ESPN’s 50 Greatest Yankees

Food For Thought: Velocity vs. Temperature
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ESPN New York published a list of the 50 greatest Yankees yesterday, and the good news is that it’s not completely ridiculous. Four very familiar names top the list and rightfully so, but it gets a little interesting after that. Not bad interesting, but I guess we could call it thought-provoking. There will always be dissent with something like this, but I thought it was well done. Anyway, when Mike Mussina is the 50th greatest player in your franchise’s history, you’re doing pretty well. So click the link and check out the slide show, I enjoyed it and I bet you will too.

Food For Thought: Velocity vs. Temperature
Open Thread: Textbook
  • jim p

    I see pictures, but I don’t see a list. What am I missing?

  • Marshall Brown

    No Oscar Gamble?


    • Bob Stone

      To quote Oscar: “They don’t think it be like it is. But it do.”

  • Mister Delaware

    I loathe internet slide shows.

  • king of fruitless hypotheticals

    Knowing ESPN, it’ll be made of the fifty draftees we didnt sign, or FA’s that got away, etc.

    • Hall and Nokes

      They have a crisp dollar bill at #8.

  • Tom Zig

    Munson and Mattingly ahead of ARod? Granted both were homegrown players, and fantastic players at that. But A-Rod is A-Rod, I really could care less about PEDs.

  • Guest

    Love Mo. Love his simple motion. Love his ridiculous control. Love his calm demeaner. Love the fact that the scribes have taken to putting “the great” before Mariano Rivera, just like Hemmingway did with Joe D. Love that he is so damn good at baseball.

    But I don’t think you can put him at number 5. He is the best ever at what he does. But what he does is quite possibly the most overrated thing in all of professional sports (with the possible exception of “scrappy middle-infielder with no power and little on-base skills”).

    He’s done so much for the Yankees. Plus, he just seems like a totally wonderful human being. But the greatest closer of all time is still just a closer.

    And no closer, not even the great Mariano Rivera, could be better than Berra, Jeter, or Ford.

    • PaulF

      It depends on what you are ranking them on. It’s true that he could never be as valuable as Jeter, Berra, or Ford, but he could definitely be considered “better,” because he’s the most dominant relief pitcher ever.

    • Big Apple

      I completely get what you’re saying…and I agree with most of it. But…without Mo…well, I don’t even want to imagine what that would’ve been like.

      The save is the most overrated stat in baseball. And a closer, while it can be an overrated role…it is essential to for post success.

      The season is long, but if a closer fails to get his job done on a regular basis, wins turn into losses and playoff can be missed.

      The post season is an entirely different animal – a closer is necessary for advancement.

  • Gonzo

    Someone should do it by fWAR while in pinstripes.

  • nathan

    I thought ARod was too low on the list.

    I understand the sentimental aspect of Munson and Mattingly. Still, Arod @ 13 was too low.

    • Rick in Boston

      Agreed. Their reasoning seems to be grounded more in the off-the-field stuff than the fact he’s the best baseball player to wear the pinstripes since Mantle.

      Also – Tommy Heinrich was a bit lower than I expected.

    • Guest

      I think, most likely, when this list is redone in 2017, A-Rod will be much higher.

  • Pat D

    Winfield was too low.

    Of course I’d say that.

  • Naved

    ARod needs to be way higher. When it is all said and done he is going to have the best stats in baseball history

    • C-Mac

      Sort of. There are just so many things that Barry Bonds did ridiculously well as a hitter. Like, you think you’ve registered it, but then you find out more. I hate that I never really got to watch him play all that much.

    • viridiana

      I thought ARod was too high. Just one ring. Disappointing performance in many post seasons (though great in 09). I forget where Maris ranked but at this point I would say ARod is about as important– certainly not Top 10. But I would put him ahead of Mr. May Winfield, who should be much lower

      Generally thought his list was very good. Not sure McDougald merited such a high ranking though. Arguments could be made for Skowron and Tino as having longer and more productive careers. Raschi even where he is may be slightly undervalued.

  • Bpdelia

    ruth, mantle, gehrig, arod, dimag, thatrs the top five in order. quibble about sloping 2 and 3 if you must burt munson and jeter aren’t in the same universe as arod. alex is in the with mays, bonds, williams, musial, pujols division. that utterly invalidates this list. moronic

    • Big Apple

      its pretty sad when the best player in the game is not appreciated. its similar to Bonds, but Bonds was 10X the ahole that Arod is perceived to be.

    • Griffey’s Grotequely Swollen Jaw

      I agree, Burt Munson is not in the same universe as arod. that guy sucked

    • Urban

      A-Rod is not better than DiMaggio from a pinstripes perspective. A-Rod has only just completed seven years on the Yankees, so he has a ways to go. Then again, I have no idea how they decided “greatness.” Seems to be some subjective stuff thrown in, certainly not based on contributions over many years.

  • Dr. O

    I actually could have expected something like:

    “#10: David Ortiz Ok you’re probably asking ‘what the heck?!’ but….”

  • Mr. Novemer

    Can anyone post the list here please? I’m on my iPhone and for some reason the page isn’t loading.

  • delv

    Joe Gordon is 38??? That’s terrible…

    • Urban

      How many years did Gordon actually play for the Yankees? The Yankees have had many great and near greats through their history.

      I thought Nettles was too low, and Roy White.

  • Reality

    Where’s Jesus on this list?

  • Hall and Nokes

    To the A-Rod people: It seems to me like ESPN was trying to parcel out the Yankee portion of every player’s career and rank that. If it were otherwise, where is Big Unit? Boggs? Tim Raines? You get the idea. Alex is obviously not like some of those guys in that he has had some of his best years in NY, but at the same time, I think that is reflected in his ranking. I understand why they would not consider his Texas and Seattle years to be relevant to this list.

    Anyway, that’s the only way I can justify Winfield being where he is, so it works for me.

    • Urban

      I think that’s the point. It’s what they did as Yankees, yet that’s where I have a problem. Reggie, has excellent as he was, played here only five years. So on one level they were focused on career contributions, but then they started throwing other things in the evaluations, in some cases ranking some players too high, and in others too low. A-Rod gets knocked because of PEDs? Nonsense.

  • Bpdelia

    but alex has 22 mvp seasons with ny and had hit 500 60oth hr in ny. time to start realizing that he has been a yankee most of his career. will have hit most his milestone hr in ny and will end up very high ok the ny career hr list. this is his 8th year. he isla yankee more “than a mariner or “ranger

  • jason

    Lost patience with slideshow after Goose. As much as we love Mo, what Yogi did in over 1,300 games as a catcher…(substituting elipses for stats) he’s got to be considered “greater” than any closer. Now where’s Mel Hall?

  • kosmo

    A decent list .Certainly when AROD retires his ranking will easily be in the top 3.
    Rickey Henderson spent all of 4 + yrs with NY and although a great player doesn´t in my opinion belong on this list.Maris played 7 years with NY and was injured about half the time.
    I would replace them with Tino Martinez and Bob Shawkey who is probably as deserving as a few of the pitchers mentioned .168-131 four 20 win seasons.
    Honorable mention-Clemens,Red Rolfe,Clete Boyer,Bobby Richardson,Dave Righetti,Fritz Peterson,Al Downing and Johnny Murphy

  • muray