non-roster invitees

Via Jon Heyman*, the Yankees are still considering free agent righty Kevin Millwood, who was said to be seeking four or five million bucks as recently as a week ago. I’d be fine with bringing him on board as an innings eater at the end of the rotation, but at that price? No way. Even half that amount seems like too much. Joe told you everything you need to know about Millwood last month, which really ain’t much.

* Insert standard Heyman-Boras client disclaimer here.

The RAB Radio Show: February 11, 2011
Yankees announce non-roster invitees
  • Jeff

    Do not want, please no!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    $1.5 million – $2.5 million, and i’d give him the pen to sign a contract.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tomzig Tom Zig

    At this point, it’s good to just sign as many of these kind of guys as possible. The less money the better. If you can get him on a MiL deal, even better. Do Boras clients even sign MiL deals?

  • Dream of Electric Sheeps

    I am really surprised that Washburn did not pitch LY. if he is agreeable to a low base ‘high’ incentive contract, C should give him a twirl. The best of the lot has been and never was. Low risk and medium reward possibility.

  • Beamish

    Why do the Yankees hate their fans?

    This signing would just be cruel.

  • A.D.

    Considering Millwoods FIP past 2 years is ~Mitre’s career then can’t say I’d complain if they brought him on given Millwood could go back to a better version of himself.

  • James

    As good as the Yankees bullpen is(at least on paper)it’s very possible they will be taxed this year. A few AJ meltdowns, Nova’s still a big question mark,… Innings might not be such a bad thing.

    • Dream of Electric Sheeps

      it will be taxed by june with the current config. But… prolly won’t stay this all season.

  • CS Yankee


    That without even considering the Noesi/Brack/etc options at AAA

    Pass! Not even at a mil.

    However, we really do need that decent #2 or 3 pitcher. While that Cano for Cain didn’t carry any weight (as it was insane)…I would perhaps think really hard about a Lirano trade with the Twins for one of the following;
    1) Swisher alone
    2) Grit alone
    3) Grandy alone
    4) Nunez, Gazoo & Brackman
    5) Joba or Drob with Gazoo or nunez


    • CS Yankee

      err, Liriano (as he is proven)

    • JMK

      I don’t think the Twins would do any of those deals. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    • Poopy Pants

      You don’t want them to get someone who is better than Mitre (according to you)?

  • James

    I guess the real question is what they have planned for Montero.

  • MattG

    I hate to tell it as it is, but Kevin Millwood is worth $4 million for one year. Check out his home/road splits from last year. He had the same year he always has, except one thing: a 1.90 HR/9 at Camden–fluke. Other than that, he’s a 2 WAR guy that pitches close to 200 innings. $4 million is what that guy gets.

    You know what, I’m fine with it. He’s a win better than Mitre, and I’d rather the Yankees have the win than the $4 million.

  • CMP

    If they can get him to a decent price, Millwood is a much better option as 5th starter compared to Garcia/Colon/Mitre. At least he’ll give you innings and above replacement level production. Mitre sucks, Garcia sucks and is always hurt and the chances of Colon staying healthy and pitching well are minuscule. At least you know what you’ll get from Millwood.

  • JMK

    Spaghetti meet wall. $4 million? Does seem a bit high but at least he’ll give you innings and he wasn’t entirely bad in 2010.

  • Scout

    Why not just let Joba eat innings? He eats everything else.

    • The Big City of Dreams


      because if he starts his value will get low. We wouldn’t want to decrease the value of a middle reliever would we

  • mike_h

    he’d be a better choice than Garcia or Colon. I’d take him as the 4th starter and Nova as the 5th

  • Ac

    I agree. I like Millwood better than Mitre anyday. You guys must know by now there’s not much out there to choose from. Get him a low base salary with incentives to give him 4-5 mill if he gives you do many innings etc. Boras has to be creative. If you are counting on Colon or Garcia to be a 18 game winner your kidding yourselves. Keep Mitre as the mop up guy etc. Millwood playing on the Yanks will have better numbers than going to a lesser club who are gonna lose 100 games. I think Cash will take flyer on him if the price comes down a bit. Millwood in the 5th spot is better than the 3 options we have now (mitre, colon or Garcia).