Mitre scratched with left oblique soreness

Fan Confidence Poll: March 14th, 2011
2011 Season Preview: Mariano Rivera

Updated (11:40 a.m.): Per Mark Feinsand, Sergio Mitre has been scratched from his start tonight and could be on the shelf for a while with what the Daily News scribe is calling “some type of ribcage/oblique type injury.” Mitre later said he woke up with soreness in his left oblique but expects to be pitch again by Thursday. Mitre missed considerable time last season with a left oblique strain, but his latest injury is reportedly in a different spot.

In the short term, the Yankees will instead send Manny Banuelos to the mound tonight to face the Boston Red Sox in their game airing on ESPN at 7:05 p.m. In the long term, though, an extended Mitre injury could all but end the rotation competition at least for April. If Mitre is out for a few weeks, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia and Ivan Nova will share the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation while the odd man out will inherit the long relief role. If Mitre makes it back to the bump later this week, the race for the rotation continues.

To calm the masses ahead of time, Banuelos’ start is not an indication that the Yanks are considering taking the 20-year-old north. He was scheduled to pitch in relief today anyway, and the club wants their Number One pitching prospect to accrue more than just 15 innings of AA ball before he’s old enough to drink. He’ll arrive in the Bronx soon but not that soon.

Fan Confidence Poll: March 14th, 2011
2011 Season Preview: Mariano Rivera
  • Mike Axisa

    So if Garcia or Colon goes down between now and Opening Day … then what?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Carlos Silva or , uh, this:

      • Rockdog

        Awesome! RAB should print up t-shirts with The Turtle.

    • Josh S.

      Randy Johnson comes out of retirement for one more stint with the Yanks? Pedro Martinez??? The options are limitless. We could have the all 2003 team.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Andy comes back for Cliff Lee money.

    • Jobu The Voodoo Troll

      They liked Brackman early in camp.

  • UncleArgyle

    Funny how these “Rotation battles” always work themselves out. Its like Death and Taxes. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to see ManBan go against the Red Sox “A” Lineup tonite.

    • MannyGeee

      I predict 2 hits, 4 K’s 2 BBs and a lot of dribblers that Jeter may or may not boot…

  • Josh S.

    I never like to hear that a Yankee player got injured. However, I tend to think that the injuries to Frankie Cervelli and Sergio Mitre actually make them a better team.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I don’t get the Mitre hate. He’s not very good, but he’s been serviceable in his role for the Yanks so far. Cervelli though is what he is. The team isn’t necessarily better off for it, but they’re not much worse.

      • Josh S.

        Serviceable – yeah, maybe I can agree with that. He was actually pretty good out of the bullpen last year. He’s just not that durable. It seems like he’s always injuring something. I know that he was coming off of Tommie John surgery in his first year with the Yanks, but last year he also hit the DL. I just don’t think he should be considered for the rotation – maybe a spot start here and there. Believe me, I’m not in love with any of the other options either, and I still think Colon robbed Mariano of that Cy Young.

        • Chris

          I still think Colon robbed Mariano of that Cy Young.

          You mean the one that Johan should have won?

          • Josh S.

            Yup – that one. Point is, Colon didn’t deserve it.

  • tuggernuts

    What’s so bad with bringing ManBan north? Some baseball writers that I respect a lot in regards to prospects say he can do it, and probably better than the other options. He can probably go 140+ ip.

    • Monteroisdinero

      The Yanks don’t do this-they can bring him up in June if he is great in AA/AAA. Oh and Jeter bats leadoff-no questions asked.

    • MannyGeee

      Some baseball writers that I respect a lot…

      well, that there is your first mistake.

      • Gonzo

        What’s the moral to your story? Is he not supposed to respect baseball writers who talk to scouts all the time? Is he only supposed to back up what the FO does? Should he only respect your opinion?


  • Beamish

    Does Nova get the “long man” role or do they let him start and carry Colon in the pen as “insurance”.

  • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

    Felix Hernandez had 306 IP before his major league debut. Manny has 215 IP plus whatever he threw in the Mexican league. That’s pretty darn close. So really they’re going to send him down just because? The kid is clearly ready and whatever he has left to learn he can learn facing major league hitters. Continuing to dominate AA and AAA will do nothing for his development and racking up innings in the minors has almost no correlation with eventual performance, even for the early birds.

    • Rey22

      1. Most pitchers are not Felix Hernandez. He really is a uniquely talented baseball player.

      2. Even if comparing them made sense, 100 IP is about half a season’s worth of innings, which can’t hurt at all. I wouldn’t say 15 innings in AA makes him “clearly ready” for the show.


      • Matt Warden

        Also, remember that in the month of April, the fifth man won’t have that many opportunities anyway. The Yanks have time to simply tread water for a while and test some of their lesser options before resorting to more ambitious alternatives.

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

          Right so why waste those innings from Manny in AA or AAA? Keep him with the big club and have him pitch as necessary.

          • MannyGeee

            for the same reason you do not keep MOntero as a back-up to Cervelli and Russell. Why send someone to the Show to use up an option if they are not coming north to actually play the game…

            let them log some innings in SWB and get them share a cab to NY in June…

            • Gonzo

              ManBan would get his innings with the Yanks. Montero wouldn’t get his ab’s with the Yanks right now. Apples to oranges.

        • Monteroisdinero

          Going into 2010, Phil Hughes was our 5th starter. He was pretty effective. He was not supposed to have many opportunities.


      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        People are overhyping how much those innings matter. They don’t. Young pitchers who make their debuts don’t benefit from additional work in AA or AAA.

        That doesn’t mean they should throw him for 250 innings this year. But 150 innings as a 5th guy would be perfect.

      • Gonzo

        KLaw and Badler think he’s ready and doesn’t really have anything to work on in the minors. Just saying.

        Felix he ain’t, but it’s not like keeping him in the minors is going to turn him into Felix either.

    • Johnny O

      Manny =/= King Felix

      I almost hope he gets roughed up tonight by the Sawx just so people will stop clamoring for him to be the 5th starter NOW.

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        I almost hope you step in dogshit.

        • All Praise Be To Mo

          Almost? I hope he trips and falls in it face first.

    • Mike Axisa

      Banuelos never actually pitched in the Mexican League, he was just property of a team.

      Felix Hernandez legitimately is one of those once-in-a-generation talents, Banuelos is not. The kid has 15 innings above AA, what’s the rush?

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        Because the guys ahead of him are barely major league pitchers at this point. Only Nova has upside. Better to win with a better pitcher and develop a young one than get neither of those things.

        As for the Mexican league, he may have never pitched in a game, but surely he was working out with them, no? My point is just because he’s logged “only” 215 professional innings, that doesn’t mean that’s all he’s working off of.

        • Mike Axisa

          You seem to be assuming that the only scenario for Banuelos involves success. Again, what’s the rush?

          • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

            They gain nothing – not wins or development – from Garcia and Colon.

            Moreover, you assume it’s a rush. In the history of baseball, upper level innings don’t help pitchers develop. They *might* help avoid injury but that can easily be done at the major league level.

            Was Sabathia “rushed”? He had all of 231 mL innings before his debut. Did the 90 in AA really make any difference? History clearly says they don’t per Jaffe.

            • Mike Axisa

              Again, you’re comparing the situation to CC and Felix. Those guys are the exception, not the rule. Their career path has as much to do with Banuelos’ development as what I’m having for lunch.

              • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

                Nope, wrong again. They’re examples, but the history of baseball suggests that upper level innings literally adds nothing to a pitcher’s career. For Manny this year you’d be simply throwing those innings away when the big club, and the pitcher, could stand to benefit.

      • Gonzo

        No rush, but if he’s the best option for #5, what’s the issue with awarding it to him?

        Not saying he is ready, but what’s the issue of him being the #5 if he’s the best option?

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

          Exactly. What’s the issue? His pitches are where they need to be. It’s lame to say he just needs innings. He can clearly get those in the majors.

      • NJYankeeFan

        I think this book still has a lot of chapters to be written before you can say that though I agree that at this point, it’s not fair to compare ManBan or any current pitching prospect to King Felix.

    • Zack

      That’s pretty darn close

      Since when is 66% close?

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        Since when it can be made up in three months.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Take a look at this list. That shows everyone who has thrown 150 innings or more at the age of 20 (or younger) in the big leagues since the early 1900s. It’s not a long list, and those who have done so recently have had success. Would you put Banuelos on that list? Maybe yes, maybe no. But you can’t fault the team for erring on the side of caution with a kid his age. He is literally two days removed from his 20th birthday.

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        And take a look at this:

        Off the bat, while the correlation between a pitcher’s debut season ERA and his career ERA was a solid 0.6, there was virtually no correlation between the number of upper-level innings (Double-A, Triple-A, or both) with debut-season ERA or career ERA. The maximum correlation for any of those inning combinations and debut ERA was with Triple-A innings, and that at just 0.011. For career ERA, the maximum correlation was with combined upper level innings, at 0.038. Correlations between those upper level innings and debut season or career WARP were similarly infinitesimal. Over that broad range of ages and debut years, there just aren’t any useful generalizations to be made about the necessity of upper level experience.

      • Gonzo

        FWIW, KLaw and others think he’s ready. Not that they are the end all and be all, but they talk to a lot of scouts too.

        • KeithK

          Cashman and the Yankee brass presumably know their pitcher as well as anyone. Maybe he is ready and they’re just being cautious with the kid. That’s not really a bad thing.

          Also keep in mind that keeping him in the minors to start the season prevents his free agency clock from starting. Two months at AA guarantees team control in 2017 (assuming no changes to the rules in the next collective bargaining agreement). You probably worry less about that kind of thing with pitchers than hitters due to the likelihood of injury derailing a prospect. But if you’re going to make comparison’s between Baneulos and Felix Hernandez then the FA clock should enter in.

          • Gonzo

            I never made a comparison to Felix. I mentioned that KLaw made the comparison to Jason Heyward. In that case, do you play with the best players all season or hope that it doesn’t bite you in the rear at the end of the season like Heyward, or do you penny pinch and hope it doesn’t like with Posey.

            One could argue that the Braves miss the playoffs if they stall Heyward’s clock. The Giants made the fiscally correct decision and it didn’t hurt them.

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        BTW, Fernando Valenzuela might be a fantastic comp as an undersized lefty from Mexico. And there’s no way the Yankees let Manny rack up the innings like he did. They’ll clearly baby him to death even though it hasn’t helped Joba or Hughes one bit.

        • The Real JobaWockeeZ

          Yup it clearly doesn’t help at all which is why the Yankee braintrust is clearly in favor of it.

      • James

        How about Doc Gooden being 41 – 13 at the time of his 21st! Holy Shit, coke robbed that man of his career (stating something I guess we all knew)… Speaking of innings limits, he threw 276.2 in his sophomore year haha!

    • Chris

      Felix had 218 IP in the minors (up through AA) at that start of the 2005 season. Guess what the Mariners did? They sent him to AAA to start the season – he came up later in the year.

      • Gonzo

        Did they have to rely on Colon to make a playoff push? That team ended up with 69 wins.

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)


    • Urban

      Comparing ManBan and King Felix is not proper. By your own numbers, Hernandez pitched nearly 50% more innings than Banuelos, which is hardly insignicant, yet the comparisons get worse from there.

      Hernandez signed at 17 and pitched 69 innings as a pro in lower A ball, which means he pitched over 100 innings that year when adding in his work in Venezuela. The next season he moved to higher A ball and then AA, pitching 149 innings. The following year he was promoted to AAA and then the Majors, throwing a combined 172 innings. Once in the majors, the next three seasons, he pitched 191, 190 and then 200 innings. It wasn’t until his fourth year in the majors that he had his next large step up to 238 innings, and moved from 30 starts to 34 starts. Then last season they let him go to 249 innings, but even then, they shut him down before his last start.

      2011 will be Hernandez’s seventh year in the majors and ninth in pro ball. His upcoming age-25 season will probably be the first one when he doesn’t have any restrictions on games started and innings pitched. To the Mariners’ credit, they have followed a modern textbook plan on managing his innings from a young age by building up his innings and experience across all minor league levels, without him ever experiencing a massive increase one year to the next, or even have an unusually high load during any single season during his early years, both in the minors and then continuing on through the majors.

      What you’re suggesting with Banuelos would be the opposite. We already know that Hernandez pitched nearly 50% more innings than Banuelos, but the very prior year he had tossed 149 innings to Banuelos 64, with ManBan’s max being 109. Equally important, almost all those innings are in A ball, while King Felix’s were across increasing levels of competition. (I know there’s some additional innings from Arizona League on both sides, both the story is the same.)

      The real issue here is managing Banuelos’ innings up as the Mariners did with Hernandez, who didn’t even have to worry about the extra post-season innings that a pitcher on the Yankees will encounter. Last year, Hughes was the Yankees fifth starter, and he tossed 192 innings. The prior year, Joba as the fifth starter pitched 164 innings, and both these guys were older, more physically mature and already in the Majors, compared to ManBan. There’s little chance the Yankees can manage him on the MLB level to just 140 innings, especially if he’s pitching reasonably well. We saw that nonsense with Joba in late 2009.

      Managing workloads is much easier in the minor leagues because it happens all the time and it’s not questioned. That’s why they’re the minor leagues. Development. Starts are skipped, or shortened to three or four innings, players are shut down for a while in mid-season, or their years end in August. Players can throw their secondary pitches in key situations as they try to develop them, something not to be on the MLB level. None of this will happen on the MLB Yankees, especially when the team is in a pennant race.

      Let the Yankees manage Banuelos up to 140 innings this year as they did with Brackman last season, and he’ll be ready to contribute to the Big Club come 2012. Who knows, maybe he’ll even contribute some down the stretch this year, depending on his workload.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    How many AA innings did Rick Porcello have? Banuelos in 2011
    (I’m not sure if I’m serious)

    • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

      Porcello pitched 125 innings and all in A+, then made his debut the following season.

      • Mike Axisa

        And look at how much it helped him in his second year as a big leaguer.

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

          Wow, I expect much more from you, Mike. Porcello was the exact same pitcher in 2010 as in 2009. Only his BABIP changed.

          • Mike Axisa

            You’re acting like Porcello was good in 2009. Sub-5.00 K/9 and a ~4.75 FIP? Oh yeah, sign me up for that.

            • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

              He was good enough. You assume development time would make a difference. The history of baseball says you’re wrong.

              Moreover, sign me up for a ~4.75 FIP from Manny if it means never having to watch Colon or Garcia get lit up.

              • Mike Axisa

                Putting Banuelos in the big lg rotation so you don’t have to watch Garcia/Colon is as bad a reason as I could possibly think of.

                • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

                  You’re really not following along if you think that’s my reasoning. Of course, you’ve failed to support any of your points.

                  Let me simplify:
                  1. Manny is likely to be better than Colon and Garcia (better stuff, left-handed)
                  2. Manny will gain experience against major league hitters
                  3. Manny has nothing left to gain in the high minors, if you believe the history of baseball.

                  For a guy who loves stats, Mike, I find it interesting when you let your opinions get in the way of facts.

                • Gonzo

                  I agree. That’s not why I think he shouldn’t be off-handed to the minors so quickly.

  • Doug

    Joba on the shelf too for a couple of days due to soreness in his left side

    • Gonzo

      AKA his 3rd stomach.

      Sorry, I just had too. Sorry.

      • A.D.

        Thought you couldn’t pull fat

  • NJYankeeFan

    Talk about no patience, let ManBan at least get his feet wet in AA/AAA before throwing him into the rotation. If all goes well, he could probably help out of the bullpen down the stretch.
    In the meantime, Brackman could probably be ready to step into the rotation by July if needed.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      What if the bullpen doesn’t need halp?

      • Gonzo

        Everyone should have HALP! It is good for the heart!

        I agree though. If he can contribute to wins now and not hurt his development, what’s the problem?

      • NJYankeeFan

        You have a lot of faith in Logan and Feliciano I guess. I think any team could find use for a power lefty out of the pen and it would allow ManBan to get his feet wet and likely have some success at the same time.

        • Gonzo

          Exaclty, if a player can contribute best in the rotation, wait until he can contribute to the ‘pen!

          I know that’s not exactly what you are saying, but if he’s the best option for the rotation, and it won’t hurt his development, why wait until he can contribute solely in the ‘pen?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          No more starter to bullpen experiments.

          • Smallz

            Agreed. Definetley dont wanna see Banuelos turn into Joba part 2.

    • Gonzo

      I don’t think it’s a lack of patience. When I heard KLaw say that he is ready now and compare it to the Jason Heyward situation last year, I said let me think a little more about it. Badler, Callis, and KLaw think he’s ready now. Klaw said he doesn’t think he has much to work on in the minors. So what is he going to do there he can’t do in the majors?

      Why side with convention just because?

      • NJYankeeFan

        So when he reaches his innings limit of 130-140 in August, what are the Yankees gonna do especially if he’s pitching well, shut him down and find a replacement?

        • Gonzo

          He went 109, and 108 the last two years. I think he can go with 150. And yes, when he hits the limit, shut him down and bring up who’s next. Why have the best 150ip for the MLB team being pitched in the minors? That is assuming those are the best 150ip for the mlb team.

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

          They can best control those innings in the majors. 6 innings a start gives him 20 to 24 starts. Look up how many starts the 5th usually gets.

          • NJYankeeFan

            If he starts the season in the rotation, come July you guys will be bitching about the Manny Rules.
            Also, I cant believe a 20 year old is a finished product. He should be allowed to refine his stuff in games that don’t count. Just because Klaw thinks he could start doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s kind of funny how everyone takes his word as gospel.

            • Gonzo

              He wasn’t the only one taht said it. It’s interesting that you can’t even think about going away from convention even when respected baseball people are saying you should. At least think about it.

            • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

              You can only refine your stuff if guys actually challenge you. AA and AAA hitters don’t. The stuff is good enough now to get out major league hitters. It’s clear if you watch the games.

              As for the Manny Rules, if they’re smart about the innings throughout the year, there will be no rules. Limit how many innings he pitches in any game and limit the number of games. Done and done. 5th starters don’t get more than 20 to 25 starts.

              • bexarama

                It’s clear if you watch the games.

                The Spring Training games?

                • bexarama

                  Also, if he gets lit up tonight against a pretty good Red Sox lineup, does this change your mind?

                  • Smallz

                    Is it just me? Or shouldnt it be like he can only throw 70-80 pitches a game? It annoyed me when Joba would be get to like the 5th or 6th inning (and how rare that was) and hed only thrown like 40-50 pitches. Innings limits dont make sense. Pitch count limits do, you dont want a young guy throwing a 100 pitches in a game, especially if he only does it in like 4 innings.

                    • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

                      Excellent point. Can you point to any studies that show the difference between pitches thrown and innings pitched? Most use them interchangeably, but clearly they are not the same indicator of (ab)use.

                  • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

                    Do you ever base conclusions on one game? Conversely, if he’s unhittable, do you start clamoring for him in the 5th slot?

                    It’s one game. But the kid clearly has the stuff to succeed in MLB right now. That he’s a lefty in Yankee Stadium only makes it that much easier as a decision.

                    Worst case, he struggles and he gets sent down. This is the point I don’t get with Yankee fans and their front office. If a kid is so fragile – mentally/emotionally – that one bad spell could Ed Whitson him, how could he ever survive long-term?

  • the Other Steve S.

    “Mitre later said he woke up with soreness in his left oblique”

    So, he hurt himself while sleeping? Good God, call Pavano…

  • Kyle

    RAB – CC pitched 140 pitches last night, Hughes’ hammy is hurting, AJ benched himself due to poor performance, and Cashman still believes Joba is best off in the pen…

    Joe has Garcia, Colon, and Banuelos available (bc any fool knows Nova gets one of the 4/5 spots). WE NEED A WIN TONIGHT. Who is the best pitcher tonight?

    If your answer is Manny than there is no reason why you send him to the minors. Isn’t the best coaching/instruction at the professional level?

  • Livingforward

    I love Yankee Fans fascination with putting all our top pitching prospects in the #Bullpen. Starter>>>>>>>>>>Bullpen. I rather have someone win 20 games than to come out and pitch an inning a game.

  • Andrew

    The important correlation to pay attention to with this news should be between Mitre and Nova, not Mitre and Banuelos. Lots of talk of stashing Nova down in Scranton and seeing what happened with Colon and Garcia as the 4 and 5, Mitre as the long man, thus having some depth to start the season and not having to say goodbye to one of the vet arms right after camp is over.

    Now it seems as though, should Mitre miss a week or two with this issue, Nova is going north with the team and probably gets a shot at the rotation to start with. He may end up doing that regardless of Mitre’s health depending on what the team decides, but I think this incident increases his chances for cracking the Opening Day roster substantially.

    • NJYankeeFan

      This injury may allow the Yanks to start Nova and Garcia 4/5 and keep Colon as long man since I find it hard to believe that Colon will be able to provide any length as a starter given his age and his morbid obesity.

  • Jorge

    Screw it. Get rid of this old codger Rothschild and promote Manny Banuelos to pitching coach. If Roger Craig could coach with his pissant W/L record….

    ….but only if he wins this MUST-WIN Spring Training game against the Red Sox. You know this game counts in the….oh.

  • Tony S

    Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)- Your argument is persuasive. You dont have me convinced yet though. Why not have him start in the minors – let him build up his confidence & if we are still having issues with the 4th & 5th spot (which we probally will) bring him along in May or June.

    What are your thoughts on Monteiro??

    • John

      Confidence is about the only thing that refrains me from agreeing completely with Ultimate Yankee Warrior. But confidence is very subjective and we have no means of analyzing whether or not Banuelos would be overwhelmed by the big league experience. According to scouts, he has poise, whatever that means.

      Actually, I would like Axisa to write an entry about the discussion above. His argument about keeping Banuelos in the minors simply because there is no “rush” seems weak at best compared to what Ultimate Yankees Warrior and Gonzo were saying. I presume that he has more to say about this.

      I, too, had the preconceived opinion that Banuelos should undoubtedly start in AA but the more I think about it and the more I hear scouts say he’s ready, the more I think otherwise, seeing the current alternatives (Colon). The main issues is whether minor innings adds more to a pitcher’s development than major innings and whether Banuelos could handle New York at 19. I don’t have the answers.

      • Tony S

        I guess it comes down to how mature he is. This is something that we are not close enouph to see. You would think that the Yankee brass is. Perhaps they want to see how he reacts to the presures of AA & AAA instead of just throwing him into the bigs. Because if he goes to the bigs & fails he may suffer mentally. Lets also not forget that he is not from the States so their is also the adjustment to culture.

        • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

          Maturity has never stopped MLB talent from reaching the majors.

          In a year where the Yankees will need every win, I see no reason to pretend like April and May are a warmup.

      • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

        How do you measure confidence? How can you gain confidence facing AA hitters relative to their MLB brethren?

    • Ultimate Yankee Warrior (James)

      Because those innings in the minors won’t help his development (if you believe Jaffe’s analysis) and won’t help the big club. It’a a waste through and through most especially when we consider the alternatives.

      • Buddy

        You exhausted too much energy on this…

        The guy can get knocked around in a couple of his starts in AA, he has a good couple appearances to start the sprint and BAM he no doubt ready and better than any other option for the 5th spot.


  • Smallz

    Any thoughts on maybe DJ Mitchell being the longman in the pen? Hes in that list of guys who can pitch in the MLB now and he doesnt project to be more than a longman/bullpen guy anyway. If Colon keeps pitching well, I say take Colon and Garcia and start Nova in AAA so he can get consistent work. No reason to bury him in the ass-end of the Yankee bullpen, waiting AJ Burnett or Freddy Garcia to impload in the 3rd inning so Nova can try to stop the bleeding.

    • Gonzo

      He can’t pitch to lefties at all. At least not now.

  • Naved

    Everyone is forgetting that ManBan is barely around 160 pounds. He needs to be put on an innings limit this season or else his arm is going to crash in a couple of years. We need him for the long haul!

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    The consensus here seems to be that because Law and Calis say Banuelos is ready to pitch in MLB, that it’s the gospel truth.

    But unlike Cashman, they have no skin in the game. If big league hitters hammer him, or he gets injured, what’s that mean to them? Absolutely nothing!

    Cashman, meanwhile, has several million dollars invested, and isn’t willing to take the advice of people who have seen his pitcher a handful of times (at most).

    Just because my son’s driver’s ed teacher says he is an excellent driver and can handle himself in any situation doesn’t mean I’m giving him the keys to the Ferrari.

    • Kyle

      So give the keys to your fat, spoiled step-son from your wifes first marriage when she was 17 years old. Im just saying…

  • Urban

    I’ve seen Klaw’s comment on Banuelos mentioned a few times, and I think they’re being used a little more strongly than he suggested. He believes Banuelos could pitch in the Majors today if needed, but it’s not like he’s banging the table saying it’s a must, noting that this is a matter of balancing the short-term gain vs. the long-term gain. In other words, bringing Banuelos up now might very well hurt his longer-term development, especially if the Yankees push his innings, which seems likely if he’s pitching well.

  • Guest

    Does no one remember Joba Chamberlain? Do people forget that quickly? I mean, seriously, he’s still on the team.

    Do you know who else is on the Yankees right now? Mark Prior.

    Joba and Prior. Each a poster child for one of the twin ills of rushing an electric young pitcher to the majors: stunted development and injury.

    Banuelos is scheduled for something like 140 innings this year (and that seems a bit agressive to me). You are KIDDING yourselves if you think that he will only pitch 140 innings if he breaks camp with the team and is lights out from the get-go. Kidding yourself. They will WANT to keep him to 140 innings, but if everyone’s best case scenarios come true, they won’t. They can’t. Not in this city. Not in a penant race. (Don’t compare this to Phil last year. 180 innings (plus playoffs) is far different from 140. Much easier to finesse 180 than 140).

    On the development side: he is absolutely going to focus only on the fastball and changeup in the majors. He will want to mix in the other pitches, but he will want to succeed more. For Heaven’s sake, we are STILL yelling at Phil to throw his changeup.

    15 innings above A ball. Justturned20. Just. 5’11 160 dripping wet. Joba and Mark Prior are sitting in the bullpen. Repeated for emphasis–Joba and Mark Prior are sitting in the bullpen.

    Back to AA. More seasoning/innings please. See you in 2012 for a September cup of coffee and see you in the first week of 2013. (If all goes well).