Feliciano advised to start shoulder rehab program


Via Bryan Hoch, left-handed reliever Pedro Feliciano was advised by Dr. James Andrews to begin a conservative treatment program for his torn shoulder capsule. It’s a six-week shoulder strengthening program that Feliciano will begin immediately, and he’ll remain with the team throughout the process. Feliciano went to Andrews for a second opinion today, and that he didn’t recommend surgery is the first bit of good news the Yankees have received regarding the lefty in quite some time. I guess not all hope is lost for a return this summer.

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  1. vin says:

    Perhaps it was a good signing after all…


  2. Tank the Frank says:

    Andrews is the man. If he says he can come back without surgery, it can be done. Here’s to hoping…

  3. Bill O. says:

    Its good news until 6-weeks from now we see that the rehab program did nothing and he has to have the surgery anyway. Although given the fact that we only have him on a 2 year deal I’ll take a 6-week gamble and hope that it works out and we can get something out of him later in the year.

  4. It’s pretty much the first bit of good news we’ve gotten on ANY lefty in quite some time.

  5. Pat D says:

    I’m still not going to expect him to pitch this year, but at least this is something positive.

  6. A.D. says:

    Yanks are cornering the market on injured durable left-handed relievers

  7. MikeD says:

    The downside is if the program can’t strengthen Feliciano’s arm enough, he’ll end up having surgery at some point later this year. Since the surgery takes a minimum of a year to recover, if not more, it means he will be lost for both years.

    That said, I had written him off for next year already, so it’s worth the try.

    • Meh, if the surgery takes a year to recover from and he puts it off until the end of May, it wouldn’t knock him out for all of next year, just the beginning of it.

      Which might be a good thing, all things considered. We’d basically be stashing Feliciano for the stretch run while giving his spot to some other young pitcher in April/May/June, and we’d thus get a free look at two guys for the (roster) price of one.

      I’d be worried if he’s putting off surgery until August, but a late May/early June surgery isn’t much to worry about.

    • mbonzo says:

      I don’t know where you saw that this surgery takes a minimum of a year to recover. I’ve seen people be able to throw after 4 months from it. Not 90 mph, but I’d assume for a professional pitcher something like this would take about 6 months to recover. I also figured Andrews would say this, since its possible that Feliciano can build up the muscles enough around his shoulder to pitch without dislocation (a la Mark Prior). So even if Feliciano can’t throw with his shoulder all pumped up like a balloon with muscles, he could at least have the surgery and be ready for opening day 2012.

      • Jared says:

        “I don’t know where you saw that this surgery takes a minimum of a year to recover.”

        Yeah but we all are doctors!!! In my professional opinion, all hope is lost.

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