Open Thread: March 10th camp notes

Yankees GM resigns
Yanks ink 20-year-old Dominican hurler

It was not a particularly exciting day for the Yanks down in Clearwater as they faced the Phillies. With Yogi giving everyone a pre-game scare, the Yanks’ bats were held in check by Roy Halladay and the Phillies. Coming off of a rocky outing, CC Sabathia threw five shut-out innings, giving up just three hits, and Halladay matched him with six zeroes.

The Yanks’ bullpen however couldn’t keep the game close. Robert Fish — one of the Rule 5 guys not long for the Yanks — gave up three runs in an inning, and unfortunately, Mark Prior was victimized as well. He threw just 0.2 innings and allowed three runs, but one earned, on a hit and two walks. Justin Maxwell dropped a well-hit ball for a two-run error with two outs in that frame. Prior did record another pair of strike outs though and made it unscathed through another appearance.

Now, some notes:

  • Jorge Posada played first in this game and turned a nifty double play on a line drive. The Yanks are determined to keep him from behind the plate.
  • Meanwhile, Jesus Montero went 0 for 3 as the DH and is now hitting .158 on the spring. Two of those ABs were against Roy Halladay though. I wouldn’t get too worried at all.
  • Colin Curtis will be out for a month as he rehabs a dislocated shoulder. (Feinsand).
  • The Yanks play two tomorrow. Ivan Nova goes against the Blue Jays in Dunedin while Phil Hughes draws the Braves in Tampa.

Anyway, open thread. Go nuts.

Yankees GM resigns
Yanks ink 20-year-old Dominican hurler
  •!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

    And let’s remember Jesus had an amazing Spring Training last year which only led to a slump.

    These things don’t mean a lot.

    • S

      Jesus only had 8 at bats last year so it doesn’t say much. What I see from Jesus is a timing issue, the guy only has three punchouts (2 happened in one game, the 3rd happened the game prior) its only a matter of time that he gets his timing right, and its going to be something.

      (If a rookie can face Doc and not strikeout I’ll take that as a moral victory)

  • Gonzo

    How about Jim Callis saying Jesus will be traded because that’s how the Yanks will extract max value from him. Then KLaw said Jesus hasn’t improved enough behind the plate. Both in the same week!

    KLaw did did say that ManBan could be the Yanks 5th starter! How about them apples!

    • ColoYank

      Banuelos has exactly 15-and-a-third innings above A ball. He won’t open the season with the Yanks. But I bet he sees more than just a few AAA starts this year, and might get a cuppa coffee late in the season, as well.

      • Gonzo

        No doubt, but KLaw’s point was that he could be the Yanks 5th starter, not that he will be. That is big praise for a guy that young!

        • ColoYank

          Gotcha. Agreed.

      • S

        actually its 27 1/3rd (12 innings in the AA post-season) but he does need more time.

        • Gonzo

          That was KLaw’s point. He doesn’t think he really needs more time.

          • The Three Amigos

            He may be skilled enough for the bigs, however his limited innings and body type say proceed cautiously.

            • Gonzo

              Again, I am not saying he should or should not. I am just sharing the veiwpoint of someone who has much more baseball acumen than you or I.

              Body type? You think he has to change his body type before he can be MLB ready?

              He could probably be good for 150 innings this year. If he’s ready, and I am not saying he is, you would rather have those innings at AA/AAA instead of helping the big league club?

  • dsss

    You’re right, they do seem determined to keep Posada behind the plate. I can understand the hesitation- he’s aging, his concussions, his knees, his defense.
    Still, wouldn’t be worth having him as a back-up 1 or 2 days a week while Montero seasons in AAA and Cervelli heals? This would allow the Yanks to keep both Garcia and Colon at the start of the seasonin the rotation instead of opting out. If they work out, great. If one of them crashes, he could be released, and a true back-up catcher brought up.

  • ColoYank

    I was lucky enough to spend five days in Tampa – just got back home yesterday. I attended the game against the Phils where A.J. and Joba were perfect and Nunez and Granderson went deep against Oswalt. But I messed up somewhat, because I really went down to watch the minor leaguers’ camp, and their workouts didn’t start until Monday, and I had to head home Wednesday. Not much of a window.

    Anyway, by far the greatest highlight for me was meeting Pat Venditte’s dad, Pat Sr. He is a polite, soft-spoken owner of a doctoral degree in gerontological studies. He stays in Tampa for all of spring training, and sees his son all the time. Pat Jr. told him that the Yankees gave him two new gloves this spring, the most beautiful things he ever saw. He didn’t really need them, but there they were. The Yankees do spend their money on these kids. Both father and son thought the whole experience in pro ball was the most wondrous, special, unforgettable thing ever. (I didn’t know the Yanks had drafted Pat as a D.E.S. two years before.)

    Vignette to finish: several balls clear the fence during BP and land in an open lawn. I snagged one – my great prize – and was jogging back to the grandstand near the plate when I spotted another ball sitting on the warning track. Whoever was shagging flies nearby was jogging over and saw me. He said, “I’ll get it.”

    I stood there and said, “So near yet so far.” He started laughing, bent down, and with a quick glance over his shoulder tossed it over the fence to me.

    Also, apparently Pat Sr. took a shine to me because before I left, he got Pat Jr. to sign a couple of minor-league balls for me. What a haul!

    • Joey

      Cool story, love stuff like that, thanks for sharing

  • BobK

    I hear that “Colon” Curtis is a real asshole. As for “Yoga” Berra… :)

    Time to stop using the spell checker, Ben!

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Spellchecker would tell me colon is a word. That’s the problem!

      It’s fixed now. Guess I had Bartolo on my mind.

  • Esteban

    “With Yoga giving everyone a pre-game scare”

    I know it’s just a typo, but it gives you the funny image of a bunch of macho athletes being horrified at the prospect having to Yoga during pre-game warmups.

  • Reggie C.

    montero or hosmer?

    Damn is hosmer tearing it up this spring.

  • Accent Shallow

    Well, if Jesus isn’t going to be the BUC, who is? Gustavo Molina? Romine?

    I think Cervelli’s injury means we have a better than 50% chance of Montero breaking camp with the big boys.

    • Accent Shallow

      Personally, I’d take Molina, and let Jesus play in Scranton until/if necessary, but I’m cautious.

    • Stratman9652

      I’d put money on Molina. No way do they rush Romine when they have other options. I doubt they will bring up Montero when Frankie only needs a month into the season off, if that.


    Why can’t we roll with Jesus? I think he could get time. Assuming we play six games in a week, we could go like this
    DH: Posada 4 games, Montero 2
    C: Martin 4 games, Montero 2

    This gives everybody four games, adequate playing time to satisfy everyone, and good rest so that no one gets worn out. I am firmly in favor of this rotation. Thoughts?

    • U Cant Hit What U Cant See

      I could live with this, but what happens in a month?

  • Tom Zig

    So I was listening to the Michael Kay show, and he was saying he refuses to use nicknames for adults. He was saying how he rarely calls Alex Rodriguez “A-Rod” and that when he talks to Bucky Dent he calls him Russel Dent. Although he said Babe Ruth was an exception because that basically became his name. But I think he is full of it. Would he call Yogi Berra, Lawrence?

    • Steve H

      Babe Ruth basically became his name, but Bucky Dent didn’t basically become Russel Dent’s name? Pretty poor logic there for Kay. Does he only call CC Carsten Charles?

      • Gonzo

        Maybe he goes by baseball card logic. If they call him that on a baseball card, it’s the name he’s gonna call him. Although, I do remember Bucky Dent having “Bucky” on his baseball card.

        • JGS

          I know I have a few cards lying around that list Dennis Boyd’s name as Oil Can.

        • Tom Zig

          He acknowledged that Bucky was on the baseball card, but he doesn’t care. He also doesn’t call George Steinbrenner, “Boss”, but I take no issue with that.

        • Steve H

          Tim Raines had Rock Raines on his baseball card for a few years. How was that not a bigger story? The dude changed his name (unofficially) to Rock.

          • Midland TX

            Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

        • Plank
    • JerseyDutch

      Does he call his lunch the Earl of Sandwich’s meat and bread dish?

    • boogie down

      Some of what Kay says has to be for effect. I do believe that he has some of the odd eating habits he claims to, but I don’t believe some of the more outlandish things he says, like he’s never had soup. Similarly, I can’t imagine that he calls players by their birth names, especially if they’ve shown a preference for their nickname. Your example of Lawrence “Yogi” Berra is perfect; the only people I can imagine calling him Lawrence are his parents (when he was younger) and his wife.

      From listening to his show, I can tell that Kay enjoys being (or pretending to be), literally, “abnormal.” For instance, on the subject of taking the higher road, I’ve heard Kay gleefully say he revels in holding a grudge for as long as possible: as soon as someone wrongs him, they have irrevocably offended him and will never again be anything but an enemy. I feel as though much of this and other things are affectations; how could he possibly gain companionship of any sort if he’s being sincere?

      Side note: Speaking of Yogi, did you know that on five (!) separate occasions, he ended the season with more homers than strikeouts? Mark Reynolds, are you listening?

      • JerseyDutch

        He does have a somewhat annoying habit of referring to the “initials” players by their full names…

      • JohnnyC

        boogie, shhhh! You’re giving away trade secrets. Seriously, anyone who thinks people in the media are not at least 75% an act is being naive. Some are just more convincing than others.

      • U Cant Hit What U Cant See

        Did You Know…

        Regarding Yogi’s HRs to Ks…

        Joe D did this 7 times including 5 in a row from ’37 to ”41 (check out the totals for 1941: 30 HR with 13 Ks!!! in 621 PAs…WTF!

        And he fell 8 dingers short of matching his CAREER strikeout total.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for

      He doesn’t like nicknames because his was ‘Loser’ growing up…

  • Meat Loaf

    So I gave my students an assignment on Jackie Robinson (state test prep – their listening section is almost always a biography). One of my students told me today that my article was wrong, that Babe Ruth was in fact the first black person to play Baseball.

    I had no idea what to say to that.

    • Steve H

      There are rumors that it’s true.

      • U Cant Hit What U Cant See

        Only from the waist down though.

    • boogie down

      Tell him that Marilyn Monroe inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

    • Matt Imbrogno
    • JerseyDutch

      He also charged up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt…

    • Steve H
      • JerseyDutch

        I imagine there have been dozens if not hundreds of “white” players who had some sort of mixed ancestry no one knew about…

      • mbonzo

        Yankees will be signed 23.5 of these stars this year. Each one to make up for the $23.5m they would have spent on Lee.

      • Nostra-Artist

        Damn, Cobb really hated Ruth. But then again, he pretty much hated everybody.

        • Steve H

          Including the guy he stabbed.

  • Big Juan
  • Andrew Brotherton

    Looks like we signed another young Dominican flamethrower. 20yrs old touches 98

    @benbadler: Yankees Sign Dominican RHP For Reported $1.1 Million

    • Avi

      Nice! me like.
      Nothing wrong with a 20 year old that can throw 98 MPH.

      • Avi

        $1.1M. That’s more than they gave any international amateur free agent last year.

      • Plank

        I’m 28 and my fastball tops out at 45, how much could I get?

        I may not throw heat, but I am a crafty lefty though.

  • Midland TX

    If they’re worried about concussions, at what point do they make Jorge wear an Olerud helmet at first?

    • Plank

      I feel like in a few years, they are going to grandfather in a rule change for 1B wearing helmets. Maybe even pitchers a few years later. They could do it like hockey in the 90s. Players who came into the league before the rule could choose but new players have to wear helmets.

  • Plank

    I wish YES would show more minor league games. Does anyone know the practicality of having 5 more full time camera crews to cover the minors? It seems like in terms of marketing their brand, it would improve the profitability of the minor league teams and make Cashman’s job easier because the casual fan would be less inclined to say “let’s trade some of the guys on the farm for _____”

    It would be tons of programming available for a channel that craves original programming. They could even do one or two full time crews and just rotate which teams they cover that week.

    I’m sure most people here would be in favor of it, but does it make financial sense, the only thing YES cares about?

    • radnom

      does it make financial sense, the only thing YES cares about?

      Obviously not or they’d be doing it. Also, do you really think Brian Cashman’s job is made that much harder by what casual ‘fans’ think? Cashmans not out on the field. He doesn’t hear boos. And the NY media is certainly not overly optimistic about how much the Yankees prospects could fetch in a trade. I’m sure things like “Melky and IPK for blah” never even reached his ears.

      • Plank

        The assumption you are making to say it wouldn’t make sense is that the Yankees brand is maximizing revenue and tapping every revenue stream perfectly. I disagree with that. You decided since the Yankees don’t currently do it, the idea has no validity.

        Cashman may be able to ignore what the ‘fans’ say, but the brothers Steinbrenner don’t ignore it. Look at Soriano. If the fans wanted a strong farm system as much as a strong big league club, the team would be much stronger overall.

  • Brian in NH

    nobody trotting out the “Montero is a bust” line yet. Perhaps we’ve learned our lessons from last year.