Cervelli to begin rehab assignment on Thursday

Positive report from Hughes's first workout
Game 16: A-Rod's back

Via Bryan Hoch, Frankie Cervelli is expected to begin and official rehab assignment with High-A Tampa tomorrow. Once that happens the team has 30 days to activate him from the disabled list, though that’s almost never a problem. Cervelli has been catching in Extended Spring Training this week, and usually these guys get about two weeks worth of at-bats before coming back, if that. The end of the Gus Molina era is rapidly approaching, which is a damn shame. Anyone named Gus is okay in my book.

Positive report from Hughes's first workout
Game 16: A-Rod's back
  • CS Yankee


    “Don’t cuss, call Gus, he’ll cuss for all of us”

  • Hurling Darvish

    “get off the bus, Gus”

    Seriously, maybe he can clear waivers; he hasn’t miraclously changed into a guy who can hit after one or two games (he may get another start when Freddy pitches again).

  • bakekrukow412

    Cant wait for Girardi to bench Martin at the worst times to get ol’ Cervy in the lineup.

    • Gonzo

      Episode ??: The Return of the Helmet!

  • M-Three

    Who cares? I am so sick of Cervelli. I don’t get why Girardi loves this guy so much. Cervelli is nothing but an automatic out when he plays. Also, I don’t like his hustle because I feel like Cervelli plays on the field like his spot on this roster is a lock and he won’t get demoted. I wish the Yankees would put him were he deserves to be as the back-up catcher in either Double-A or Triple-A and off the 40 man roster.

    • Nedro

      Dude, but the fist pump!
      But seriously, I know he ain’t nuthin to write home about offense-wise, but I enjoy watching him play. Luv the ‘tude.